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Chapter 301 - A Kiss to Settle the Love (2 in 1)

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"It must be a special fate that can go all the way to become a family, he loves you a few more points, you return him a few more points, looking for the possibility of happiness, from now on is no longer a person ......"

The song is still playing, but Zhang Han did not continue to be silent. m.www.shuyaya.cc

"The first time I saw you, your beauty stunned me, then that accident happened, and I thought about it some times after that, like a dream, but then, my parents disappeared, I was kicked out of the Zhang family, and that part of my life made me feel dark, unbearably dark, without light."

Zhang Han said, his mind remembered those years in his last life, from a dashing young man, to a lost man who jumped off a cliff, that time was really dark beyond compare, speaking of which, Zhang Han's tone was a bit low, making Zi Yan's heart ache for him, holding his hand much tighter.

"These five years, I have experienced too much, and then you brought Meng Meng back and stepped into my life, as if the light rose in my dark world, to be honest, at first I did not particularly care about you, but gradually contact down, I found that you are more and more beautiful, not only appearance, but also the heart, everything is attracting me."

Speaking of this, the two walked into the middle of the heart-shaped candle flame, standing opposite each other, looking at each other in a divine manner, at this time, Zi Yan had a feeling of Zhang Han's sincerity, which could be seen from his wave light flickering gaze.

At this time, Zi Yan's heart trembled for a while, with heartache, nervousness, shyness, happiness, and joy ...... Many emotions made her heart very complicated, but the only thing more than that was that she was full of happiness at this time.

"In fact, now I want to say, Ziyan, I love you, not only because you are Meng Meng's mother, because I have gradually fallen in love with you, I also want to say, Ziyan, thank you, thank you for the good life you brought me, if not for you, I think my life would not be colorful, my world, because of you, and beautiful."

Speaking here, Ziyan's thin lips pursed up, she raised her head slightly, looking at Zhang Han in a daze, her lips pursed downwards, her big clear beautiful eyes, gradually gushing out tears, they were tears of excitement, tears of emotion, and tears of happiness.

"Of course, there is another point I want to say, is about your little misunderstanding of me, I, in fact, have never looked down on stars, so then, today, on your birthday today, at this time, I have a song to give you!"

Zhang Han true feelings, and a little tear in the eyes, which is moved, is indebted, is love.

After saying these words, Zhang Han's hand reached out to the side, where there is a small table with a microphone on it.

When picking up the microphone for a moment.

Hoo ......

Around, in the outer circle of candles, lit up the light of the road, which is the bared flowers in the firecrackers.

One by one, the bared flowers were bolted to the automatically rotating machine, drawing a circle of beauty.

Meanwhile, that song "For You" ended and the accompaniment of a song was played, and as soon as Ziyan heard it, she knew that the song was.

Just Love You!

"I, always wanted to say to you, you give me unexpected happiness, like an oasis to the desert, said, you will always be with me, do my roots I wings, let me fly Also have to go back to the nest, I would, I can, give everything, and will not be sorry, just together, watch the passage of time, to remember the way we love each other."

Zhang Han's voice was low and strong, he looked at Zi Yan with affection, and just like that, softly sang the words of his heart.

Zi Yan was frozen at this point.

She did not care about how well Zhang Han sang, nor did she care about the surrounding candles, fireworks, at this moment, her eyes only Zhang Han, with Zhang Han's song, Zi Yan eyes tears, along her white face, quietly slipped down.

"Just love you love you, there is sadness and joy, with you dull also has a meaning, just love you love you, sweet and reassuring, that feeling is you."

The song proceeds.

Standing at the back side of Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng and other people, at this time also stunned lost in thought, a long time can not own, even Meng Meng are quietly looking at the scene, as if a little know what occasion in front of you.

"It's so good, it's so good, my brother sings so well, my brother finally has a home!" Zhang Li's eyes were red with happiness for her brother.

"Sister Yan finally has a happy family, it's wonderful." Zhou Fei was also moved to tears.

It can be said that the two of them, for Zhang Han and Ziyan empathy, so at this time, especially moved, followed by tears, Zhang Li know their brother these five years too much suffering, Zhou Fei also know how Yan sister these five years to survive, at this time, to see them happy together, the two heartily happy.

Zhao Feng gazed at the two figures on the front side, the corners of his mouth hung a smile.

Perhaps the master and the master's wife, can really love until the sea withered.

The other two women, Li Anna and Luo Qing, sighed at the romance of the scene.

"Brother Zhang Han is really so romantic and romantic oh." Li Anna said softly.

In addition to a few of them, there are more than ten flying machines in the square, recording at various angles around, only because at this time Zhang Han is too dazzling, people did not notice that there are so many a dozen small things.

Of course, can see the scene, in addition to them, there are more than n people in the opposite residential building.

If Zhao Feng a few people look back, they must be able to find that the opposite side of a whole row of building residents, almost all the windows are standing several people, more than a lot of people, are using their own cell phones to record this romantic moment.

They are more able to see, on the opposite side of the street, has neatly stood many, many crowded together, if not a traffic police standing every ten meters or so on the side of the street, if not already pulled a cordon, then they will certainly rush to the vicinity of a more detailed viewing.

Rather, Zhao Feng can still faintly hear a lot of screaming and shouting.

In addition to these people, of course, there is Sun Dongheng this side.

More than a dozen people in the room, have stood to the edge of the chair, crossing their feet to watch the scene not far away.

"Holy shit, this is really playing too big! This confession is a little too hard, right? Which woman can refuse to ah?"

"It's too romantic too, so envious."


The crowd was in awe, Sun Dongheng stared for a while, suddenly his eyes lit up, turned his head to a small fat man, said: "Do not you have binoculars in the car? Go get them, let me see if those two people are handsome men and women, go go go."

Sun Dongheng urged.

"I haven't finished looking yet ah ......"

The little fat guy muttered and quickly ran to the parking lot.


"OH together, time continues to pass, please remember how much I love you, OH, is to love you love you, do not give up, do not care how many storms along the way, is to love you love you, put in the palm of your hand, brilliant happiness all to you, OH, is to love you love you, I am willing, is to love you love you, want us to be together. "

Gradually, Zhang Han's song came to an end.

Ziyan just like this, from the beginning to the end of the tears, deep gaze at Zhang Han, although she felt that this time should laugh, because very happy and happy, but just can not help but cry, because ...... This nerd finally confessed his love for her! Or in this way she likes, Prince Charming, singing love songs and confessing his love deeply.

Just like that, Zhang Han began the last paragraph.

"Just love you love you, want us to be together, just love you love you, I am willing, just love you love you, want us to be together, just love you love you, I am willing."

Zhang Han's low voice, the song, showing the deep emotion, so that Zi Yan felt the strong love.

After singing, Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan in front of him, he knew that he could take the beauty into his arms at this time!

So he spread out his arms and wrapped Zi Yan in his arms.

At this moment, Zhang Han's heart was beating a little faster, but also felt very peaceful, a warm and peaceful.


This is the complete home, this is the complete feelings.

"Ziyan, I love you, stay with me, okay? Let's form a complete family, the rest of your life will be guarded by me, I will make you the happiest woman in this world, I will hold your hand, fly with you, never leave."

Zhang Han said in a trembling voice in Zi Yan's ear.

He had this feeling for the first time, even if he had other girlfriends in the past, but Ziyan, he knew, she was the woman he wanted to spend his life to protect!

At this time Ziyan's teardrops were flowing.

In Zhang Han's arms, she choked and said, "I promise, promise to be with you, I promise, I love you, Zhang Han I love you too."


The two hearts seemed to be linked together at this moment.

The words spoken were like a declaration, expressing that from this moment on, Ziyan was Zhang Han's, and Zhang Han belonged to Ziyan.


The microphone in Zhang Han's right hand fell to the ground.

The embrace of two people slightly loosened, Zhang Han's head back some distance, deep and Zi Yan look at each other.

Zi Yan seemed to feel what was going to happen in the next moment.

Her eyes didn't blink as she looked at Zhang Han, and even the teardrops gradually stopped.

In her gaze.

Zhang Han slowly stretched out his right hand and wiped away the tears from the corners of Zi Yan's eyes, he smiled tenderly and his head slowly came over.

Zi Yan's brain was blank, dumbfounded, looking at the increasingly close Zhang Han.


Closer and closer!


This belated affectionate kiss has begun!

The moment Zi Yan's thin lips and Zhang Han's lips touched, Zi Yan's body trembled slightly.

Her eyes gradually widened three times, softly glanced at Zhang Han, and gradually closed her eyes again.

Kissing and kissing, Zhang Han's arms tightened, Zi Yan's arms also involuntarily around Zhang Han's neck, the two embraced each other tightly, intoxicated by the kiss!

At this time.

In the back side of Zhao Feng, Zhang Li and other people's mouths are hanging a smile.

Then the back side, far from the n more people watching, many are loudly cheering up, many people empathize, sincerely bless the two people standing in the heart-shaped candles.

"Finally together, hahaha." Zhou Fei laughed twice and wanted to spread his arms and turn around, but naive a little girl in his arms.

Little girl?

How come there is no movement?

Zhou Fei looked down, but found Meng Meng dumbfounded looking at the front side of the two kissing, even the hands of the ice cream are not eaten.

"Oops, so shy, Mengmeng can not look." Zhou Fei reached out and blocked Mengmeng's view.

But the little one was not happy.

She stretched out her little palm and raked Zhou Fei's beating hand to the side.

"Well, well, there's still me, there's still me!" Mengmeng beamed her little mouth and pointed to the front in a milky voice.

She finally found out that something is wrong, poopie, missing a her ah!

But the good thing is that the next 'item' attracted Mengmeng's attention.

This long kiss, so that Ziyan stopped tears, a wisp of red haze crept onto the face.

The kiss ended only when Ziyan had a feeling of suffocation.

The two heads parted and Zhang Han gazed at the salivating Zi Yan and giggled.

Zi Yan's beautiful eyes were incomparably shining, her lips and teeth were lightly opened, and she softly and charmingly said, "Dummy!"

"Hahahaha ......"

Zhang Han laughed brightly, hugged Zi Yan with both hands and spun in place.

Zi Yan's legs lifted back slightly, her hands wrapped around Zhang Han's neck, and just like that, she was held by Zhang Han and spun around.

I don't know how many times I turned.

"Aiya, dizzy, put me down quickly." Zi Yan pouted in Zhang Han's ear.

Zhang Han stopped his hand, looked at Zi Yan and laughed, "Dizzy?"

"A little dizzy." ZiYan dumbly shook her head.

"Don't faint oh, there's still a show." Zhang Han leaked out a mysterious smile.

"What other programs are there?" Zi Yan's beautiful eyes slightly lit up and gazed at Zhang Han, leaping very excitedly.

It seemed that ...... the surprises still continue?

Under Zi Yan's gaze, Zhang Han slowly lifted his right hand, index finger up.

The next moment.

Wow wow wow!

On the building, in the houses at the edge, all the etc. lit up, this time just ordinary lights, lighting up the whole square a bit.

But this was just the beginning.

Immediately after, around the square, a large balloon wanted to float in the air.

Countless balloons rose into the air in unison, the picture is particularly qualitative.

Only, when the balloons rose to about seven stories.

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

A sudden bursting sound of extremely dense balloons rang out.


Zi Yan suddenly shrieked.

She never expected that among these balloons, they were all flower petals, hundreds of balloons exploded at the same time, and endless rose petals inside slowly floated downward.

It was like a shower of roses.

At the same time, the square was lit up around the strong lights, shining in the air, so that these rose petals look even more beautiful.

This seems to be a scene from a fairy tale, and I'm afraid that no matter which woman sees this scene, she will be delighted by it.

"It's beautiful! So beautiful."

Soon, the rose petals fell down, like snowflakes, as charming as this.

Zi Yan spread out her arms and kept rotating her body in front of Zhang Han, with a particularly surprised and happy look.

Zhang Han just stood in the same place, softly looking at Zi Yan.

This scene can be said to have stunned the eyes of all the people watching around, in the opposite side of the building, many occupants in front of the window issued their own exclaim.

"Holy shit! It's not right? To this extent? If this video gets out, how can I still be a lovebird in the future! My courtship show compared to this, woo woo woo ......"

"Putting flower petals into the balloon? Hey, this is how much labor it takes ah? The person below is in the end which is the big man."

"Hum, look how romantic people are, in look at you, confession of love only sent a bunch of flowers!"

"Aigoo, wife, you just look at these, do you know how much these have to spend? And how many people have to cooperate ah, this big romance no money can not afford to engage in ah, like me this little citizen, go to the heart ha, go to the heart is good."

"Hum, straight man!"


No matter what the words of the discussion are, in short, this scene of the picture, shaking the hearts of all people.

However, this beauty, maintain