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Chapter 276 - The Sword is Drawn

A minute later, the two teams were fully armed and ready to go.

One of the Thunder Tiger troops got on a helicopter and prepared to enter on the other side of the jungle.

Both units would enter the jungle from the east and west and head towards the middle part to take the command to attack.

Jungle team battle, previously there will be a target point in the center, the first to get the target wins, but this time is a pure battle, equivalent to a bloodbath, both sides have no defense, are on the offensive, if you take defense, then for the offensive side will lose, and if you are cautious, playing position war, that a battle can be played for days.

So the chief instructor of the base did not say, but this is also an unwritten rule, the instructor of each detachment will give instructions.

Soon, when both sides were ready, a flare rose into the air, emitting a sound, which was the signal flare for the start of the battle.

From the footage of the camera, you can see both sides enter quickly with guns, in which each responsible for the command makes a gesture.

Each of them took guns, of course, is not real, is a special simulation of the equipment used for training.

Each person has a small green light on the shoulder, camouflage uniforms with attack areas, plus helmets and goggles, if the bullet hit in the vitals, that green light turns red, representing the person was killed.

It's like a higher level of reality cs.

See both sides into the jungle, after the command constantly forward, making the indoor field also dazzled a tense atmosphere.

"It looks pretty cool." Ahu whispered to Xu Yong next to him.

"Yes, they are good men, silently pay for the people, deserve respect." Xu Yong said with some emotion: "Now think about it, when I was under the Tang War, it was really a waste of life, people, to live a meaningful life, I'm glad I chose the wind brother."

"You're right." Old Meng shook his head and said, "This is our chance in life, when the choice of Brother Feng are seized, did not choose, unfortunately."

This sentence, Old Meng sighed for the other few close underlings of the wind at the time.

"What's the point, when that gang of brothers do not want to mix, the wind brother will not refuse, right?" Ah Hu said with some doubt.

"Just because they won't refuse doesn't mean they will be allowed to join us." Xu Yong shook his head and said; "At the beginning has stood in line, and again is not so much, and look at the wind brother's initial meaning, very clear, he wants to train our group of people, the next group may not be able to have, even if there is a much later start, in short, the meaning has been different, let's not talk about this, look well."


Tiger nodded and watched the projection on the field very carefully.

The people here are whispering, the other detachments are much quieter, none of them are crossing their fingers, because they are used to this kind of training, and with so many test supervisors sitting behind them, they won't make this kind of move.

On the stage, the head of Liu and Chen looked at the various screens very carefully.

Other senior officers did not say anything, but among the ten chief instructors of the troops.

The chief instructor belonging to Dragon Eagle glanced at Ren Fei and said without a trace: "Instructor Ren, remember you said last time that my Dragon Eagle detachment had no rules, but now it seems that the one who really has no rules is Wolf Head, right? Sitting without sitting posture, casually like resting at home, talking in groups of three or five, this really opened my eyes."

Ren Fei sniffed and swept a few eyes, in the area where the wolf head belonged.

Xiao Wu and other active team members sat straight and did not speak, all looking at the screen, while others.

Ah Hu sat on all fours, and did not care about the formation, just leaned next to Xu Yong, occasionally chatting and farting, Lao Meng's legs stretched long, right leg on the left leg, hands on the ground behind him, shaking his head and looking at the screen.

In the front side, there are people lying on the legs of their teammates, crossing their legs, some several people come together, talking and laughing.

The picture was so beautiful that Ren Fei's eyelids twitched.

Although the heart is helpless, but the loss of people do not lose the formation, he looked at Chief Instructor Long Ying, after a sneer, turned his head and said loudly: "Chief Liu, Instructor Hong said that my people do not speak rules, I would like to ask the chief, now is not in the test them, right? Is it okay to sit a little more casually?"

His words immediately attracted the crowd sitting in chairs on the stage, and several other instructors couldn't help but laugh.

Not to mention the feud between Terry Sky and instructor Liu, just this Ren Fei and instructor Hong, also a bit of dispute.

Chief Liu is more than fifty years old, short hair, the hair on the side of the forehead see white, square face, looks to give people a rigid and upright temperament, he sniffed and glanced at the direction of the wolf head detachment, said: "OK."

"Instructor Hong, are there any other questions?" Ren Fei asked loudly.

This caused Instructor Hong to blush, wanting to say something but unable to do so.

"Although there are no hard and fast requirements, ......" At this time, Chief Chen opened his mouth, he glanced at Chief Liu and said with a smile, "Soldiers should have the appearance of soldiers ah."

At this remark, the atmosphere on the stage tightened, the two big brothers tit-for-tat, they could not dare to interrupt at all.

"Heh heh." Liu head eyes slightly narrowed, said: "I remember when I led the soldiers to fight, before the war in the rest of the atmosphere is very grim, I want them to relax are not very useful, but won the war, without me saying are celebrating each other, happy on the face, talking loudly, are hissing cheers, they are each good, think about it is still some blood boiling, just The years are not forgiving, now old ah."

Liu head of the wolf's head for the situation at this time did not say anything, but the people present completely clear what he meant.

A soldier who can fight the enemy is a good soldier.

A sentence let the head of Chen did not know what to say for a while, his gaze also some reminiscence, when the times were not easy, he shook his head and smiled, said: "Liu old brother is right, can protect the country, are good, do not look at them now blood and vitality, later this is certainly a good memory."

The two said a few words, then turned their heads to look at the screen again.

They had a placid look, not so the people below.

Instructor Hong glared at Ren Fei with a murderous stare.

Ren Fei saw this without the slightest wince and his eyes stared back.

The two just like that, eyes unblinking, as if they can both send electric currents from their eyes, in a tug-of-war.

Staring for a short while is fine, long time eyes will be very sore.

Gradually, both of their eyes were red.

This was incomparably funny to the chief instructor around.

These two people can also compete with their eyes.

Well, when the two were about to hold on, several soft cries came out from the atmosphere on the field.


Chief Instructor Hong gave a fierce glare and turned his head to the screen, blinking hard as soon as his head finished turning.

Ren Fei also did the same, blinked several times to relieve his eyes, and then looked at the screen, at this time Lei Hu and Star Ocean's people were in a full-scale fight.

On the other side, a number of senior officers sitting there made a series of admiring sounds, while constantly recording something.

Lei Hu's formation is to point into, sixty people divided into 11 sub-teams, the middle of the people is ten, left and right each five squads, each squad five people.

The battle line was drawn long, but which side fought the other squads could quickly support.

Star Ocean, on the other hand, uses a v-shaped advance, with one person every few meters, and this is a covering advance.

In the screen, the two sides began to have a collision, both took cover to attack each other.

Both sides kept changing formations, either advancing or retreating, one after the other, both sides were decreasing in personnel.

The scene was so intense that it was like staging a blockbuster movie.

The fight lasted for nearly an hour and was finally won with Lei Hu completing the siege.

About ten minutes later, the two troops returned to the field and sat down.

Lei Hu's people had a happy face, while Star Ocean's people were a bit downhearted.

"The first team battle was won by the Thunder Tiger detachment, please evaluate the two chiefs." The base instructor said.

"Very good." Chief Chen applauded and said, "You are all elites, good use of tactics, good execution ability, as for the rating, I give it ten points."

"Ten points." Chief Liu smiled and applauded.

The two did not give a full score, because although Lei Hu was powerful, but as in previous years, there was no breakthrough seen, no bright picture, so only half of the score was given.

For this score, Leihu's instructors are also very satisfied, remember the last scoring system, one hundred percent full, several officers almost all give the 60 points, no fresh things, is not able to impress them.

"Thunder Tiger detachment sixty-eight points, plus victory sixty, evaluation twenty, a total of one hundred and forty-eight, Star Ocean sixty-three points, plus the number of Thunder Tiger killed in action forty-five points, a total of one hundred and eight points." The base instructor said.

The score made the people of Star Ocean a little disappointed, but they were not worried, because it was impossible to be at the bottom with a low score, and in their opinion, the Wolf Head detachment had already booked the bottom position.

After the recorder took notes, the base instructor then said, "The next team battle will be fought by ......"

The second team battle was played.


It was until 12:40 when the three team battles were played.

The result score was still led by Lei Hu's one hundred and forty-eight points.

"Finally it's our turn." Instructor Hong glanced at Ren Fei and said with a snickering tone, "We have seventy-nine points, at least take eighty points, one hundred and fifty-nine steady first, it's just a pity that certain people's teams, can only get less than thirty points, adding up to not even a fraction."

The words were mocking Ren Fei.


Ren Fei didn't say anything, his eyes full of killing intent glared over again.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the screen, not to pay attention to it, and at the same time there is a mmp floating in your heart.

The two chief instructors are here to compete, not to mention the two detachment of instructors.

At this time, Terry Sky took the lead and stood up, glanced at instructor Liu and said coldly: "Waste instructors can only teach waste soldiers, later I will let you see the terror of Dragon Eagle."

"Get lost." Instructor Liu glared, still a little concerned about the back side of the eldest, so did not say much, just made a mouth shape: stupid.

Terry Sky saw this and gritted his teeth, walked to the front of the Dragon Eagle detachment and said, "Follow me!"

"Brothers, let's go and get ready too." Instructor Liu walked up to Zhao Feng and the others and said.

The two teams stared at each other and the atmosphere was repeatedly saber-rattling as they entered their respective war preparation rooms one after another.