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Chapter 289 - Take it back and feed it to the pigs

"Timer thirty minutes, countdown begins. m.www.shuyaya.cc"

The store manager took out a timer in his hand and pressed the start button.

Lu Chao sniffed and walked straight to his kitchen table.

He glanced at Zhang Han coldly and shook his head and snorted after Zhang Han walked to the kitchen table;.

"This gentleman, it seems that my war letter has stated for you to prepare your own ingredients, I think if you spell the same ingredients, you will definitely lose, give you time to prepare, so that you don't lose too ugly, you don't even seem to prepare the ingredients, huh, I wonder if you are here to be funny? Store manager, have someone prepare some ...... for him"

"What waste of words! Let you than you hurry up!" At this time Zhao Feng stood up and said in a cold tone with a slight frown.

Zhao Feng's action violently made the atmosphere on the field tighten.

Those dozens of media, family and friends group and guests do not know because of what, a little inexplicable fear, now do not even dare to speak.

On the contrary, Lu Chao, who was not afraid because he had General Manager Niu behind him, glared at Zhao Feng and said loudly, "Who are you talking to?"

"All right! Don't even say anything, start the competition." Niu Xue Bo said somewhat coldly.

This made Lu Chao meekly shut his mouth and did not say anything, but also glared at Zhao Feng a few times.

This made Zhao Feng feel a little funny, a douchebag like Lu Chao, if he was to mix in the underground forces, he would not be able to mix for more than three days before he was killed.

"Zhao Feng, sit down, don't pay attention to them." At this time, Zi Yan acted like a hostess.

After the words were said, Zhao Feng also sat down.

'Zhao Feng?'

Niu Xue Bo heard this name froze violently, always felt as if he had heard it somewhere, but for a while thought but could not recall.

"Ma Ma, well, they, they are fierce ah." Mengmeng whispered in Ziyan's arms.

"Because they are bad people." Zi Yan stroked Meng Meng's little brain and replied softly.

"Mmm-hmm, bad guys, poop is the best at beating bad guys, they'll be gone in a whoosh." Mengmeng muttered, snuggled in Ziyan's arms, her eyes swept around with some curiosity.

By the kitchen table, Lu Chao washed his hands clean and looked at Zhang Han and said.

"In that case, don't blame others if you lose."

"Oh." Zhang Han stood behind the kitchen table, looked at Lu Chao, and said indifferently, "Start your performance."

This blandness made Lu Chao's heart angry and secretly grit his teeth!

You're an unknown little chef, competing with me, not serious than still pretending not to care, how dare you?

But Lv Chao now also do not want to care about these, after all, Niu boss and Luo Sheng is still watching from above, he performed well, will certainly increase pay.

So Lu Chao looked at the many viewers and said aloud.

"The dish I made is named Golden Toad Jade Abalone, it is a famous dish with seafood as the main medicinal ingredients, the main medicinal ingredients are abalone and fish mushroom, this famous dish, is one of the full Han Dynasty."

"The abalone ingredients I choose are double-headed abalone, the variety is Ji Pin abalone, it is one of the three famous abalone in the world, it comes from the island, this abalone is shaped like a Yuan Bao, the abalone pillow side is high and vertical, the color is gray and light, it tastes thick and fragrant, using it as the main ingredient of the dish Golden Toad Jade Abalone will make this dish more delicious."

"Other categories such as shrimp and other ingredients, I choose are also excellent ingredients, so I will not introduce them one by one, next I will show you the specific practice of the Golden Toad Jade Abalone dish."

After saying this, Lu Chao nodded and began to prepare various ingredients.

The family and friends group on the lower side led the applause.

Amidst the people's gaze, Lu Chao began to move and

It was done very meticulously, with each step in an orderly manner.

While moving, Lu Chao explained.

"Two hundred and fifty grams of fresh shrimp, sixty grams of fatty lard cubes, four magpie eggs, eight green beans, 100 grams of broccoli, and 24 shredded cucumber skin."

In addition to these ingredients, he would say a sentence or two about each of the other steps, with an extremely professional look.

Even Luo Sheng and Chef An, who were sitting on the judges' table, nodded their heads repeatedly and leaked out their praise.

Even Niu Xue Bo nodded in satisfaction, feeling very complimentary about Lu Chao's set of operations.

At first, people's attention was focused on Lu Chao.

But gradually, the crowd realized that the other end hadn't even moved yet.

Still not doing the dishes?

People looked at Zhang Han with astonished and suspicious eyes.

What was he doing?

The people present, except for Zi Yan and the others, were very confused about his move.

Could it be that he knew he was going to lose and broke the jar?

Then why did you put up such a smashing posture when you knew you were going to lose?

Many people felt that Zhang Han was a bit arrogant, to be exact, an arrogance of inferiority, knowing that he could not win, but still standing there with a faint expression, is it interesting?

"Putting on a show."

Luo Sheng glanced at Zhang Han and gave a cold laugh.

"Also an interesting person, I wonder when he will start, the time is half over now."

"I'm afraid he's going to give up."

"Why bother."

Several chefs shook their heads one after another.

Outsiders see the fun, insiders see the doorway, they all know that half an hour to carefully prepare a dish, in fact, time is not very ample, and this period of time to cook will also be very mind consuming, only extremely serious cases, can be more efficient and better to sit the dish.

But the one in front of you? Just stand there, wearing a broken sunglasses to keep people from seeing his panicked eyes?

In this regard, almost all the judges are secretly laughing, it seems to have been able to use four words to describe him: self-importance!

Time passed, half an hour, half of it, and Zhang Han still hadn't moved.

This caused the people on the stage to start talking.

From time to time, one or two lines of ridicule came out of the conversation, almost always from the restaurant's family and friends group.

On the other side, Ziyan's expression remained light, completely able to sit still, all knowing that this cooking contest was a sure win.

But the more anxious nature of Zhou Fei and Zhang Li also some dry eyes.

"Brother-in-law doing what this is, go on! Fuck him!" Zhou Fei muttered in a low voice.

"How come my brother hasn't done it yet?" Zhang Li said in a somewhat anxious tone.

"No hurry." Zi Yan, who was beside the two, spoke up.

"Mm-hmm, Aunt Fifi, Aunt Lily, no hurry, no hurry ah, my poop is the best." Mengmeng lightly hummed and said.

If normally, Mengmeng's expression and demeanor at this time would attract a lot of attention, but now, most of the eyes present converged on Lu Chao's body.

Soon, half an hour after twenty-eight minutes, Lv Chao's dish out of the pot!

More than ten abalone placed around the plate, the middle part has shrimp and other auxiliary ingredients, looks like a sunflower, pleasing to the eye.

When the dish was done, Lv Chao took a hand towel and wiped his hands, leaked a disdainful smile, looked at Zhang Han, shook his head and said.

"Are you stunned by my operation? Or just standing there looking at the scenery ah? Oh, with all due respect, you are the sharpest one I've ever seen give up a match, and at the same time, the most insouciant one."

"Give up?"

Zhang Han laughed lightly, his tone light: "Against you, a few dozen seconds would be enough."

Although there was mockery in Lu Chao's words, although there were many people who were disdainful, although the judges' table whispered about him, but Zhang Han did not care.

How could an ant-eater care about the eyes of a mole, and if he was unhappy, he could crush him.

The important thing is that today is Ziyan's birthday and Zhang Han is in a good mood and does not want to bother with people or things that do not matter.

However, this sentence, also let a lot of people present froze, followed by a laughter out.

At this time still tough talk?

However, the next moment of the picture, some people were shocked.

Zhang Han moved!

The action is fast and extremely clean.

Stove fire, pan put up, pour a little oil.

Then he took out two plastic bags from his pocket under the gaze of the crowd.

One contains leftover rice, the other plastic bag only an egg.


What is he going to do?

People were dumbfounded for a while, staring at him in disbelief.

Zhang Han poured the leftover rice into the pot, not even stirring, just let the pot fry the rice, then Zhang Han's right hand took out the egg, spiritual power through the palm of his hand stabbed into the egg, a gentle movement.

When the shell was broken, a strand of egg liquid that had already been stirred flowed into the rice.

Through the rice, a circular layer of egg was formed at the bottom.

Then, there was no more then, Zhang Han still did not move, ten seconds, twenty seconds.

The egg cooked through, and even the lower layer of rice had a paste, forming a slightly hard thin layer, like the bottom layer of rice bun when cooking rice in a large farmhouse pot.

It only took twenty seconds for Zhang Han to pick up the pan and snap it on the dinner plate next to him.

This incestuous egg fried rice just came out of the pot.

Even the rice heap without even putting onion and salty salt came out of the pot.

This really made people look dumbfounded, the field was in an uproar, many people thought, he made this rice might as well not do it!

But Ziyan this side of the people are laughing but not saying, wait to taste it will know the taste of this rice, even Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also reacted, some leap in the eyes, the tone of the fanfare with cooking skills to win, or this way more cool ah!

** naked contempt!

You are over there working half a day, can not beat me twenty seconds!

You are over there to work slowly, but can not compete with my randomly fried rice!

At this point, they are looking forward to the judges' expressions in a moment.

"Time's up!"

The store manager came back to his senses and said, "Bring up the two contestants' dishes for the judges to taste."

After saying that two restaurant personnel will be two plates of dishes are brought up, more interesting is the end Zhang Han this fried rice people, but also leaked a look of disgust.

Two plates of dishes from the beginning to the end to each judge in turn to share some tasting.

However just about to divide, Luo Sheng's expression moved, he snickered and said.

"Just give me to taste the golden toad and jade abalone, the other one, with all due respect, the pig food I made is better than it! To let me taste such a muddled dish is simply a stain! Ridiculous! Ridiculous! As a chef, you don't even have an attitude, I don't agree with such people!"

"That's right! This kind of food should be fed back to the pigs."

"Don't talk about eating, I'm disgusted just by looking at it."