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Chapter 426 According to the boss's style

So what?

His own master, is an immortal cultivator!

At the same time, he was more certain in his heart that if the master heard this news and learned that the other party was Li Zhan, the third in the Wind and Cloud Ranking, he would certainly not give any look, without blinking his eyes. Top X 23 U S

What's more, the other party is just a gung ho Li Kun only!

At the same time they went upstairs, the clubhouse on the fifth floor in private room 001.

Li Kun looked at his watch, his expression frivolous, looked at Zi Shiya, and said, "Three minutes left."

Zi Shiya's gaze gave a beat, inwardly indignant, but she did not say anything, now she was on the disadvantaged side, opening her mouth might offend them.

After all, growing up in the family, Zi Shiya is still calm and collected at this time.

The back side of Liu Shasha and Yu Wei then some shivering, very fearful, obviously grew up in the honey pot, have not experienced such scenes.

On the contrary, Yun Lei and a few housemates, in fact, inside is relieved.

Compared to breaking both legs, running naked is nothing less than a much better punishment.

But Bai Ming's face was blue and white, he had some face in this generation at least, going out naked, I'm afraid the next day will spread, in a long time after, will be a stain.

However, what can he do if he does not want to?

Not to mention his Bai Ming, even if the Bai family out, will not be Li Kun look at.

After all, he was the first son of the top family in Xiangjiang, and for him, it was as if he was a big mountain, pressing down on his head, giving him a sense of suffocation.

"I look at the purple family chick who is quite good looking." Suddenly, a middle-aged man with stubble looked up and down at Zi Shiya with a frivolous face.

"Hahaha." Li Kun grinned a few times, looked over, and said, "Hu Dong, you asked for it, then I will give you face."

After saying that, he looked at Zi Shiya, clapped his hands, and said.

"Then I will change another way, just now the punishment seems to be lighter, you listen, the first, break a leg to go down naked, the second, you accompany Hu Dong for one night, I let those people behind you go, how about it? Are you willing to pay for your friends? How about this, or just the time, there are less than three minutes, by you ten people to vote to choose, now, think about it."

At these words, laughter came from the field.

And Yun Lei and his housemates looked at each other, both thinking.

"You are shameless and shameless! As a son of a big family, is this the quality you have?" Zi Shiya couldn't bear the shame and anger and said in a cold voice.

As soon as she spoke, the laughter on the field quickly subsided.

Including Miao Jiang, he was a little apprehensive inside, daring to scold Li Kun, fearing that he would be punished more severely.

"You guys as playthings also want to talk to me about quality?"

Li Kun snorted, his eyes gazed at Zi Shiya, slowly stood up and walked step by step.

Obviously, he was trying to do something, although he didn't know what, but Zi Shiya was clear that he wanted to target himself.

So her body trembled and her steps retreated backwards, but after two steps back, two men with black undershirts on the back side leaned over vaguely.

There was no way to retreat!

This caused some panic in Zi Shiya's gaze!

If the other party really wants to do something, how can he or she block it?



Li Kun had already gone half the distance, in there are three meters will be in front of their own!

Even the corners of his mouth leaked a playful smile.

What to do?

Zi Shiya's face was a little white.

Just when she was helpless.


Suddenly, a muffled sound came out, only to see that the door of the private room was kicked open by someone.

Swish, swish, swish!

Everyone's eyes looked over.

Under Zi Shiya's gaze, only to see Zhao Feng leading the way in, with two men of similar age behind him, one with tiger eyes and a fierce face, and the other with a cold face.

Li Kun immediately stopped his pace, his gaze sank, his brow frowned slightly, already displeased.

The two cold-faced men in their twenties who were originally standing not far behind him leaned quietly against Li Kun's side.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Zhao Feng led the way up to the front, his cold gaze sweeping a circle, making people's hearts chill.

He walked up to Zi Shiya, gently patted her back, and said softly.

"I'm here, it's okay."

A word that made Zi Shiya's mouth pursed and her eyes slightly red.

Just now, she was under too much pressure, and her heart was very aggrieved.

But now that she had someone to protect, she leaked out her true emotions.

It looked like an aggrieved girl who had been bullied.

This made Zhao Feng's gaze even more gloomy, and turning his head to look directly at Li Kun, he said in a cold voice.

"What's going on?"

"They're bullies." Zi Shiya said in a trembling voice.

Just at this time.

The fat middle-aged man sitting on the sofa's face changed and stood up violently, losing his voice and said.

"You're Zhao Feng?"



The atmosphere on the field tightened, as if the temperature of the air dropped drastically.

The few heavyweights sitting on the sofa could not help but stand up, with a touch of horror on their faces.

They were all clear that Zhao Feng ...... was that person's disciple!

Tough man Zhang!

This ......

A farce actually moved out two giants?

This is too scary!

Both parties are stomping their feet can make the role of Xiangjiang tremble, if they put up a fight, I'm afraid it will trigger a storm!

A few of them stood up, at one side of the Miao Jiang and a few other little brother's existence also stood up in a daze.

Somewhat confused, somewhat bewildered.

He knew that Zhao Feng was not a big brother of the South Island? How did he get all these big brothers to stand up?


Li Kun's gaze leaked a hint of interest, grinned twice, and said, "I can't believe I got you here? Interesting and funny, it's okay, this is the capital to fight against me, not bad."

He clapped his palm.

The words made Yun Lei and the others' hearts relax a lot, and the gaze they looked at Zi Shiya changed.

It turned out that she was someone with a big origin!

Bai Ming, who was on one side, had a joyful and shocked gaze.

I didn't think Zi Shiya could find someone to fight against Li Shao!

He hadn't heard of Zhao Feng, but he knew that if he could fight against Li Shao, he was a bully!

The three girls, including Zi Shiya, also breathed a sigh of relief and were somewhat curious inside, what kind of character was this driver and butler? It seems to be very powerful.

Li Kun slapped his palm twice before continuing to say.

"That Mr. Zhang, as if appearing across the sky, recently very active, ah, jumping and jumping in Xiangjiang, stirring up a few storm clouds, but also some strength."

Li Kun's tone was full of disinterest, in his heart, the difference between the third and seventeenth of the Windy Cloud List, like a heavenly rift.

"If he personally came over, may have to pressure me to make amends, but you Zhao Feng, is still too far behind, do not look at the face of the Buddha, since there is such a head, then I give a face, you people, dry a bottle of wine and then apologize, today I can not pursue this matter."

After saying that, Li Kun looked at Zhao Feng with a calm gaze.

His words made the atmosphere on the field another three points colder.

People knew that this young man Li, chose not to put things to rest!

How forceful!

Facing Ruthless Zhang's men, they all wanted them to drink and apologize!

The few heavyweights standing at the back side did not dare to speak, and their hearts bowed to Li Kun.

This is the Li family's heritage!

This is Li Kun ah!

Even Yun Lei and other people's hearts lifted up again, it seems that the helpers found can't overpower each other ah!

At this moment.

Suddenly a plaintive voice sounded.

"So, you're pretending with me?" Zhao Feng's eyes narrowed slightly.


Li Kun's face sank and his eyebrows furrowed.

As for Ah Hu, seeing Zhao Feng's expression, the corner of his mouth had grinned a fierce smile.

He knew Zhao Feng very well, at the time he leaked this expression and tone of voice.

It is to ...... Dry!

Li Kun was not happy in his heart and was just about to open his mouth to reprimand.

"I fuck you!"

Ah Hu cursed angrily, his palms waved violently.

The two men standing beside Li Kun's face changed, just to resist, but found that their speed is not half as fast as the other side!

Couldn't block it!

Oh no!

The two men's hearts jumped violently.

Immediately after that.


A loud and clear sound came out from Li Kun's face.

Only to see his entire person being knocked over and smashed on the coffee table a meter away to his left, smashing it to pieces.

Li Kun was dumbfounded and lay among the broken glass, coughing continuously, his left cheek was already bloody.

And Li Kun's two Chemical Energy henchmen, at this time, eyes rounded, eyes trembling, like a great enemy.

Wanted to retreat, but Xu Yong did not give them a chance!


With a movement of his body, his right foot swept up, kicking out eight kicks in two seconds' time.

The bodies of those two people flew backwards and fell five meters away, unconscious.


At this moment, the field was deathly silent and a pin drop could be heard.

Everyone's eyes were rounded.

The two giants were fighting against each other, and they had really, really fought!

They couldn't believe their eyes.

The unbeatable Li Kun was just beaten like a dead dog!

This was too terrible!

Tough Man Zhang's men are so ...... So domineering?

In an instant, the faces of the people on Li Kun's side turned slightly white, and even many people's bodies couldn't help but tremble.

Previously, they all thought that Zi Shiya and others were the fish on the chopping block, but now, their own side has become the fish on the chopping block again, a shift in status, only because of the arrival of these three people!

Miao Jiang was dumbfounded at this point.

Feel a cold inside, this matter is because of themselves, two powerful forces dry up, if it is seriously pursued, a word of their own play is over ah!

Bai Ming's brain is also a muddle at this time.

What kind of ruthless person did Zi Shiya find this?

Even Li Kun dared to fight like this, what kind of giant is standing behind?

Think carefully.

No three, two, three, dare not go up the mountain!

Since they dare to do it, they must also have a very strong card!

Even Zi Shiya and Liu Shasha and Yu Wei all looked at Zhao Feng blankly.

Zi Shiya's expression was a bit dumbfounded.

He ...... Isn't he brother-in-law's butler? The first son of the Li family said to move ......

Does it mean that brother-in-law he is particularly, particularly strong?

That's right!

It must be so!

Sister that dazzling, excellent, married to a man will certainly also be very strong ah!

For a while, Zi Shiya floated, thoughts like seawater, waves.

"You ...... You dare ...... Move ......" Li Kun lying on the broken coffee table, slightly opened his eyes, his gaze has the disbelief, extremely weakly asked.

"Heh." Zhao Feng laughed lightly and said, "You should be glad that it's not my boss who came."

A sentence that sent chills all over the people on the side of the sofa.

It felt like the roots of their teeth were cold.

If it was that ruthless person himself who came ...... Then Li Kun was afraid that he would have no life to live!

They all heard about the series of events.

Fear Zhang Han much more than fear Li Zhan.

Because he simply does not talk to you about the rules.

Do as you wish, behead whenever you want!

This makes many people in the upper class of Hong Kong, have a rather offend the whole of Hong Kong, rather than offend the ruthless Zhang.

All because he is too ruthless, in his road to fame, all his enemies, it seems that in addition to the crippled scorpion, everyone else hung.

But they do not know that the scorpion also only caught a good luck.

With the increase in strength, once that strong man's heart, gradually sharpens.

After hearing Zhao Feng's words, Li Kun's mouth twitched and eventually said nothing, and very happily fainted to death.

Zhao Feng saw this and shook his head slightly, looked at Zi Shiya, leaked a smile, and asked.

"Who else bullied you?"

"I ......" Zi Shiya was confused and couldn't say anything for a while.

"Forget it, let's go."

Zhao Feng laughed lightly twice, touched Zi Shiya's brain, and led the way out.

Bai Ming and Yun Lei and the others followed with their hearts pounding, no matter what, they were saved!

At this time in the back side of the crowd are relieved.

Especially the slightly fat man who flirted with Zi Shiya, the raised heart put down a little, fortunately she did not pursue.

But immediately after, the crowd present ashen faces.

Only to see Zhao Feng walked to the door and stopped walking, did not turn around, said.

"Everyone else, just deal with it according to the boss's style."

"Oh, good."

Zhao Feng and Xu Yong responded.

Everyone, including Bai Ming and the others, froze.

The boss's style?

What style?

Suddenly ...... A number of people remembered the Long Sheng Clubhouse incident.


The crowd's faces were horrified, they understood.

It was a fucking unforgiving!

"Brother Wind, Brother Wind, don't do this, listen to my explanation ah ......"

"Brother Wind has something to say, I am ......"



Zhao Feng did not turn around, and did not listen to anyone's explanation, directly led the way out of the box.

At the moment when the compartment door was just about to close.

Bai Ming and Yun Lei and others clearly heard, a burst of miserable screams coming from inside.

There is also heard, that crisp sound represents the meaning.

For a moment, they felt a chill down their backs.

What kind of ruthless person is this?

Looking at the leading Zhao Feng, looking at his calm cheeks, they were clear.

This was the real big brother!


Yun Lei at this point a little scared again, sneaking a glance at expressionless Liu Shasha, hesitated three times, and finally stood a little farther away.

A group of people came to the elevator, Zhao Feng pressed the elevator button, to an elevator up, Xu Yong and Ah Hu has come over.

When they got on the elevator, Zhao Feng looked at Zi Shiya beside him and asked.

"How did you get involved with them?"