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Chapter 363 - Iron Bone Tenderness

Wu Chengdong as the president of Dynasty Entertainment, is also a large company, long experience in the mall, the mind is naturally very flexible. m.www.shuyaya.cc

Meiqi, Fu Shan can become the director, and not without means.

Li Cheng, Xu Ruoyu and others have been mixed in the company for years, but also not without the heart of the white.


They saw that paragraph, the first time they understood.

That brawny man who came to attack.

That guardian god standing behind Ziyan!

He had ...... A terrifying origin!

Terrifying to what extent?

To handily kill thirteen people and break the legs of over a hundred people, to have someone issue such a gag order!

They knew that this was aimed at them! It wasn't some extremely strict gagging either, but the kind of ...... quite a bit of black-and-white reversal.

"Ziyan, she's really deep in hiding."

Wu Chengdong even forgot about the pain in his leg, squinting his eyes, said with incomparable emotion, "I think you know very well, in the future to treat Ziyan, what kind of an attitude to take out, especially you, Director Fu, please go to Ziyan, to her, properly, when you can get off the ground, and admit your mistakes."

"Hiss ......" Fu Shan's body shuddered at his words, hurriedly wiped a cold sweat and said, "Yes, I know what to do."

Before, he had always thought that the incident in Shangjing, Zi Yan had to respectfully give himself an admission of fault, but now ......

Fu Shan's heart only five words: the wind and water turn!


Xiangjiang, 10 o'clock at night.

The Chu family was having a small core meeting.

There are seven people in total, discussing whether to sign a commercial building for development projects.

Chu Hui as the family junior, honestly sitting on the side to listen, from the beginning to the end did not interrupt, like a student, began to touch the family's core circle, from here it can be seen that the family is ready to train him.

It's not that Chu Hui is so good, nor is it that his business vision is so tricky, there is only one reason.

His father is the family head.

As the son of the family head, the first son of the family, also has to face all kinds of pressure, not that his father is the family head, he must be the family head in the future, there are many competitors.

But Chu Hui also hard enough to be qualified to touch the core circle.

The crowd was deliberating when suddenly a middle-aged man hurried in at the door.

He was Uncle Lin, the family's guardian, a Xuan rank master.

"Just got a piece of information, something happened at the Dragon Victory Club in Tsim Sha District, I heard that two Heaven Stage Masters, one Earth Stage Master, and quite a few ordinary people died, and all of the more than 100 people who gathered there had their legs broken." Uncle Lin said in a deep voice: "Gu family Gu Fang was killed, I think those few cooperation with the Gu family, to see the situation to consider, the Gu family without Gu Chuan Long and Gu Fang, I'm afraid it will fall."

"What do you mean?" The Chu family head snapped to his feet and said, "Is the source of the news reliable?"

"I asked two people who were present, they were frightened, and heard them say that the person who struck, was Master Zhang of Crescent Moon Bay, striking decisively and ruthlessly, killing the Heavenly Rank Master in seconds, and one of them was Protector He, which ...... Rumor has it that Master Zhang is the strength of the Xuan stage, I am trying to understand how he did it, now this thing is near the farce of the city, Gu family to cool, the group has no head, will face a series of business blow, you also have to be prepared." Uncle Lin shook his head and said.

This statement, at the side of the Chu Hui face changed again and again, his palm slightly trembled, opened his mouth and asked: "Uncle Lin, know what is the reason? I was just there at eight o'clock and sat until eight thirty before returning, and nothing unusual had happened when I left."

"You were just there?" The Chu family head raised an eyebrow, then looked at Uncle Lin.

"I heard that ...... It was the Gu family kid Gu Pengfeng who tried to get his hands on Grandmaster Zhang's woman and was beheaded several times by Grandmaster Zhang in a fit of rage." Uncle Lin said slowly.


Chu Hui could not stop sucking in a breath of cold air at his words.

"What is going on?" The Chu Family Master looked at Chu Hui and asked.

"It's her, it's Zi Yan!" Chu Hui hurriedly stood up and said, "That Master Zhang is definitely the man behind Zi Yan, it's like this, I went over to take a turn today and later found out that Gu Pengfeng had fallen for Zi Yan and wanted to get her with a black hand, I even reminded him at that time that a stunning woman like Zi Yan is not something to be messed with, it seems that he didn't hold back after all ......"

"How could this be?"

The crowd said one after another after hearing the words.

"The Gu family has just become strong and it was destroyed because of an ignorant junior?"

"If Gu Chuan Long and Gu Fang have both died, then the Gu family will face a lot of corporate strikes, without Gu Chuan Long, they also lost the right to speak, the situation is not optimistic, the cooperation between us and them, to deliberate, and, this piece of cake, it seems that we Chu family can also share a point!"

"Little Hui, you call a few people who were present at the time to ask if the situation is true?" The Chu family head hurriedly said.

"Okay." Chu Hui hurriedly took out his phone and dialed in person, "Da Chao, did something happen at your place after I left?"

"Yes, yes something happened, just ...... I, I can't talk about it."

"Why can't you say?"

Da Chao glanced at the backs of the two officers who left and said through clenched teeth, "I'm not allowed to talk about it."

"Then are you injured?"

"My leg ...... is broken."

"Okay, I get it." Chu Hui took a deep breath, hung up the phone, called two phones again, and got the same message.

"Do not let talk about this matter? Are injured, then this matter is not empty cave, it is difficult to ...... is that someone has placed a gag order, the meaning behind this, it is a little too shocking!" The Chu family head frowned and sighed with emotion.

Take out the cell phone ready to call a few partners to ask if they are clear about this matter.

'If I hadn't left, I'm afraid that my leg would have been broken by now, hey, every beautiful woman is not good to mess with ah ......'

Chu Hui thought of Zi Yan's stunning face and murmured in his heart.

The last time a beauty of her beauty, married into the royal family, this time Ziyan, also standing behind a giant, which makes Chu Hui quite a kind of mentality of respecting beautiful women and staying away from them.

At the same time, in Xiangjiang, like the Chu family such a situation there are some, they learned the news, at first shocked, after inquiring more shocked.

But gradually, this appalling news subsided, people are talking behind the scenes, some cloudy feeling, but the specific news, wait a few days can naturally understand.

For the center of the whirlpool of this event, Zhang Han, at this time still calmly sitting in the Hummer, embracing Zi Yan.

More than half an hour later, the line of motorcade drove back to the company building.

By this time Xu Yong was already holding Meng Meng and a big bear taken from the female employee's room.

"Poopie, why did you only come back, Mengmeng was anxiously waiting." Mengmeng said with a small mouth.

"Went to pick up your mom, come." Zhang Han saw the little cutie's expression, smiled slightly, and carried Mengmeng over.

"Ma Ma, er? Why is MaMa asleep?" Mengmeng said strangely.

"Your mommy is tired." Zhang Han replied.

"Then, then let's keep it down." Meng Meng lowered her voice, looked at Xu Yong in front of the car door, and said, "Let Big Xiong Xiong sit over there."

As he spoke Meng Meng pointed to Zi Yan's side.

"Okay." Xu Yong laughed and went over to open the car door and put Big Bear inside.

Then the car door closed and Zhao Feng drove back to the restaurant.

When he just reached the door of the restaurant, Zhang Han received a phone call from Instructor Liu, and listened to his words, he didn't say anything.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Han picked up Zi Yan, Zhou Fei hugged Meng Meng, Zhao Feng hugged the big bear and walked into the restaurant together.

Because the door was not locked when we walked, so we pushed the door directly into the restaurant. The good thing is that most people are familiar with the rules of the restaurant, and the notice board in front of the door is also written, so the restaurant does not have any unexpected visitors.

A group of people came to the second floor, Zhao Feng put the big bear on the sofa, Zhou Fei also held Meng Meng and sat on the sofa, Zhang Han carried Zi Yan back to the bedroom and closed the door.

Changing ZiYan's pajamas, Zhang Han came to the first floor, took a little Yang Qing water, and fed some to ZiYan before returning to the bedroom.

"Poopy, come out quickly!" Mengmeng urged from the sofa.

"Coming." Zhang Han walked out, sat on the sofa, held Mengmeng in his arms, gave the little princess a few kisses on her pink cheeks, and said, "Mengmeng is so good, tomorrow Daddy will give you fried chicken wings and buy ice cream and snacks to eat."

"Eh? Really?" Mengmeng's big eyes shone for a moment.

"Of course it's true." Zhang Han stroked her little brain.

"Okay oh, eat snacks, eat ice cream, eat a lot of delicious food!" Meng Meng was so happy for a while.

Having the little one around made the dullness in Zhao Feng and Zhou Fei's hearts dissipate mostly.

"Boss, I'll go back first." Zhao Feng got up and said.

"Go on."

Zhao Feng turned around and left.

At this time, Zhou Fei thought about it and said, "Brother-in-law, when will Sister Yan wake up."

"About ten minutes." Zhang Han replied.

"Hmm." Zhou Fei nodded and did not intend to leave directly, going back alone, she felt she would be a little scared and her heart was a little messy.

After interacting with Meng Meng on the sofa for a while, Zhou Fei felt much better.

Ziyan soon also woke up, but the brain is still a little dizzy, Zhou Fei in the bedroom and Ziyan talk for a while, walked out also feel some physical and mental exhaustion, intend to go back to rest.

"You go to the second bedroom to rest." Zhang Han saw Zhou Fei yawned, thought she may also have been frightened, rest here can be some peace of mind, so said so.

"Okay, I'll go to bed then." Zhou Fei nodded and went to wash up to prepare for rest.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng back to the master bedroom, and after changing the little princess into her pajamas, the little one slipped into the nest.

"Zhang Han ......"

At this time, Ziyan's soft voice came from the side of the bed.

Zhang Han walked over, bent himself down, reached out and stroked Zi Yan's bangs, and said softly, "Still dizzy? I'll get you a glass of water to drink."

"Not thirsty, want a hug."

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and said.

Her expression and tone of voice had a kind of I-see pity feeling that inspired Zhang Han's inner desire for protection.

Zhang Han lowered his body and let Zi Yan's slender arms wrap around his neck, she raised her head slightly and kissed Zhang Han lightly on his lips.

"Love you."

Love you, my patron saint!

Although she didn't know exactly what happened, Zi Yan knew that when she was in danger, he, Zhang Han, would appear.

Zhang Han smiled softly, stroked Zi Yan's brain, and whispered, "I love you too."

If this scene was seen by others in the hall, it is estimated that the heart would have four words.

Iron Bone Tenderness.

But there are also people present, the little one beside him saw the situation, froze, and then said in a milk voice: "There is also me, I also want to kiss ah."

The two people saw this and couldn't help but laugh.

Zhang Han took off his clothes and got into bed, and Meng Meng and Zi Yan and Zhang Han all kissed each other before they were content to go back to the nest and wait for the story to be told.

Zhang Han spoke for about ten minutes, Meng Meng slowly fell asleep and Zi Yan was also drowsy.

Then Zhang Han gently put Mengmeng back on the crib and lay back on the bed.

After about twenty minutes, Zhang Han's ears faintly twitched and opened his eyes.

He got out of bed, put on his clothes, and quietly left the bedroom, then with a flash of his body, he quickly came downstairs, opened the door and walked out.

In front of the parking space of the restaurant, where the lights are dim.

A black Audi q7 is quietly parked.

Very inconspicuous.

But next to the car door, a sturdy man of more than one meter eight, sturdy, thick eyebrows, slightly dark skin is casually leaning next to.

His posture was casual, his gaze seemed to be looking at the moon, some deep.

His right hand held a cigarette, a long puff, his fingers flicked the cigarette, and suddenly the cigarette turned into an arc, like a firefly, floating to the trash can ten or so meters away, ready to land in the upper side of the tank.

"Hoo ......"

The man exhaled a long column of smoke, and then his gaze, looking at Zhang Han, his voice flatly said.

"Come over and talk about it."