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Chapter 425 Refining

After the telephone communication, the matter that had been placed on the mind recently was also resolved. m.www.shuyaya.cc

Zi Yan came out of the bedroom, sat beside Zhang Han, leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"The situation is quite good, just ...... My father he has a lot of resentment towards you ah."

Said Zi Yan shrunk back to his head, covering his mouth and laughing lightly.

The heart felt funny, I wonder what method my husband will use to get rid of his father-in-law.

"Eh, I should, who let me steal his precious daughter." Zhang Han laughed dryly.

But then he was a bit disturbed because he thought about what to do when Mengmeng grows up in the future?

There will be a man to snatch her away from him?

The idea is that a wisp of fire is born from the bottom of the heart, Zhang Han will suppress his thoughts and no longer think about such things.

If someone really wants to chase Meng Meng, let's beat me first!

If Zi Yan knew what was in his mind, he would have cried and laughed.

Mengmeng this is only how old, he began to guard against this thing, and again can be more powerful than you, there ...... Is it?

After sitting for a few moments, Yu Wei and Liu Shasha are not apprehensive.

Always tease Mengmeng play, it can be seen that they like Mengmeng very much.

While talking, Zhou Fei came up from the corner of the stairs, wearing casual clothes crossbody Hermes.

"Huh? You have guests?" Zhou Fei froze when she saw a few people, then looked at Zi Yan and said directly, "The sketch mv is all arranged according to your intention, Sister Yan, and it will be added to the album and released together the day after tomorrow."

"Mm-hmm." Zi Yan lightly nodded her forehead.

"Who are these people?" Zhou Fei asked as she sat grumpily on the side of the sofa.

"This is my little sister Zi Shiya, and these two are her classmates Yu Wei and Liu Shasha." Zi Yan introduced them.

"Oh, hello guys, I'm Fei Zhou, Sister Yan's number one bodyguard." Zhou Fei greeted with a smile.

Zhou Fei's words caused a few people to laugh.

After greeting, Yu Wei said curiously.

"Sister Ziyan, are you going to have another song for your album?"

"Hmm." ZiYan nodded her head.

"Wow, awesome, sister Ziyan your song is especially good, I always play it on loop, that I want a few signed photos ......" Yu Wei said in a very opportune manner.

Ziyan pursed her lips and smiled and said, "Yes, I can, I'll give you a few later."

"That, can you sign one on the clothes as well." Yu Wei said a little embarrassed.

"OK ......" Ziyan nodded.

"Yeah, great, I've got the pen ready." As she spoke Yu Wei took out a signature pen from her bag, walked to Zi Yan, squatted down, back facing her, and said, "Just on the back okay, bigger words ah ......"

So Ziyan took the pen and signed her name on her back.

"Oops, don't even want to wear it, I'll go to the bathroom to change the clothes." Yu Wei beautifully took her small suitcase and slipped into the bathroom.

"oh......" Zi Shiya helplessly touched her forehead.

Soon, Yu Wei walked out of the bathroom and changed into a short red sleeve.

After chatting upstairs until eleven o'clock, under the gesture of Liu Shasha's eyes, Zi Shiya said.

"Sister, we have to go, Shasha's boyfriend has a birthday today, have to go over to see."

"Why don't we have lunch at noon and go over?" Zi Yan said, also wanting his little sister to taste Zhang Han's cooking.

"No, there are appointments over there, next time." Zi Shiya shook her head slightly.

"Then come over tonight? Your brother-in-law's cooking is delicious." Zi Yan asked.

Zi Shiya smiled with an expression and nodded, "Okay, then I'll call you tonight."

At the same time, her heart secretly sighed.

The restaurant is brother-in-law's own cooking? Hey, want to marry my sister, cooking good also useless ah!

So a few people said goodbye and went downstairs to think.

When they reached the first floor, Zhang Han waved his hand to Zhao Feng: "Little wind, send them a trip."


Zhao Feng stood up and led the way out, opened the door of the extended phantom for Zi Shiya and the girls, and after they sat in it and closed the door, Zhao Feng walked up to Zhang Han and said.

"Master, the antiques are all identified, valuable are twenty-one, conservatively estimated at around four hundred and thirty million, Lin Dong he arranged an auction to sell."

"Hmm." Zhang Han nodded his head.

"By the way, the matter of aircraft, two helicopters are talking, two private luxury aircraft Liu Instructor some eyebrows, before someone to buy the aircraft, but the final payment some problems, in a few days if that person did not buy, then we can directly buy over." Zhao Feng said.

"You just arrange." Zhang Han replied.

For these things, Zhang Han was mo unconcerned, just let Zhao Feng deal with it how he wanted.

And Zhao Feng was indeed very satisfying, handling any matter in an orderly manner, with the aura of a superior person.

"Then I'm going master." Zhao Feng said hello and got into the phantom car and slowly left.

Driving onto the road, Zhao Feng asked, "Where to?"

"To Taibu District Gar Feng Garden Square." Liu Shasha said.

Zhao Feng lightly nodded his head as a response, there was a little bit of lightness.

Tai Bu District is in the north side of Longcheng District, the area is similar to Crescent Bay, the area is not large, it takes nearly an hour to drive there from here without traffic jams.

"Yu Wei, Sasha, let me tell you, my sister is Zi Yan this thing do not say out, and my sister into a family is not allowed to say out, or we sisters can not do." Zi Shiya said very solemnly.

She also knows that there are many hidden marriages in the entertainment industry that are not spread out, and although they are relieved, they should still be told.

"I know, I definitely will not tell." Yu Wei nodded.

"Don't worry about you." Liu Shasha said with a smile.

"Awesome, I have several signed photos, and signed clothes. ......" Yu Wei said beautifully.

The three chatted, Liu Shasha's gaze suddenly looked at the side of driving Zhao Feng, whispered.

"Shiya, Shiya, the driver of your sister's house is also quite handsome."

"The big handsome guy in front, what's your name?" Yu Wei asked directly.

The three girls were together, and with only Zhao Feng around, they also relaxed, and it was hot and lively and much more casual.

For their chat, Zhao Feng also did not listen much, at this time heard the question, he answered plainly.

"Zhao Feng."

"It's pretty cool, much better than my driver." Yu Wei said with a smile and a giggle.

At this time, Zi Shiya came to interest, looked at Zhao Feng and asked, "Are you my sister's full-time driver?"

"No." Zhao Feng responded.

Zi Shiya froze and carefully scrutinized Zhao Feng for a few moments.

Could it be that the car and the person were temporary workers hired?

But then Zhao Feng opened his mouth again and said.

"I'm the boss's butler, and the boss's wife has a special person to transport and guard her."

"Oh oh, that's right!"

Zi Shiya nodded and asked curiously, "Then my brother-in-law really has several companies? What does he do? How much is he worth?"

Zhao Feng smiled and fell silent, and was about to speak when Zi Shiya said again.

"Brother-in-law wants to propose marriage, if he can't impress the Purple Family, it will be very troublesome."

"Huh." Zhao Feng laughed lightly and said, "Little girl, your worry is just superfluous, the boss's worth not to mention how much, I can't count it."

Yes, can't count, if you really count the value, then how to count the divine objects on the mountain? How to count the holy things? All are priceless, he knows, even the pills they eat, are worth a lot of money, if really put up for auction, the money is afraid that there will be more than a frightening degree.

"Moreover, some people can't be measured by money, it's a blessing for your purple family to get the boss as an aunt."

"Bragging." Zi Shiya skimmed her mouth and said, "Then why don't you talk about the specifics?"

Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head slightly, didn't say anything more, and didn't need to explain, he would naturally know after the marriage proposal.

Zi Shiya see, want to ask a few words with Zhao Feng, see him with hitch, a little cold look, she is interested, nothing to say a few words with Zhao Feng.

Three girls in the back side as muttering.

About an hour later, the car arrived at the destination of Tai Bu District.

Just after stopping at the curb of the square, without waiting for a few people to get out of the car, Zhao Feng turned around and extended his hand to Zi Shiya and calmly said.

"Cell phone."


Zi Shiya froze and subconsciously handed the phone over.

In her heart, she was a bit confused, what did he want?

Only to see Zhao Feng fiddling with the phone twice and handed it back.

"This is my cell phone number, I'm running an errand nearby at five in the afternoon, just call me when you guys are done."

"Humph! I haven't said I'm going to save your cell phone number!" Zi Shiya flew a blank stare and led the way out of the car.

After several people got out of the car, Zhao Feng drove away.

Yu Wei grinned and said, "Giving phone calls are so cool, Shiya, is this your FEEL ah? Cold and handsome, but also mature."

"In mature also just a driver, and Shiya how possible." Liu Shasha shook his head and said.

"Come on, are a little hungry." Zi Shiya said, led the way to the front side of the mall.

"I'll ask Yun Lei where they are." Liu Shasha called her boyfriend's phone as she spoke, quickly hung up and said, "It's on the second floor of Dylan's restaurant, let's go there."

The three of them entered the mall and walked half a circle on the second floor before they found Dylan's restaurant.

This made Yu Wei also muttered twice: "Why didn't you come out and pick it up? Still have to look for half a day."

"Maybe he's entertaining his friends, let's go in first." Liu Shasha's heart is also a little dissatisfied, but did not say anything, after reporting his name, was taken by the waiter to the inner side of the private room.

"Shasha you guys are here, sorry, just took a rather urgent phone call." Yun Lei rushed over to welcome you and said with a smile.

"It's okay." Liu Shasha smiled.

Only the afterglow saw the smile and gaze of a few of Yun Lei's housemates, feeling a bit strange taste.

"Introduce to the brothers, this is my girlfriend Liu Shasha, these two are her housemates, this beauty is Zi Shiya, this is Yu Wei, Shasha, this is my dormitory big brother Tian Qi, this is the second brother ......"

There are a total of six men present, all of them are Yun Lei's housemates, he is the sixth in age in the dormitory, the youngest, several housemates on the small six small six called.

"Come, come, everyone please sit down." The dormitory boss's eyes were fixed on Zi Shiya, and when they sat down, he exclaimed, "Zi Shiya not only has a good name, but also a beautiful person."

"Yes, does Purple Beauty have a boyfriend? How about looking at me?" The fatter oldest in the dorm joked.

"You guys don't think about it, it's hard to be Shiya's boyfriend." Yu Wei didn't mind them ignoring herself, waved her hand and said, "Order your food, you're all hungry."

"Uh, wait for a few minutes, Brother Ming will be here later." Yun Lei said with a grin.

"It will take a while to serve the food, so we'll wait after ordering." Yu Wei said casually.

She didn't care about anything else, she wanted to eat when she was hungry.

"Not waiting for him is not good, Ming is our senior, the family has several companies in the local, expensive, quite sophisticated." Yun Lei said with a bitter smile.

"Yes, wait for him, Xiao Liu can not easily get along with Brother Ming." The dorm boss waved his hand and said, "Let's talk for a while."

"Then let's talk for a while." Liu Shasha said indifferently.

The heart is a little reluctant, but today Yun Lei's birthday, let's restrain some.

After thinking about it, Liu Shasha took out a box from her bag and handed it to Yun Lei and said, "Mumble, happy birthday, this is the belt I bought for you in Xinjia Po."

"Aigoo, thanks." Yun Lei took the box and didn't open it, he looked directly at his roommate and said with a smile, "How about it, my girlfriend is thoughtful, right?"

"Yes, so thoughtful oh." Several people coaxed.

But chatting all like to flirt a little purple Shiya, also know that she does not have a boyfriend, dormitory old three and five some interest, just looks like not very easy to hook up.

In the chat, time passed quickly, and ten minutes later, a yellow-haired man walked in.

"Brother Ming."

"Brother Ming."

Yun Lei and his housemates stood up to greet each other, and it was clear from their expressions that they were more flattering to him.

But none of Zi Shiya's three stood up.

"There's a bit of traffic, don't mind if I'm late." Bai Ming smiled and walked to the inner side to sit down.

"Not late, we just arrived too." Yun Lei laughed.

"Who are these people?" Bai Ming's eyes glanced at them a few times, and his eyes lit up slightly when he saw Zi Shiya. The long-haired beauty with wavy curls was the type he liked.

"This is my girlfriend Liu Shasha, this is Zi Shiya, and this is Yu Wei." Yun Lei introduced.

"Hello guys." Bai Ming smiled and nodded his head in greeting.

"Hello." Several people responded.

"Brother Ming, Shiya, she's still single, just now a few of us were betting on whether we could get a beautiful woman's heart." The oldest member of the dormitory said with a smile.

"Oh? Then count me in, fair lady gentleman good martyr." Bai Ming laughed.

"If you say so, we won't have a chance!" The old dormitory five laughed bitterly.

At this time, the smile on Zi Shiya's face faded three points, a couple of jokes is okay, keep saying she is a little impatient.

Bai Ming took a look and knew what was going on, so he laughed and said, "Okay, okay, let's stop joking, let's order food and go to the seaside park after dinner, I booked the seaside club in the evening to celebrate Xiao Lei's birthday hilariously."

He knows the joke can be stopped, see the purple Shiya is not easy to take down the beauty, which makes him have some interest.

But his eyes look at two Yun Lei, more some inexplicable taste.

This kid has two boats, play very high, the little girlfriend is also quite beautiful.

Only if Miao Li bumped into, this kid is afraid to be difficult to do minions.

This matter Bai Ming is also clear, Miao Li is very wild, like to make friends with fresh meat students, hook up a day Yun Lei, the boy fell, but unfortunately Miao Li is not he can manage, she did not say, he did not dare how.

Simply because Miao Li's brother, Miao Jiang, is the big brother of this waterfront generation, he will not even easily provoke the role.


After Zhao Feng dropped them off, he returned to the restaurant.

At this time, the second floor crowd has finished eating, in the rest, Rong Jiaxin accompanied Meng Meng play, but also not too happy.