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Chapter 418 Double black breakthrough

[Additional 2 for the allied closed old master]

After refining these two pills, the time also came to eleven thirty.

Zhang Han took a look at the back of the mountain, Meng Meng sitting on the belly of big black, small black leaning next to big black, Rong Jiaxin a few people beside small black, in the surrounding area there are dozens of skulking dogs.

The picture is very warm, Zhang Han steps over, a pick up Meng Meng, in her pink little face kissed mouth, lightly smiled and said.

"It's 11:30, we should go back for lunch, and then come back to play in the afternoon after eating, okay?"

"Well, yes, let mama come and play in the afternoon." Mengmeng beamed and said.

"Then let's go back, little Han, look at these fish I caught, which one does not eat, I throw back." Wang Ming carried the bucket over, there are a lot of fish, including three relatively large Qingjiang River fish, there are two catfish, a grass carp and a few small carp. But more is prawns, Meng Meng morning in the mountain, said a want to eat prawns, Wang Ming remembered, just deliberately down the water to fish a few nets.

For Meng Meng, Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming even as their own granddaughter, the heart also want Wang Ya find a good husband, a big fat boy, of course, like Meng Meng such a cute little girl also.

Only Wang Ya just came out of a painful relationship, they also know that it is not the time to rush.

"Take it all back."

Zhang Han said, holding Mengmeng led the way to the front of the mountain, a line of people followed, and the send-off double black overlord.

Walking to the top of the mountain, Zhang Han stood still, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, looked at Big Black and Little Black, and said.

"You two sit down."


Little Black immediately sat down.


Big Black scratched his head and sat back with his big pouting butt.

"Open your mouth." Zhang Han said.

Both Big Black and Little Black opened their mouths greatly.


Suddenly, two streams of light drilled into their mouths.

Big Black's was a light green stream of Hopeful Yuan Dan, and Little Black ate a fire-red stream of Kun Luo Dan.

"Whoo? Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo! Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!"

Big Black barred his mouth, anxious, and barked at Zhang Han several times in a row.

It's too fast! I haven't tasted it yet.

"Baba, what are you giving them to eat?" Meng Meng asked in confusion.

"The food is ...... A kind of eating." Zhang Han replied and led the way down the hill.

"What kind of food is it? Mengmeng can eat it?" Mengmeng said with some interest.

Zhang Han laughed lightly and softly replied.

"Mengmeng can't eat now, but when she grows up, she will be able to eat, and daddy will leave you the best ones."

"Well, mua mua mua, poop is the best, so, so when will Mengmeng grow up ah."

"Er ......" Faced with this question, Zhang Han paused in his words and pondered for three seconds before answering with a smile, "When Mengmeng, er ...... grow up when the size is so tall."

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and gestured down to a height of about one meter seven.

"How tall is that? Poop, poop you put me down and see how tall it is going to be." Mengmeng wiggled her little body in Zhang Han's arms.

Zhang Han put Mengmeng on the ground and Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han and asked, "Poopie, how high is it?"

"This high." Zhang Han gestured again.

"Oh, that high! So, can Mengmeng grow that tall?"

"Of course I can."

Zhang Han laughed lightly, re-embraced Mengmeng into his arms, and kissed her on her pink cheeks.

He is one meter eight, Zi Yan's height is one meter seventy-five, this kind of genes, Meng Meng's respective estimate will also be more than one meter seven.

"Not right ah poop." Mengmeng suddenly froze.

"How is it not right?" Zhang Han asked curiously.

"Then when Mengmeng grows so tall, the best for Mengmeng, then mama eat what ah?" Mengmeng blinked her big, clear, shining eyes and asked.

"Of course your mother is also the best, you will all eat the best, no, I will let you and mother always eat the best." Zhang Han said softly.

"Mm-hmm, poop is the best, I love poop." Meng Meng wrapped her little arms around Zhang Han's neck tightened, and her little brain leaned on it with a beautiful look.

Zhang Han, on the other hand, had a softened expression on his face, and his eyes shone with endless softness.

To have such a life, Zhang Han is really satisfied.

To find Mom and Dad, the family is here, a simple and uneventful life, gradually become Zhang Han's inner longing for things.

Soon, at most a year ......

Zhang Han eyes ahead, deep in the eyes with determination.

For this purpose, even if the sky will be stabbed, even if the ground will be pierced, even if the enemy is at hand, it does not matter!

For the sake of all this, even if there are thousands of bones underfoot, so what?

After becoming a father, Zhang Han's inner thoughts, inadvertently changed a lot, but now it seems that everything is changing for the better.

While Zhang Han and Meng Meng were talking, Wang Ming and others did not speak.

Just quietly watching the father and daughter in front of them.

Listening to their conversation, Rong Jiaxin's secretly sighed.

Time flies, Xiao Ya she was also very cute when she was little, and now she's big in a flash ah ......

"Ai ....."

Wang Ming directly sighed out, some sourness in his heart.

Feels like he is for Wang Ya, this father is somewhat incompetent, if time can be turned back, he will also be this spoiled Xiao Ya.

''However, it's not too late now.''

Wang Ming looked at Wang Ya beside him, with a deficit and heartache in his gaze, and held her hand.

Wang Ya's body trembled, looking at Wang Ming's hair that saw white on both sides of his forehead, his eyes were red, and he hung his head and walked in silence.

Sometimes, touching, it happens inadvertently, perhaps a look, perhaps an action, perhaps a word.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng on one side.

Inside also some emotions, I do not know when Liang Mengqi she can promise himself.

Afterglow inadvertently saw Zhang Li beside him, he smiled helplessly.

Master's sister, seems to have some feelings for himself, and Mengqi her brother, obviously have feelings for Zhang Li, even Liang Hao saw Zhang Li like to find Zhao Feng, he also made a point to talk to Zhao Feng, not much to say, probably like this: "You like my sister? Ahem, this I fully support ah, I tell you, her birthday is ...... She likes to eat ...... likes to wear ...... Likes to play ......"

This is all what and what ah ah ah!

Zhao Feng quite feel big head, feel like caught in a deadlock, when will it end.

A group of people got into the car and headed back to the restaurant.

And on the mountain, not far under the Lei Yang tree.

After Big Black and Little Black ate the elixir, the two guys felt a stream of clear water spreading throughout their bodies.

Also did not follow, watched Zhang Han and his group descend the mountain.

"Ohhhhhhh ......"

Big black look to the small black, suddenly screamed twice, then hands pinch their necks, eyes a fall to the ground.

Oh no, poisoned, I can't, ah ......

This scared more than thirty dogs in the pet area a jump.

The king this is what? Hanged up?

"Ow ow ow ow ......"

Little black barked twice, with an air of contempt.

When Big Black heard it, he did it straight up: "Oooooooooooooooo!"

I do not act like it?

Little black head a wild toss.

It sucks, the worst actor of the year award is you.


Big Black clenched its fist and was just about to express something when suddenly, its eyes glared and its breathing became rapid.

Feeling as if its body was burning with flames, it fell to the lawn and kept rolling.

Little Black's reaction was even more intense.

A stomp, the body stiffened and fell on the lawn, constantly trembling, as if jerking.

The two guys felt incomparable pain in their bodies.

In fact, the promotion, would have been a very enjoyable and comfortable thing, but helpless big black and small black ability ordinary animals, embarking on the path of evolution, it is bound to suffer more pain.

Big black and little black also know what is going on, are enduring.

"Click click click click ......"

Little black seems to be in the middle of a cold, cold, especially cold, cold as the bone.

It was like a bone-chilling wind, constantly blowing on its own **, bones, internal organs ......

Black's teeth constantly collide with each other, emitting a series of sounds.

Vibrating for nearly ten minutes, suddenly, a fang actually turned into powder, followed by a second, a third ......

Soon, all of Blackie's teeth were broken.

But immediately after, it actually felt that the body was no longer so cold and painful.

The teeth itch, if you can see, you will find that its mouth, teeth one by one to grow back out, the essence of the flash, as if a heavy treasure asked!

At the same time it originally sharp claws as a whole off, a claw as if a sharp blade, re-growing out, the soles of its limbs and feet, the skin constantly changing, fire-red light flowing, and finally thicker than before, the hardness is not weaker than the previous big black skin, can withstand its faster speed!

In addition to these, there are other changes, the most important, is that its strength soared.

The big black is even more exaggerated, the whole body hair off, a new look, while the whole body bones constantly emitting crunching sounds, as if broken bones, its respective, rubbing bigger.

Two meters one, two meters two, two meters three ...... Eventually grew to a height of two meters and a half, the body became larger, arms and legs are also more stout, not only these, its eyelids, nose, ears, throat and other vital points, constantly enhanced.

But the biggest change is that it wears in front of the chest of the illusionary body copper money, in a green light under the strike, snapped apart.

It turned into a trail of smoke and drilled along its eyes.


Big Black suddenly froze, followed by a shock of relief in its body, the feeling of fullness and power that made it grunt:.

"Wow ......"

At this time, the changes in the body of the small black also ended, its figure did not change, more proportionate.

This series of changes, so that the back mountain pet area of the minions are looking confused.

Holy shit! Big King's size has grown again! What a bully!

In the gaze of this group of little brothers.



How did the Great King's reminder become smaller?

Only to see the big black eyes dripping twice, the body became smaller and smaller again, eventually becoming about one and a half meters tall.

It looked down left and right.


Very disgusted muttering twice, the body size became bigger again, returning to a height of two and a half meters.

"Whoo whoo whoo!"

That's more like it! Bigger is better!

The big black thought beautifully, suddenly scratching his head, reminded to become more than one meter seven, the appearance of the continuous change, into the appearance of wearing a suit Zhao Feng.


Big Black's eyes turned twice, reached out and pushed himself, then pretended to be Zhao Feng's usual appearance, stumbled out seven or eight meters, changed into a pitiful expression, and called out.

"Ooooooooooooo, ooooooooooooooooooo ......"

The expression means: black king, spare my life, I'm wrong, spare my life ......

"Owwwwww." Little black called twice in a despicable way.


Big Black muttered, reached out to take off his clothes to see if the muscles inside were like Zhao Feng or like himself, only to find that a hard touch was a handful of hair.


So it is still the same as before can only change the appearance ah.

Big black scratched his head, eyes dripping, the body shape in the change.

This time it became the mistress, wearing sportswear and a hat.

"Oooooooooooo, ooooooooooooooooooo ......"

Big Black lowered his voice and called out a few words.

It seems to be asking Blackie, how is it? Like it or not? When the master comes next time, change to him to see miles.

After the call also twisted the body twice.

Blackie saw the situation and barked twice.

The master saw you, you are afraid to be beaten up.


The big black shook his head repeatedly and changed back to his own appearance.

Two meters and a half tall, it is very satisfied!

Then it pointed to the little black, called a few times.

Have you changed anything?

Little Black grinned at Big Black, leaking fangs that made people feel cold breath.

"Whoo? Whoa whoa whoa ......"

Big Black went over and broke his hand on Little Black's pressure a few times, then his eyes glared.

"Whoo whoo whoo ......"

Crap, old man, you're a mouthful of good sharp teeth!

Then made a gesture: 666!

"Ooooooooooooooo ......"

Little black looked at the big black reminder, expressed: big brother, your size, I'm afraid that in a few years, the mountain can not accommodate you.

"Ooooooooooooooo ....."

What can I do? I am also very helpless ah.

Called two sentences, the eyes of the little black suddenly looked at the box containing so under the side of the Lei Yang tree.

A movement of the body.


Turned into a black shadow, extremely fast to reach the box, staring at two eyes, and finally gripped out a palm-sized jade stone.

In the big black stunned gaze.

Little black crunched and chewed, and in two bites, he chewed the jade stone to pieces and swallowed it.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa!"

Big Black was startled.

Older brother, don't think twice, how can you eat this hard stuff?


Little black called twice, indicating that he could absorb the energy here.

"Oooooo ......"

Big black dared not agree to shake his head.

In exchange for me, can absorb I also do not eat, go, let's slaughter a pig with hair, to celebrate the celebration of the tooth sacrifice ......


Black's body moved again, transformed into a black shadow, crossed the area of Hungarian curly-haired pigs, and came directly to the front side of the dense forest.

When the figure stopped, found its mouth, already holding a curly-haired pig.

Big black skimmed, paws, jumped out of a height of more than ten meters, leaped forward more than twenty meters.

Jumped several times in a row, also came to the front of the dense forest.

The two guys in many pets