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Chapter 264 Deterrence!

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Seeing Xia Shanhao's expression. www.shuyaya.cc

The hearts of everyone in the room, except for Zhao Feng's crowd, trembled violently and looked at Zhang Li in awe and suspicion.

What is the situation?

Can make Xia Shanhao's expression change like eating shit and his tone become like a pussy, this is too exaggerated, right?

Could it be that she was the most weighty person present?

"Is this, this true?" Xia Shanhao's voice trembled a bit, looking at Zhao Feng, the tone of the question lowered a lot.

"Why don't you call and ask?" Zhao Feng said indifferently.

"No, no need!" Xia Shanhao's mouth moved and grinned an ugly smile.

At the same time, his eyes in Zhang Li and Wu Xiaolei and General Wu only see a few eyes, the final gaze fixed on Wu Xiaolei, heart straight cursing mother.

Malgobi, this dude's dog thing!

Who do you want to mess with? But he's messing with the sister of that bastard! What the hell!

How far has he gone to protect his shortcomings? The daughter cried, to the scorpion a lineage flattened, followed by the Tang war is gone!

Now he's messed with his own sister, how can this be good!

Xia Shanhao heart bitter, a while ago just felt once the fear of being dominated, he did not want to feel a second time, so he turned his mind, directly abandoned the cooperation with General Wu, looked at Zhao Feng laughed and said.

"Haha, is so ah, cough, that small wind ah, I have always admired you, you should not rush me to say this, today I am and General Wu came over to talk business, did not expect to run into his son's business, you say that things happen in my territory, I can not ask it."

His words, scared a piece of people.

'Why does it feel as if I just pleaded with him?' Long was secretly shocked: 'Xia Shanhao he's afraid? My God, who the hell are these people, and who the hell is Zhang Li? Is it hard to ...... I picked up a treasure?''

''My goddess Li backstage so strong? Holy shit! It's too awesome, Xia Shanhao even conceded to be soft, it's the first time I've seen that!''

When Da He saw Xia Shanhao's expression, his heart burst with pleasure, but more than that, he was shocked!

The people who can make Xia Shanhao yield to softness, in this South Island, not to say there are only a few, but also a very few top people!

Also, who is Zhang Li's brother?

This became a doubt in the hearts of the people.

"Little wind ah, I ......" Seeing that Zhao Feng did not have any look, Xia Shanhao hesitated and wanted to continue to say some scene-stealing words.

"All right, don't say useless, I'll ask how this matter is handled." Zhao Feng directly interrupted.

"I don't know either." Xia Shanhao replied dryly.

Looking at his expression, he knew that he did not want to interfere in this matter at all.

"Deal with it? Of course it's good to deal with!" General Wu covered his stomach, looked at Zhao Feng with a hateful gaze, took out his phone, and said in a somewhat weak tone, "I'll have my cousin uncle come over, and then you can ask him how to handle it."

"Eh? Mr. Wu, don't get angry first, this is Zhao Feng, one of our own." Xia Shanhao saw this and hurriedly said, just like a peacemaker.

He did not want Wu Shanxing to come over, if he really called people here, that made him is not the person inside and outside, this matter can be handled peacefully, in his opinion is the most perfect ending.

So Xia Shanhao said a word of ceremony, then rushed to Wu's ear, softly murmured two words.

No one heard what he said, but what could be seen was that after Xia Shanhao finished, Mr. Wu's face paled up, he glanced at Zhao Feng, took a deep breath and said.

"My son is like this, what more do you want?"

"They are in shock, and my car has been crashed, what should I do?" Zhao Feng said slowly.

"What? You mean you still want me to pay you back?" Mr. Wu almost exploded with anger.

"Or what?" Zhao Feng replied indifferently.

He felt that it was already lenient enough, and it was still on the account that Zhang Li had nothing to do, so he didn't push people too hard.

But Mr. Wu did not think so, he felt that he was beaten party also has to pay money, which has made him a little intolerable, if not because Xia Shanhao said that the other party is too big, then he would have shot up.

So the scene once again fell into a stalemate.

Xia Shanhao laughed bitterly at the situation, looked at Zhao Feng, and said, "Zhao Feng ah, let people forgive, they suffered, you beat people, almost."

"Almost done, right? This is what you said, okay, I know." Zhao Feng grinned, while taking out the phone, while saying, "My boss's strength you may not be very clear, but you saw with your own eyes the big guy ah, special obedience, at your beck and call, now your boss Xia are open, then I will ask."

Zhao Feng made the gesture of dialing the phone as he spoke.

"No, no, no!" Xia Shanhao's heart jumped and he hurriedly said; "Oh, don't bother Mr. Zhang with this small matter! I'll pay for it, okay? I'll pay for Lei's medical expenses and Zhao Feng's car repair costs."

"Sorry, broken even a little bit of the car, I do not drive." Zhao Feng said flatly.

Xia Shanhao's expression stiffened, his fingers trembled, and said, "What kind of car do you drive?"

"Not expensive, top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz s600."

"Ah, yes, is not expensive." Xia Shanhao's lips twitched, a little heartbroken, but still waved his hand and said, "Tomorrow, a top-quality new car will be sent over."

"So be it." Zhao Feng's expression lightened a few points, swept a few people a glance, turned around and led the way out.

Seeing this, Xia Shanhao glanced at Brother Long and said, "Little Dragon, still not going over to send it off?"

"Okay." Brother Long hurriedly stood up.

"By the way, how much is that Miss Zhang's salary?" Xia Shanhao mind, simply things to do in the end, if you can and that boss a little indirect relationship, not to say begging for help, in the future again such things, can talk about it.

"The amount ...... Thirty thousand." Long answered truthfully.

"Thirty thousand? You're teasing me? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job, but I'm not going to be able to get a job. Xia Shanhao said loudly.

"Yes!" Long hurriedly nodded his head and followed the crowd to the outside.

After they left, Xia Shanhao asked his men to send Wu Xiaolei to the hospital.

It was then that General Wu frowned and said, "Who the hell are they?"

"They are people who are not good to be messed with!" Xia Shanhao sighed and said with a complicated face, "I won't say more, I'll just tell you that the ruthless person behind them, with one word, stepped down the Tang War forces."

"Hiss!" Chief Wu sniffed backwards and sucked in a breath of cold air, dumbfounded.

"Hey, otherwise could I talk like that? If you really called your cousin uncle, things would have gone too far, and besides, your son's injuries are healed from lying in bed for two months, which is perfectly acceptable." Xia Shanhao said, a trace of fear flashed across his face, said, "Fortunately, Zhao Feng came in time, or things done, then you, me, no life to live."

"This, this ......" Mr. Wu at this time completely speechless, and finally turned into a thank you: "Today thanks to Mr. Xia, otherwise it really led to a big disaster, my son to learn a lesson is good, save the whole day in the eyes of no one, by the way, this time you and I cooperation, I think tomorrow can sign the contract."

"Hmm?" Xia Shanhao froze, and then his eyes lit up.

He had already given up on the cooperation, but he didn't expect that after this incident, the cooperation would succeed faster instead, which was really an unexpected pleasure.

At the other end, Brother Long as well as a few people from Dahe followed behind Zhang Li with a very formal look.

After walking out the door, Brother Long looked at Zhang Li and said, "Lily, will you still be working here in the future?"

When he spoke, the group stopped in their tracks.

Zhao Feng shot a few glances at Long and didn't say anything. Zhang Li thought for a moment, smiled, and said, "Why not?"

"That's good, that's good, hey, I don't know how to say what happened today, it's good to have these brothers to help you." Long shook his head with a sigh of relief.

At this time, Da He came up from the side and said, "Goddess Li, you don't know, Brother Long is especially preachy, for your matter, he almost quarreled with Xia Shanhao, then couldn't stand Xia Shanhao's threat, Brother Long only let me take the lead to find you, but he reminded me to send you away, as a result, that Lei Shao brought people to follow, I called you and was bumped into, this is also bad luck ."

"Okay, I know even if you don't say it, you and Brother Long are so good to us." Zhang Li smiled and waved her hand.

These few words made Zhao Feng's attitude friendly, he glanced at Brother Long, smiled and said; "You're Hu Erlong, right?"

"I am, Brother Feng." Brother Long nodded his head repeatedly.

He had heard of Zhao Feng's name and had never met anyone, so when he saw Zhao Feng smiling with him, he was a bit flattered for a while.

"This is my business card, if Xia Shanhao finds you in trouble in the future, give me a call." Zhao Feng took out a business card from his pocket.

"Thank you, thank you." Brother Long hurriedly took it.

After giving the business card, Zhao Feng led the way to the convoy.

He got into the Mercedes that hit someone and didn't damage it and made Xia Shanhao pay for one.

"Where are you guys going? I'll drive you guys first." Zhao Feng sat on the passenger side and looked to the back side of Zhang Li and smiled.

"We're just getting ready for work, and we don't know what we're going to do now, where are you guys going? Back to my brother's restaurant?" Zhang Li said with a big smile.

She found herself having a small interest in Zhao Feng and found him interesting as a person and wanted to have a chat, that's why she asked so.

"I'm going back to Feng Ming nightclub, and brothers to drink a meal, by the way, the preparation of ingredients is the boss there, should also be quite good, or you guys go over together lively?" Zhao Feng asked casually.

"Yes." Zhang Li smilingly replied.

"Lili, our clothes are still inside." Luo Qing couldn't help but remind.

"Yeah, we can't go out in our work clothes either."

So Zhao Feng accompanied the two back and waited for them to change their clothes before getting in the car and leaving.

As the car drove back to Crescent Moon Bay, Zhang Li chattered and talked with Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, how come you're so powerful?"

"You have so many henchmen, are you also from the underground forces?"

"What's your relationship with my brother?"

"How old are you?"


Zhao Feng's behavior today completely aroused Zhang Li's curiosity.

However, she did not know that sometimes having curiosity about a man, that is the beginning of liking.

Once you like it, it's not much farther from liking it.