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72 Chapter 66

A night of running, and finally, into a luxuriant grass.

When I woke up again, I was lying on a cold stone monument, and looking up was my father's grave, as spotless as my father's dusty, flowing clothes. So, I actually fell back into the water mirror last night.

I knelt in front of my father's grave, silent until sunrise.


A ball of orange-red color into the eyes, I looked up, but I saw the old Hu to the round belly struggling to lean down to look at me, see my face, but the soul is flying amazed, "electron, what is wrong with you? You are ...... you are ...... this is crying?" He reached out and picked up a line of water stains that fell on my face, placed in front of my eyes carefully and looked at it twice with interest, "Fortunately, we both walked here to pay tribute to the god of water, otherwise we would not be able to visit the rare tears of electrons in this world." Suddenly, the turn of thought, jaws knotted up, the mouth chanting: "finished finished, I have to quickly go home to pack a package to run away, the flower world think is to couch, electrons will actually cry!"

"Hong Hong, you also quickly go! Go back to your heavenly realm, now the emperor is at least your nephew, uncle and nephew which have overnight feud? I'm afraid this flower world can not stay long." Old Hu turned back and pushed a young man in magenta sarong.

"Humph!" That person nostrils out a breath, disdainful: "really bad luck, to see this heaven and earth ungrateful first person. You do not push me I also want to go!" Said the sleeve flung angry glare at me, is actually out of the heavenly world twelve years under the moon immortal.

I hang my head.

In front of me, Old Hu in runaway soap boots raised his feet after two steps but then turned back, he bent down again with difficulty to look at me, solemnly: "Electron, someone robbed you of your spiritual power?"

I did not say anything.

Old Hu's face sank, "Could it be, that little dragon tail Heavenly Emperor won't let you be a god?"

I do not speak.

Old Hu's face was white, "Can't be, can't be that the little dragon emperor to step down, your backing to lose? Oh my! If so can not be good, you do not know oh, the phoenix now dominates the demon world, if you lose the backing, he will certainly catch you to hell! The eighteen levels of hell, the ten halls of Yama Lo, the knife mountain oil pot, that is a small matter, mainly in the underworld, the bull's head, horse face, demons and monsters, black and white, which of these ghosts and monsters is not a hateful face ugly people sigh? You have not yet been put into the frying pan rolled into fried grapes, it is certain that these ugly people have been horrified to death in the past! I don't know how Hong Hong's peach-faced second nephew deals with them ......"

"You are not allowed to say bad things about my family Feng Wa!" The unwalked fox fairy interrupted with a face of indignation.

"In fact, according to me you do not have to be partial to that bird, in fact, according to me that bird is far less than this little dragon emperor good ......"

"You nonsense! Angry old man also! I will ask the Jade Rabbit tomorrow!"


Phoenix, Phoenix, I murmured, my heart was empty, only the despair of the invisible bottom.

"E-mail, you're bleeding?" Old Hu yanked my hand and separated my firmly gouged fingers one by one, and in the palm of my hand, there were ten blood marks that could be seen in the bones, "What's wrong, electron?"

I looked at the blood, suddenly helpless, self-loathing, "Laohu, I fell in love with him, I fell in love with my revenge killing man."

Old Hu shivered and suddenly dropped my hand and staggered back two steps, seeing a ghost, "Absolutely not! You're an electron! You can't be in love with someone!"

"Joke, you love Xu Feng? If you have a little bit of him in your heart, twelve years ago, how will the next poisonous hand, in vain he defied the will of the Queen of Heaven, determined not to marry Sui Wo, in vain he plotted for you for three years and Runyu wisdom, finally captured Runyu handle, a desperate bet on the day of the wedding and he met. He so wholeheartedly trust you love and protect you, where do you know, you actually backfired, will kill him a knife! Even the water god really for Xu Feng killed, if you are in love with Xu Feng and how will not leave a little room? Moreover, I never believe that Xu Feng will hurt the water god, let alone kill the water god! Fox fairy angrily look at me, seems to have a thousand words reprimand not end.

"I saw it with my own eyes ...... I heard it with my own ears ...... I don't know, I'm so sad ......" I whimpered, word I don't know why I didn't have any. I don't know why I didn't have a little bit of softness in the past, I don't know why I had to do it ......

"I've heard that he's going to settle down with Suihe, and I thought this was the right way to go! In vain, I was willing to set you up, I do not want to harm him!" The words of a thousand words slammed into me.

"Impossible! How could you possibly fall in love with him! You are the one who ate the Meteorite Pill, and you are destined to be heartless and hard-hearted all your life!" Old Hu was in a hurry.

"Meteorite Dan? What meteorite elixir!" The fox fairy cut off.

I had a momentary sense of foreboding.

"No, no ...... I didn't say anything ...... Hong Hong, you're old and deaf." Old Hu was full of remorse, vegetable dodged the gaze.

"I am a deaf person today according to you just now that voice also heard clearly. Quickly say, what meteorite Dan? What heartless?" The fox immortal is close to grabbing Old Hu's lapel.

Old Hu waved his hands, held his stomach and turned back to leap away.

I kneeled in front of the monument, hollowly looking away, spoke lowly, "but a sandalwood bead ...... the size of a Buddhist bead ......"

"You! You know!" Old Hu stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at me with incredulous jaws, "Which Fang master told you!"

I desperately bowed my head with a smile, surprisingly ......

"I saw it, I spit it out myself, he died, my heart is lost, what else can't I spit out ......"

"Injustice ah!" Old Hu pounded his chest, "first flower God a piece of hard work can be considered wasted!"

"Quickly say what exactly! Or I'll let the rabbits bite you to death! A rabbit when the first, a rabbit when the gate 10,000 people can not open, a thousand armies of rabbits, ten thousand rabbits running!" Fox fairy eagerly cursed repeatedly.

"Ouch, I said, I said is it. Only, I just listen to the corner of the wall, not true, not true ...... "Old Hu cowered, saw my red and swollen nearly open eyes, seems to be concealed no longer, hesitantly said: "Since the electrons have seen ... In fact, the twenty-four masters know about this, but they were forced to make a poisonous oath by the first flower gods, if half of the leak self destruction, so they did not dare to disclose the slightest."

Old Hu sighs with emotion and shakes his head, "back then, the first flower gods love the emperor, but witnessed the emperor lute other embrace, after the water gods moved, willing to stay together for life, do not want the water gods but was appointed to marry the wind gods, the night of their wedding, the flower gods mass gave birth to the electron. At that time, the heavenly world was very lively, but the flower world was miserable, and the god of flowers was lost in thought, feeling that the illusion of love could not be trusted, and once it was tainted, it was the same as falling into the hell, and she felt that a woman's appearance should not be too public, or else there would be misfortune, so she gave the meteorite pills made by Xuan Ling Doum Yuan Jun to electron to take."

"The first flower god said that the person who took this pill would destroy love and would not want electron to follow the same path as her, hoping that electron would be strong without love and spontaneous without love, and would spend her life free from the world. Meteorite Dan spit out ...... people have fate, God also has, hey, everything is destiny ......"

It turns out ...... I laughed and laughed again.

What is the use of knowing today? He killed his father, I killed him, he died, I just spit out the meteorite Dan, know that they love him. He lived back, but no longer love me, I think it is not eat my blood pillow my bones. Now, he loves Sui-wo, Sui-wo loves him.

I am the only one left who can't love, hate, struggle between the two, nothing is ......

"Meteoric Dan? I palm marriage love for a hundred thousand years, but never heard of such a decisive pill, unheard of." Fox fairy stunned eyes all jaw, shaking his head repeatedly, unbelievable.

I climbed up and stumbled outside.

"Electra! Where are you going?" Old Hu behind me exclaimed.

Where to? Where else could I go? I no longer have the face to face my father's grave.

The six realms are huge, but only the heavenly realm can return ......

That day, a messenger sent me an exquisite post. The two names in gold lacquer jumped out of it, the 15th of next month? I was so impatient ...... I outlined it with my fingertips, raised my hand, the fingertips are gold powder, a gentle twist, scattered into the wind.

The next day, the small fish fairy herder in the sky river to pick up the night watching the stars I. He held me, sighing. He held me, sighed, brow blowing through the obscure wind, for a long time, said: "Foraging child, and I. Can I still have a chance to change my heart?" The voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible.

I looked up at him, suddenly felt some sadness, will heart for heart I do not know, only remember will heart for heart ...... he seems mild but actually obstinate, he so obstinate to stand in one place has stood for too long, but refused to turn back.

"Looking for children, the mortal world's snow is about to melt, we are married next spring, okay?"


His breath broke gently, hugging me tighter.

Three people, two of them are happy, then, is the majority, also counted as beautiful, right? It's good to be happy, it's too difficult to be complete, besides, there is no such thing as a lot of happiness in the world ......

The flowers are blooming, the window is also open, but why can't I see you?

I can see you, I can hear you, but I can't say I love you.