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70 Chapter 64

I finally quit treating the symptoms but not the root cause of the sugar, but I caught another addiction.

Since that day I saw him again, I often take advantage of the small fish immortal herder busy to leave the beads alone to go to the underworld, every time disguised as a rabbit, with the pair of ears on the demonic aura to cover the breath of the body, in and out of the other side has never been detected. Later, I had the guts to sneak into his private residence, and came and went many times without being caught by the ghosts. I don't think anyone would care about a little rabbit spirit.

I go frequently, but can see him only a few times, see him also always hailed by many devils surrounded, I am afraid that the traces are exposed, do not dare to go forward, can only look at a distance, even just this far away, a glance, only a glance, can also be called I feel like a 5,000 years of spiritual power of the general joy.

I like when he reads official documents, he is different from the small fish immortal herder, not in the night when reading official documents, but always in the Si time to turn the text to read. This time is the most busy time of the small fish fairy herald, I can slip out of the possibility of greater, and, his study is close to the back garden, a whole carved and hollowed out xuan window is facing the back garden in full bloom of phoenix and anemone flowers. I have the smell of flowers and trees, hidden in these flowers and plants will be very safe, so I often quietly crouched behind the thick wooden branches of the phoenix flowers, through those dappled leaves, look at the magic world red sky through the wooden pane on the window reflected in his slightly pale side face.

He browsed very quietly, his eyes focused on those words between the lines, the tail of the eyebrows occasionally slightly raised, the bridge of the nose, half-lidded eyelashes, slightly pursed lips ...... outline a delicate silhouette. However, I know that this quiet is only a poke to break the illusion, only to these soulless pen, ink, paper and ink will appear the illusion, once away from the book case, the eyes will be like a deep well without water, dark and horrifying, surrounded by a cold and bitter breath, pressed people can not breathe. No one dares to look directly at him, where he passes, only a large large trembling prostrate on the ground of the demons and monsters.

He read quickly, but not panic, slender fingers turned pages of paper, occasionally stained with one or two drops of undried ink stains. Black ink dots fell on his pale, almost transparent fingertips, giving a vague illusion, as if simply making a piece of paper a drop of ink will also be very happy ......

However, he does not always approve official documents every day, and I may not be able to get out of the sky every day, so sometimes I have to take the risk of going in and out of other parts of his private residence. Sometimes, I can see him by the gate precisely away from the car whisk, sometimes, I can see him outside the dining room just put down his chopsticks and get up; sometimes, I can avoid the corner of the roof rafters in the main hall to see him killing and decisive just after the restraint of hostility; more sometimes ...... I can see the beautiful and slutty demon woman around to support him into the inner bed, after midnight a face of spring come out unclothed ......

Today, I came late, I do not know if he has gone to bed, the private residence can not be found. I was about to leave, but I was almost stepped on by a female demon who was hurrying along, but I was lucky to dodge a dodge.

"Quick! Your majesty wants the Mahabodu colorful three autumn cloak that was offered at the second temple of Chu Jiang last time! You guys go find it!" I heard the demoness order the attendants as soon as they entered the room.

At that moment, the hall ghost attendants ran all over the place, and went to the storehouse to look for something. Within a few moments, one of the ghost attendants came back with a four-sided jade box with cloud patterns, solemnly handed it to the demoness, and asked with a curious face: "Your majesty has never even looked at these offerings, why do you want this cloak today?"

"What do you know, you little brat!" The demoness hummed disdainfully, "Today, His Holiness hosted a banquet at the Yujiang Palace to celebrate the birthday of Princess Suihe, the leader of the bird tribe, you always know this, right?"

The ghost servant nodded.

The demoness said: "This cloak must be a birthday gift from your majesty to Princess Suihe. Do you know who Princess Suihe is?"

"Didn't you just say that she is the leader of the bird tribe?" The ghost servant scratched a strand of thinning hair on his forehead and said in a daze.

"Stupid!" The female demon poked the horns on the top of his head, "That's His Holiness' savior! Or His Holiness' cousin!"

The demon servant suddenly looked like he had realized that he could not stop his head, and asked in a low, lewd voice, "Do you think His Holiness will give his body in return for saving his life?"

The female demon looked at him with an incorrigible expression, "To be promised is also Princess Suihe promised to your majesty. However, in my opinion, if your majesty is willing to take anyone, it is the leader of the bird race. Well, I'm not going to talk to you, I'm going to go." After the words, floating away.

I followed her, did not follow much farther then lost her trail, but hate this rabbit short legs can only jump, but I remembered her body stinky demon aura, all the way to find the so-called Yujiang Palace.

But will be over the high threshold, but see a group of people out of the fish, led by the Phoenix and Sui Wo.

The two stopped outside the temple door, and the rest of the people also stopped far apart. Sui Wo's watery eyes raised to look at Phoenix, then slightly drooping, eyelashes slender black long, in the night leaves shake the wind shift gently a tremor, moving the heart, "sent here is good. Today, His Excellency set up a banquet to celebrate Suihe's birthday, Suihe is grateful and delighted."

The phoenix gently waved his hand, accompanied by the demon attendant immediately understand the gods to open respectfully held in the hands of the jade box, it is the one I have just seen, but see the lid of the box opened, inside the five-colored haze immediately broke free from the binding, dazzling shot out, shot a cadre of people full of amazement, Sui Wo also slightly open wide eyes.

Phoenix shake the five haze cape clothes, hand for Suihe draped, the end also carefully for her at the neck of the brocade rope tied firmly, "the night dew wind cold, Suihe do not want to catch a cold before." The first thing you need to do is to take a step forward and whisper a word in Suihe's ear, ignoring the spirits and demons who are staring at you.

When he moved away from the wrong body, only to see Sui Wo face full of spring red, I do not know whether it is shy or happy, the two eyes are actually watery to overflow, slightly stunned, bite the lip and then look at the Phoenix, there are a few pouting. Half a long time later, only to resume a dignified look back to the rest of the send-off demons said: "Sui Wo this will be first, you stay, today also thank you for your kindness." Finally, only after a group of just regained their senses "where where! You are welcome!" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

I don't know if anyone else heard it, but the night breeze sent the Phoenix's whisper into my ears, "You and I are so close, why do you need to call me your honor?"

I chewed the astringent night breeze, and suddenly felt the heart shrink, the surrender technique began to flare up again ......

When I returned to the gods, a number of people have said goodbye, the Phoenix also returned to the temple. I heard the sound of the silk and bamboo inside the temple, I ghostly actually took advantage of the gap between the demon service in and out of a brain into the temple, hidden in the hall inconspicuous backlight.

Inside the hall, the lights are charming, red satin and green roses, wine bottles are warm, beautiful. There are twelve beautiful and fragrant female demons □ □ with white jade feet dancing, feet tied to the gold bells with the skirt fluttering night breeze, emitting a crisp and pleasant sound, like the soul messenger of the Sanskrit incantation general scratching the soul, call people can not stop the heart fluttering.

The hall is not set up with a lamp stand, the lamps are hand-held by the maids, red as the sunset lamp while the hall is caged in a haze of light, light as a gauze.

Phoenix sat at the head of the hall to drink, on each side of a woman covered in damask, one poured wine, one added food. Phoenix suddenly squinted at the corner of the temple, put down the glass in his hand, curved his lips to the right-hand woman, a smile that did not ripple like a half-opened flower is the most seductive, the female demon full of amazement, a soft hand, a pair of silver chopsticks fell off the edge of the table, the body is also soft.

Phoenix thoughtfully reached out to support her, the female demon immediately flattered completely limp in his arms, half a long time, seems to see Phoenix did not push back, only as a tacit approval, then simply snuggled into his arms, a pair of frosty race snow lotus root arms also climbed on the back of Phoenix's neck, cheeks in his chest style rubbed, "your majesty, Suihe Princess has left, the night is still long, the rest of the time Can we share a little with us?"

The phoenix eyes coolly did not change, but the corners of the lips slightly curved, I do not know whether it is a smile or Xu.

The female demon thought to be blinded for a moment, more close to the phoenix, just sitting on his lap, the phoenix also reached out to ruffle her hair, a simple action somehow by him to do is the style is boundless.

I suddenly remembered that he used to ruffle my long hair like this and stroke away the occasional willow lint in the wind for me, even when there was no willow lint, he also liked to slowly rub my hair in this way, I sometimes got bored by his ruffling and would impatiently look away, but he wouldn't let me, he just said: "There is still a trace of willow lint here, I will take it for you, don't move."

For some reason, at this time suddenly remembered when his pulsating stopping gaze actually feel extravagant to the extreme.

And then look at his and the female demon two snuggle figure, I a moment in the Dantian breath sour, and seems to boil like boiling water to bubble out, a mixture of flavors, I do not know what is a symptom.

And listen to the female demon flattered: "Your Majesty's air dignity noble, the top six worlds, if you can accept your Majesty's night rain ......"

The first time I saw the phoenix, I raised my eyebrows and interrupted: "The air is noble?"

That female demon hurriedly echoed: "Exactly! Your appearance, your means are called us to admire." Suddenly a slender hand raised precision pointing to my hidden corner, "is a rabbit has not become a refined cultivation of demons also know admire the immortal."

The phoenix sharp gaze instantly followed to, I even a breath not to a change, it was enveloped in his black oozing gaze. It is clear that only two eyes so look, but I am like the flux Zhaode true monarch of the golden bell mask to cover the face of the general, all body can not move, only to open two red rabbit eyes to look at him.

He slowly opened his lips, word by word slowly grinding out, "Oh ~? How do you know that this rabbit admires me?"

The female demon said smartly, "It has been crouching in the corner since the moment it entered the door, and its eyes have not been staring at your majesty for an instant." In order to increase the convincing power actually added a sentence, "In the past in the residence of your Majesty also often see this rabbit, always silently staring at your Majesty."

I had the heart to bang my head against a pillar, so I had been covering my ears and thinking I hadn't been discovered, but in fact these demons had found my trail long ago and just didn't care about a rabbit.

"Oh~? And I didn't see it." Phoenix one word.

I can't help but breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately he did not see me, and then a thought and not right, now he saw me, I don't know if he will be identified ...... I momentary disorder, get up and jumped to escape.

But I didn't want the demoness to grab me into her hand with a vine in her hand, "Your Excellency's day-to-day management, naturally can't see these mundane things." She held me in the palm of her hand and lifted it to her eyes, exclaiming: "Your Majesty, look at this rabbit is really beautiful. There is not a single hair on its body, and it is so white that it is as crystal pure as the color of night frost. If it were not for the absence of a trace of immortal aura, it would have been mistaken for the moon rabbit of E. Chan."

The phoenix raised the tail of his eyes and held out his hand, "Bring it."

I was thinking of simply showing my real body and fleeing as water vapor, but the phoenix did not wait for the demoness to reach out, picked up my pair of long ears and held them flat in front of my eyes at the two palms, narrowed his eyes, no ripples in his eyes, but I vaguely heard the sound of swords and iron horses killing, clanging and coming.

I was confused and inexplicably scared, but I didn't know how to close my eyes, but I saw myself frozen in his grip in his phoenix eyes, and I saw myself clutching a pair of ears in his hand, the ears were clear with blood veins and roots, and I suddenly remembered that this pair of rabbit ears he had bought for me.

He certainly won't remember.

I suddenly struggled hard, but the rabbit ears are the vitals, a pair of ears were held, I struggled again is futile. The Phoenix squeezed my hand tighter and tighter, I can't help but suspect that the ears will be pulled off by him alive.

"Your Majesty, this rabbit is really cute, can I have it? I tamed it as a demon pet." The female demon climbed on the arm of the phoenix and asked him to ask for it, I felt for a moment that it was better to give this female demon to keep than to let him look at it, "Its eyes are really watery ......" The female demon was shocked for a moment to cover her mouth and got down and kowtowed, " Your majesty rest, your majesty rest, slave down not intentionally to say 'water' word, slave down ...... slave down just a moment faint ......"

The phoenix looked at her soberly, I was shocked to find that his eyes were not black at all, but very deep, very deep blood red, red to the point that if not this close to the wrong thought was black, I was suddenly afraid, afraid to actually lose my mouth to scream out. He suddenly the corners of his mouth, "demon pet? Some things, not you want to tame it can be tamed to. You sincerely raise it, but there is no guarantee that it will not recoil on you one day ......"

"It's just a rabbit, not to mention it's so obedient, not a tiger, how will it hurt people?" The female demon trembled and did not understand.

"Well-behaved?" The phoenix lifted my long ears and carried me in a few more points, the eyes pressed me to exhale, my chest and lungs were smothered and seemed to explode. I suddenly realized that the one in front of me is my father's enemy, and I not only saved his life, but also repeatedly lingered until now he is now pinched in the palm of his hand mockery!

A dizzying desire to break the heart of a great confusion, open mouth a head will bite his brow near at hand.

"Ya!" The female demon cried out in alarm.

The phoenix will carry me away vigorously, thrown aside, cold from the corner of the lips exhaled a breath, crude and clean, "not necessarily fierce tiger to hurt people, rabbits bite people cold, is not it?"

I was just pinched by him, the force is not much, but only bit through a bit of skin between his eyebrows, a drop of demonic blood slowly flowing down the bridge of the upright nose, tenderly stopped on the tip of the nose, I was stunned, actually remembered the willow leaf ice blade, remembered the wedding dress on a large flower, remembered his last look of despair ...... momentary sanity was confused, forgot to escape, forgot how to escape, forgot where to escape ......

He also did not reach out to wipe the drop of blood stains, let it rest on the tip of his nose, only slightly hanging eyes looking at the wretched was thrown on the ground I, suddenly, smiled a little.

The demoness beside her, a hall of demons scared all prostrate on the ground, not dare to raise their heads, "this rabbit should die! The crime deserves to die! ...... is we small demons lost ...... dereliction of duty ...... duty, missed the net ...... put... ...put ...... let it in ......"

"rabbit, it should be plucked hair and skin, draw tendons and pluck bones, put on the fire to cook ~" he looked up around the hall, slowly said: "on the fire frame!"

"Yes ...... yes ......" several demons even the word "yes" also stammered into a few paragraphs, stumbled to get up, stumbled to get up. In a few moments, a roaring bonfire was set up, in which firewood beeped and screamed, and the hot tongue of fire licked straight up.

"Wouldn't this mortal fire defile it?" He picked up my ears again, did not make force, but called my whole body blood instantly reverse flow, "on ~ Samadhi ~ true fire ~"

I shivered.

After a while, "Your Majesty, the three true fires have been set up."

The phoenix slowly a nod, the drop of blood finally slipped off the tip of the nose, fell to the ground, sharply reached out a hand, threw me into the fire, without a trace of hesitation, killing and decisive.

The fire instantly engulfed me in a raging torrent, like a hunger, I