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Chapter 377 - Yuanqing Fruit

After Xu Yong left, Zhang Han locked the door and just walked to the stairs, he heard Meng Meng's chattering voice. www.shuyaya.cc

"Ma Ma, Ma Ma Ma, I, I and Po Po went out to play in a big bird today, flying so high and high, to a place so far away, came back to save people, Po Po Po is superb, they all thanked, I said you're welcome ah, you're welcome ah, they can all be happy ......"

"Yes, Mengmeng really knows how to behave."

"Giggle giggle ...... Ma Ma, I miss you, when are you coming back."


Zhang Han sat back on the sofa and held Mengmeng in his arms.

After the two mothers talked for a while, Zhang Han brewed half a glass of milk for Mengmeng, and while Mengmeng was drinking the milk, the two adults talked.

"Zhang Han, I was shooting in a bamboo forest today and the news accidentally got out, and as a result, when we went over there, a lot of people were waiting there!" Zi Yan's eyes were a little excited as she looked at Zhang Han in the screen and blinked her big eyes at Zhang Han when she finished.

Zhang Han knew that he had to express something at this time, otherwise he would fall into the straight man category.

So Zhang Han's eyes widened by three points and said with an unexpected face, "Really, huh? Oops, doesn't that mean you're popular and on fire? We have to be careful when we go out in the future."

"Pfft ......" Zi Yan couldn't help but smile when she saw Zhang Han's expression.

The smile was beautiful.

The mood was even more beautiful.

She said happily as if she had been praised, "It's not that exaggerated, there is still some time before the situation you mentioned, anyway, the response is very good now, and the popularity has been steadily increasing."

"Just be happy, it will definitely be better in the future." Zhang Han said with a light smile.

"Hmph, today I heard Fifi say that every woman behind success has a powerful man, you ...... is my powerful man." Zi Yan spoke while her pretty face was slightly flushed.

Little did she know that her words were just close to the truth.

This kind of words if it was in person, she would be shy and hard to say, but when the video was on, her heart was hot, so she said it smoothly.

"Hahahaha ......" Zhang Han grinned and looked at Zi Yan, his heart was also on fire, and his tone contained deep meaning, "Wait for you to come back."

"Mmm ......" Zi Yan's face turned even redder as she nodded her head and replied in a muffled voice.

Her salivating expression was already expressing a very adequate mental preparation, which made Zhang Han quite excited about Zi Yan's return.

"I finished drinking it, Ma Ma ......"

The little one finished drinking the milk and once again chattered away.

After chatting for a while, the video hung up, and Zhang Han played with Mengmeng's toys for a while until 10:30, when he went to bed to tell stories and sleep.

The next day, in the morning, Zhang Han made small dumplings, cooking for Meng Meng every day seems to have become something for Zhang Han to enjoy.

After breakfast, at almost nine o'clock, Xu Yong came and said that the jade had been delivered to the mountain.

Zhang Han nodded, went upstairs to carry the box with the hidden spirit stones, went downstairs and picked up Mengmeng and got into the panda car.

About ten minutes later, he arrived at Crescent Moon Mountain.

After crossing the jungle, Mengmeng squirmed in Zhang Han's arms.

After Zhang Han put her down, Mengmeng's little legs pounded up, as usual, while running and calling out in a tender voice.

"Big black black, little black black, I'm coming ......"



Two cheerful responses rang out from the back of the mountain, about ten seconds later, a black shadow leapt down from the mountain, it was little black, after running over first, sitting on his butt in front of Meng Meng, Ha Chi Ha Chi waving his tongue.

"Get on, get on."

Mengmeng ran directly to the back of the big black, stretching out two small arms.

Seeing this, Big Black hurriedly squatted down and let the little master climb on the back, and it slowly walked towards the mountain.

This is when the figure of big black appeared on the mountain, the speed gap between the two can be imagined.

At this time, big black can be said to be pounded together on all fours, scuffing to this side of the run.

"Big black black, throw high high."

Meng Meng went down from the small black, was gently thrown by big black several times, then together to the back of the mountain.

The many dogs were happy to see their little masters, and were happy to be beside the double black overlords, skulking from time to time.

Seeing Meng Meng playing happily, Zhang Han then stroked her little brain and said.

"Mengmeng, you play with them first, daddy will go up there to work on something."


Mengmeng nodded her head.

When he came to the top of the mountain, there was a small wooden box under the Lei Yang tree, which was filled with thumb-sized jade stones.

Zhang Han looked at them piece by piece and finally picked the best quality batch of them, about two hundred pieces.

"Let's begin!"

Zhang Han took a light breath, opened the password box, took out the hidden spirit stones, walked under the Yuanqing tree, stepped to the side, and silently recited in his heart.

"One, two, three ...... Nine!"

Nine steps, nine meters distance to stop and put the hidden spirit stone at his feet.

Then Zhang Han put the jade stones for preparation in the box and walked to the front side of the hidden spirit stone.

"Hiss ...... Hoo ......"

Closing his eyes and taking a deep, long breath, suddenly, Zhang Han opened his eyes, a brilliant light in his eyes, and his fingers clamped a jade stone.





Every time a word is spat out, a jade stone will be flung down, falling around the Yuanqing tree and the hidden spirit stone, the falling points seem to form a pattern, if you look carefully, the edges of the pattern can change each other, as if they will turn, it is like looking at the kind of pictures that will rotate, a mysterious and mysterious feeling.

Sixty-one jade stones were used to set up the spirit attraction array first.

Zhang Han then went to the thunder Yang tree, drank several mouthfuls of Yang Qing water, sitting on his knees, running the treasure-seeking decision to restore the body's spiritual power.

Just sixty-one jade stones into the formation, consumed nearly half of the body's spiritual energy.

Under the nourishment of Yang Qing Shui and the state of running energy, ten minutes later recovered ten of **.

Zhang Han came to the hidden spirit stone again.

On the back side of the spirit-attracting formation, he threw down a jade stone.

This time, Zhang Han used one hundred and ninety-nine jade stones, and by the end of the day, his forehead was covered with sweat.

Once again, he returned to the Thunder Sun Tree, drank several large sips of Yang Qing water, and meditated for twenty minutes.

Recovering thirty percent of his spiritual energy, he looked at Meng Meng, who was having fun with the large group of dogs in the back of the mountain.

So Zhang Han came to the back side of the hidden spirit stone.

"Capture the sky gathering spirit formation, open!"


Zhang Han closed his eyes and spread out his arms.

Although his eyes were closed, the scene of the Crescent Moon Mountain was presented in his mind in a different way.

Roads of light, representing energy, can see like a glowing thunder Yang tree, can see a large area of dimly lit clear vanilla, and even the livestock in the back of the mountain, Meng Meng who is playing, as well as big black and small black, can be seen.

In his mind, the world of energy is presented, which is the use of the Heaven Seizing Gathering Formation, allowing him to control the absorption of energy.


Zhang Han's intention controlled the Sky Grabbing Spirit Gathering Formation.

There was a clatter.

It was as if the wind had risen.

From the Lei Yang tree, countless clear vanilla, and even the Yang Qing water and spirit water underground, a piece of starbursts converged in the middle of the formation, causing the wind to whistle in the formation.

In the absorption to the degree of saturation, it can be felt that this piece of the formation, the energy is dense, like a glowing sun.

The time has come!


Activating the priming formation, two energies converged in the formation, one pierced into the hidden spirit stone and one pierced into the Yuanqing tree, as if forming a channel.

After the hidden spirit stone was pierced, the raging energy in it was already calling out!


Under Zhang Han's control, the energy in the Heaven Seizing Spirit Gathering Formation accompanied the energy of the Hidden Spirit Stone and violently whistled against the Yuan Qing Tree!

Wow, wow, wow!

Large swaths of energy impacted into the Yuanqing Tree, causing it to shake slightly.

The branches on the upper side of the Yuanqing tree as if they were bones, also moved, stretching about a meter long, gradually converging to half a meter, thirty centimeters, twenty centimeters ......

Eventually shortened to about ten centimeters, and began to coalesce.

The radiant green kept coalescing, gradually forming a peach-shaped fruit, the emerald green kept getting lighter and lighter, and suddenly a touch of light cyan diffused from the top of the Yuanqing fruit, going downward, gradually turning the whole Yuanqing fruit into a light cyan color.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Suddenly, all the jade stones of the formation burst into pieces and drifted away as smoke.

It was over.

Yuanqing fruit, become!

"Hoo ......"

Zhang Han looked at the Yuanqing fruit, smiled lightly, until the full ripening of the Yuanqing fruit, it looks like there are still seven or eight days to go.


Zhang Han took a step towards the back of the mountain.

It feels like the temperature here is a little hotter than just now, which is the reason why the Qing herbs are absorbed energy, probably to nourish a few days will be able to recover as before.

Sitting in the back of the mountain pet area with Meng Meng, Zhang Han took out his phone and entered the treasure pavilion again to look through.

The Yuanqing fruit was an excellent main ingredient for the Peiyuan Dan, but the auxiliary ingredients also had to be of quality, otherwise it would affect the efficacy of the Peiyuan Dan.

There are several qualities of pills: lower, middle, upper and very high quality.

The last time Zhang Han refined the Golden Yang Pill was of lower grade.

This time, Zhang Han intended to refine a very high quality Peiyuan Dan, or even an extremely rare God grade.

God-grade pills were flawless, pills for perfect absorption or even double the effect, and Zhang Han had refined many extreme pills, but God-grade pills required luck.

This time, Zhang Han's expectation in his heart was a very high quality Peiyuan Dan, and after looking through for a while, he saw five auxiliary ingredients, which also required about 10,000 points.

Points ......

Zhang Han pondered and intended to go back to the restaurant before saying anything.

By eleven o'clock, Meng Meng had also had enough fun and returned to the restaurant with Zhang Han to have lunch.

After the meal Zhang Han recruited Xu Yong and said that he wanted everyone to do some tasks in the next few days.

Xu Yong naturally agreed directly, think can think of contacting instructor Liu, for the task, instructor Liu is very fond of, now strong soldiers and horses, waiting for a big job, last time out with a walk, very unhappy.

So instructor Liu came to the restaurant, and Xu Yong took Zhang Han's phone, looked through half a day, and finally took ten tasks, arranged to divide into small teams to complete synchronously.

Zhang Han looked at them, ten tasks, a total of five hundred points.

Five hundred points a day doesn't seem to be enough.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han once again looked through the treasure pavilion, intending to determine the treasures, in look at the mission.

The result of this look ......

"Inflammation heart petals! This is definitely something to take."

However looked at the points: 23000, earth grade treasures.

The corners of Zhang Han's mouth trembled slightly.

Well, 23,000, write it down first and continue to look through.

"Dark Star Fruit, need this too."

Points: 16,900, Earth-grade treasure.

"Fiery Sun Fire Stone, also required."

Points: 1,500 each, Xuan-grade treasure, looks like it needs at least four pieces, that's 6,000 points.

In addition to the other required items, more than 49,000 points.

Seven or eight days, fifty thousand points, seven or eight thousand points a day to be enough, yet now you can earn five hundred points a day ......

This seems to be a real problem ah.