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Chapter 361 - The storm is coming

The National Security Bureau's Guardian He and Deacon Jiang, Gu Chuan Long, Gu Fang, these are some people with status, at this time lost their lives, instructor Liu imagined, this matter will raise what kind of monstrous storm tonight. www.shuyaya.cc

Even he has some doubts, this thing his uncle Liu Yunzhen can not be suppressed.

Feeling a little hung up.

"That Gu what the peak, really fucking stupid, bleep the dog, mess with who is not good, mess with the boss? Also fucking black hand, deserved his death!"

Instructor Liu stood in the hall, a cursing in his heart.

Originally could not happen, but to this extent, he felt too tricky ah!

I blame the Gu family boy has no pearl, really is the word on the head of a knife, a person trouble is not enough, but also involved in so many people, I am afraid that those people know, will be angry vomit three liters of blood.

"Pack up all those corpses."

After thinking about it, instructor Liu gave several orders.

"First go to record the identity information of everyone present, do not miss anyone!"

"Call the ambulances of several hospitals nearby!"

"The bodyguards staying over there will bring their masters back."

"Contact the owner of the club for me! Tell him to come over within half an hour!"


On the other end, on the way from Tsim Sha Tsui District to Crescent Bay.

Zhao Feng led the way in the military Hummer, followed by a series of Mercedes as well as the two supercars on the back side.

In the Hummer.

Zhou Fei sat on the passenger side, silent, and still a little heartbroken by now.

Zhang Han sat in the back seat with his arm around Zi Yan.

The car was quiet.

At this moment, Zhang Han seemed to have changed back to that peaceful man.

The eyes were slightly lost in thought.

In deep thought.

This time the battle, not Zhang Han experienced the most dangerous, it can be said that everything is within his consideration.

Only ...... Although the enemy was killed in seconds, but the fight was ultimately rather reluctant.

If that He Yunfei knew a few more moves, it would have been a real hassle.

''My current strength is too weak after all.''

''The Yuanqing fruit is about two or three months away, so I have to prepare the medicinal material department spirit treasure in the near future, and when the Yuanqing fruit comes out, refine the Peiyuan Dan.''

''Promotion to the Gongji stage, I can only ignore some rules.''

''Comfortable life, or need strength to support.''

''I am too low-profile after all.''

Zhang Han pondered and determined what he had to do next, prepare some heavenly treasures, if there was another spiritual treasure like the Blue Spectral Bamboo, it was expected that in less than half a month, the Yuanqing fruit would ripen, only that kind of spiritual treasure was rarer.

And now it is not known whether this time, instructor Liu's uncle can handle it.

If he couldn't manage it, Zhang Han planned to throw in some sweeteners.

''If you don't enter the innate heaven, you are ultimately a mortal.''

''If I have the strength of an Innate, I will roam this world with impunity.''

''If I have the strength of a golden dan, I am afraid that I will be invincible in the world, right now, I still have to worry about some things.''

''Only ......''

Zhang Han slowly turned his head and looked tenderly at Zi Yan.

The depths of the gentle gaze were accompanied by a stream of overpowering.

''If anyone dares to touch you, I will kill him in a river of blood!''

''Strength ......''

The heart that had softened down because of Zi Yan and Meng Meng, at this time once again blossomed with a lingering intensity that belonged exclusively to it!

He now no longer wants to dryly wait for the Yuanqing tree, it seems to think of a way to make the Yuanqing tree early results!


After a moment of silence, Zhao Feng opened his mouth and said in a low voice.

"I'm sorry, this time it's my fault for not arranging properly, in the future, when the master mother goes out, I will personally bring more people to follow."

He also felt at this time, it turned out that sometimes, the opponent is also a martial artist, that Leng Yue a few people are a little weak.

He was clear that his task was not to run errands for Master, and he did not need to arrange those tasks all day long and revolve around Master all day long.

Master, the master mother and Meng Meng, of the three, himself to guard, is away from the master's sight.

With the master in, security can be said to be as steady as an old dog, but the master is not there, he will be needed.

"Mm." Zhang Han nodded.

The car once again fell into calm and drove forward calmly.

Long Sheng Clubhouse.

Instructor Liu began to have people clean up the battlefield.

When they returned to the hall, there was still a lot of wailing.

Everyone had a broken leg and the pain was unbearable.

Seeing the messy scene, Instructor Liu felt quite a headache.

"Take care of those few people first." Instructor Liu waved his hand and said.

Leading the men towards the inner side, he looked at He Yunfei who had fallen to the ground.

There was a pause in his heart.

Protector He was at least a strong person, and he was killed in seconds like this in front of the boss.

Just how strong was the boss? This is too fierce, right?

Instructor Liu's heart trembled once again at Zhang Han's strength.

''Unfortunately, you are on the wrong team!''

Instructor Liu looked at He Yunfei and sighed lightly.

On the inner side, Gu Fang was lying on the sofa and Gu Chuanfeng ......

Seeing his miserable state, Instructor Liu gritted his teeth and waved his hand for someone to take care of it.

"Who is in charge here?"

Suddenly a cold voice rang out from the doorway.

The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see a middle-aged man of about fifty striding over, frowning with a grim look on his face.

"Protector Leng?"

Instructor Liu faintly stared.

Protector Leng was much more famous compared to He Yunfei, Instructor Liu remembered that he had entered the Heavenly Rank ten years ago and heard that he was not far from being a Martial Arts Patriarch.

Instructor Liu subconsciously raised his hand after hearing the words.

"Where is He Yunfei?" Protector Leng came to Instructor Liu in a flash and questioned.

"He ...... Here." Instructor Liu pointed to the ground not far from the back side.


Protector Leng's body moved and scurried over, and after seeing several people arranged together over there, his face gradually became ugly:.

"He Yunfei, Jiang Zonghao, and Gu Chuanlong are all dead? Who did it?"

"It was Crescent Moon Bay Master Zhang!"

Suddenly the two martial artists who were cowering and hiding at the back side came over with a limp.

They had just broken their own legs, their own hands mastered just the right amount of strength, and they had ten days and a half months to recover from such injuries.

One of them said in a somewhat frightened tone, "Protector He and Deacon Jiang and Grandmaster Gu, were killed in seconds by that Grandmaster Zhang!"


Protector Leng's pupils shrank when he heard that and said, "How could He Yunfei be killed by someone in seconds?"

After all, He Yunfei wasn't some kind of cat or dog!

But he didn't know that Zhang Han then called He Yunfei and the others cats and dogs right in front of everyone.

"It's true, all the people present saw it with their own eyes, that person is too strong, his body leaves a residual shadow when he rushes, his speed is unbelievably fast, he can't resist at all!" The man replied with a trembling voice.

"What is his strength?" Protector Leng frowned and asked.

"Listen, listen to Protector Hyuk and the others, Master Zhang seems to have just entered the Xuan Stage not long ago."

"Xuan stage? That's impossible!" Protector Leng's face changed and said, "Is there any surveillance here? Where is the owner of this club? Tell him to come and see me!"

"He'll be here later." Instructor Liu replied from the back side.

"Protector Leng, they are a gang, he and that Master Zhang are together, that Master Zhang is ruthless, killing a few people is not enough, ordered the whole place to break their legs!" That earth rank master said.

At this time, the main master left and the cold protector came over, he could be said to have relaxed and had the strength to testify to some things.

"Hm?" Protector Leng smiled and looked at Instructor Liu with a stern gaze, questioning, "Is there such a thing?"

"This ......" Instructor Liu eyelids trembled, gritted his teeth, said: "We are here to guard, this matter is entirely his Gu family boy blame for the boss's wife, oh no, to Master Zhang's woman black hand, Master Zhang a rage for the red face, before the killer! If we weren't here, everyone here would have been bloodied!"

"Oh?" Leng Guardian frowned, from the words of instructor Liu, felt that that master Zhang who struck will be a man of killing and a ruthless person, he thought about it and said, "Wait for the boss here to come over!"

He did not say anything else, like this kind of thing is not the first time, except that Guardian He died, he also some uncertainty, the key is to feel the strength of that master Zhang in the end, intend to have surveillance video first look at.

Said a few words, a few people left the hall.

Ambulance soon also arrived, some were supported by the men out, some by other staff out.

Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, Li Cheng, Fu Shan and Xu Ruoyu came together.

They glanced at each other and all found the bitterness in each other's eyes.

"Mr. Wu, what shall we do?" Fu Shan asked in a trembling voice as his face turned white with pain.

"What do we do? How do I know what to do?" Wu Chengdong replied in a somewhat huffy tone, and after thinking about it, he sighed and said, "Let's go to the hospital first, and later ...... When you see Zi Yan, you have to be more respectful than even meeting the board members."

"She has such a powerful backer, why didn't you say so earlier! If I told you earlier, this wouldn't have happened!" Mei Qi said with chagrin.

Li Cheng was silent at the side and made a decision in his heart that he would go around when he saw Zi Yan in the future, oh no, the company he had to go less often.

He simply did not expect that behind Zi Yan, there would be a world tyrannosaurus.

It is too scary, fortunately did not provoke, otherwise today's death, is their own.

Every time I think about it, Li Cheng can't help but shiver.

Too scary!

Xu Ruoyu and her agent and that friend, the leg is very painful, the heart is more painful.

If it was before, in Xu Ruoyu's consciousness, Ziyan was the target she had surpassed.

But now, she suddenly realized that people had been standing at a height that she could not touch.

The heart was sad, and inevitably some self-deprecation.

On the other side, the yellow-haired man and others were completely dumbfounded at this time.

Their own brother, Gu Pengfeng, who had been with them for several years of suffering, hung up in front of them like this today.

Damn, what is this situation? What kind of people are those people?

This society is too scary, I want to get off, this is not the car to the kindergarten!

Among them are even a lot of bosses, they silently got into the ambulance, or were helped by bodyguards to their own cars to the hospital.

I thought it was an exchange party, but who knows, because of a fool, everyone was affected by the ripples.

At the same time the heart for the martial arts community feel more terrible.

There were even some people who took out their cell phones and called their friends.

"Bro, my leg is broken, you can't even imagine what I've been through today, it's so desperate."

"Dude what's wrong with you? Don't ever think about it!"

"I didn't think about it, I don't know if there's someone you've heard of, Crescent Bay Master Zhang ......"

Among them are even those two earth-rank martial artists, calling their friends.

"Hy Guardian was killed in seconds, that person's strength is ridiculously strong, he is Crescent Bay Master Zhang, terrifying as hell, that is really a feeling of being dominated."


All in all, it seems that this matter will soon spread in the martial arts world and high society of Xiangjiang, so you can imagine how much of a stir this kind of thing will cause.

At this time.

Liu Yunzhen is more headache, this matter has been less senior know, a late night at nine o'clock in the promotion meeting, quietly unfolded.

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