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Chapter 402 - The Attack

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Zhang Han's words caused the crowd present to gradually hold their breath. Top X 23 U S

Just fell into despair, then there is hope, just the thought of hope, and despair, at this time there seems to be hope again.

This really makes the crowd suffer.

If it was their own juniors, then they would have reprimanded: can you speak without breathing heavily!

The man in front of you, although indirectly considered a junior, but the identity of the late Zong Shi ...... Who dares to take him as a junior?

Although whether or not he was really a late stage clan master, they didn't know yet, but listening to his words and Wang Ming's introduction, people already believed it.

The crowd was not much shocked because Zhang Han was so young, because all their emotions were implicated in Wang Zhanpeng.

Under the dry eyes of the crowd, Zhang Han calmly and freely spat out four words.

"There is no solution to this formation, but I can break it."

"But the demand is a little harsh, need a Yin soul plus ninety-nine pieces of extremely fine jade, send it before eleven fifty-five minutes, I can save him, if the time is over, you can arrange the afterlife."


At these words, the faces of the people present changed.

"Yin, Yin soul?"

"It's hard to see the Yin soul in this world, such a short time ......" Wang Liang's body trembled, and some despair.

"In the hard to find, but also to find a way!" Wang Ming's father, Wang Zhanzong, frowned and said, "Xiao Ming, contact Jiuzhuangguan and ask if they know about the Yin Soul."

"Xiao Liang, you have someone prepare ninety-nine pieces of extremely fine jade stones right now, you have one hour to fix this matter!"


So all these core figures of the Wang family moved.

In a moment, only Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Han, and Wang Zhanzong and Wang Zhanpeng were also left in the bedroom.

"This ...... person."

Wang Zhan Zong's face was straight, he arched his hand to Zhang Han, bent slightly, and hesitated when he wanted to call something, but he forgot his name.

"His name is Zhang Han, he is my nephew." Rong Jiaxin reminded.

"Patriarch Zhang." Wang Zhanpeng nodded slightly and said in a deep voice, "I'm asking you for my elder brother's matter, whether it succeeds or not, my entire Wang family, will remember this favor."

"No harm." Zhang Han looked at him calmly and said, "I am only looking at my sister-in-law's face, if you treat her well, I will not sit idly by."

Wang Zhanzong froze, then laughed bitterly, "It is a blessing for my Wang family to marry Jia Xin, my daughter-in-law."

"So, you don't need to be polite with me, Old Wang." Zhang Han smiled faintly.

Zhang Han leaked a smile, as if the breath in the room had relaxed a lot.

Rong Jiaxin's eyes were slightly red.

Her heart was touched, but more than that, she was relieved.

Sister gave birth to a good son, if she knew that little Han was so promising, she would definitely be especially happy.

When Rong Jiaxin first guarded Rong Jia Li for a few years, she also considered to have watched Zhang Han grow up, the relationship was naturally extraordinary.

"Dad, this is my own nephew, no need to be polite." Rong Jiaxin said.

"Good, then I am also not polite, I will call you Xiao Han, you can just call me Zong Lao." Wang Zhanzong smiled.

Although he said that, he wouldn't really call it according to his generation.

After all, he was a late stage Zongzi, more bullying than even big brother.


Late stage? Patriarch?

Wang Zhan Zong reacted at this moment, his eyes stared at Zhang Han and said, "You, you're a late stage Zong Shi?"

Zhang Han smiled and laughed a little.

Only then did he react, how nerve-racking it had to be.

But also because they cared a lot about Wang Zhanpeng, Zhang Han thought about it, did not speak, but the spiritual power in his body tyrannical a movement, wildly surging out.

A time in the room is filled with a solemn aura, that mountain-like breath makes people's hearts scared.

The three people, including Rong Jiaxin, all felt a pressure at this moment.

But in less than a second, the breath closed, restored calm.

Only the three people's hearts were not calm, like wild waves lapping at the shore, some jaws dropped as they looked at Zhang Han.

Patriarch late, just four words, representing the strength of the four words, said naturally did not experience a down powerful.

This makes the room for a while again into silence.

"Little Han, great kindness does not say thank you, day after day."

Half a sound later, Wang Zhanzong said a sentence.


Zhang Han responded, and did not want to say this, looked at Wang Zhanpeng lying on the bed, thought about it and intended to go back and sit with Zi Yan for a while.

Before he could open his mouth, Wang Zhanhong asked.

"What does that Seven Poison Devouring Soul mean exactly?"

"Seven Poisons Devouring the Soul." Zhang Han pondered and explained; "What you drink is not an ordinary poison, but a higher-grade soul poison, drink into gas, respectively, into the five organs, the Dantian, the sea of consciousness, seven points to absorb the body's blood, nourishing the soul poison, so the seven poison devouring soul, generally in the early morning of the seventh day, seven points into a line, involved in a formation, instantly destroy the soul, so the seven poison devouring soul formation, generally the onset of When the attack is only in that moment, usually and normal people are no different."

Zhang Han only superficially explained, seven poison devouring soul is a more complex means, the specific explanation no one can understand.

Forgive me, several people also listened to the clouds.

"What is the Sea of Consciousness?" Wang Zhanhong asked somewhat strangely.

"You can think of it as the brain." Zhang Han replied.

"Then you said the attack was only in that moment, but big brother he passed out at seven o'clock at night, what is the reason for this, is it going to attack early?" Wang Zhanzong asked with some concern.

It felt like he was talking to Zhang Han, turning into a martial artist who didn't know anything.

"As I said, what he has in his body is only a little bit of skin that touches the Seven Poisons Devouring Soul, there are only five organs in his body into points." Zhang Han said slowly: "And the person who cast the spell is also an ignorant white, otherwise he would not be unconscious."

This said Wang Zhan Zong two people expression paused, they do not even know what trick is hit, it seems that in the eyes of the little Han even the little white are worse ......

"So it is, then ......"

Wang Zhanzong was just about to ask something, but Zhang Han also lost interest, waved his hand and said, "Call me when you're ready, I'm going back to stay with my wife."

"Uh, okay." Wang Zhan Zong gave a bitter smile, nodded and said, "Jia Xin, you go with me."


Rong Jiaxin and Zhang Han walked out of the room and headed towards the main residence, and on the way Rong Jiaxin couldn't help but be amazed.

"Late stage of Zong Shi, what a late bloomer." Wang Zhanzong shook his head repeatedly.

"What's important is." Wang Zhanhong took a deep breath and lamented; "He is still less than thirty years old, this is simply comparable to the Green Emperor, all are demon heavenly pride, admire."

"Let's contact people as well, do our best to get the Yin Soul as well!" Wang Zhanzong stared and said.


Back to the residence.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw Zi Yan and Wang Ya a few people were chatting happily.

There was no talk about Wang Ya's affairs, but about some topics between women. Zi Yan and Wang Ya didn't talk much, Zhou Fei was spitting and talking, and Zhang Li was also talking non-stop on the side.

"Mom, you guys are back, is there something wrong with big grandpa?" Wang Ya asked, she did not know Wang Zhanpeng's situation, only knew that it seems to have some kind of disease.

"Well, there is already a solution." Rong Jiaxin nodded her head.

After sitting down, she looked at Zi Yan and said, "It's thanks to Xiao Han this time, otherwise it would really be troublesome."

Hearing these words, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li both looked at Zhang Han.

It felt like he was really getting better and better.

Zi Yan also did the same, smiling Ying Ying said; "Of course, he is very powerful."

My husband is an immortal, of course he is powerful.

Zhang Han smiled dumbly and remembered what Meng Meng used to say: my poop is super awesome!

The tone of the two mothers is very similar and similar, that is a kind of pride.

After chatting for more than an hour, the time came to eleven thirty o'clock.

Rong Jia is pleased that no one has come to inform, they are a little anxious.

Could it be that the required things are not ready?

She looked at Zhang Han and said; "Xiao Han, why don't we go over and take a look?"

Zhang Han smiled and nodded, "That's fine."

At this time Zi Yan came out of the bedroom, she had just gone to look at Meng Meng, when she saw Zhang Han was going to leave, she said.

"Do you want to go over and take a look?"

"Well, I'll be back around twelve o'clock." Zhang Han nodded his head.

"Then I'll wait for you." Zi Yan smiled faintly and said, "Go now."

So the two left the room, Zhang Li is a night owl, Zhou Fei often stay up late, also not sleepy, Wang Ya is a little sleepy, but think it is better to be in the company for a while, so also did not go to rest.

Came to the old house bedroom, people are gathered here, the atmosphere is a gloomy.

"Extreme jade has, no news from the Yin soul yet." Wang Zhanzong sighed with some headache after seeing Zhang Han.

"Is it okay without the Yin Soul? Is there any other alternative?" Wang Zhanhong hurriedly asked.

Under the people's gaze, Zhang Han shook his head.

The atmosphere in the room was even more depressing, as if people were becoming suffocated.

Suddenly, Wang Ming, who was standing on the left side, his eyes glared and exclaimed.

"Xiao Han, Xiao Han, is that, that beast soul okay?"


The eyes of the crowd looked at Wang Ming in unison, and then looked at Zhang Han in unison.

Zhang Han smiled and pondered, and finally nodded: "It's okay."

To break the seven poison devouring soul, the best is Yang soul, only Yang soul is very rare, followed by Yin soul, Yang soul and Yin soul are two attributes of soul objects, Yang soul can nourish the body, Yin soul can break the formation, the beast soul, more neutral, is not a good choice, but against this formation that is not even five poison devouring soul, it is still possible.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" Wang Zhanzong glared and said, "Hurry up and bring it out."

"It's in my house, I'll go get it now." Wang Ming said and hurriedly ran out.

When he went out, everyone was relieved, Wang Zhanzong laughed and said, "This kid loves to make something strange and weird."

Two minutes later, he returned with a wooden box, opened it, and took out a small palm-sized green flag.

"Here it is, I have to use something else to show you guys."

Wang Ming said, palm on top of the small flag, suddenly the flag wavered three times, followed by his left hand in the corner of the box pinch up a handful of blue powder, a raise, a palm-sized wild boar shape generated on top of the flag, lasted two seconds floating away.


Zhang Han looked at Wang Ming in an interesting way, he was able to study.

"Make room for me." Zhang Han said.

"Go out go out, let's all go out," Wang Zhanzong led the way out.

"I have to stay here, right? Or else this soul flag ......"

Wang Ming's words had not finished, Zhang Han shook his head, "No need."

The words fell, Wang Ming only felt a lightness in his hand, the small flag floated out and stood a meter above Wang Zhanpeng.

Then Wang Ming expression paused, also walked out.

People converged in front of the door, all standing in one piece, and did not close the door, wanting to see how Zhang Han made his move.

In the gaze of the crowd.

Zhang Han's right hand slightly raised, at once the jade stones in the box on one side rose into the air, spread throughout the room and floated quietly.

The next moment.

Bang Bang Bang ......

Several to the sound of bursting came out, all the jade stones have burst open, you can feel that the room for a time the energy rice to overturn.

"Is he setting up a formation? The formation can still ......"

Wang Zhanhong had not finished his words.

Suddenly, the room's dissimilarity interrupted his words.

Only to see Zhang Han's eyes fiercely lit up, like lightning, illuminating the earth in that moment.

Huhuhuhu ......

A whirlwind formed in the room.

In Wang Zhanpeng's body, at first the whirlwind was cyan in color, gradually turned into light black, and entered through Wang Zhanpeng's chest and disappeared.

Then Zhang Han withdrew his palm.

This is the end of it?

People's hearts were in awe.

Is it so fast?

The whole process was less than ten seconds, right?

But the next moment.


Wang Zhanpeng suddenly shouted and sat up violently.


A mouthful of light black blood spurted out.

"Ah? Huh? Hmph, hmph, hmph, huh? Hmph ......"

Wang Zhan Zong and others swarmed in, and Wang Zhan Peng, awake is awake, staring at the crowd, trying to speak, what came out was the voice of a pig, grunting and grunting.


The crowd you look at me, I look at you, the heart of elation into dumbfounded.

What is the situation?

"Big brother, what's wrong with you, big brother?" Wang Zhanhong asked loudly.

"Huh? Hummmmmmm ......"

"My big brother, this is ..... turned into a pig?" Wang Zhan Zong's body shivered as he looked at Zhang Han and asked.

His words made Wang Zhanpeng blush.

"A little reaction, it will be fine soon." Zhang Han couldn't help but say.

"Hmph ah, hiccup ......."

Amidst people's gazes, Wang Zhanpeng let out a long burp, and then was able to speak:.

"I, I am? I'm better!"

"Big brother, you're finally well! You scared us to death!" Wang Zhanhong said.

"Dad ......"

People have come to Wang Zhanpeng's side, and learned that he was only relatively depressed in his body qi and blood other than, no other abnormalities, people also put down their hearts, all know that two days of recuperation will be able to ease the recovery.

"Who saved me?" Wang Zhanpeng's gaze swept around the house.

"Ai, this time thanks to Xiao Han, he is Jia Xin's own nephew, is a late Zong Shi powerhouse, very powerful, if not for him, big brother you, can't even think about it."

Wang Zhanzong said with a palpitating heart, finished looking a few times; "Where is Xiao Han?"

"Where is he? Is going back?" Rong Jiaxin froze.

"Should be going back." Wang Ming nodded.

"Then I'll pay him a proper visit tomorrow." Wang Zhanpeng shook his head and said something.

The mood of the lost and found must be extraordinary, a large family of people here will talk for a while.

Zhang Han naturally went back, he is not much interested in watching, and do not want to wait for them a long thanks short thanks, might as well sleep with his wife.

Well, sleep ......

Zhang Han's footsteps