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Chapter 426 - Li War

[Adding more 9 for the allied closed old master]

The card did not enter the five elements furnace, the fire stone also began to bloom flames, at the same time Zhang Han's pupils deep, a ray of light constantly flickering. www.shuyaya.cc

In order to refine this patriarchal level Jiao Long soul, it is still necessary to cooperate with the spiritual sense, but because this Jiao Long soul is a pure soul without consciousness, so refining is much less work.

In the five element furnace, seventeen cards are divided around, around the card containing the dragon soul, vaguely forming a formation, constantly interlocking a silk thread, forming a spider web-like existence, and the card where this dragon soul is located, in the most central place, is constantly being refined.



In the middle of the card, the Jiaolong Soul kept roaring, wanting to crash out, but it was never able to break through and come out in the face of that Green Underworld Seal.

With the roar of the dragon spirit, the ears of Little Black, who was accompanying Meng Meng in the back of the mountain, moved.

Looked twice in the direction of the mountain top.

What is the situation?

It shook its head in a daze and continued to play with Meng Meng.

Time passed by second by second.

After an hour, suddenly, Zhang Han's eyes burst out with a light.

Inside the Five Elements Furnace, the seventeen cards surrounding the surroundings continuously shook up.


The threads between the cards broke, but the connection between the cards became stronger, and the card of the dragon soul in the middle burst into light, followed by a wave around the card, just like the monstrous sea water.

In the middle of the sea, a fierce dragon tumbled up, as if it was coming from the sea!

Immediately afterwards, the waves and the dragon were printed on the front of the card, and the pattern could be seen faintly as the monstrous seawater and the weaving dragon.


A silk thread shot out from the dragon card, implicating the other seventeen cards, causing the card's grade to begin to rise.

First-order medium, first-order superior, second-order, second-order medium, second-order superior!

"Not bad."

Zhang Han muttered, the cards flew out of the Five Elements Furnace in turn, seventeen ordinary cards fell into his coat pocket, the augur soul card was on the palm of his hand, and his mind moved.


Cards in the release of channels of seawater whistling around the palm of the hand, among the seawater, the dragon appears, revolving around Zhang Han's hand.

Of course, this is not real seawater and dragon, only energy formation, but Zhang Han can use very little energy to form a relatively high-intensity attack, which is also the meaning of the weapon.

"It's time to refine the ring, ah."

Zhang Han's eyes narrowed slightly, and his gaze contained a smile.

It was even better than when he was refining the Peiyuan Dan.

Taking out the void stones from his bag, he floated into the Five Elements Furnace and started refining them.

The two thumb-sized void stones, divided in two, continued to gather and shrink according to Zhang Han's mind.

Gradually, the shape of the two rings came out and kept changing, becoming more and more exquisite.

The shape is simple, similar to Cartier's button diamond ring, because the void stone is black, so the refining steps are much more complicated.

From the sides of the ring, translucent, gradually inward, there is a hint of ink, at the very center, the ink color darkened some, the whole ring is like jade to create some, round and smooth, attracting the hearts and minds.

Should point to match, right, the word?

Soon, Zhang Han had an idea, his eyes slightly bright.

Just see on the two rings, formed a few letters: z love z

Purple, Zhang, both begin with z, but together and bad, Zhang Han also knows zz easy to be misunderstood, so add a love, as if to punctuate, saying that Zi Yan loves Zhang Han, Zhang Han loves Zi Yan, both can.

Very satisfied with this letter, Zhang Han then controlled the printing.

Then two rings floated out from the five element furnace and landed on Zhang Han's palm.

After taking a look at them, his spiritual sense entered them and learned that each ring had about three cubic meters of space, which was relatively small, but barely enough for now.

Zhang Han did not use the rings, but put them in his pocket, planning to show Zi Yan when the engagement.

When he looked at the time, it was almost five o'clock, he came to the pet area to play with Mengmeng for a while.

At 5:30 back to the restaurant to make dinner.

As usual, diners came one after another, even some of the old bosses also came from a distance, at first with a purpose, now ...... The attraction of the food accounted for not a small part, no members want to try the member meal, but no members can buy, can only wait for that membership card auction.

At the same time also because of a series of bosses and people in high positions, a time seems to have formed a characteristic, more and more people come, which is not flooded with those who want to seek opportunities.

If it is seen by which the boss, the problem of work is not beautiful?

So more and more people, soon they will line up fifty to sixty people, black pressed a piece, so that the surrounding restaurants see the staggering, especially to see so many people who came in luxury cars, their hearts only four words.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!

After a simple dinner, Zhao Feng said hello and left the restaurant, taking Xu Yong and Ahu to Longcheng District to talk about buying two helicopters.

The other end.

Seaside Park, about seven o'clock.

When Bai Ming saw that the crowd had almost finished playing, he clapped his hands and said, "Let's go to the Seaside Club for dinner first, and I'll arrange for the evening and continue playing."

"Let's go!"

Several of Yun Lei's housemates cheered.

And Bai Ming to get a good relationship, can really wantonly play a game, do not have to think about the problem of spending money, in other words, being treated to a dragon is very cool.

The Marina Club is a special party place, the location is very good, the guests are also many, because it is not a private club, so everyone can come, the threshold is much lower.

Coming to the door of the club, Yun Lei's gaze flashed down and smiled and said.

"Let's go straight up to private room 006 on the fifth floor, Brother Ming has already arranged it."

"Brother Ming is handsome!"

"I remember that the fifth floor just the private room fee is more than eight thousand."

"Brother Ming's price certainly needs to play in a higher-end private room."

Yun Lei's two housemates said with a smile.

Liu Shasha three also subconsciously looked at Bai Ming.

This makes Bai Ming heart very satisfied:.

Yun Lei this kid will come to things, is a good follower, worth cultivating cultivation.

He simply did not arrange any private rooms, just intend to go to the nightclub to invite guests to play, private boxes are ordered by Yun Lei, at this time said he arranged, a horseshit pat quite in place.

Directly on the elevator, on the fifth floor of box 006, an area of forty square feet, very spacious, decorated also is opulent.

The crowd sat on the round table, drinks and dinner were broken up by the waiter one after another.

After a table of dishes was served, the waiter pushed a food cart with a sixteen-inch three-layer cake on it.

"Mr. Yun, this is a birthday cake from the clubhouse, wishing you a happy birthday and happy dining."

The tall waitress said with a smile, and then placed the cake in the center of the dining table with her companion.

"Thank you." Yun Lei replied with a smile.

Putting the cake away, they retreated.

"I'll start by mentioning a cup, it's nice to meet a few new friends today, so let's all wish Xiao Lei a happy birthday."

"Happy birthday."

The crowd all said, and then drank the beer in their cups in one go.

Even Zi Shiya and Yu Wei also gave face to dry, although the taste of beer Zi Shiya did not like, but also endured to drink.

University life she cherished, no matter what is also an experience.

Yu Wei does not care about Mo, beer drinking with water, her alcohol consumption is more ok.

"Do you want to insert a candle and make a wish first?" Liu Shasha reminded.

"Good." Yun Lei smiled, the crowd has inserted candles to light the fire, there is the past to turn off the lights.

So some routine operations were carried out before the crowd began to eat.

After about half an hour, all the people drank more or less, including Liu Shasha, the three girls' faces were slightly red, Yun Lei's two housemates also drank a lot, and the others were very good drinkers.

"Shiya, what do you think about long-distance relationship?" Bai Ming suddenly asked with a smile.

"No feeling."

"You have not had a boyfriend before? Usually those who have paid know what it's like to have a long-distance relationship." Bai Ming said with a peculiar expression.

"No." Zi Shiya shook her head slightly.

"Oh?" Bai Ming's inner interest got even stronger.

But it was also a little strange, she who had not been in love, seemed to be difficult to take the look.

"College is incomplete without a relationship like a sob story, Shiya you should try it." Bai Ming laughed.

"Try?" Zi Shiya looked at Bai Ming, smiled and said, "Maybe, let it be anyway."

If there was really a man that could make her fall in love, then she didn't mind falling in love, it was just that these people in front of her, there was no one that could make her look good.

The mind remembered Zhao Feng, although very bland, a little cold-like, but purple Shiya still not much call, she are a little doubtful, she will like what kind of person.

"Brother Ming, you are also single, Shiya is also single, this is the opportunity ah! How good it is to have a talented man and a beautiful woman!" Yun Lei laughed out loud.

"Yes, Brother Ming, seize the opportunity to hold the beauty!"

"I think they are quite suitable too."

Yun Lei's housemates have coaxed.

"That also depends on whether the beauty gives the opportunity or not." Bai Ming looked at Zi Shiya meaningfully, and then looked at the others and said, "Come on, have another drink, the men are dry, the ladies don't need to drink."

So several people drank another cup.

"Burp ......" Yun Lei's face flushed red, burped, stood up and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

"Come along." Yun Lei's two a roommate and Bai Ming also stood up and walked out together.

About three minutes later, they walked back.

Yun Lei did a butt down, his right hand directly on Liu Shasha's leg, stroking back and forth.

In public, Liu Shasha is a little uncomfortable, leaning over, just to speak in Yun Lei's ear.

Ring ......

Yun Lei's cell phone on the table rang, Liu Shasha looked at it and found two words on the screen: Miao Li.

Obviously it was a woman.

Yun Lei's expression paused for two seconds after seeing this, his gaze flickered slightly, picked up the phone and placed it on his left ear, his voice lowered three times.

"Hey, sister Li, uh, yes, at dinner, today and housemates out to get together, ah? I'm not quite aspect right now, this ...... Okay, I got it."

After hanging up the phone, Yun Lei's expression was normal, but his gaze did not know what he was thinking.

Liu Shasha looked at him a few times, her daughter's sixth sense made her feel as if that Miao Li and he were very familiar.

"Thank you Ming today, thank you all, very happy, cheers."

Yun Lei picked up a glass of wine and said, after everyone drank again, Yun Lei had a bitter look on his face, as if he was going to vomit, grinned and said.

"Drink a little anxious, I'm lying on the bathroom."

Said also did not wait for others, their own steps to walk out, the pace of a hurried look.

"I'll go see him." Liu Shasha stood up and said.

"No need to look at him, it's okay, in sit down and drink a sip of it us." Bai Ming said a sentence.

But Liu Shasha shook her head and walked straight out.

Looking at her back, the corner of Bai Ming's mouth slightly trembled, because he just saw Miao Li.

''I'm afraid it's going to be hilarious today.''

His heart felt a little funny, so the crowd continued to chat.

Five minutes later.

"Huh? Why aren't they back yet?" The boss of the dormitory froze and said.

"Can't be in a hurry in the bathroom on ......" The dormitory's oldest leaked an ambiguous smile.

"Look and see, just as I go to the bathroom." Dormitory old five took a sip of wine and walked out.

But not a minute later, he hurriedly ran back: "Oh no, Sasha and a female fight."

"Huh? Holy shit! Bullying my sister?" Yu Wei put down her chopsticks and casually picked up a wine bottle.

"Go check it out."

Bai Ming said and led the way to stand up.

But just as the crowd was about to take a step, the door of the compartment was violently pushed open.

Liu Shasha's face was a little pale, and there was a light red palm mark on her left cheek.

"Yu Wei, Shiya, let's go!" Liu Shasha said loudly.

At her back side, Yun Lei ran in, and he also had a red mark on his face.

It was hit by Liu Shasha, and the red mark on Liu Shasha's face was hit by Miao Li.

"Shasha you listen to me ......" Yun Lei ran to Liu Shasha's side and said.


Liu Shasha said in a cold voice, the mind is all just that woman's mockery and insult to their own, heart aggrieved, but more angry.

Seeing this, Zi Shiya and Yu Wei hurriedly picked up their bags, and Zi Shiya also directly sent a message to Zhao Feng: come to pick us up at the seaside club.

At this time, Yun Lei's face was also very ugly.

Seeing this, Bai Ming also guessed what had happened, thought about it and said, "Let's go back first."

So Liu Shasha three people led out, Bai Ming and others then followed, waiting in the elevator, suddenly in the front side not far from the 001 box, quickly out of seven people.

"That's them, stop them for me!"

A heavily made-up woman pointed pointedly over, she is Miao Li, her right hand is holding a handkerchief, pressed at her right chin, where there are three scratches, which are scratched out by Liu Shasha's nails.

The six people in front of Miao Li ran over quickly, and the crowd was slightly stunned when they saw it.

The six sturdy fighters have a cold gaze, which is chilling.

On the contrary, the old three and five of Yun Lei's dormitory, drunk and not afraid.


Low curses, about to rush over to do a little, Bai Ming turned and glared at the two, cold voice reprimanded: "honest!"

The two people saw the situation and stopped their bodies, when the six people also surrounded.

Miao Li came with big strides and sneered, "Bring it in!"


Bai Ming took two steps forward and stood in front of Liu Shasha and others, saying, "Miao Li, my friend is too drunk, if there is any conflict, wait for sobriety before talking about it, do you think it's okay?"

"Bai Ming?" Miao Li froze, then grinned and said, "Bai Shao, sorry, I do not agree."


Bai Ming's gaze stared, the smile on his face light