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69 Chapter 63

The next day, I took advantage of the small fish immortal herald and Yisheng true monarch of the law, slipped out of the heavenly realm, the nightmare beast jumped and followed me, no matter how I coaxed the threat, just blinked big watery eyes innocently will look at me, when I turned around, he will be happy to follow up, can not, so I had to follow it.

Just out of the South Heavenly Gate line not more than a mile away was suddenly a pile of green things on the road to amaze, fixed eyes to see, but is a tail into a heap of bamboo leaf green, I can not help but close my eyes silently: almost did not step on almost did not step on.

The snake shook a change of tail, looking at that into a human form with eyebrows open lapels all over the emerald green look, I suddenly remembered a thing, when I went out in the morning I seem to have forgotten to turn the calendar, really misguided and misguided themselves, sigh sigh.

"Beauty, I finally caught you." The puffing gentleman, although not like the old Hu that ball and round, but also a tall male demon, so to the middle of the road stand, my momentum will be short of a cut, born blocked in the road can not pass.

I calmly took two steps back, and listened to the puffing gentleman continue to talk: "A few years have not seen, beauty how slim again this much? Tsk, really a wind in the willow weak I see, as much as the gods of flowers and water skin true transmission! I decided to compile the "Six Realms of Beauty Appreciation" again, today's world, the beauty of the child will be the top of the six worlds, leading the way!

I raised my hand and said, "I'm just average, just average. In fact, you are also very flirtatious."

The puffing gentleman raised his eyebrows in a receptive manner and said to me, "Flirtatious, is a virtue."

I nodded solemnly in perfunctory agreement, then looked up at the sun and said, "Actually, being concise is also a virtue. Is there anything else for the puffers?"

The puffing gentleman suddenly lowered his head and said innocently, "Nothing, I just want to see if beauty you are still well after the great trauma of losing your father." Suddenly and indignantly hideous said: "Only hate those gatekeepers flabbergasted celestial soldiers hard not to let me in, said that only with the emperor's oracle can pass. I know ......" puffing gentleman suddenly made a realization like nodded his chin to look at me, "must be that Runyu small dragon jealous of my sultry appearance over him, compared with me a dwarf, but afraid that I appear you will fall in love with me! This must be the case!" He clenched his fist.

I can't help but admire Puffy's ability to run away from the topic, no matter what he says, he can eventually run away from love.

The puffing gentleman suddenly stretched out his claws on my hand and solemnly said, "Choose the day, beauty, let's elope today!"

I once again raised my head to look at the sun climbing more and more to the top of the head, waved his hand, "another day, another day to run, today I have something to do."

I could easily use the momentum to avoid this blocking stone, and was about to go forward when I heard the puffing gentleman said behind me, "I heard that the bird has been resurrected and has fallen into the demon world to become a great demon king who calls the wind and the rain to dominate, beauty you will not be at this ambiguous moment to go to see him, right?"

My feet stalled, a kind of naked was poked through the heart of the feeling.

"Beauty! I advise you not to go, the bird is not the bird of the year, of course, back then he may not see how good, arrogant to call a person can not squeeze him, but, now is definitely not high arrogance can be described ...... Ten Hades is not easily willing to submit to people? In order to ascend to the seat of the devil, the bird is doing everything possible, and recently the blood cleansed the underworld, all the dissidents will be ironically eradicated, not leaving an inch of grass. Now, no one in the underworld dares to call him, the Ten Hades all have to respectfully call him a 'Your Majesty' when they see him. What's more, he died under your blade that year, if he saw you ......"

I bit my lip, "I just want to see him, from a distance ......"

The puffing gentleman suddenly looked at me cautiously, a trace of sympathy rose on his face, "Beauty, you will not be held the wrong red line to see him, right?"

I turned away from the babbling Puffy and climbed a cloud and flew off on my own.

The nightmare beast bounced and followed, and suddenly the boat swayed, and a voice smiled and said: "Old man, also by the way, together with me to ferry it."

I then realized that the original puffing Jun followed me all the way behind, the face inevitably sunk, the old grandfather eyes how sharp, a glance at the corner of the eye to see my face will know that I do not want to puffing Jun followed, so kindly to puffing Jun said: "this gentleman, the old man boat is small, carrying more people afraid that the boat draught is too deep some danger."

The puffing gentleman also face sunk, solemnly said: "old herder this is a roundabout way to say that I am too fat?" The other side indignantly step on the boat side rushed to the old grandfather stretch hand shy belly, "you pinch this strong arm, you feel this tight abdomen, where I am fat? Old herder you are clearly humiliated me as a beautiful man fragile self-esteem, of course, beautiful man will not be with you, as long as you ferry me over me, ferry capital I do not ask you to."

I suddenly remembered that the Heavenly Pomp Marshal has a trick to kill, as if called "backwards a rake", how to pass on to the puffing gentleman?

The old grandfather was bluffed a flabbergasted really will he and I and nightmare beast a boat to ferry to the opposite underworld ferry. I lamented that a tail was already very troublesome, and now there is an additional tail, how can it be good?

Moreover, or two eye-catching tails. The nightmare beast is an elegant plum blossom spot at a glance will know that the heavenly world out of the, that puffing gentleman will not have to say, the sky and the ground can not find a second person unique taste from the turban to the shoes are green dress.

I was worried, but the puffing gentleman shifted into a soft female demon, the nightmare beast into a mangy earth dog. The nightmare beast through a puddle of water on the ground to see their own appearance, a moment of great fright, very resentful.

I touched a pair of rabbit ears that I carried in my sleeve pocket when I came out, these rabbit ears are originally from the demon world, with demonic aura, which can cover my daytime immortal aura. I put on these rabbit ears and transformed into a rabbit, the nightmare beast saw me become a rabbit and thought it would be balanced for a while, and again a pair of big watery eyes.

I don't care about them, I have recruited a group of rolling dark clouds low forward to fly, heard the puffing gentleman in the back of the rapid call: "beauty, you and slow down, in addition, you know where he lives?"

The phoenix, not the wutong does not perch, not the bamboo does not eat, not the clear spring does not drink.

He is very picky, close to him for more than 100 years as a schoolboy, I know all. Where the water is the most refreshing, where the wutong flourishing, where only the most monotonous and boring phoenix flowers planted, where is his residence.

The smell of water and flowers in this vicinity, I found a magnificent palace, a large plaque hanging on the door, looking from a distance is only the word untitled.

Surrounded by all kinds of strange-looking demons bustling around, suddenly a small demon jumped and yelled: "Noon time, your majesty is leaving the palace."

At one time, the demons on the walkway all stopped in their tracks, consciously and automatically avoiding to the side, each full of awe and admiration expression. I was stunned, the action was a step slower, and I was the only rabbit left crouching in the middle of the road on an otherwise crowded avenue.

At this time, the panting gentleman twisted his waist from behind to catch up with me and leaned down from the ground to pick me up into his arms and zap the demons on both sides.

I was able to get into the crowded demons, then I heard the palace door open suddenly, and Puffy said, "That was close, that was close, but I was one step faster."

I looked out from the lapel of the puffing gentleman, but I saw the wordless plaque under the gate, two rows of rich waist female demons holding gold marigold fish out, left and right, 14 each, surrounded by demons are low salivation and inhale, then came out two rows of male demons, and the previous female demons in stark contrast, really cattle, ghosts, snakes and gods in evil form, ugly beyond belief the pinnacle.

This comparison I recognized, there are clouds: Rakshasa, is a violent and evil ghost. Men are extremely ugly, women are very beautiful, and all eat and eat people. These do not want to open the road are actually the Rakshasa evil ghosts.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The people around you are all hanging their heads in awe, full of all rightfulness, Luo Sha opened the road, demons and monsters pulling the car, Bian Cheng six halls bending down to report, all of this is rightful.

I looked at him and my violent heartbeat abruptly stopped, as if I was afraid that even the smallest beat would call him to hear and call him to find. I traced my gaze along the long, narrow eyes, and suddenly there was a strange and outrageous hope that he would turn his head and see me, just for a glance.

Suddenly I remembered that people say his face is the best in the six worlds, I never used to think so, but today I suddenly realized that he is really unbelievably good-looking.

But I should hate him, hate him so much that I think he is the ugliest looking person in the world, right? His parents framed my mother, he killed my father, and even planted a witchcraft on me before he died. Yes, I should hate him, gnash my teeth, beat my chest, and tear my heart out.

"Beauty, you did the right thing! He deserves to be killed! Really should be killed!" I was brought back from my deep thoughts by a headless comment from the top of my head, "All beautiful men who look better than me should be killed! This guy has become more and more unforgivable after his resurrection, and people are outraged!"

I was at a loss for words.

Puff King lowered his head and whispered to me: "I heard that it is this Biancheng six halls to help the evil-doer for abuse, the resurrection of this wicked guy has indelible contribution, so he now trusts this six halls, the two in the magic world to cover the sky, turn their hands for the clouds and turn their hands for the rain."

I looked at the slowly distant car whisk, distractedly murmured repeated: "Oh, two people day after day overturning clouds and rain."

I was surprised when the people around me turned their heads to look at me in the lapels of Puffy's coat. The puffing gentleman pulled a strong smile to all the demons said: "I this rabbit essence like to see the spring palace, just learn to talk, just learn to talk ......" the demons turned back to the black face.

In the distance, the fading away carriage suddenly a brake, the carriage someone turned back.

The puffy gentleman lightning-like with the crowd lowered his head.

The actual fact is that the actual person is not only a person who is not a person, but also a person who is not a person.

The axle rolled again, far away.

The puffing king with me, followed by the mangy nightmare beast, rushed out of the underworld, and only after the forgetful river gasped for breath and stopped.

I jumped out of his sash and transformed back into my original body. But I saw that the puffing gentleman's forehead was actually a sweat wet.

"Beauty, you nearly got us killed with a 'cloud overturning rain'." The puffing gentleman sat on the ground and fanned his sweat.

I was stunned, "Isn't that what you said?"

The puffing gentleman twitched his eyebrows, "I meant to say that the flipping hand is the cloud and the overlapping hand is the rain. One is double practice, one is getting power, money to save, the word is not good to save indiscriminately."