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Chapter 460 - Purple Moon Entertainment

"Uh, there's no wine. m.www.shuyaya.cc"

Zhao Feng's face shrank as he remembered how Big Black looked after drinking and replied weakly.

"Wow? Wow wow ......"

No then pull it down.

Big Black was then attracted to the hot pot, picked up three plates of meat and poured it in directly, shabbed a few times, fished it out directly with a funnel, poured two spoons for Little Black, and poured a spoonful of meat directly into his mouth himself.

"Barf barf ......"

For a time, the sound of big black bar mouth resounded throughout the restaurant.

Purple strong round dining table sitting, a little stunned look at the big black.

This guy has become a fine ah!

The block is so big.

The key is to look like eating very fragrant ah.

"Hiss ......"

He gently sniffed two breaths, and the overflowing aroma also made his appetite move.

Picked up a piece of meat, dipped it in a little dipping sauce, and sent it into his mouth.

That a unique fragrance of mutton diffused, instantly dominating the entire mouth, a bite down, the chewiness of the meat is also just right.

"This meat smells good."

Zi Qiang's eyes lit up and picked up another long chunk of lamb chop meat, the taste was fragrant and tender, making him look at Zhang Han again and again.

It seems that granddaughter is right, it is really delicious.

Eating, the restaurant is much quieter, are fully engaged in this lunch.

Zhang Han felt that something was missing, thought about it, and his spiritual power quietly formed a silk line.

Opened the laptop and played music in a low voice.

Halfway through the meal, everyone slowed down and started talking.

During the period Wang Ming and Zi Qiang chatted very hot, the content is only the matter of Go, plus the age difference is not much, but also chatted smoothly.

Xu Xinyu and Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also chatted with each other, and Zi Yan occasionally inserted two words.

It was Zhang Han who placed a plate of kiwai shrimp.

In the mountain farming prawns are a bit bigger, after the prawns show a light red, cooked.

Zhang Han fished out some, placed in his plate, placed two minutes, reached out to peel the shrimp.

Take off the head of the shrimp, the body pluck the skin, hold the shrimp and pull it out, and then put it in Mengmeng's small dinner plate.

Mengmeng looked at the poop beautifully and picked up the prawns with chopsticks and ate them.

Just eat a good one, Zhang Han will be another thin good next, in eating the third time.

Meng Meng only half bite.

"In want a little bit of seasoning."

Mengmeng muttered, dipped a little dipping sauce, then took the chopsticks, holding the prawns and slowly handed them to Zhang Han: "You also eat it, Poa."


Zhang Han looked at Meng Meng, his gaze was full of softness, the corners of his mouth rose a gentle smile, put his head forward and ate half of the base prawns.

Being a father is an indefinable feeling, like once in Shangjing, you are everything, do whatever you want, do whatever you want, eat whatever you want.

But with Mengmeng and Ziyan, he will first think about what Mengmeng wants to eat, Ziyan wants to eat, the first thought has changed from himself to them, or the most important heart has also changed.

The simplest one is that there is food on the table that you especially like to eat, and you willingly give it to your beloved to eat.

Meng Meng will be delicious clip to their own, a small gesture, it will allow Zhang Han to get satisfaction.

The actual prawns were peeled for Mengmeng and Ziyan, and Ziyan ate them with fright and gave them to Zhang Han naturally.

It's been a number of times that we've communicated in depth, and our feelings continue to heat up.

Still in the hot period, a little opportunity to want to communicate, but because Mengmeng and others, the opportunity to be much less than the young couple just dating.

Even the black silk prepared by Zhang Han has not gone to buy ......

In the time to Zhang Han clip prawns.

Ziyan remembered when eating at this table, she wiped mustard, and Zhang Han indirectly kissed, okay shy.

But this bad guy really pretend, as if eating is not mustard, causing himself to eat so much mustard.

Thinking of Zhang Han martial artist identity, remembering her already obvious small action at first, remembering the opposite side Zhao Feng stifled laughter expression.

Zi Yan also could not help but smile.

Half a day, when the mustard was smeared, they all knew, but they did not know!


"Xiaoyan, you plan to continue working after a while, ah?" Xu Xinyu suddenly asked.

"Hmm." Zi Yan's beautiful eyes blinked, a little leap in the eyes, said: "I almost got the title of Queen of the Film before, got the Golden Horse Award, but did not get the Xiangjiang Golden Award, there is a little regret, future plans to work hard, plans to get a Golden Award, if possible, it would be better to get the Oscar Golden Award."

Zi Yan smiling appearance as she spoke.

I can hear, for once did not get the Xiangjiang Golden Award, Zi Yan a little regret, before returning to the comeback, then intend to make up for the regret, in addition to the problem of money to make money.

But now, making money is not even a consideration, one has a super super excellent husband!

And the Academy Awards, that is the world's most famous and influential film awards, is the dream of every actor.

But for this award, Ziyan's expectations are not very big, she will be satisfied if she can get the Xiangjiang Golden Award.

Zhang Han looked at the serious Zi Yan and grinned.

It is estimated that if her idea spreads out, a random work, the award will not run.

Although Zhang Han thinks his strength is still very low, just beginner, but here, as well as in the influence of Xiangjiang, sometimes many things are just a word.

It's just that Zhang Han won't go about it that way, and the best way to accomplish it is through his own efforts.

For Ziyan's idea, Xu Xinyu was not particularly supportive, and after thinking about it, said.

"You can't always be this busy and busy, you have a husband and children, how to take care of the family some ah, besides, in case Xiao Han has something to be busy, Mengmeng is not no one to watch?"

There is another point she did not say, since Ziyan is not lacking in anything, but also go out and busy with what career, not to mention that the entertainment industry is one of the most chaotic of the major fields.

At the same time she is more worried about the emotional problems, Ziyan always travel, and Zhang Han and how can be different places? Beautiful women are always coveted by men, and equally good men will always please women, in case something really goes wrong, not to mention their own hard feelings, Meng Meng how?

But once Xu Xinyu's words were out, Zhang Han said with a light smile.

"I have nothing to do, can always look at Mengmeng, Ziyan wants to busy some career, I also support."

"Mm-hmm, poop is going to be with me all the time da." Mengmeng muttered.

Zi Yan was also heartened for a while, and her eyes looked at Zhang Han with some deep meaning.

'I understand, hehehehehe ......' Zhang Han returned an ambiguous look.

Then Zi Yan looked at Xu Xin Yu, said: "Mom, you can rest assured, I will not be very busy, and the company is almost renovated, we said it ourselves, to be much free la."

"Already modified, eleven to fourteen floors, ordered a series of equipment will arrive in the next two days." The other side of Zhao Feng said at this time.

"Oh oh, okay, then you guys look after it."

Xu Xinyu smiled faintly and did not say deeply, intending to remind this aspect properly with Ziyan in private.

Always off-site is not a good idea.

"Hey, their matter ah, you do not need to worry about it." Zi Qiang just finished chatting with Wang Ming about a topic, looked at Xu Xinyu and smiled, "With Xiao Han around, I'm sure he can arrange it."

"Okay, okay, okay, I won't worry about it."

Xu Xinyu smiled and shook his head.

"Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa!"

Just at this time, a bark came from Big Black.

The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Big Black looking at Zhao Feng and pointing to his table.

In looking at Big Black's table, all the ingredients on it were empty.

Its expression seems to be saying: serve another table!

Come on, let's serve the food.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu got up and took a plate of dishes from the other side of the small table.

This is to big black and small black eat cool.

"Can really understand the humanity ah they." Purple strong a little emotional look at big black and small black said.

"Humane?" Wang Zhan Zong as if he heard a joke, said with amusement, "They can understand human language, their thinking is also very smart, and their strength is also very strong, they are not ordinary beasts anymore."

"Well ah, they are Mengmeng's good friends." Mengmeng beamed and said.


Big Black gave a heart to Moe.

At this time, Mengmeng finished the last kiwai shrimp, so she slipped off the ground: "I'm full."

After saying that, he ran next to Big Black, and seeing another table of food, Meng Meng was a little surprised and said.

"Gee, you guys can eat so much?"

"Wow ..... Ohhhhhhh,"

Big Black scratched his head and patted his belly.

His belly is too big to eat much!

"Poopy, where are we going to play later?" Mengmeng turned his head to Zhang Han and asked.

"To the mountains." Zhang Han replied.

"Okay, let's go play in the world later! Big Blackie, Little Blackie, you guys wait, I'll go get you gifts." Meng Meng muttered and skipped to the second floor.

The gifts brought back from Xin Jia Po were all placed up there.

"Phew, it's been a long time since I've eaten so well."

At this time, Zi Qiang put down his chopsticks and exhaled a long breath and said, "I'm going to take another look at the chess game."

After saying that, he went to the small sofa and sat down to study it.

After two minutes, the crowd was almost done eating.

Zhang Han said, "Let's go to the mountain."

"Is it all done there too?" Zi Yan leaned over and whispered in Zhang Han's ear.

"Let's go and see." Zhang Han said with a smile.

She was asking about the places in the front mountain that had been destroyed, and although Zhang Han didn't answer positively, his eyes already said everything.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled after seeing this.

"Then I'll clean up first." Xu Xinyu stood up and wanted to clean up the table as she spoke.

"Eh eh eh, auntie you don't have to, you guys go ahead, we'll clean up later." Seeing this, Ah Hu hurriedly said.

So Xu Xinyu gave up.

Just before going out, Zi Qiang was still sitting there studying the game of chess, Zhang Han looked twice, smiled slightly and said.

"Father-in-law, why don't you come back in the evening and continue? I look at the game of chess is very anxious, still can exchange hands for a while."

"Hiss, you're right too." Zi Qiang's eyes lit up and said, "Eh? Little Han are you okay this afternoon?"

"Uh ...... Nothing much." Zhang Han had vaguely felt something.

"That's just right, let's go up the mountain and kill a few plates."

Zi Qiang laughed, and with a wave of his palm, the chess game was in disarray, gathering up all the chess boards, he instead began to urge.

"Xingyu, Xiaoyan, let's go quickly."

"Coming." Zi Yan could not help but smile, took the bag, and the group went out the door.

Big Black and Little Black sat in the back seat of the Land Rover driven by Zhao Feng, and once they got in, the car seat dropped a few centimeters.

The weight of this guy is also very considerable.

A convoy of cars headed to Crescent Hill, during which Zhao Feng made several phone calls and had some tables and chairs sent over.

In about ten minutes, the crowd arrived at Crescent Hill.

"The air here is quite fresh, looking at the jungle, maybe there will be mushrooms after the rain."

After walking into the jungle, Zi Qiang took a few glances left and right.

"Grandpa, this is the worldly paradise specially built for Mengmeng by Poa, it's beautiful up there."

Mengmeng, who was sitting on Big Black's shoulder, said in a serious manner.


Zi Qiang looked at Big Black and suddenly froze.

How come this guy's size seems to be much bigger ah?

As they were talking, the crowd's view opened up.

"Ho, this place is really nice! It can be ah little Han." Violet strong eyes sweep, see the lawn, water ponds, flowers, very eye catching.

"This tree is quite dominant, it looks quite valuable." Zi Qiang said in a row.

"It's worth ......"

The corner of Wang Ming's mouth trembled slightly.

How can this divine object be measured by its value, priceless treasure!

But I didn't expect that in such a short time, the place was restored to its original state, Xiao Han's methods are really endless.

Wang Ming's heart was very emotional.

"Mom, the flowers over there are particularly beautiful, I'll take you to take a look." Zi Yan smiled and led Xu Xinyu towards the sea of flowers on the right.

"Well, big black black, let's go too, let's go!"

Meng Meng pointed to the side of the sea of flowers, so Big Black followed behind with a faint heart, and Little Black held his chest up and walked leisurely at Big Black's side.

"The shape of this flower looks really good." Xu Xinyu was also praising it for a while.

"It's especially beautiful isn't it." Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, "The back of the mountain is where we eat the ingredients, there are also many dogs, here Zhang Han are planned, in the future will get a lot of housing, when you come over to retire, by the way, there are also a lot of night pearls in that water pond, at night bright crystal."

So the crowd finished looking at this side of the sea of flowers, and then went to the water pond in front of the left, there are a lot of night pearls in the clear water, beautiful, and finally came to the top of the mountain.

Wang Zhanzong a few people on the Leiyang tree is touching and hugging, look at the purple Qiang froze.

The eyes, he had some doubts that this giant tree is a beauty!

At this time Meng Meng and Big Black, Little Black, as well as Zhou Fei and Zhang Li all ran to the pet area.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood hand in hand on the other side of the Lei Yang tree, looking at the territory, and after a few seconds Zi Yan leaned her forehead on Zhang Han's shoulder and lightly and leisurely said.

"It's good to have you."

Zhang Han smiled, reached out and wrapped his arm around Zi Yan's waist and whispered in her ear, "Remember the thing I said last time?"

"Uh, what is it?" Zi Yan lifted her forehead, a thoughtful look leaking from her eyes.

"That ......" Zhang Han blatantly swept a few glances at Zi Yan's delicate figure.

Seeing this gaze, Zi Yan's pretty face flushed.

Not saying anything, her forehead leaned back on Zhang Han's shoulder again.

By default!

Just at this moment, a light cough sounded at the back side.

"Ahem, Master and Master Mother." Zhao Feng stood two meters back and called out.

"What's wrong?" Zi Yan turned her head and asked.

"The entertainment company wants to make a plaque.