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Chapter 424 - The Purple Family Shakes

[Additional 7 for the ally closed old master]

Zi Shiya was calm. Top X 23 U S

In her opinion, this small restaurant though there are quite a few things of great value.

For example, that one piano downstairs, for example, the wine in the wine cabinet over there, for example, this night pearl, and the two Rolls-Royces at the door.

The value of all this together would certainly not be seen by the Purple Family.

Comparing financial power with a business family? Are you kidding?

He had underestimated the family rules of the Purple Family after all.

But ...... Two years ago a cousin is also like this, with a child returned, but that man was not recognized.

The rules of the family are too much ah, especially after the modern purple family head in charge of the great power, the family rules are more severe.

Unless ......

Zi Shiya looked at Zhang Han again and thought to herself.

If he comes from a top luxury family, it is not bad, just now it seems that it does not seem to be very powerful.

As she was pondering, her cell phone rang.

She picked it up and answered it.

"Mom, I've arrived in Xiangjiang, um, yes, met up with Sister Ziyan, at her place, ah, this, sister is quite nice, uh ......"

Zi Shiya's small face shrank, covered the phone microphone with her hand, looked to Zi Yan and asked in a small voice.

"Can I say?"

Zi Yan slightly froze, looked at Zhang Han, pursed her lips and nodded lightly down.

It's good to let the family know in advance so they can prepare their hearts.

She never doubted the question of whether Zhang Han could handle this matter, because she knew that 100 percent would succeed.

After all, her husband is an immortal yet, and only she knows that this is a secret that belongs exclusively to two people.

After obtaining Zi Yan's consent, Zi Shiya stood up and walked to the window before answering in a whisper.

"My sister she, that ...... has a home."

"Has a home? What do you mean?" The voice in the phone was three times louder, full of amazement.

"It means there's a husband and a baby, and their babies are ...... It seems to be more than three years old." Zi Shiya said.

"What do you say!"

In the bedroom of a residence in the Purple Family Manor, Zi Shiya's mother Dong Ling's eyes were wide and incredulous, and after hearing the news, she hurriedly asked.

"Is this true? It's really a family?"

"It's true, can I lie to you about this? That brother-in-law is planning to propose marriage to our family in a few days."

"Propose marriage?" Dong Ling froze.

Could it be that the other party is someone of great importance?

So she asked, "Which family's son is your brother-in-law? What does he do?"

"Uh, I don't know, but my sister said that my brother-in-law has several companies, and I'm in their restaurant now."

"Several companies? In a restaurant? What kind of restaurant?" Dong Ling was a little distracted and asked subconsciously.

"It's a small restaurant, there are two floors, about a hundred square meters per floor ......"

Dong Ling's heart stuttered after hearing the words, as if it missed a beat.

Oh no!

"You give the phone to Xiaoyan, I'll ask her." After Dong Ling heard what Zi Shiya said, she decided to ask Zi Yan.

After about ten seconds or so, Zi Yan's voice rang out in the phone.

"Aunt Dong."

"Eh, Xiaoyan, are you, are you really a family man?" Dong Ling asked in confusion.

"It's true, my husband is planning to propose marriage in a few days." ZiYan replied.

Listening to Zi Yan's words, especially the very skillful 'my husband' three words, Dong Ling already knew that things were nailed down.

"Where is your husband from? Is he a son of a family?" Dong Ling asked.

"He used to be in Shangjing, but now he is not a son of a family, but no one is as good as him." Zi Yan said proudly.

No one is as good as the husband who loves me.

Dong Ling's expression paused after she sniffed.

No one is comparable to him, is it a lover's eye?

She laughed bitterly.

She was closer to Ziyan's family, and after thinking about it, she did not ask more than one question.

"Are you guys sure?"

"Of course I do, Aunt Dong, don't worry."

Hearing Zi Yan's very confident words, Dong Ling sighed lightly, smiled, and said.

"No matter what, aunt hope you can be happy, since you have decided, then I will wait for you to meet back and talk, by the way, do your parents know about this?"

"Don't know yet, just decided on the marriage proposal in the last few days."

"That's fine, I'll let you know later, you ..... Tell your husband, prepare more, our purple family off is not so good, not to mention your body and family matters." Dong Ling said with a bitter smile.

Want to pass the purple family off, in her opinion, for a small restaurant people, it is difficult to ascend to the heavens, the implication is also to remind them to do enough to prepare in the over, if there are some great contacts plus not a lot of money, there is a possibility of success.

At Dong Ling's words, Zi Yan smiled and replied.

"Got it Aunt Dong, don't worry, my husband is very powerful."

"Okay, that's it for now then."

So the phone hung up.

Zi Yan thought about it, her heart was actually very nervous, you can imagine that in a few moments the Zi family would all know about her becoming a family.

To bring home a husband! Husband is going to propose marriage.

This Zi Yan is looking forward to and nervous, pondered, she hurriedly took out her phone, found her mother's micro signal, directly turned out a series of photos, ready to pick some Meng Meng first, and then her and Zhang Han's.

This is a precautionary measure.

When she was picking the photos, Yu Wei looked at Zi Yan blearily and said a little excitedly.

"Sister Ziyan, can I take a picture with you?"

"Yes, you can." Zi Yan nodded her head.

A few pictures were taken with both her and Liu Shasha, and the group chatted upstairs.

On the other end, the Zi family estate in Xinjia Po.

After Dong Ling hung up the phone, she hurriedly put on her jacket and ran out of her bedroom. In the parlor on the first floor, her husband, Zi Peng, was having tea with two friends to talk about things.

"Zi Peng, come here for a moment."

Dong Ling walked to the door of the parlor and waved at it.

"Excuse me for a moment." Zi Peng smiled at his two friends and nodded, then got up and walked over, asking curiously, "What's the matter?"

"You do it."

Dong Ling grabbed Zi Peng's hand and walked into the guest room on the opposite side, closing the door behind her as soon as she could.

"What's wrong?" Zi Peng asked in surprise.

"There's a big thing, it's about ZiYan, she, she's got a family, she even has a child."

"Huh?" Zi Peng's eyes gradually widened: "How is that possible? I've never heard of it at all!"

"It's true, ZiYan's husband is preparing to propose marriage the day after tomorrow!"

"Is it true? Oh my God! This is really scary!" Zi Peng shook his head and closed his eyes for a minute in silence before he said in a deep voice: "Zi Yan is the princess of their generation, hey, does my brother know about this? What is Zi Yan's husband? Which family son?"

"Specific unclear, I did not ask, except that Zi Yan is very confident, should be some source, not the sons of the family, oh yes, Shiya said Zi Yan's husband opened several companies, and now she is in their restaurant, a small restaurant." Dong Ling explained the situation briefly.

"Not the children of the family, there is no use having a few companies!" Zi Peng frowned and suddenly his face changed: "Oh no! The family head is talking things over with the Fan family head, it seems that Fan Zigang is more fond of Zi Yan, and is talking about matchmaking, I have to hurry over to tell, you go to my brother first to inform, go quickly!"

"Ah, okay." Dong Ling hurriedly walked out and quickly walked towards Zi Qiang's residence, which was right next door, so she didn't call directly.

Zi Peng, on the other hand, walked quickly to the door of the parlor and smiled at the two people in the opposite direction, arching his hand and saying.

"Brother Bai, Brother Hu, excuse me, there is an unexpected and urgent matter that needs to be dealt with."

"Then we'll take our leave and come back another time."

The two laughed and got up to leave, and Zi Peng sent them to the door before quickly running towards the main mansion.

At this moment, there were seven or eight people sitting in the meeting room of the main mansion.

There was the modern family head of the Purple Family, Zi Qingtian and his wife Fang Huan, and three core personnel of the Purple Qingtian, and on the other side was the Fan Family whose strength was vaguely overpowering the Purple Family.

Led by the Fan family head, the main point was to talk about Fan Zigang.

In recent times, there are two big projects, the Fan family has the intention to find a partner, the purple family is interested, plus the Fan family's leading young generation Fan Zigang also reached the age of starting a family, so they intend to carry out a marriage.

At this moment Fan Zigang is courteously saying.

"Uncle Qingtian, I heard that Ziyan has just recently prepared to release an album in Xiangjiang, several songs are very good, she is really versatile, I like her more, I think if possible, I will try to date her first."

"ZiYan ah?" Zi Qingtian's wife Fang Huan relaxed her eyes slightly narrowed, said with a smile, "She is the most beautiful princess of the purple family, for her we do not manage too deep, she has the intention to develop in Xiangjiang, but also our family after discussion to allow, to facilitate future business with China to make progress."

"It is also because I have the intention to develop in Xiangjiang, that's why I feel that the timing, the location and the people are all in harmony, she is the best choice." Fan Zigang said with a smile.

"Ziyan is your family's princess, Fan Zigang is also the Fan family's young leader, male talent and female appearance, I think it is very suitable?" Fan family head smiled and waved his hand, saying.

"And they both have the intention to develop in Xiangjiang, that is a piece of treasure, I think we all know, can be used as a transit point, into a hub to enter the business of China, that's why I plan to send Zigang over, the market of China is too big, even my Fan family, also a little overwhelmed."

His meaning beyond words, also has the idea of wanting to work together to develop a larger.

Zi Qingtian naturally heard, slightly pondered, also some heart, said.

"I think this matter ......"

Is talking, Zi Shiya's father Zi Peng hurriedly walked in.

Seeing his hurried appearance, Zi Qingtian terminated his words.

Zi Peng walked up to his body, bent himself down and said a few words in Zi Qingtian's ear.

After hearing the words, Zi Qingtian's pupils shrank, but the smile on his face became even stronger.

Looking at the Fan family head, he said, "Zi Gang has a talented face, I am very optimistic, and this matter is also of great interest, Zi Yan she will return in a few days, how about we talk in detail then and settle the matter?"

"That's good, then so be it, Ziyou family head, I'll leave you alone for now." Family Master Fan got up and smiled.

So the Purple Family's group sent them out.

Back in the main residence hall, after the people sat down, Zi Peng was a little anxious.

"Family head, why did you agree?"

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Zi Qingtian's wife asked with a frown.

"Heh heh." Zi Qingtian's face sank a trifle and waved his hand, "Tell us more about the matter."

Zi Peng's expression gave a beat and swallowed his spit.

Stiffly, he said, "It's like this, Zi Yan she became a family, her husband is ready to come to propose marriage in a few days ......"

"What! She dares to start a family privately? With a child? Treasonous!" The middle-aged man on the back side of Zi Qingtian slapped the case and said angrily, "Disregarding the family rules, you must be punished severely!"

"Don't be impatient." Zi Qingtian waved his hand and said, "If you want to come to propose marriage, you must have some ability? If it really works, take away Zi Yan is fine, if not, the wife and children will not blame me, after all, not anyone can marry away my purple family!"

"Heh, you can't live with your own sins." Fang Huan laughed coldly.

After seeing this, Zi Peng only felt his scalp tingling.

Zi Qingtian was too strict, only looking at profit and nothing else, and his methods were quite powerful, except that all of this was also because of his wife Fang Huan, this woman was really incomparably severe in his opinion, and with her help, the strength of the Zi family had indeed improved a lot.

It is ...... than when the old man served as the head of the family, too much less humane.

Completely interpreted, the cold atmosphere of the family.

Zi Peng is also helpless, after all, to propose marriage, certainly must first pass Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan this hurdle.

"Call Zi Qiang and his wife here." Zi Qingtian said coldly.


One of his men nodded and went outside, just as he reached the door, Zi Qingtian opened his mouth again.

"Wait, no need to call them, inform down, at 1 pm, a family meeting!"


Zi Qingtian stood up and left with Fang Huan.

Zi Peng stood aside, only to feel a chill down his back, afraid that in the afternoon, his brother Zi Qiang is not easy to live ah.

Heart sighed, he and Zi Qiang's lineage, in the purple family's status is too low too low, there is no point of say.

"How should this be."

Zi Peng felt very headache.

He got up and walked out, and walked to the door of his house before he remembered that Dong Ling had gone next door to inform the news.

So he walked quickly, feeling afraid that the atmosphere inside was going to be too gloomy.

I hope my brother and the others will look on the bright side.

Zi Peng pushed the door and once the door was opened, he heard the sound of words, only this atmosphere does not seem to be quite right ah.

"Look at you, look at you, the little one is so cute, so beautiful, the little face seems to be pinching can be like water, big eyes are so beautiful, so pretty, she is our granddaughter ah!"

This is the voice of Ziyan's mother Xu Xinyu.

"Yes so cute ah, and Ziyan as a child, so beautiful, wait, where to turn over! I don't want to see this bastard! Flip away flip away!"

This is the voice of Ziyan's father, Zi Qiang.

"This little girl, so handsome, come back in a few days to have a few good kisses to do."

This was Dong Ling's voice.

Zi Peng was dumbfounded after hearing this.

What the hell is this?

So happy?

So he walked in surprised, the three people on the sofa also looked over, and he said, "The main meeting of the family at one o'clock in the afternoon is to say that Ziyan's matter, I'm afraid ......"

"Hey ......"

Zi Qiang sighed deeply, his face was a little sad.

Xu Xinyu also helplessly shook his head.

A gloomy atmosphere lifted, which made Zi Peng feel like a normal reaction.

"The boat to the bridge is naturally straight, no matter what, Zi Yan became a family, we have to support her, now