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Chapter 307 - The World of Two

Mengmeng naturally does not know that he was fooled into a thief's boat. www.shuyaya.cc

But with Aunt Fei Fei, just one day, but also to eat the usual mama not allowed to eat candy, many, many snacks, the little one is still very willing, if the time is long, then give her more temptation, I'm afraid that will also directly refuse.

Zhang Han dumbfounded after seeing this, took a look at Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and other people's expressions, a little thought will know what is going on.

This is good, then have a good day with Ziyan, from the time they met until now, the two have hardly ever been alone.

Normal relationships are from knowing each other, knowing each other in to falling in love, which is a process and a great experience in that kind of life.

And Zhang Han and Ziyan is relatively dry, no acquaintance, direct accident, with Meng Meng before stepping into this stage, there is no kind of only two people hot love, but even so, their happiness is also very explosive, more extra cherished each other.

Soon, Meng Meng finished her breakfast and sat down on the sofa, her big clear shining eyes always staring at Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

When they finished eating, Mengmeng hurriedly said, "Mm-hmm, po-po, mama, are you guys done eating?"

"Mmm, finished eating." Zhang Han nodded his head.

"So, what about going out to play?" Mengmeng said in a serious manner.

"Yes, let's go out and play." Zhang Han's eyes flashed with a trace of interest and came over to hug her.

Seeing this, Meng Meng's little body hurriedly crawled backwards a few times while saying, "Aiyayaya, no, no, not me, not me, it's, it's you and MaMa who are going out to play by themselves."

"Pfft ......"

Zi Yan can't help but cute to the extreme Meng Meng, laughed out, at the same time eyes also flashed a trace of quirky, light cough, said: "Huh? Mengmeng, you let me go out with your poop, are you trying to do something?"

"Eh?" Mengmeng froze, this anxiety in her heart!

She beamed up her pink mouth, her little palms waving constantly, while somewhat pretending to be silly, "I I, I'm not, it's Auntie Fifi, she insists on playing with me, m something, m something, poopie mama you go quickly ah."

"Hum, then you have to be good oh, if you do not obey me and your poop at any time back." Ziyan said with a smile.

"Uh-huh, be good, Mengmeng is super, super good." Mengmeng assured in a decent manner.

"That's fine, poop mama go out and play okay." Ziyan smiled and went back to the bedroom to get two sunglasses and her duck-tongue hat and came out to hand Zhang Han a sunglasses.

Zhang Han took them and put them on, pulling Zi Yan's hand downstairs.

"Well, giggle."

Mengmeng, who had been staring at the scene, looked at Zhou Fei and laughed after seeing this.

Look at the little guy's expression, as if he was waiting for praise: see, how is it? I'm great, right?

Seeing her appearance, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li several people couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"It's almost time, Anna, shall I take you to the office first?" Zhang Li said as she glanced at her watch.

Li Anna didn't have a car, plus there wasn't a lot of time, so Zhang Li said she would drive her there when she came.

"Um, okay." Li Anna nodded and got up to walk with Zhang Li to the stairs.

"Then I'll go back too, I'll just take the subway." Luo Qing said as she glanced at Zhang Li.

"Eh eh eh? Don't all go ah? Luo Qing, don't you and Lili go to work at night? Stay during the day, let's stay together, you haven't seen New Moon Mountain yet, right?" Zhou Fei hurried and Luo Qing said, and then looked at Zhang Li, said, "Lili you send Anna back after the chant?"

"Well, yes, Aunt Lily, come back, come back, oh." Meng Meng waved her little hand at Zhang Li.

"Okay, I'll come back after dropping off Anna, Xiao Qing, you stay here, we'll be back in time after seven o'clock in the evening." Zhang Li said.

"Okay then." Luo Qing nodded and sat back down again.

Zhou Fei smiled faintly, glanced at Luo Qing, just to say something when Meng Meng's childish voice came from the back.

"Aunt Fei Fei, where's my, my cake?"


Zhang Han and Zi Yan were holding hands when they went downstairs.

There were still many diners downstairs, the three Liang Mengqi and Zhao Feng and Wang Qiang couple also came.

They all nodded their heads and greeted each other after seeing this, a bit strange, or the first time they saw the boss and the boss's wife holding hands.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked straight out of the restaurant, Zhao Feng thought about it and got up to follow them.

"The boss's wife looks a little familiar, it seems like I've seen her somewhere, it's really strange, who is it?" Liang Mengqi muttered with some confusion.

Unbeknownst to her, knowing that she looked up at the two photos of Ziyan on the wall, she could probably remember, except that she didn't notice above.

"Tch, the boss's wife is really pretty yo." Zhao Dahu shook his head and sighed with emotion.

"You need to say?" Yu Qingqing glared at her, then looked at Liang Mengqi and said, "Mengqi, tell the truth, do you still have thoughts about the boss?"

Last night she and Liang Mengqi slept together, she was still playing hand games at night, Liang Mengqi fell asleep, during which she muttered Zhang Han's name twice, which made Yu Qingqing a bit wary, feeling that she as a good friend or to advise her not to fall too deep, people happy family, this side of unrequited love, naturally the more trapped the more painful.

Liang Mengqi sniffed, looked at Yu Qingqing, thought for three seconds, and finally nodded, truthfully said: "There are ideas."

"NO!" Yu Qingqing slapped her forehead and said, "Mengqi you don't want that!"

"Pfft ......" Liang Mengqi gave a laugh and said, "Okay, okay, I have a sense of proportion, have ideas and not that to act, I like the boss such a special and excellent man, I will not make a move."

Regrets will always be regrets, in Liang Mengqi's opinion, Zhang Han will be an indelible figure in her mind from now on, although she likes it, but she will not do anything, and like is still far from love, maybe in the future when she meets her lover, she may still feel funny for today's idea.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant.

Zhao Feng took a few quick steps to welcome him and said, "Boss, boss lady, you are planning to go?"

"The world for two!" Zi Yan replied with a faint smile.

"Go out and play." Zhang Han said.

"Then do you want me to follow behind?" Zhao Feng asked.

Going out to play sometimes queue ah, go to which place to buy things ah, Zhao Feng thought about whether he should be responsible for these trips, so he asked a mouth.

Zhang Han thought about it and said, "You stay in the restaurant, Zhou Fei and the girls if they go out to play you accompany."

He was a little uneasy if he was not around Mengmeng and only Zhou Fei.

"Okay." Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Then Zhang Han took Zi Yan and got into the inconspicuous panda car.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, walked towards the restaurant while dialing Ah Hu's phone number.

"Ah Hu, you bring a few people to the restaurant, you don't need to bring too many people, three or four is enough, the others will study as usual."

Now the security members in addition to daily training, has regularly began to learn some professional knowledge, people are Liu Qingfeng to arrange the professorial figures, the whole day's course is also very full, but there are things, people can be used at any time, after the course is to make up is, after all, this is not a school, after the class is the next lesson.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan in that panda car, all the way to the bamboo pit area.

"Where are we going to play?"

While waiting for a traffic light, Zi Yan lightly pursed her lips and looked at Zhang Han and asked.

"Let's go to Deep Water Bay Yacht Club first." Zhang Han replied with a light smile.

"Go out to the sea to play?"


"You don't always look at people like this, wait for the red light to pass." Zi Yan saw Zhang Han looking straight at himself, a little coy up.

"Like to look at you, you are so beautiful, how to look at can not see enough." Zhang Han said softly.


"Give me a kiss."

"No way."

"Drip drip drip ....."

"Quickly drive ah, the back are anxious."

"No, you kiss me a bite and I'll drive." Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a smile and put his lips forward.

He very much enjoyed looking at the shy ZiYan, now it was in the daytime, but it seemed that ZiYan was becoming more and more like a little woman when she was with herself, which made Zhang Han quite enjoyable.

"Trojan horse ......"

In the end, Zi Yan could not argue, or sent a fragrant kiss.

A light kiss, Zhang Han cheerfully laughed twice, and only then was satisfied to drive the car.

Began the day only belong to the two people's tour.