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Chapter 454 - Going up to the Li family

After Lei Tiannan left a message, his body followed in a fiery manner.

He did not oppose Zhang Han to go to the revenge line, but because the Li family manor is located in the middle of the downtown, if a few late stage clan master fight, afraid to turn over the heaven and earth, once the fight out of the range of the Li family manor, then inevitably cause unnecessary casualties and sensation.

"Zhang, Zhang Han, you slow down, can we discuss ......"

Lei Tiannan felt that pressure that surged from time to time on Zhang Han's body, and followed with some alarm.

Leng Guardian was a little confused in the back, looking at Lei Tiannan's back, he hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed the Bureau's phone number:.

"Now, immediately, immediately send people to the Li family manor, evacuate all the surrounding people, control all the streets, at the same time the police station, quickly send people over, first level of alert, repeat the sentence again, quickly send people to the Li family manor, first level of alert!"


The news was like a category 12 hurricane, which swept through the headquarters of the National Security Bureau of Hong Kong in an instant.

Many departments moved at the same time, the phone kept calling, and a Hummer whistled from headquarters to the Li family manor.

At the same time the Tsim Sha district police department out of more than 90% of the police cars, a time car siren sounded throughout the streets.

First-class police alert.

This is something that has not happened for many years!

Many of the older members had extremely heavy faces, they had experienced a level one alert ten years ago, that time, it was nine martial arts masters who fought and razed the then Xie family residence to the ground.

"Could something like this happen to the Li family this time?"

They were a bit alarmed.

Those young police officers, on the other hand, were a bit unsure, a first class alert, or the first time they experienced it.

At the same time there were even more martial artists around who noticed the anomaly and called to inquire.

Leng Guardian received five calls, he ran between the mountains and forests, but still can not keep up with the speed of the front side Zhang Han a few people.

For the calls received, Protector Leng pondered and replied with the words.

"Patriarch Zhang is going to the Li family, and I'm afraid that a bad one will lead to a big battle."


People who learned the news were like suffering a bolt from the blue sky, confused on the spot.

"Ruthless Zhang going to the Li family??"

Li Zhan was the third strongest person on the Wind and Cloud Ranking.

If there was a big battle, would Ruthless Zhang continue to win, or would Li Zhan crush him?

This news pressed them unable to breathe.

A great battle in the late Zong Shi stage, but it hadn't happened for some years.

So they called one after another to inform their friends.

The news spread quietly.

But after all, time was limited, and those who learned the news still accounted for a minority compared to the martial arts community.

One by one, those who knew the news all ran to the Li family manor at this moment.

For this kind of amazing battle, they naturally wanted to have a glimpse of it.

But as the news spread, it changed somewhat.

"What do you say? Tough Man Zhang went to the Li family to seek revenge on the field? Hiss!"

"Huh???? Patriarch Zhang is going to kill on the Li family?"

"My god, Patriarch Zhang is going to trample on the Li family?"

At the end of the transmission, the news turned out to be that Zhang Hanyang was going to the Li family and wanted to trample the Li family down!

This caused too many people to stir and rush to the Li family.

Many people came quickly, and when they reached the front side of the manor, they found that the streets had become empty, fully blocked, and they were not allowed to enter, but there was a mountain at the back side of the Li family manor, and they saw many figures running down from the mountain.

No one was in charge there.

So the martial artists present circled around and approached the Li family manor.

At this moment.

In the living room inside the Li family's main mansion.

There were eighteen senior members of the Li family, and three or two juniors.

Li War and Elder Xu were sitting at the main seat, and there were also three old men next to them.

Listening to their conversation.

Li Kun, who was on the side, had an excited look on his face.

"Damn, dare to move me to pay the price, just kill two spirit beasts is too little, should behead that do it Zhao Feng also."

Li Kun's mood became soothing in an instant.

Eyes extremely worshipful looking at Li war, and swept a glance at the people beside him, the heart murmured.

"Second grandfather is the most weighty big shot in Xiangjiang."

"The relationship with Elder Xu is very good, and the one next to him seems to be Patriarch Yang, who is 12th on the Wind and Cloud List."

"Then on the right is Patriarch Ma, 16th on the Wind and Cloud Ranking."

"On the side is Patriarch Wu, ninth on the Wind and Cloud Ranking!"

"Any one of them alone should be taken out to overpower Zhang Hanyang, a first-time martial artist, what's so arrogant about it? Even I dare to move! What a death wish! This time it was your two spirit beasts that died, next time you will be the one who dies in the wild!"

There was a hint of resentment in Li Kun's gaze.

The taste of his broken leg was engraved in his bones, he had never suffered such a big loss since he was a child, and the grudge in his heart could be considered very deep.

"That Zhang Hanyang has indeed been a bit too jumpy lately, could it be that he still thinks he can stand firm in Xiangjiang with his ruthlessness?" Patriarch Wu shook his head slightly and said, "Recently, after I heard about him after I came out, I kind of wanted to take a step to suppress him, but I didn't expect it was you who took the lead, Old Brother Li."

"Heh." Li Zhan smiled lightly and said, "The other day I just did not want to take care of him, but this son is arrogant, coupled with the matter of Elder Xu, I intend to take action to rectify it, if he came back earlier, it would not be as simple as killing his two spirit beasts."

"We have already said that by twelve o'clock noon, let him and Lei Tiannan come over to plead guilty." Elder Xu coldly snorted and said, "If you come, respectfully admit your mistake, you can still keep his life, if not ......"

Before the words fell, suddenly, in front of the gate hurriedly ran into a man in his early thirties.

The man's face was a bit panicked, and his pace was hurried.

Also let Elder Xu stopped talking, the crowd's eyes looked over.

Only to hear him quickly said.

"It's not good, Zhang Hanyang and Lei Tiannan are already on their way over, I heard that Zhang Hanyang wants to trample down the Li family!"


Li Zhan's gaze stared, a cold aura flashed in his gaze outstretched, and for a moment the entire atmosphere of the hall was cold.

"The vertical son is rampant." Elder Xu slapped his chair violently.

This caused the faces of the Li family to change slightly as well.

"Stepping on the Li Family? What a big mouth!" Patriarch Wu snorted and said, "It seems that this Hanyang doesn't need to stay in!"

"Is the news confirmed?" The Li family head frowned and asked a mouthful.

The man hurriedly arched his hand and said, "Confirmed, the news has spread, and ...... The family members saw them in the Seeing Pond area, Zhang Hanyang, Lei Tiannan, and ...... two spirit beasts."


Elder Xu's pupils shrunk: "Those two spirit beasts did not die?"

After saying in amazement, he was pondering what level of elixir could redeem those two spirit beasts that were on their last legs?

It was at this time.

Li Zhan suddenly stood up with a calm expression and a killing intent leaking from his gaze.

"Since they are coming, let's move to the main courtyard to wait for him!"

At these words, the faces of several people present twitched.

Move to the main courtyard.

This is ready to kill them!

"Take the chairs out."

The Li family head ordered to the subordinates on one side, and the two men hurriedly ran out and set up a dozen chairs in two minutes.

Li War and his group walked out and did down and gazed at the mountain on the back side.

At the edge of that, they saw half a dozen martial artists, all on either side.

After seeing them, the crowd knew that the news was **fearful**.

Zhang Hanyang was coming to trample down the Li family?

This is really a joke.

Many senior members of the Li family leaked out a cold smile.

The Li family has been in Hong Kong for a hundred years, their power is deep-rooted, and has always been one of the top positions, in their opinion, this is simply impossible, not only that, they also feel that today, it is estimated that Zhang Hanyang's death.

The main residence is like a large quadrangle, surrounded by houses, in the center of the Li family estate, like a palace, when they sat in the courtyard.

Not far from the mountainside, several people in the crowd of several people's eyes rounded, horrified and lost their voice:.

"Patriarch Yang! Patriarch Ma! Patriarch Wu! My God, the twelfth, sixteenth, and ninth on the Wind and Cloud Ranking! In addition to the third on the Wind Cloud Ranking, Patriarch Li, and Elder Xu of the Heavenly Dan Sect! Hiss! This is too big."

"These are all big names who will tremble when they stomp their feet in Xiangjiang!"

"This battle, I'm afraid that anyone who comes will fall!"

"It's too scary."


Many people's frightened faces changed one after another, and many even felt their legs trembling.

What is a strong person?

The strong, is the existence that makes the weak silent.

The hearts of the people present also admit that they are weak in front of a few bigwigs in that courtyard!

"Could it be that today we are going to see the fall of the generation of Patriarch Ruthless Zhang?"

There were several Qi Qi voices that were trembling a little.

At the same time.

The first floor in the restaurant was also filled with people.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu looked up and down a few times, but they thought the restaurant was fresh and chic.

And Zhao Feng and Wang Ming sat in front of the window, with a touch of worry in their eyes.

Zi Yan and Zi Qiang and Rong Jia Xin sat on the sofa.

Meng Meng was fiddling with toys in the middle.

Wang Zhanzong several people sat on the chairs on the front side of the piano, their eyes always surveyed outside.

The situation on Crescent Hill made them incredibly alert.

If any enemies came over, then they would be the first to go out to meet them.

The atmosphere on the field was slightly dull.

Ding ......

Suddenly, Zhao Feng's cell phone rang, his eyes were still a lot of bloodshot, and when he answered the phone, his gaze was a bit inexplicable.

Relieved, because Big Black and Little Black are unharmed.

At the same time heart but also raised, because the master went to kill on the Li family.

The content of his phone call already had an indication of how many giants the Li family was sitting on!

This made his face change a little.

"Is there any news?"

At this time Zi Yan also came close and asked in a whisper.

"There are some ....... matter, I have to inform Master first."

Zhao Feng thought about it and got up to walk out of the restaurant, Zi Yan followed behind him, and did not speak for a while.

When Zhao Feng dialed Zhang Han's phone and told the matter.

Zi Yan's face turned white and hurriedly took the phone, her voice trembling a bit as she said.

"Zhang Han, come back, there are too many of them, let's not fight, okay?"


"Are you sure?"


"Then when will you come back?"

"Be sure to come back on time."

"No surprises, I'll wait for you."

After saying a few words, the phone was hung up, and Zi Yan was slightly relieved.

"Uh, Senior Mother, what did Master say?" Zhao Feng hurriedly asked.

Zi Yan pursed her lips slightly and said.

"He said there is a percent ...... ten thousand percent certainty that Big Black and Little Black are also okay, and that he'll be back by one o'clock."

"Phew ......"

Zhao Feng exhaled a long breath, said: "Since the master said so, there is absolute certainty, the master mother you do not worry, now eleven thirty, it is estimated that more than twelve o'clock there will be news, I have a friend in the Li family manor near, what is the situation he will tell me later."



At the time of receiving Zhao Feng's call.

Zhang Han's figure walked out of the jungle at the edge of the mountain, followed by Big Black and Little Black behind him.

Li Family Manor, which was five minutes away ahead.

After placing a pledge with Ziyan, hang up the phone.

Several people's steps were three points faster.

Ahead is the central business district, the streets are empty.

But there were quite a few people poking around upstairs on both sides.

"What's the situation? Is a movie being made?"

"Huh? Why is there a gorilla over there, holy shit, so big?"

"Props, right? Gorillas aren't that big."

A line of discussion rang out, because it was lunch break, so not many people saw this scene in front of the window.

After seeing the Li family right in front of him, Lei Tiannan even laughed bitterly.

Said all the way, Zhang Han also did not have much response, umm ah ah ah, looks like it is determined to come to revenge.

"Those two are really sick ah, just take away the five elements furnace and be done with it ah! Why do you have to do it!"

Lei Tiannan had a big complaint against Li Zhan and Elder Xu.

"Zhang Han, there are many of them, let's retreat first."

"If you really want to fight, can't you make a date with him? Don't fight here."

"There are too many of them, both of us are not enough to stuff, let's make a date to fight, I will also find some helpers, let you and Li war single fight okay?"


Lei Tiannan was making a final struggle.

But soon, they arrived at the front entrance of the Li family.

A small triumphal gate, showing the grandeur of the big family.

Under the door stood four people, two heaven-ranked masters and two earth-ranked masters, who looked at the side with cold gazes.

Until after they stood ten meters away directly in front of them, one of them said in a cold voice.

"My lord is at the main residence, all come over!"

If normally, Lei Tiannan or a late stage sect master came over, they would be cautious, but at this time, with several experts at the top of the Windy Cloud Ranking behind them, they were not afraid at all.

Moreover, even if they really want to fight, usually two armies fighting without cutting off the envoys, they are not worried, more certain that the two people in front of them are here to admit their mistakes.

But this rule ...... Sometimes is a fart, they more wrong estimate Zhang Han's intention to come.

Only to see Zhang Han's gaze flatly looking at the triumphal arch on the side of that Li family manor four words.

Lei Tiannan heart slightly jumped: "Zhang Han, reconsider ......."

"I promise you."

Suddenly, Zhang Han turned his head to look at him and said calmly: "I will not make a move."

"Phew ......"

Lei Tiannan exhaled a long breath and was just about to say 'that's good'.

But the next moment.

"Little Black, go ahead."

Zhang Han suddenly said.


In the eyes of the four qi masters, they only felt a flash of black shadow, and their bodies gradually went cold, and before their consciousness dissipated, on their left side, they saw the eyes of the cold