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Chapter 346 - The matter is over and then go

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Gu Chuan Long's words made Hong Qi Tao's several people's faces change again and again. www.shuyaya.cc

In the end, Hong Qitao's face was extremely ugly.

Send Hong Li and Nini over to make amends to his nephew ...... Three days?

He didn't have to think about it to know what Gu Chuanlong meant.

The two kinds of torture are naturally different, the former is only physical torture, the latter is the torture of the body plus the soul.

"He is too much!" Tang Chia-Yi's face was a little white with anger, and her palms could not stop trembling.

"Auntie Tang, don't get angry." Nini's tone was a bit aggravated and said, "It's really not possible, I, let's escape."

"Run away?" Tang Chia-Yi sighed with some annoyance at her words.

Yes, they could escape, but Hong Qitao's estate was here, Hong Li's two brothers were here, once they left, then Gu Chuan Long was afraid that he would also strike out and coerce them to come back.

"Damn it, big deal, I'll find someone to get Gu Pengfeng killed first!" Hong Li's face flushed red and he gritted his teeth and said.

"Don't be anxious." Hong Qitao looked at the faces of the three, his expression changed to steady and said in a deep voice: "He Gu Chuan Long can not yet cover the sky, the old man I am still here, what are you afraid of? First go back, I will think of a way to do this!"

After saying that he led the way to the front side of the intersection.

The words also relieved their emotions, but Hong Qitao's heart is more fire and gripped the heart.

Think of a way, think of what way is good?

I am afraid that this time it will cost a lot of money to seek the help of experts.

Hong Qitao sighed in his heart, hoping to get through this calamity smoothly, he did not mind spending some money, worrying about not being able to find people who can suppress Gu Chuanlong.

Except for their family.

Others are still engrossed in the battle just now.

All the way down, from time to time, you can hear the sentiment.

"That gorilla is really fierce, and Master Jiang can fight hard, so is it not also equivalent to it is also a master of strength?"

"It's as strong as the movie Donkey Kong, really strong, that gorilla looks cool, ah, fuck, if I have one, I guess I can wake up laughing in my dreams."

"Do not dream of you, just listen to another master said, Master Jiang and their injuries, I'm afraid it will take a few months to get well, and well after there may be a decline in cultivation, they are too seriously injured, save a life is very good."

"I feel that Crescent Bay Master Zhang, is really bully ah, in the face of Master Gu said you count what things, I rub, too ruthless, depending on human life as grass, really hanging."

"This is the martial arts world, today is really not in vain, opened the eyes of the world."


For them, what happened on this Cloud Top Mountain today was like a dream, even the martial artists were a bit confused, because that Xuan-ranked Grandmaster Zhang broke their worldview.

Only at the Xuan rank, he could defeat five masters in one move, these five masters, one Earth rank and four peak Xuan rank.

What is this concept?

Fighting beyond the rank!

Terrifying as it is, to be able to fight beyond the rank, they hardly ever see it!

On the way to the bottom of the mountain, a number of people took out their cell phones and called their friends or relatives, and they started with roughly the same words.

"Hey, something big happened at Genting Mountain today! Have you heard of Crescent Bay Master Zhang? It's incredible, I'm telling you ......"

As you can imagine, today's battle at Genting Mountain will, I'm afraid, spread through the martial arts community of Xiangjiang at a rapid pace.

The parking lot at the mountainside.

Ye Han and Ye Qi and their guardian martial artists got into the car and slowly left.

"Dad, how was it? Is my vision awesome? Did I tell you, Mr. Zhang is especially great!" Ye Han said with gusto.

"Little Han, you've really made a mark this time." Ye Qi laughed brightly, in a good mood, patted down Ye Han's shoulder and said, "His strength is indeed shocking and very powerful, as long as he can hold up against Grandmaster Gu's appointment in a few days, then he is considered to have completely established himself in Xiangjiang."

"Ah? There's still a battle to be fought?" Ye Han froze and said, "But didn't Grandmaster Gu not beat Mr. Zhang today."

"It may not be that he didn't fight, Master Gu may not be able to see through Mr. Zhang's origin and deliberately left his hand." Ye Qi said in a deep voice.

If Gu Chuan Long saw this scene, his heart must be hot tears, what I need is a genius like you who can 'figure it out' ah!

"Then if you can't carry it, Mr. Zhang is still in danger?" Ye Han hurriedly asked.

"Not necessarily what the case, no matter how Master Gu, this Mr. really powerful, one move to defeat five masters, this is not ordinary people can do."

"Oh, that's certainly, Mr. Zhang is a fierce man."


At this moment, in the Land Rover on the way back to Crescent Bay.

Zhao Feng, who was driving, looked at the silent Big Black from the rearview mirror and saw that its eyes were still red, so Zhao Feng asked.

"Big Black, do your eyes still hurt?"


Big Black skipped two responses and rubbed his eyelids with his hand, indicating that it still hurt.

It is not satisfied with today's fight, and did not burst hammer the enemy ah! It seems a bit humiliating to fight for so long without touching the enemy's tail.

Zhang Han looked at its expression, smiled and shook his head, said.

"There is a bucket of Yang Qing water under the thunder Yang tree on the mountain, you go back and drink some, look in the eyes to drop a little, big black you performed very well today, very powerful, go back to the mountain livestock you feel free to eat."


Big black eyes widened some, mouth a cock, very cheerful barked a few times: "Ohhhhhhh."

Barking and barking it laughed: "Ha-chi ha-chi ha-chi ......"

Laughing and laughing, the big black will dance with their hands.

The master's praise, so happy.

And the master's words, feel free to eat, ho ho, I want to eat that pig with hair for a long time! Today I finally got to eat it!

The weight of the big black is after all a little big, this wobble, the car are slightly shaken up.

Zhao Feng saw Da Hei's appearance and couldn't help but laugh.

"Whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa."

Wobbling for a few minutes, big black waved his hand to Zhang Han and Zhao Feng and called out.

Looking at his look, the two knew that this guy was expressing: just now if that kid was not too slick, I would have hammered him to death.

"Yes, you're good, right?" Zhao Feng said with a smile, looked to the passenger Zhang Han, said: "Master when you strike, so fast, our immortal cultivators are so powerful? So exaggerated, they said you are a Xuan stage master, but easily hanged them."

"General pre Qi cultivation, perhaps can beat one surnamed Jiang, but against five may not be able to beat." Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said.

"Then how did you fight so easily, Master?" Zhao Feng asked curiously.

"Am I a normal pre Qi cultivator?" Zhang Han was a bit teary-eyed.

He was once a transmigration stage immortal cultivator, and the knowledge of immortal cultivation he mastered was not comparable to ordinary people, although he was a pre Qi cultivation stage, with very little spiritual energy in his body, but for the use of this spiritual energy, he was extremely efficient, and the moves he used could be said to be fast and accurate, so how could he be compared to those few so-called masters?

Speaking of this, Zhao Feng tapped his forehead and said with a smile, "Yes, yes, master is the most most powerful!"

"Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!"

I am also more powerful than you, my big black!

"......" The corners of Zhao Feng's mouth trembled slightly.

During the chat, the car arrived at Crescent Hill, Big Black went down and waved his hand and went up the hill.

Zhao Feng drove Zhang Han back to the restaurant, and after Zhang Han got off, he got back in the car and drove to the beach on the front side of Crescent Hill.

Ready to go over to see the training progress of instructor Liu and the others.

After a few days of training, Instructor Liu successfully broke through to Dark Strength.

Breakthrough when this excitement, without saying a word to do a fight with Zhao Feng, the result ...... Naturally, he was hung up and hammered.

This made Instructor Liu complain in private, not knowing how to save face in front of so many people in the Wolf Head squad.

However, after a few days of training, more than half of the Wolf Head had advanced to Ming Jin.

The rest of the people are not far from the breakthrough, but after the breakthrough, instructor Liu decided to go to the security company and Tiger and other people in the grind for a period of time, mutual sparring and sparring, while instructor Liu also said to arrange a variety of professional training instructors, and even in the back of the company is also establishing a gun range.

Everything is developing in an orderly manner, Ah Hu and others in the company to learn a variety of knowledge, but also a great deal of progress.

On the other end, Moe's casual restaurant.

It was 12:30 when I went over and nearly two when I came back.

An hour and a half, there is an hour and twenty minutes is the time to come back to the car, up Genting Mountain, fighting, down the mountain only used ten minutes.

"Poa, how come you just came back ah, Mengmeng all miss you it." Mengmeng, who was sitting on the sofa on the first floor playing with toys, hurriedly stretched out her little arms for a hug after seeing Zhang Han.

After Zhang Han picked the little girl up, Mengmeng rose her mouth and said with an unhappy face, "Poop, Aunt Lily is bullying Mengmeng."

Mengmeng's tone made Zhang Li and Luo Qing, who were watching TV on the sofa, couldn't help but laugh.

"Yo? How did you bully Mengmeng? Tell me, wait for Daddy to clean her up." Zhang Han reached out and scraped the tip of Mengmeng's small nose and said with a smile.

"Well, I I, my bear big has not finished watching it, Aunt Lily changed the TV, it's gone, not allowed to watch." Moe beamed and said.

"Aigoo, my little ancestor ah." Zhang Li said with tears and laughter: "The cartoon has played the end credits, of course it will be gone after the show!"

"Is so, then it is time to punish her, we do not let her eat at night, okay?" Zhang Han asked with a light smile.

"Well ......" Meng Meng's big eyes flashed and was about to agree.

Zhang Li said, "Ahem, what did I just go out to buy? I remember which little one ate particularly well?"

"Eh?" Mengmeng froze, clear eyes did not blink, and then hurriedly said: "m have m have, Mengmeng only m have to eat ice cream, poop, poop, Aunt Lili can eat at night."

Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han as he spoke.

Zhang Han held a smile, pretending not to hear, nodded his head and agreed: "Then it's okay, Mengmeng kisses daddy a mouthful."

"Mua mua mua." Mengmeng was good enough to give Zhang Han a few kisses on his face.

"Poopie, you went to look for big black black, where is big black? Why didn't you come, let's go find Big Black Black to play, okay?"

The cartoon is also gone, Mengmeng wants to go to the world to find Big Black and Little Black to play.

"Your mother will be back soon, let's wait for her to come back and go together, right?" Zhang Han replied as he glanced at his watch.

Ziyan said when she left in the morning that she would be back around three o'clock today.

But late at night to go out to shoot some scenes in the night.