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Chapter 271 - Instructor Liu to be abused again

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"Xu Yong, let me ask you something. www.shuyaya.cc"

On the way to the beach, Zhao Feng said to Xu Yong, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Just say it, what's polite?" Xu Yong replied with a smile.

"Do you know anything about business as well as management?" Zhao Feng asked.

"Business is too general, not very well understood, but I worked as a department manager in a company in Shen Zhen a few years ago." Xu Yong smiled and said, "What's the matter? Is trying to arrange management work for me?"

"This is the case, the cbd building thing was negotiated, but it is a cooperation type, Liu Qingfeng took ten percent of the shares." Zhao Feng said after thinking about it.


"Liu Qingfeng."

"Holy shit! That's a business tycoon! How come you're working with him?" Xu Yong said in amazement.

"It's him who took the initiative to come over to talk about cooperation, you know we are now considered the circle of martial arts, he is looking at the strength of the boss and everyone's future development prospects, so ......" Zhao Feng said the matter briefly.

Xu Yong's eyes widened after listening and said.

"can ah, this is a good thing, management words I can, management is to take the idea to set the direction of the people, with the assistance of Liu Qingfeng's people, that efficiency is absolutely super high, as for your concern, absolutely nothing, his men in the company is also listening to our orders to arrange things, the contract is signed, he did not ask, no problem at all."

"Then the company was established you will be the president." Zhao Feng said.

"What about you, Brother Feng?" Xu Yong asked curiously.

"I have to follow the boss at all times, besides I'm not interested in the president or anything." Zhao Feng shook his head.

Of course this is not to say that the company to Xu Yong, the president is the head of the company, the office, indirectly speaking, is also a part-time job, Zhao Feng is equivalent to the chairman of the board, has the highest say, and even if the company to him Zhao Feng also feel indifferent, because they are already a similar power crowd, he also believes in these fifty brothers.

"Then I'll be respectful, just in time to also live the addiction of the president, haha." Xu Yong said with a bit of emotion; "I really didn't expect that it had been less than a month since I quit the underground forces, and now I'm going to be transformed into the president of a company with a market value of hundreds of millions of dollars."

"Market value of several hundred million? It shouldn't be that low, because ten percent of Liu Dong's shares, using the land in exchange, means that he bought ten percent of the shares with five hundred million." Zhao Feng saw his gaze and couldn't help but add a sentence.

"Five hundred million ......"

Xu Yong froze for half a day before coming back to his senses and laughed bitterly, "Then how much is this considered market value? It seems like a lot, the company got so big, can I do it?"

He was only a manager of a department, just heard Zhao Feng finished, thought it meant managing a hundred or eighty people, but now it seems, it seems not so much!

"If I say you can do it, you can." Zhao Feng gave a light laugh.

"Okay, so I'll be the president and not that chief captain? Ah Hu and Lao Meng and the others need me too." Xu Yong thought about it and said, "Or else you can find a professional president, I'll forget it."

"What? This is a retreat? Everything has to be practiced, I believe that without you, Tiger and Lao Meng can also do a good job."

"Shit, why do I feel like you're belittling me, Brother Wind?"

"It seems that way."


At the same time Zhao Feng and his group drove to the beach.

Liu Qingfeng found a random office in the former cbd building and sat down.

"Xiao Ling, return all those contracts, transfer the middle and senior management from Long Xing in Xihang City, give them training before coming, must be stricter and more disciplined, and be clear about what it means to assist others." Liu Qingfeng waved his hand and said.

When making decisions, his body would overflow with a kind of pointing out the wind of the great general.

As a personal entrepreneur, Liu Qingfeng must have a few brushes to make it to such a point.

Only Xiao Ling is the sensible type, at this time she first nodded after hearing the words, and only then said with some hesitation.

"Liu Dong, Long Xing company is your complete holding company, the management inside are also cultivated for several years of talent, so transfer over they will not have ideas? And transfer these people at once, what about Long Xing?"

"Raise some benefits is, as for Long Xing, now is very stable, from other nearby city companies to deploy personnel, you are responsible for this matter." Liu Qingfeng said.

"Okay." For doubts, Little Spirit never asked a second time.

"Tian San, you have someone inquire about the restaurant, see what Mr. Zhang he likes, what hobbies he has, what things are missing." Qingfeng Liu said.

"Well." Tian San nodded his head.

After the order was given, Zhao Feng waved his hand and let the two go do their work, he leaned back in his office chair and closed his eyes and got up, while murmuring softly.

"This trip to Xiangjiang is really an unexpected pleasure."

For him, five hundred million is not big money, through this cooperation and Mr. Zhang has a relationship, the future of the days to continue the relationship, if the line, then for in-depth cooperation, he is bound to be able to go to the next level.

Meanwhile, Meng Meng's casual restaurant.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng are sitting on the sofa on the first floor watching TV, only this time it's not watching cartoons, but the new episode of "My Song" that aired last Sunday

"Poop, poop, why is mama running away from the TV." Mengmeng asked, very surprised to see Ziyan on TV.

"Because this is the show your mom is performing." Zhang Han explained.

"Well, mama's show ah, mama is most most beautiful." Moe pointed at the TV and said in a milky voice: "No one else is as good looking as MaMa."

"You can't say that either." Zhang Han shook his head slightly: "Compared with your mother they are a little ugly, but they are funny stars, so there is not much requirement for face value."

"Eh? Ugly well?" Mengmeng's big clear shining eyes stared at the TV for a while and muttered, "Well, uh huh, ugly, a little."

Just like that, father and daughter were watching TV, and Mengmeng hummed twice happily every time she saw the picture of Ziyan.

Zhang Han, on the other hand, leaned on the sofa and had a lazy expression. Watching, Zhang Han found that in fact, when Zi Yan was on the show, she talked a lot and could chat with the host very properly for a few minutes, and more importantly, her temperament.

ZiYan's temperament is on the side of goddesses, like a fairy who does not eat fire and smoke, beautiful people with sweet voices, occasionally leaking a smile, let people addicted to it.

The thing is rare, Ziyan does not often smile when she is working, which makes her smile every time, always attract the eye.

A show ended very smoothly, and after watching TV, Zhang Han took out his phone and looked up ZiYan's news on the web.

It turned out that there were already a lot of news about Ziyeon in various headlines, most of which were about her comeback.

Bored, Zhang Han clicked into his weibo again and took a look at Zi Yan's followers, twelve million, and at his own followers, sixty-five million.

It looks a bit spoof, he gave some songs to people and eventually fired up to more than sixty million fans, it is also really unintentional willow.

But he was not interested in this convenience, he also looked at the weibo because of one thing, about the second birthday gift to Ziyan.

This second gift was a gift that Zhang Han had considered for a few days.

The gift is very simple, it is ten songs, but each of the ten songs is a golden song that can become a hit song.

This birthday gift Zhang Han did not intend to give in person, because the process he thought about in front of him was already very good.

Ten songs Zhang Han was going to send with his own Weibo account, he thought about it and thought that it would be funny later when Ziyan found out that he was Han Yang without realizing it.

He didn't need to bother with these ten songs because the songs were all in his mind, he was mainly thinking about the 'show' that he was preparing for Ziyan's birthday

If you don't make a move, it's amazing, Zhang Han is going to use the day of his birthday as the day of confession.

"Soon, this will be a home."

By now at this time, Zhang Han and Zi Yan are clear, the two have a fondness for each other, the difference is a confession, Zhang Han although very spontaneous, but some things, he will also be very serious about.

Because many things, only once in a lifetime, he does not want to leave any regrets for Ziyan or himself.

On the other hand, the beach on the front side of Crescent Moon Bay, the hot afternoon sun shining on people still makes them hot, but Zhao Feng and the other fifty people are training hard on various poses.

The simplified version of the Great Dark Demon Shadow needs no introduction, Zhao Feng has already experienced the greatness, the words of the Cang Yun Body Training Technique, although not very complicated, but also will let Ah Hu and other people's power steadily increase.

Two hours of training, everyone was drenched in sweat and very tired.

Zhao Feng took a look at the time, more than five o'clock, it was almost dusk, so he said, "Rest in place, all drink a bottle of water to recover their strength, half an hour later, the front side of the dense forest, individual battle."

"Good! This time I must take first place!" Ah Hu shouted.

"With me around, you don't think about it." Old Meng skimmed his lips.

"Oh, when we enter the dense forest, I will be the first to take you two down." Xu Yong said with a grin.

"Three reckless men still presume to take the first place? Sorry, this first place throne, I will continue." Leng Yue's right lip tilted upwards, leaking a cold smile.

Seeing that the crowd was full of wariness, Zhao Feng wasn't ready to talk nonsense.

Just drank a bottle of water, in the side of the purse of the cell phone rang, Zhao Feng got up and walked over, picked up the phone to see, is the instructor Liu called, he remembered the instructor Liu ready to call him to fight a personal battle, pick up the phone and said directly.

"Instructor, do you want me to go over to the individual battle?"

"No." The instructor Liu's voice was a bit weak, said: "Today's individual battle is over, all over, a total of sixty-three people, twenty-five encounter Dragon Eagle all seriously injured, hey, not to mention, where are you? I'm going back to the southern district, let's have a drink."

"Okay, I'm at the beach on the east side of Crescent Bay, I'll send you the coordinates later, how long will it take you to get there?" Zhao Feng asked.

"I two hours to Crescent Bay, two and a half hours to the place, right, he paralyzed, that Shabi Tai Ritian can be angry with me, forget it, I'll tell you ...... Forget it, wait to meet and say, send me the coordinates."

Liu instructor finished and hung up the phone directly.

Listen to his tone, Zhao Feng bitterly smiled and shook his head, Liu instructor is such a straightforward, angry when the special angry, will then show on the face, do not hold back, this is a temperamental people, but the gas came quickly dissipated also fast.

Put the phone back in the bag, Zhao Feng thought about it and said, "Xu Yong, Ah Hu and Lao Meng, give you a task."

"What is it?"

"You guys go to the mountains to get two sheep, pack up, we'll roast the whole sheep here, in the preparation of some wine, white wine and beer are to buy some, the logistics of this matter to you three, the others go with me to the dense forest, ready to start the personal war." Zhao Feng instructed.

So a group of people divided into two ways, Xu Yong three people to prepare the ingredients, Zhao Feng took the others to the forest.

Rather because there were three less bruisers, a lot of people in the crowd got excited and mustered up enough energy to get a first!

"All go in, spread out first, and listen to my whistle to start in five minutes." Zhao Feng said as he pressed the stopwatch in his hand.

The words fell, more than forty other people swarmed into the jungle, running into the jungle then each scattered, running to the inside.

Xiao Xiao soliloquy more than a minute, the dense forest restored calm, extremely calm as well as dark jungle, as if in a ten-sided ambush.

When the stopwatch in Zhao Feng's hand reached five minutes exactly, he took a deep breath and blew a long a whistle.

"Dudu Zee ......"

The crisp whistle drifted through the dense forest.

After the whistle representing the battle was sounded, there was a faint sound of sizzling in the middle of the jungle, as if a wolf was lurking and on the hunt.




Every few minutes, a cry of pain would faintly come out of the dense forest.

The subdued person painfully left the battlefield and walked over to Zhao Feng's side to wait for the result.

Gradually, more and more people converged beside Zhao Feng, until when there were four people left, a hint of interest unfolded in Zhao Feng's eyes.

This time the top four, surprisingly there is also Leng Yue, just do not know this time she will take the first few.

Time passed quickly, and after another half an hour or so, two men came out from inside and laughed bitterly: "Sister Leng Yue is hiding too deep."

"You were all taken down by Leng Yue?" Zhao Feng's eyes narrowed.

"Yes, I was especially careful, but I still couldn't resist Sister Leng Yue's unpredictable body." One of the men said helplessly.

Another man thought about it and added: "I just felt that Sister Leng Yue was like a ghost in the jungle, I hid under a tree and held my breath, but Sister Leng Yue came down from above the tree and gave me ko, it was unbelievable."

"Oh?" Zhao Feng's eyes lit up as he looked around at the crowd and said, "Who else among you was taken down by Leng Yue? Raise your hand if you have."

At these words, the crowd looked at me, I looked at you, and sixteen or seventeen people raised their hands.

So many?

Zhao Feng fiercely froze, and his heart beat faster at this moment.

"Leng Yue!"

Zhao Feng lightly murmured, "I'm afraid I've picked up a treasure!"

This was a surprise, never would have thought that among the six women, someone with such a strong fighting ability and such a high talent would appear!

So, Zhao Feng looked a bit expectantly towards the dense forest, wondering if Leng Yue would continue to take the first place this time.

Amidst the gazes of the crowd, two people slowly walked out of the jungle.

Leng Yue and another inch-headed man.

"Brother Feng, I also lost, heartily convinced, Leng Yue is really powerful." The inch-headed man said in a resigned tone.

"Good!" Zhao Feng looked at Leng Yue with a smile and led the applause.

Others saw this also applauded, a time, the edge of the jungle thunderous applause.

And Leng Yue, who was always a bit cold, also leaked a happy smile at this time.

This honor is the result of her efforts!

Everyone's success doesn't come for nothing, pie from the sky is also a trap, the only way to achieve success is to work hard, obviously, Leng Yue is such a person.

"Leng Yue, you really surprise me, awesome, I have the idea of wanting to participate once and duel with you." Zhao Feng laughed out loud.

"Brother Feng is overpraised." Leng Yue slightly