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Chapter 239 - Unstoppable (2 in 1)

After Zhao Feng said a sentence, he suddenly stepped towards Zhang Long's side, which made several people's hearts lift up. Vertex X 23 U S

What is he going to do?

Is it possible that even Lin Jie and Zhang Long are not going to be spared?

People gradually rounded their eyes, their hearts wondering.

Among the crowd, no one was more nervous than Lin Jie and Zhang Long.

Although they are of high status, they are also afraid of being beaten up!

Their hearts were tense, but the expression on their faces remained calm.

As Zhao Feng's distance got closer and closer, several people's heartbeats gradually increased.

But they were still able to calm down.

''Does he really dare to make a move?''

No way!

The two were certain in their hearts that the person on the other side would not easily make a move against them, because even they would hit, then this matter was a complete mess!

It's just that ...... Zhang Yuan was also seriously injured by him!

This is reminding them that what is in their hearts is not necessarily certain! Zhang Yuan is also the first son of the Zhang family, he dared to do it, what does that mean?

It means that they are not safe!

At this moment, the two men's bodies did not move, as if they were engaged in a gamble.

Finally, under the gaze of the crowd, Zhao Feng walked up to Lin Jie, and he looked at him indifferently and said.

"Do you have an opinion?"

Zhao Feng's light tone and this questioning attitude made Lin Jie feel as if he was slapped in the face in public, making his heart furious.

The arrogance in his heart made him stubbornly not want to answer.

Because as long as he opens this mouth today, then he has lost most of the time!

However, under Zhao Feng's gradually cold gaze, Lin Jie felt a crisis, and he knew that if he didn't give an answer, then he was afraid that he would have to make a move!

So Lin Jie had some indignation in his heart, he suppressed his anger, maintained a calm tone, and said.

"No comment."

"Heh." Zhao Feng laughed lightly, with disdain in his eyes.

What big young man is not big young man, compared to the master, it's nothing more than that.

Lin Jie clearly saw Zhao Feng's disdain, his heart was about to explode with anger, well, it was clear that now just can not, the only way to hold his breath.

Zhao Feng's gaze then looked at Zhang Long, before he could say anything, Zhang Long laughed out loud a few times, his expression was very casual and said.

"You are Zhang Han's people, then I certainly will not have any opinion, this is also a big water washed away the Dragon King Temple."

After he said this, Zhao Feng did not say anything and turned around and walked straight towards Zi Yan who was a bit dazed.

At this time, on the other side, among the dozens of people watching the battle, there were all the voices that sucked in cold air.

"I really didn't expect it, I really didn't expect them to make the two young masters, Lin Jie and Zhang Long, give in!"

"This is simply the first time ever, two top young masters together, both defeated, this spreads out, it is estimated that the upper class circle will explode."

"Yes, if we really let them leave peacefully, then the two young masters have lost all their faces, only, they want to stay, but they are not opponents!"

"Red-faced scourge, really red-faced scourge, ah, and only Ziyan like the very best on earth, can cause such a top fight, right."


The crowd was talking, they didn't expect to come here today and see this great drama for the ages.

During this time, people's eyes were locked on Zhao Feng, not knowing what this raw man would do next.

Zhao Feng stepped in front of Zi Yan, his expression once again became easy-going, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, and whispered.

"Boss lady, I forgot to ask just now, did the few over there bully anyone? If there are, I'll go and scrap them."

Calm words, but hidden murderous intent.

Even Lin Jie and Zhang Long, who were not far away, could see that the dark jin ruthless man, was going over to ask for instructions!

They knew that if Zi Yan nodded, then it was estimated that this reckless person would still make a move!

This can't help but make Lin Jie's heart as hard as eating shit, originally thought to easily take down Zi Yan, and now she has become the person who decides their safety and security, this contrast, came really too shocking.

The good thing is that Zi Yan does not have that kind of thought, after hearing the words slightly shook his head, lips and teeth lightly open, said.

"No need, let's go back."

"Good." Zhao Feng nodded his head, swept a glance at Ah Hu and the others, and said, "Let's go."

The group then headed towards the entrance.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked on the front side, beside Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Lao Meng, followed by more than twenty brothers in black suits on the back side.

Under the backdrop of those lying on the ground, the picture at this time, unusually trembling hearts!

When passing by Zhang Long a few people.

Lin Jie suddenly opened his mouth, he smiled and said.

"Miss Zi, let's see you off."

After saying that and not giving Zi Yan a chance to reply, he and Zhang Long a few people then walked together at the side towards the entertainment building.

The Liao police team they hired was probably about to arrive, and this time, Lin Jie wanted to get one back!

With the force value, they had won, but this fight, Lin Jie asked himself that he had not lost!

As long as Zi Yan did not leave Shangjing City, then this fight, still continue.

Zi Yan didn't say anything when she saw this, she didn't bother to talk to Lin Jie either, and walked forward by herself.

"I wonder what this brother's name is? What is your relationship with my cousin Zhang Han? It's been a long time since I've seen him, I still miss it a bit." Zhang Long said with a smile, his expression making a very sincere attitude.

He was such a person, even if he was an enemy, he could still welcome him with a smile, and he could be described with three words.

Smiling Tiger!

He is not the kind of person who writes his emotions on his face, which is similar to Lin Jie's attitude of doing things, and can also be said to be deep in the city.

Only, in the face of his words, Zhao Feng did not even pay attention, directly ignored.

Although the master that indifferent eyes can not learn, although the master that light tone and immortal aura or breezy, he also can not learn, but there is one thing he does not have to learn will be, that is - ignore!

Let you blow the wind and waves, I can not see anything.

Zhang Long saw this, smiled and shook his head.

Since they are so arrogant, there is no need to say anything, and when Sergeant Liao comes, start showing your cards!

In his mind, no matter what cards they show, they will not be able to fly!

With Zhang Han? The young man who has fallen on hard times?

What does he have to fall back on? With his mother's Rong family in Linhai?

Oh, not to mention one Rong family, even if ten Rong family tied together, it will not help!

In response, Zhang Long laughed coldly.

After Zhao Feng said that he was Zhang Han's man, Zhang Long guessed that these martial artists were people from the Rong family in Linhai City, Zhang Han's mother was the princess of the Rong family back then and was loved by her family, although later after marrying Zhang You, a little unpleasantness occurred between the two families, but they still cared about Zhang Han's mother.

"I guess it's also because Zhang Han couldn't get along in Shangjing and went to Linhai."

Zhang Long scoffed secretly.

A group of people walked into the front side building with great pomp and circumstance, and just walked out of the main door.

Buzz ......

An alarm bell rang, on the small platform on the front side, a line of a dozen police cars stopped.

From above stepped down a group of police officers, who very quickly gathered around.

One of the leading officers, Sergeant Liao, walked to the front with a sullen face, and he took the lead and greeted.

"Young Lin, Young Zhang, I wonder if what you have said is true?"

"Hmm." Lin Jie lightly laughed and said, "Inside the golf course, but there are dozens of people lying, many of them are seriously injured, this kind of large-scale crime, I think Sheriff Liao will definitely bring people back for a proper interrogation."

This statement, Ah Hu, Zhou Fei and other people's faces flashed a trace of anger and worry.

Sheriff Liao frowned at his words, he waved his hand and ordered his men, "Go check out the situation!"


After answering the phone, his face completely sank, his gaze looked at Zhao Feng and the others, waving his hand and drinking coldly.

"Take them all away!"

"Take away?" Zhao Feng coldly laughed: "All listen up, who dares to move, all subdue!"

Zhao Feng's words made the atmosphere on the field fiercely grim.

Lin Jie and Zhang Long a few people look like watching a good show.

During the heart also really some emotion, did not expect them to be so rigid! Now also head-on, really a group of desperate people who are not afraid of death?

"This is not just! This is stupid!"

Lin Jie sneered in his heart.

After Liao's police team heard that, he was even more furious in his heart, he fiercely took out his pistol from his waist and pointed his black hole gun at Zhao Feng's head.

However, just as his pistol pointed over, he found that the muzzle was pointing over a black ID.


The crowd's eyes all coalesced on that one document, unable to read the handwriting, but from the icon, their hearts gradually heaved down.

"Give me a good look with wide eyes! I have no time to waste with you here! You are given the last five minutes, after five minutes, whoever stops, dies!" Zhao Feng's face sank as he said in a cold voice.

Those cold words sent chills down the spine of the crowd.

Liao police team's expression trembled, retrieved his pistol, his head came up to take a look, and after reading the handwriting on it, his eyes gradually widened and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Hiss! You you, you are actually ......" He stared at the bull's eye, lost his voice and said.

"Xiangjiang, Cloud Soul Special Forces, First Detachment, Wolf Head!"

This in the eyes of the Liao police team full of legendary special squad, he heard like thunder, but did not expect to see the original today.

But ......

Police Squad Liao gave a bitter smile and said, "Zhao ...... Hello sir, what is the situation here?"

"Those people inside, obstructing us from carrying out our mission, wounding is already considered merciful." Zhao Feng lightly responded.

"Yes, yes, I know." The Liao police team nodded their heads repeatedly.

Obstructing the troops from carrying out their mission, injuring them was really light.

The matter involved the Wolf Head Force, then he couldn't make the decision at all, so he looked at Lin Jie with a bitter smile and then looked at Zhao Feng and said, "I can't make the decision on this matter, I have to ask my superiors."

After saying that, he took out his cell phone and dialed his superior's number: "Chief, there's something ______.

"Director, there is something ....."

Before he could finish his words, Lin Jie took two steps forward and interrupted, "I'll speak!"

Liao police team saw the situation and handed the phone over, Lin Jie looked at Zhao Feng with cold eyes, already planning to tear the face, took the phone and said.

"Wang Bureau, this is Lin Jie, something happened at the Fengtai Club, I want to know, is it possible that being an official can be unscrupulous? ......"

Finishing the matter, Lin Jie hung up the phone, he looked at Zhao Feng and said.

"I don't care what your origins are, after moving my people, you won't be able to pull out of this!"

"Whatever." Zhao Feng stretched his hand open and said indifferently.

The ignorant attitude ignited the flame of anger within Lin Jie.

He took out his own cell phone and dialed a call.

"Third Uncle, I'm at the Fengtai Club, there's a bit of trouble, the other party's coming from the Xiangjiang Wolf Head Force ......"

As soon as he opened his mouth, Liao police team lost his voice in horror:.

"General Lin!"

The moment these three words came out, many people smiled and changed.

Lin Jie told the matter briefly, and after hanging up the phone, he looked at Zhao Feng with a clear mind.

His third uncle, Lin Wen, was in a high position in the Shangjing Military Region, and if you call him by another word, you can also call him General Lin!

Although only the lowest level of generals, but his young, is forty-one years old, forty-one years old major general, which is enough to be proud of the world family!

In response, Zhao Feng's face remained unchanged in the slightest.

Zhang Long was completely silent on the side, and murmured in his heart.

It seemed that Lin Jie was really angry, and even moved out this great god, General Lin.

In his opinion, although the Wolf Head Force was a big head, General Lin came out and could really take care of everything.

And Old Meng, Ah Hu, as well as Zi Yan and Zhou Fei and others, also changed their faces a little, they did not expect this matter to go to such an extent at all.

This matter seems to have escalated into a confrontation of the older generation's connections.

Can Zhao Feng he be able to carry it?

Meanwhile, on a foreign island, Instructor Liu was lazily lying on the beach, and on his back side, were the wolf-head troops who were preparing to return.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, picked it up and saw that it was a leader from Shangjing, picked up the phone and listened for thirty seconds, he impatiently skimmed his mouth and said.

"Good, he is my man, I can tell you clearly, want to move my people? Dream on! What the hell Lin Shao and Zhang Shao? Bullshit!"

After saying that he just hung up the phone and dialed a number that he hadn't contacted for a long time:.

"Crooked? Uncle, how are you doing lately, haha, I'm also ready to go back to Xiangjiang, I'll tell you something, it's about my man Zhao Feng and that restaurant's Mr. Zhang, Zhao Feng they are in Shangjing ......"


The line of sight returned to the front door of the Fengtai Club.

Lin Jie finished the call, five minutes later, Zhao Feng looked at his watch and said.

"Time's up, let's go."

After saying that he stepped forward and prepared to leave.

At this time, Lin Jie sneered and said, "Go? Oh, did I let you guys go? Police Lieutenant Liao!"

Liao police team smiled bitterly at his words, led his men to stop in front of Zhao Feng, and said.

"Sorry, you guys can't leave for now until this matter is taken care of, please be considerate of my work."

"I, Zhao Feng, want to leave! No one can stay!"

Zhao Feng said indifferently, still striding forward.

"If you insist on doing so, then there's nothing I can do." Liao police team took a deep breath, the palm of his hand reached for the gun at his waist out.

The game at the top, he did not want to participate at all, but naive things are not clear, he could not let the person in front of him leave.

He was about to pull out his gun, Zhao Feng's gaze also sank, and was about to take a step.

Lin Jie's cell phone rang.

The sound attracted people's attention, turning their eyes to look, only to see Lin Jie then the phone's face gradually became ugly.

"No, it can't be! How can this be ......"

At this moment, Lin Jie, who was always calm and collected, has burst into a frenzy.

After answering the phone, Lin Jie was somewhat disoriented, his face became pale and feeble, glancing at Zhao Feng, his gaze was filled with horror.

He stood in place, pondered for more than ten seconds, and stepped over.

Coming close, he looked at Zhao Feng, lowered his head, and sounded