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Chapter 451 Crisis

"Lei Tiannan may be the chief administrator is doing too steady. www.shuyaya.cc"

Elder Xu's gaze was slightly cold as he said.

"Does he think that with his back to the National Security Bureau, he will be safe and sound? The National Security Bureau chief has died a lot over the years, huh, a few years ago I approached him to talk about exchanging the Five Elements Furnace, and he ended up biting the bullet and not exchanging it, but now he is so quick to lend it to others? Could it be that he is looking down on me, Mr. Xu?"

The words fell, causing the atmosphere in the hall to tighten.

The Li family's master and the Li family's top brass were all a bit on pins and needles as they felt an intimidating pressure from Elder Xu.

Luckily, after she finished speaking, with a cold snort, the aura dissipated.

However, they knew that Elder Xu's heart was not calm and seemed ...... was some killing aura.

"Who is the person he lent to do you know?" Li War asked as he glanced at Elder Xu.

"Lent to that Zhang Hanyang, the one whose name is flourishing in Xiangjiang." Elder Xu replied.

"What? It's him again!"

The Li family head suddenly exclaimed, seeing Elder Xu's gaze looking over, his face slightly sank as he said.

"That Zhang Hanyang is too arrogant, his men broke my son's leg, I sent someone to ask for an explanation, only to have him say that he has an opinion for my Li family's elder to personally go there, it's really too much, and there is no my Li family in his eyes at all!"

"Heh heh." Li Zhan suddenly lightly laughed, shook his head; "He is indeed too wild recently, as a newcomer to Xiangjiang junior, just want to use some ruthless means to stand firm, is not a bit delusional, some people, after all, not he can provoke."

It is obvious that Li Zhan takes himself as one of these 'some people'.

Words also leaked dissatisfaction, although he did not express his attitude before, but this matter also heard in the ears, remembered in the heart.

Before the intention to do something, but he Li war is the late stage of the clan master, that Zhang Hanyang is also.

He felt a little elusive, not a sure thing, in the Xiangjiang Windy List can also find two people together, but they are only the middle of the clan, such a big fight he did not think it was cost-effective.

Now Elder Xu came over, he has a full assurance, although Elder Xu and He Qingtian, are very close to the strength of the late Zong Shi, but he knows that Elder Xu has a secret method, can be in battle to raise the strength of the late Zong Shi, then the two of them against Zhang Hanyang, in his opinion, is a sure kill game.

That's why now his heart rose with killing intent.

"This time I originally wanted to come over to press Lei Tiannan to return the Five Elements Furnace, Dan furnace magic treasures found so far are too rare, the Five Elements Furnace is of vital importance to me, but I did not expect that Zhang Hanyang and you also have a problem, since this is the case, then we do not need to say much, directly on that New Moon Mountain to take the Five Elements Furnace, and then ask Lei Tiannan and Zhang Hanyang, have no opinion! If there is, huh."

Said the last, Elder Xu's face leaked a cold smile.

Li war saw the situation there eyes narrowed, slightly shaking his head:.

"It seems that many people in Xiangjiang have forgotten about my existence, since this is the case, it is also time to remind them, who exactly ...... is the person in charge of Xiangjiang."

As soon as Li Zhan's words left his mouth, the Li family head and others looked stunned, then they all leaked out astonished looks.

The old man is going to make a move, and then the storm clouds will certainly rise again in Xiangjiang.

The name of his Li family will shake the whole Xiangjiang!


At the same time, the office of Lei Tiannan of the State Security Bureau of Xiangjiang.

Knock knock knock.

A knock sounded on the door.

"Enter." Lei Tiannan said while sitting on the sofa and looking at the documents.

The door opened and a man walked in, it was Protector Leng.

He slightly arched his hand to Lei Tiannan and said.

"Chief Lei, I just got a message that Elder Xu of the Heavenly Dan Sect came to Xiangjiang, definitely for the matter of the Five Elements Furnace, he went directly to the Li Family Manor under the leadership of Protector Du and the others, and presumably went to see Patriarch Li."

"He went to see Li Zhan?" Lei Tiannan murmured, suddenly his gaze stared at Protector Leng and said, "You will go to Crescent Moon Mountain now ...... Forget it, I'll go there myself."

"Uh, what's the point of going there?" Protector Leng asked a mouth somewhat unsure.

"Five elements furnace in the new moon mountain, some time ago Zhang Han and the Li family a little friction, since Elder Xu went to the Li war, may go directly to take the five elements furnace, if just take away the five elements furnace okay, but there are two spiritual beasts on the mountain, with the nature of Li war, if they strike, they must not live."

Lei Tiannan frowned and said, got up and hurriedly walked out.

For those two spirit beasts, Lei Tiannan is very coveted, also do not want to see them in trouble, right now he feels a hint of crisis, so he wants to resolve it in advance.

After thinking about it, he was ready to personally go over and take a look and retrieve the Five Elements Furnace before going to Elder Xu, for the ownership of the Five Elements Furnace, we can still talk about it afterwards.

"Then I'll go along and take a look." Protector Leng's face changed slightly and hurried to follow.

The two quickly went downstairs and got into a black Hummer.

As they drove towards Crescent Bay.

A white stretch Bentley slowly stopped at the foot of Crescent Moon Mountain.

At this time, on Crescent Hill.

Big Black and Little Black slithered out of the dense forest.

"Burp ......"

Big Black burped, walked to the fish pond, and stretched out his big palm to scoop a handful of water.

"Gobble gobble ......"

Drank a few mouthfuls, followed by a blossom blossom, poof spit out the water.

Little black at the edge also drank a few mouthfuls of water.

After a few mouthfuls of spiritual water after a meal, life is also very comfortable.

But just at this time.

"Ow ......."

Little black gaze aside, leaking an extremely alert expression, gaze to the tip of the mountain, low hissing.

"Whoo? Whoa whoa whoa whoa?" Big Black scratched his head in uncertainty.

What's wrong with this?

"Ow ow ow ......"

Little Black screamed twice, and his body weaved forward.

Big Black understood at this point.

Little black this is to express the meaning of coming strong enemy.

In an instant, Big Black's expression leaked a fierce look as he ran on all fours and wanted to whistle away to the top of the mountain.

At this time, in the pet area of a group of dogs also began to restlessness, constantly barking.


Big Black and Little Black reached the top of the mountain, gaze swept to the front side, only to see two old men are walking step by step to this side.

Very leisurely appearance.

But the keen Little Black sensed a hint of coldness from them.

"Ooooooooo ......"

Little Black and Big Black's figures kept compressing forward.

When the distance was a dozen meters.

Elder Xu raised his eyebrows and in a somewhat surprised tone.

"Huh? This is two heavenly ranked spirit beasts? Not bad, there's also a mountain protection spirit beast."

"To get two spirit beasts is some skill." Li Zhan smiled lightly, looked at Big Black and Little Black with a calm gaze, and said, "Are you two little guys willing to come with me?"

Faced with Li War's words, Big Black and Little Black did not give a reaction, still looking at the two very warily.

At this time, Elder Xu's gaze fixed on the Five Elements Furnace under the Lei Yang Tree, his eyes narrowed and he said.

"I'll go and put away the Five Elements Furnace first."

As he spoke, he took a step and walked over.

But the step was just one step.


A figure swept across a distance of ten meters, it was Little Black, directly in front of him, his gaze fiercely gazing at him.

Facing the Patriarch with the strength of the Heaven class, it did not back down.

Because in its intention, this is the master's territory, the meaning of its shrinking existence, is to guard.


Elder Xu frowned, he was not in the slightest bit displeased with the spirit beasts, the Heavenly Dan Sect then had some spirit beasts, which were not uncommon, and he did not like them.

"Heh heh."

Li War stepped forward two steps, the corners of his mouth leaked an inexplicable smile, and said again.

"Ask you guys one last time, are you willing to leave here with me?"


Big Black gave a fierce roar, expressing his attitude.

"Rather quite loyal, but unfortunately, in that case, I will not keep you guys."

Li Zhan sighed lightly, and looked at Big Black with a cold gaze that flashed.

A stream of violent spiritual energy slowly converged in his palm.

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