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Chapter 479 - The Confident Lu Xiong

At the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, the whole room became in an uproar. www.shuyaya.cc

"1.5 billion, this is 1.5 billion!"

"A membership card has actually fetched a sky-high price of 1.5 billion, this is afraid of breaking the world record."

"This is something unprecedented! What is it that makes this group of bigwigs fight so strongly for the restaurant membership card? Really can't figure it out."

"What exactly is the origin of Moe's casual restaurant? If it's just a good meal, how could it cost so much, all this money could have bought that restaurant out, I'm afraid."

In the back side of the seat, many people are incomparably strange, can't understand the reason, if only a family is fighting for it, they may think that person throwing a lot of money, but so many big families fighting for it at the same time, it's a bit of a fine thought.

Even that Dong Tianpeng was a little confused looking at the people around him.

"What do you guys understand?"

Rather, a few people who understood sneered and said, without elaborating specifically.

Mr. Zhang was the peak of the Patriarch and had stepped on and destroyed the King Li family, so how would they understand the terror of Mr. Zhang.

Although these people also need to look up to the height of Zhang Han.

But at this time, they know that many people beside them do not know, and for a while, they actually feel somewhat superior.

Your status is still too low, not even heard of Mr. Zhang.

On the contrary, many heavyweights in the front row seats, looked at each other, bitterly smiled, all nodded to Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan to indicate the meaning of congratulations.

They all want to take down this membership card.

But also will be within its own budget, they certainly can not spend too much to get this membership card, the loss is not worth the gain, not to buy the membership card will be able to get Mr. Zhang's friendship.

So they spell is the budget of each family, even the Luo family budget is only about one billion, the results ...... With Luo Shan this layer of relationship, Luo Chengwen gritted his teeth and once again added five hundred million to take the membership card for auction.

"Once again, thank you all guests, thank you all for participating in the Wanqing Autumn Auction, I will now announce the end of this auction." Lin Dong walked to the stage, took the microphone and said some words, and finally said with a smile, "Everyone who just shot the item is in the office area to my left for the procedure ......"

"Well, poop, the end of ah, we just something na?" Moe asked curiously, "How come they didn't deliver it?"

"We have to go over there and pay before we can get it back." Ziyan pointed in the direction of the right side, where there was a row of desks with quite a few staff members sitting.

"Mm-hmm." Meng Meng nodded her little brain and learned that she had to pay after buying something at the auction before she could get it.

When Zhang Han several people walked over, they paid for the items they had just auctioned off.

At this time Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan came over.

"Mr. Zhang, Miss Zi, it's an honor to auction this membership card, so maybe we'll have to go over there from time to time." Luo Chengwen said with a smile.

"It's nothing, I have to thank Mr. Luo for his kindness." Zi Yan replied with a faint smile.

"Oh right." Luo Chengwen suddenly remembered something and looked at Zhang Han and said, "I purchased a bluefin tuna a few days ago, caught in the Atlantic Ocean, it was delivered today, I wonder if Mr. Zhang is interested, I want to take this opportunity to give it to Mr. Zhang, good ingredients, of course ...... Let Mr. Zhang to arrange it."

Saying that, he wanted to say that good ingredients to good chefs to do, but on second thought, a bit wrong, so he said so.

Bluefin tuna is more precious large fish, the largest can reach more than four meters, and the Atlantic Ocean catch bluefin tuna quality is one of the best species, the value is not low, Luo Chengwen is to think and Zhang Han to draw some close relations, only after shooting the membership card said this thing.

Rather, hearing this ingredient, Zhang Han had some interest, thought about it and nodded and replied, "Okay, you send the fish to the restaurant, I'll have someone call you in advance when we eat in a few days."

He had eaten before, the taste was very good, if it was by himself, Zhang Han would not have too much ** for food, but he is now a husband and father, the first time there is something delicious want to give them a taste.

So Luo Chengwen and Zhao Feng discussed the time, he wants to directly put the bluefin tuna in the mountain pond for a few days to raise the meat quality level.

When put also mulled over, that big guy is a carnivore, to be placed in the water pond in the partition with more fish, to save it to the fry less to eat up.

After going downstairs, Zhao Feng drove back to Crescent Bay.

"Master, the money for several aircraft are paid, probably less than ten days to come back, two private aircraft prototype is Boeing 757, is a prince of Dubai custom, then that prince had some things, the final payment can not pay, the aircraft let us sub-purchase, inside the modified quite good, the lounge is very spacious, there are marble bathrooms and so on, the price of each is 100 million dollars. "

Zhao Feng drove the car while saying.

"The helicopter bought three, the first is the airbus h145 helicopter, twin engines, small fuselage, the outer turn is relatively good-looking, space is considered adequate, can accommodate eight passengers, this cost nine million dollars, and an airbus as365 n3 + helicopter, can accommodate twelve passengers, the interior luxury, with the most advanced entertainment as well as air conditioning system. This one cost eleven million dollars, and the last one is a bell 429wlg, which cost seven million dollars."

"Hmm." Zhang Han nodded his head.

Not very concerned about these, in a year or two he into the innate, you can fly, Zhang Han also thought of taking Zi Yan to fly, she will probably be very excited, take Meng Meng to fly, the little guy is afraid to be excited.

In contrast, Zi Yan, beside the calculation, and then spit out his tongue.

"Two hundred and twenty-seven million dollars, it seems almost more than one and a half billion."

So extravagant.

After returning to the restaurant and having lunch, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Meng Meng to New Moon Mountain.

This time there was only a family of three, a rare moment of peace and quiet. Ziyan and Big Black and Little Black were playing in the pet area, while Zhang Han and Ziyan sat snugly together.

"It's so nice." Zi Yan murmured softly.

"It's good to have you." Zhang Han laughed lightly and said, "When Mengmeng is on vacation, let's go to the north to play in the snow during winter."

"Good." Zi Yan's eyes lit up, then darkened a third and said, "Meng Meng has grown so big I have not taken her to play in the snow, isn't that a bit of a failure."

"That's not true." Zhang Han hurriedly replied, "You have educated Mengmeng very, very well, so understanding, so well behaved, is the sweet little cotton coat, it is all your credit, besides, it is not too late to go play in the snow this year."

"What you say is also true, if Mengmeng is not better behaved, are you spoiled into a bear child, even I was raised by you a little lazy, if one day leave you can not live what to do?" Zi Yan said as she leaned her forehead on Zhang Han's shoulder.

"We will not separate." Zhang Han leaked out Zi Yan's waist and laughed lightly.

"But you are too good, dazzling even flaws can be ignored, now there is Mengmeng bolted to you, later Mengmeng to middle school, college, you have more time, other women tempt you, in case ......"

"There is no what-if." Zhang Han looked at the direction of the pet area, reached out his hand in her full place pinched, a face of righteousness:.

"Don't you still trust your husband?"

"Humph!" Zi Yan twisted her body, said; "is a little uneasy, you see your horny look, and also like stockings, uniform ......"

Zi Yan's pretty face slightly reddened as she spoke.

"Ha ......" Zhang Han a little crying and laughing, replied; "that is not to you, you are my woman, and so beautiful, where to hold back, and not I exaggerate, I have met a lot of what the saint girl and so on before, no heartbeat."

"I just heard, heard that the martial arts world powerful people, many have several wives, there are also several wives in a lifetime, as if it is a normal thing, but when I think about it, I can not accept some."

"They are them, I am me." Zhang Han smiled and said, "Don't worry, we will spend very long years together, you are not an ordinary person, ah, there are big secrets in the body, maybe in the future you become powerful and can protect me, I have to hold on to the queen and long and beautiful long legs all the way to upgrade ah."

"Giggle, if there is really that day, I will take you to fly."

After chatting for a while, Zi Yan is again very happy emotions, for the martial arts world these things, she accepted already very quickly, the inherent world view broken reorganization, is a rather strange thing.

On Sunday, the family of three went to the marine park again, Meng Meng also really never get tired of playing, still very excited little look.

This time, he learned to be smart and got Zhou Fei to come over and screen together, and finally chose the cooperation project in Zi Yan's released album, five songs were seen by the director of the drama, to negotiate about the adaptation of the tracks, some lyrics do not have to move, some to change the next.

So on Monday, Ziyan also started to get busy, at 7:30 in the morning, she and Zhou Fei went to the company.

At eight o'clock, Zhang Han drove the Panda car alone to send Mengmeng to kindergarten.

At noon, when Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a meal.

Just as he was about to return to the car, he saw Lu Xiong coming from not far away carrying two clay chickens.

"Mr. Zhang has come to deliver the meal?" Lu Xiong walked over a few steps and smiled, "Go to my place for a drink?"

As he spoke he lifted the clay chickens in his hand.

Zhang Han laughed and said, "OK, I'm sorry to bother you then."

"What's so disturbing about it, it's a little boring to always be alone." Lu Xiong took the lead and walked towards the right side of the kindergarten.

The two walked for five minutes and came to the foot of the hill not far from the back side of the kindergarten.

"Eh? My yard is at the top of the hill, let's compete for speed?" Lu Xiong suddenly looked at Zhang Han and said.

"Then you put first." Zhang Han stretched his hand to indicate him to start running first.

"My move is called the art of stepping on the wind, is my former master's famous technique, I cultivated three years ago to the great success, can be the wind and travel, although I am the peak, but some high wind, then can fly a mile or two. "Lu Xiong said with a smile.

Will the master's famous technique to become a great success, also shows that his natural talent is quite good.

But this statement was a bit funny to Zhang Han, he returned: "Not when there is no wind?"


Lu Xiong froze and said, "There is no time when there is no wind, a little bit of wind will be some plus, I can't fly when there is no strong wind, but the speed is not slow."

"Patriarch Zhang, when this feather falls to the ground, then start."

Lu Xiong palm wave, a chicken feather from the body of the turkey slowly floating to the ground.