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Chapter 236 - It's almost time for a birthday

"Mmm ......"

Zi Yan's arms naturally wrapped around Zhang Han's neck, and upon realizing this somewhat ambiguous action, Zi Yan blushed and hid her head in front of Zhang Han's chest. Top X 23 U S


Zhang Han laughed cheerfully, and just hugged Zi Yan and ran to the side of the chair and slid over.

At this time, Zi Yan's long hair is like a waterfall, vertical down, blown slightly backward by the gentle wind, beautiful.

This scene picture gradually attracted the attention of many people.

Some people were very envious, seeing from Ziyan's figure and the little of her face that was leaking out that she was definitely a beauty, and envied that man for having a beautiful girlfriend.

Some people feel warm and fuzzy, what kind of experience is it for a boyfriend to hold his girlfriend in a princess hug like this and play roller skating?

Experience? That must first have the strength to be able to hold it!

And some people feel romantic, they feel that the scene is aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, the standard of this aesthetic is a handsome man and beautiful woman, if replaced by an ugly man and ugly woman, that can be said to be romantic, but not aesthetic, the word aesthetic is built on the face, whether it is a person or object.

A number of these young people playing roller skating are cheering and coaxing.


"Wow! Princess hug roller skating, double strike six six six!"

"That's awesome!"



Unbeknownst to me, the people's uproar made Ziyan's face spread red haze to her earlobes, and if she raised her head, her expression was already delicate.

"Ya, you quickly put me down, all let people laugh at it." Zi Yan drew out her left hand and turned it into a pink fist, lightly hitting Zhang Han twice on the part of his chest that leaned up.

This can't help but let Zhang Han inexplicably remember a phrase: Boing Boing! Little fist hammer your chest!

Zhang Han felt that if Zi Yan made that kind of delicate look, in a whispering voice to say a paragraph like that, it is estimated to be able to drunkenly die a person!


Thinking about it, Zhang Han almost got goose bumps, but in fact, it's impossible.

That calling monster, generally only exists in fantasy, or a particular situation, of course not without, the world is full of wonders!

Women are fickle, have a gentle side, have a brutal side, have an unreasonable side, of course, there will also be wining times, just do not know if Zi Yan will have that kind of time, this, Zhang Han's heart is still a little sense of anticipation, looking forward to see Zi Yan shy scene.

Thinking about it, Zhang Han came to a bench.

"Dumbass, don't put me down yet!" Zi Yan pouted.

Zhang Han smiled and put Zi Yan on the chair, his gentle movements made Zi Yan feel full of care.

After Zi Yan sat down, Zhang Han first went under the chair a dozen meters away, brought the shoes of the two, changed shoes, and the two sat down, no one spoke, quietly and warmly.

Two minutes later.



Very doggedly spoke at the same time.

Zi Yan saw this, a little unable to help, pursed her lips and smiled slightly, blinking her clear beautiful eyes to gaze at Zhang Han, did not speak.

Zhang Han lightly laughed and said, "Last time I talked to my sister about Meng Meng's birth day, I just remembered the issue of her account. And that name has not been changed yet, and I ......"

"You?" Zi Yan was stunned, her eyes slightly widened by three points.

What does he mean by this? Cornering him to add him to the household? Three people in one household to form a family? Is this a marriage proposal?

"You're thinking beautiful!" Zi Yan's beautiful eyes glared.

"Huh?" Zhang Han froze, how come Zi Yan refused so crisply?

"I don't care, it just won't work now." Zi Yan lightly hummed, said: "You and Meng Meng and I have only been in contact for more than a month, now you want to account, I do not agree, but also to examine you for a period of time, who knows if you are now pretending, later will not become scum."

"This ......" Zhang Han cried and laughed as he looked at Ziyan.

After a little thought also understood Zi Yan's idea, he actually just wanted to ask about Meng Meng's birthday and name change, but looking at Zi Yan's attitude as well as words, although not promised, but only a window paper away from the promise.

Zhang Han shook his head and said: "Then Mengmeng's name will be changed first? And when is her birthday?"

"The name will be like this for now, wait until the account is moved to Xiangjiang, her birthday, the lunar calendar is October 27, the solar calendar is December 13." Zi Yan answered.

She finished and stared at Zhang Han, her pretty eyes not blinking, as if she was reminding something.

"Oh, October 27, that's about a month and a half." Zhang Han's eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart was already thinking about what birthday gift to give then.

After saying that, Zhang Han fell silent and didn't ask anything else.

This caused Zi Yan's eyes to gradually hang a dissatisfied hue as she jerked up and hummed.

"Go buy ice cream."

After saying that, she walked straight towards the mall, making a gesture of not wanting to pay attention to Zhang Han.


Zhang Han froze, and then dumbly laughed.

This is the goddess' displeasure that he didn't ask for her birthday!

Laughing, Zhang Han picked up his roller skates and followed, but he did not intend to ask Zi Yan, sometimes, the surprise will also bring very good results.

A total of ten ice creams of different flavors were bought and returned upstairs.

Zhang Han put the roller skates on the side of the shoe rack and went up to the second floor, where the two little ones were sitting on the sofa fiddling with their toys and not running around.

"Aigoo, it takes so long to buy ice cream ah, it's been more than an hour, tsk."

Although there are outsiders in, but Zhou Fei really can not help ah, skimmed a snicker.

"Understand, understand." Wang Jiawen looked at Zhang Han and leaked out a meaningful, manly look that he understood.

In his opinion, when Ziyan's husband, that Mr. Zhang is certainly very enjoyable, Ziyan body so enchanting, face so delicate and beautiful, as a man, he certainly understand.

And he also knows that Ziyan has just returned from a business trip, a small farewell is better than a new marriage, not to take time to ambiguous can be?

But Ziyan, seeing Wang Jiawen's expression, his heart was dry.

What are you thinking?

Zi Yan pursed her lips, glanced at Zhou Fei and said, "We just played roller skating for a while."

"Roller skating yo, tsk."

Zhou Fei had a vivid expression of 'you two are playing roller skating in bed', but she was also joking, naturally she knew that the two could not develop into bed so quickly, Sister Yan was very conservative yet.

"Ice cream! I want to eat two!" Wang Yihan could not care about anything, her eyes were specifically focused on the food bag in Ziyan's hand.

"Uh huh, I, I'll just eat one." Mengmeng beeped her little mouth, every time when the poop took her out, only let eat one, no no, not even one, every time the poop had a big bite, hum.

Ziyan gave everyone ice cream, one for each hand and put a few left in the freezer.

After eating ice cream, the time came to ten o'clock in the evening, this time Wang Jiawen to take Wang Yihan back, the little one is not unhappy.

"Mengmeng bye, Uncle Zhang bye, Aunt Zi bye, that Aunt Zhou bye." Wang Yihan greeted one by one, agreed to play with Mengmeng again in a few days, and left.

After they left, ZiYan took a look at the time and said, "I'll go to the bedroom to clean up my clothes, MengMeng you play for a little while, when MaMa finishes cleaning up we will go to bed."

"Got it." Mengmeng replied in a very good manner.

Zi Yan smiled faintly, got up and walked into the bedroom, her clothes hanging all over the closet, and the closet is the size of the entire wall, there are six meters long, ho not exaggerate, there are at least two hundred pieces of clothes inside, this time to take the past is also quite a lot, visually to pack a few suitcases of clothes.

Zi Yan into the house to pack, Zhang Han sat on the sofa, lightly patted Zhou Fei's arm, whispered: "Do you know what day Zi Yan's birthday is?"

"Birthday, huh? Tsk." Zhou Fei raised an eyebrow and said, "What's the benefit of telling you?"

"Whatever you want." Zhang Han laughed lightly.

"Then how can I ask for it, you have to take the initiative to give it." Zhou Fei said with a smile.

"Then I'll give you a car, whatever you choose, it doesn't matter how much it costs, how about it?" Zhang Han said casually.

"Ah-ha, really luxurious, painful." Zhou Fei grinned: "Then you owe me one, later in the want, that birthday I will tell you."

The first thing you need to do is to ask for a new one.

"Then it's almost time." Zhang Han's eyes narrowed.

Zi Yan's birthday, he seemed to be to prepare for it.