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Chapter 66 For the Membership Card

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Two months ago, Sun Dongheng is about to graduate from college, because of fighting and brawling was expelled from school, to Sun Ming angry, and now when you think about it will be a lecture, for this matter, Sun Ming is looking for a lot of relations, the results are not to restore Sun Dongheng's school registration. m.www.shuyaya.cc

"It's not because the kid who was beaten his father is a school board member! He bullied my girlfriend, is a man can not tolerate ah!" Sun Dongheng argued his case.

"Girlfriend, girlfriend, how many girlfriends have you had? Can't you grow up? How old are you? What do you know now? What can you do in the future? What can you do?" Sun Ming said in anger.

He had a good career, and his family only had this only child, so he hoped that Sun Dongheng could inherit his career, but who would have thought that this kid did not study well in college, and spent his days hanging out with people in society, which made Sun Ming both disappointed and angry.

"I don't need you to care what I do!" Sun Dongheng gritted his teeth and turned his head away, saying in a hard tone, "Mom, I need money, eight hundred thousand."

"I don't need to care and still care about me asking for money?" Sun Ming slapped the table fiercely.

"I asked my mother for money, did I ask you for money? Have I asked you for money?" Sun Dongheng was also on fire and stood up and replied angrily.

"Didn't I earn the family's money? What do I earn money for? In order to support the family, in order to let you get ahead, you see what kind of bear you are? Not a little bit of success, all day long just know to spend money, spend money, big hand, you think it's easy to make money now is it?" Sun Ming said in anger.

"I don't need you to care! Forget about it!" Sun Dongheng kicked the chair behind him aside with his leg and walked out in a rage.

"Cut the crap." Sun Dongheng's mother gave Sun Ming a blank look and chased him out.

"Xiaoheng, Xiaoheng." In the corridor, Sun's mother caught up, pulled Sun Dongheng and said softly, "Your father he also wants you to be well."

"He is not." Sun Dongheng's tone was a little sad, saying, "How can he scold me every time for my own good? Besides, I've explained many times that I didn't cause the incident, so what can I do if he doesn't listen."

"Yes, yes, yes." Sun's mother said, "Mom understands you, your father is just a little anxious, hoping that you can become a successor to his career."

"I don't like the software industry, I told you a long time ago, my dream is to be a star, why doesn't my dad support me? Why doesn't he support me? He wants me to learn software, I'm not that material!" Sun Dongheng said in a huff.

Why did he have to inherit his father's dream? Why couldn't his father understand him and support him?

Sun Dongheng's heart was very incomprehensible.

And at this time, a trace of bitterness and sadness flashed in Sun's mother's eyes, she shook her head, forced a smile and said, "Your father he is also very difficult, you ...... By the way, you just said you want 800,000 for what? I gave you 300,000 at the beginning of this month, didn't I?"

"I, I ....... I'm useful, this time it's really business." Sun Dongheng said slowly.

"What is it? Talk to mom." Sun mother said with a faint smile.

"I ...... want to get a membership card for a restaurant."

"A restaurant membership card? That doesn't use all that money." Sun's mother was puzzled.

"Mom." Sun Dongheng pondered and said, "This restaurant is called Meng Meng's casual restaurant, membership card costs one million a piece, this restaurant's egg fried rice can be delicious can be delicious, the boss do everything smell, home cooking is also particularly delicious, but, but except for the egg fried rice, other than members can only eat, Mom, why don't you and I go eat once tomorrow morning you'll know. "

"Okay, then mom will go with you tomorrow morning." Sun's mother nodded her head.

"Okay, thanks mom." Only then did Sun Dongheng smile.

There was no need to think at all, in Sun Dongheng's opinion, if his mother tasted the egg fried rice, she would definitely give him a membership card, then Sun Dongheng waved his hand to Sun Mother and said, "Mom, I'm going back then."

"Well, drive slowly on the way."

"Got it."

After Sun Dongheng left, Sun's mother sighed deeply and walked back to the house, seeing Sun Ming coughing incessantly, she had a bitter expression and hurried over to pat Sun Ming on the back.

"Why are you angry with the child ......" Sun mother with a hint of choking tone.

"Cough cough ..... Hey ....."

Sun Ming coughed for a while, removed the handkerchief from his hand, there were several strands of bright red blood at the center of the hand fat, Sun Ming sighed deeply and said.

"I'm not angry, I'm anxious, I don't have much time, if he continues like this, then the company will be hopeless, the company collapsed, how about your lives ......"

"How about talking to Xiaoheng." Sun's mother said with red eyes.

Sun Ming sighed and shook his head slightly.


The next day early in the morning.

Soon after Zhang Han opened the door, the manager of the store next door walked in and nodded slightly to Zhang Han sitting on the corner table.

"Boss, ask for an egg fried rice." That manager asked.

"It will take half an hour." Zhang Han replied.


Within a few minutes after he came in, a silver White Horse Z4 stopped in front of the restaurant.

"Mom, I promise you will definitely eat a surprise later!" Sun Dongheng welcomed Sun's mother out of the car with a smile on his face.

"Okay, then mom will have a good taste later."

Sun mother smiled faintly, her nature is very gentle and elegant, with the style of a lady of the house, before entering the door, she also deliberately in front of the door notice board to look at a few.

After discovering the opening hours and prices and the high membership card, her gaze could not help but leak some peculiarities.

She did not understand why such a small restaurant would be so ....... strange.

"Good morning boss brother, where is Mengmeng?" Sun Dongheng greeted, and asked after seeing that Mengmeng was no longer on the first floor.

"I... I am here ah ......" Suddenly, Mengmeng, who was lying on her side playing in the sofa, sat up her small body.

"Oh hey, so it is hidden ah, Mengmeng little princess good morning." Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

"Uh-huh, good." Mengmeng waved her little arms and replied in a milky voice.

"So cute, so cute, so pretty." Sun mother's eyes were all little loving for a moment, she was very fond of small children, let alone a 'genetically excellent' waif like Mengmeng.

"That's of course, the boss is awesome, it's only right that his daughter is so beautiful." Sun Dongheng smiled and said, "Come, mom, sit here."

The two sat down and began to wait in silence.

On the contrary, Sun's mother, back and forth, looked at the decoration pattern of the restaurant, the flashy TV backdrop she recognized, but the Steinway piano she then did not understand, looking at the arrangement of the house, she felt that the boss had good taste.

The time came to seven o'clock, the small white tables were all full, and the small chairs outside the door window began to be lined up with people sitting.

"Why don't they come in? Aren't there seats over there?" Sun's mother asked curiously.

"Mom, that's what I told you, that's where members can only sit, look, those four people getting off are the first wave of members here." Sun Dongheng pointed outside.

Sun mother looked over, Liang Mengqi three people from the Volkswagen down, and that Zhao Feng also got off from his Toyota Bardo.

Several people came in and said hello to Zhang Han and Meng Meng.

Soon, at twenty minutes past seven, there were already a dozen diners lined up at the door, a look that could not help but make Sun's mother think that the restaurant's meal might actually be pretty good.

But she was wrong.

When she tasted the first bite of egg fried rice, she finally knew that what is the real egg fried rice, and finally understood why Sun Dongheng would desperately want the membership card here.

Because this egg fried rice ...... It also smells too good.

Sun mother while enjoying, a face heart and some bitterness, she cooked at home for decades, never once made such a taste of rice, oh no, not even half of this rice fragrance has never been.

'How did he make it ......'

Sun mother's heart a hundred doubts.

After eating the egg fried rice, Sun mother closed her eyes and reminisced for two minutes.

"Mom, you're tasting the milk." Sun Dongheng said with a smile on his face.


Sun mother picked up the cup, and when she took the first sip of milk, the mood she had just calmed down once again raised the waves.

"This milk ......"

Gulp gulp .....

Sun mother drank all the milk in one gulp, then she looked at Sun Dongheng with a somewhat dazed gaze.

"Hey hey hey, mom, how is it? Is the fried rice with eggs good? Is the milk good?" Sun Dongheng said with an expectant gaze.

You know, the first time everyone eats in this restaurant, it is the most shocking time, after that is addicted to the food here, the shock in the heart will also dissipate, replaced by a deep sense of anticipation.

"It's so delicious, it's so good." Sun mother said from the bottom of her heart: "The boss here is so good, can make the rice so fragrant I have seen for the first time, the taste of milk is also very thick very good, just ...... If it smells so good, then there must be some problems, could it be that something has been added to the rice ......"

said the last, Sun mother some worried tone, she once read a report, said that a certain cuisine is very delicious, and finally found out that the chemical additives put inside, very harmful to the body.

Seeing her look, Sun Dongheng smiled and said, "Hey, Mom, you just put your heart in your stomach, the food here is delicious because of the nature of the problem, the boss but said, what Thai fragrant rice, North American wild rice are no match for his rice, and look, the boss's daughter also eat this rice, you think as a father will let the child eat badly? And ah, that cute little princess called Meng Meng, this restaurant or the boss for his daughter opened it, how loving, look at other people's father, in look at my father, hey, the gap ah."

"Don't say that, your dad cares about you." Sun's mother said softly, "Your dad gave me a bank card this morning specifically with the money for your membership card."

"Oh ......" Sun Dongheng responded with a somewhat dull voice.

"Let's go, let's go get you a membership card." Sun's mother smiled and took Sun Dongheng's hand towards the counter.