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Chapter 44 Zi Yan's strong

Zi Yan is the chick he has his eye on, of course he has to play some tricks, in Dynasty Entertainment no matter who he has his eye on, Li Cheng he hasn't failed yet!

After hearing Zi Yan's words, the director turned his gaze to look at her and sneered and said.

"Ziyan ah Ziyan, you are what kind of do not have points in your heart? How can you fire a star who has gone out of fashion without making a comeback at some cost? Not to mention the kissing scene, even the passionate scene you have to accept, as an old generation in the entertainment industry, do you not even understand this point of truth?"

Hearing the director's words as if reprimanding, Lee Sung's eyes deep flashed a faint smile. www.shuyaya.cc

And Ziyan, face still unchanged, voice coldly said: "I understand the reasoning, but the kissing scene I do not shoot, and, the company asked you to come to cooperate with me to shoot the mv, not to teach me how to do, if you insist on adding kissing scene, then this mv is not shot!"

"What did you say?"

The director's face was completely gloomy, but his heart was out of ideas for a while, he didn't expect Ziyan to be so tough, and his eyes peeked at Li Cheng to see what he meant.

Li Cheng saw the scene cold down, finally opened his mouth: "Ziyan, how about a kiss scene to my lips on a protective film? What do you think?"

The film protector is like a plastic film, sometimes kissing scenes will be used, but most for the realistic effect will not use such a method.

And what Li Cheng thought in his heart was that the protective film, when kissing a few times to get rid of, then it is still the same to kiss?

Only ZiYan's answer made him freeze.

"I don't do any kissing scenes." Zi Yan coldly and rigidly refused.

The tone was extremely firm and no one doubted it, all knew that if the director insisted on kissing scenes, then Zi Yan would definitely not do it.

"Not even a protective film?"

Li Cheng's face was a little embarrassed, in full view of everyone Zi Yan's three refusals made him feel a little humiliated.

Li Cheng is at least the son of a member of the board of directors of Dynasty Entertainment, in a high position, you Zi Yan a popular star, if not good-looking face, he does not even take care of, but now she actually face down Li Cheng, how to make Li Cheng's heart not angry?

"No way!" Zi Yan once again coldly refused.

In the past, she didn't shoot passionate scenes just because she didn't want to, and now with Meng Meng, she has one more reason.


Li Cheng's gaze sank as he said with a leathery smile, "Shoot it however you want."

Li Cheng said and left with a big stride.

"You ......" The director glared at Ziyan: "Humph! Then shoot it yourself!"

The director said turned his head and ran in the direction of Li Cheng's departure and followed quickly.

"Just shoot by yourself, think you're such a big wrist, huh? You're a joke." Zhou Fei fiercely scraped the director, said loudly: "Come, come, listen to my command to shoot, but also the director, with him or without him is the same."

The director who was walking in the front side almost planted a heel when he heard it, turned around and glared at Zhou Fei fiercely, brushed off his sleeves and left.


Liang Mengqi lives in a luxurious room in a high-rise with an ocean view.

The neighborhood and Xue Qian live in the same neighborhood, but Xue Qian's house is bought by himself, while Liang Mengqi's house is rented.

At this time, Liang Mengqi was lying on the bed, holding her cell phone, and sent a message in the WeChat group.

"Guess who I ran into today?"

"Big handsome guy?" A person called 'old mother is very beautiful' replied.

The avatar of this old woman is very beautiful is a man, looks quite clean, but listen to him speak will know that he is very worthy of this screen name.

Because he is the same pussy that Zhang Han ran into one of them last time at the beach.

"No, I think I ran into my ex-boyfriend." The person with the screen name 'Big Sister Cool' replied.

This big sister is cool is another woman among the three, with short hair, some like a fake kid, and a bright personality.

"What ex-boyfriend! Do you guys remember the cute little girl at the beach that I had to give cold drinks to?" Liang Mengqi said back.

The old mother is very beautiful: "Remember ah, hot so cute little baby people certainly remember it."

Big sister is cool: "Can you not be so fucking cheap? I'm really disgusted, Mengqi, can't you run into that little girl?"

"Yes, I ran into that father and daughter, hehehe, guess what the man is doing?" Liang Mengqi replied.

The old lady is beautiful: "Look at his mean look, is he a slum artist?"

Big Sister is cool: "I guess it's ...... A socialite who watches the venue? Although he is a little mean, but manly model ah, than a certain sissy much better."

Mei Mei Mei: "Upstairs is the right solution."

Seven seconds fish: "upstairs is the right solution."

WeChat group a total of a dozen people, are a circle of friends, and often the water group is only Liang Mengqi and sissy and the short-haired woman, others are occasionally chatted on once in a while, mainly because the three of them, Liang Mengqi no work, sissy and short-haired woman working time is short, so it is more leisure.

"Guess where to go, people are opening a restaurant!" Liang Mengqi lightly hummed, also do not intend to sell off, fingers flying in the phone typing: "Tell you guys well, he opened the restaurant called Meng Meng's casual restaurant, his daughter called Meng Meng, feel so loving oh."

The old mother is very beautiful: "So loving oh oh oh, so that guy is the owner of a small restaurant ah."

"Hm, his restaurant is very unique, even I have seen for the first time, the inside is decorated like a family, and you should not think that people are small bosses, their TV backdrop is emerald, and a Steinway piano, each but more than one million."

The old mother is very beautiful: "Oops! Still a tycoon na, tycoon, seeking hugs."

Big sister is cool: "So fucking disgusting, dead sissy."

Seven seconds fish: "Really fucking disgusting, dead sissy."

Mei Mei Mei Mei: "So damn disgusting, dead sissy."

"That's not the point!" Liang Mengqi replied, "The point is, he cooked really good, good, good, important to say three times, I grew up to eat such a fragrant meal for the first time, ah ah ah, now that I think about it I am hungry, are going to drool ah."

The old mother is beautiful: "Well? Really? Missy, your mouth is so tricky, I've never seen you have such a comment."

Seven Second Fish: "What kind of rice, what kind of rice, tell me!"

"Egg fried rice!" Liang Mengqi replied.

Big sister is cool: "Pfft ...... You're teasing me?"

"I'm not kidding." Liang Mengqi replied, "His egg fried rice really smells so good, ah, and milk, but also the best milk I've ever had, you know, this boss, the character is really unique ah, he will only be open for a short while when he cooks for his daughter, I still waited a while to eat the rice, and one of his egg fried rice two hundred and eighty yuan, a glass of milk eighty yuan, but I think, his egg fried rice not to say two hundred and eight, two thousand eight I do not hesitate to eat! Because that rice is really too delicious."

Liang Mengqi typed out a large string of words, which made several other people slightly froze.

Big sister was cool: "Really? It's really that delicious?"

Mei Mei Mei Mei: "/ Spit out your tongue, two hundred and eighty dollars for an egg fried rice and eighty dollars for a glass of milk, so expensive!"

The mother is very beautiful: "Hum, how I do not believe, how to do fried rice is not fried rice eggs? His egg fried rice is the sky fried ah?"

"Lying to you is a puppy!" Liang Mengqi lightly hummed, typed back: "Believe it or not, anyway, I am now ready to sleep, afraid that tomorrow at seven o'clock can not get up, if I miss his egg fried rice, then I have no appetite to eat other."

Big sister is cool: "Seven o'clock, right? I'm going too!"

The old lady is beautiful: "And me!"

"Then you guys call me before seven, I'll sleep first." Liang Mengqi replied a sentence and then prepared to rest and sleep.

"Ding ......"

The phone suddenly rang, Liang Mengqi picked it up and found that it was her brother, Liang Hao, calling.

"Brother, why are you calling at this late hour?" Liang Mengqi asked.

"Mengqi, are you in Xiangjiang?" Liang Hao said with a smile.


"I'm also going to Xiangjiang." Liang Hao said slowly.

"Huh?" Liang Mengqi faintly froze and said, "What are you doing here? You don't care about the two companies in Xinjia Po?"

"I'm going to hand them over to my second uncle, I took over the company for two years, the market value doubled enough, next I'm also going to go to Xiangjiang for a long vacation." Liang Hao said with a smile.

"Cut! That gang at home can let you out, really strange oh, you come also okay, it just so happens that I myself here is also quite boring."

"I'm not going to play this time, well ...... This time I'm going to find Ziyan." Liang Hao smiled faintly, and at this time, his voice was softened a bit when he spoke.

"Zi Yan?" Liang Mengqi faintly froze and said, "Why are you looking for her? Don't you guys have little contact anymore?"

"I am also twenty-six years old, my family always wanted to give me a marriage, I did not agree, our father asked me to solve the problem of girlfriend within a year, I thought about it, or Zi Yan is the most suitable for me, and I heard that she is not in a good situation in Hong Kong, this time also to help her." Liang Hao said slowly.

"Then when will you come to Xiangjiang?" Liang Mengqi asked.

"At the earliest, it will be a month later, the specific time has not been decided, deal with the company's affairs I go over." Liang Hao replied.

"Oh, well, I don't want to talk to you anymore, I have to get up early tomorrow to eat fried rice, bye."

Liang Mengqi hung up the phone directly after saying that, before going to bed, the figure of Zhang Han inexplicably floated through his mind, and his elegant posture playing the piano!

'That guy is actually quite handsome.'

Liang Mengqi muttered in a daze and fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning at six o'clock, Zhang Han and Meng Meng had already got up and washed up.

Coming to the first floor, Zhang Han opened his Apple laptop, put on some nice music, cooked the rice and cracked the eggs to prepare today's breakfast.

Ten minutes short of seven o'clock, a customer came to the restaurant, an employee of the stir-fry restaurant next door, to be exact.

"Boss, may I ask what your restaurant sells?" The curious woman in her early thirties and ordinary looking asked.