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Chapter 207 - Master I can't hold on

The sweat on Gu Chen's body rose, and he knew that even if their side kneeled down and begged for mercy now, it would not help.

Old Biao brought Ye Han and the others here, already indicating the determination to fight and win.

Thinking of this, Gu Chen, Xu Yong, Ah Hu and others' faces were pale.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, secretly gritted his teeth, and after taking a deep breath, he looked at Old Biao and said in a deep voice.

"Surprisingly, you colluded with the other three groups, Old Biao, I didn't expect you guys to prepare quite a lot, since that's the case, then we should also prepare, and change the time to 7:30."

"Change the time? Hahaha, who the fuck do you think you are? You can just change it when you say so?" Meng Wu sneered.

He was about to refuse, but Old Bill shook his head with a smile and said, "Okay, it's just half an hour, we can wait, but I'll only give you half an hour to find everything you can find, and I'll solve it today, all together!"

Old Biao's words were spoken with a strong and aggressive, a very pretentious big brother posture, and even a little intoxicated expression, which made the side of the very discontented Li Aotian mouth moved, gave up urging, after all, to give people a job, more or less to give some face.

"Good!" Zhao Feng nodded lightly under the head, took out the phone turned around and walked towards the back side.

The ten people in front of him, also gave him a tarzan pressure, he could not bear it, at this time can only ...... Move the master.

"Wind brother wind brother wind brother! You really have helpers?" Ah Hu was all desperate, at this time after seeing the situation, a surge of hope rose in his heart, very eagerly asked.

"Of course."

"Zhao Feng, you're not looking for ...... police, right?" Gu Chen said with some hesitation.

"No." A mysterious smile leaked out of the corner of Zhao Feng's mouth.

"Then who is it? Can you stop them?" Xu Yong asked eagerly.

"Heh." Zhao Feng laughed lightly, and his mouth slowly spat out words that shook their bodies and minds, "Not to mention resisting, ten of them tied together are no match!"

"Really ...... Really?" Gu Chen's breath tightened, he was surprised at the same time, his heart also some doubts, there is really a person in the world who can beat the other ten people?

"Later you will know, all right, I will go over there to make a call first." Zhao Feng waved his hand and did not let them follow in, Zhao Feng walked to the side, took out his cell phone and dialed Zhang Han's phone number.

Listening to the beeping sound in the phone, Zhao Feng's heart is a little weak, before leaving home, the master also admonished himself to be fearless and fight a piece of heaven, the result is not much longer, he could not hold up.

Hey, it's all the fault of strength! Why am I such a vegetable!

Zhao Feng bitterly laughed in his heart.

Soon, the phone was connected, Zhao Feng whispered: "Master ah, that ......"

"What's wrong?"

"I can't hold on, the people they found on the other side are more powerful than me, I am now delaying the time, about 7:30 to start, master, help ah!"

"Oh, then wait a while, I'm cooking."

Zhang Han hung up the phone directly after he finished speaking.

Zhao Feng's expression is a bit stunned, master, your old man phone hung up too fast, did not even ask the address na!

How can this be good, Zhao Feng bitter smile, the phone into the pocket, turned around, his face changed into a breezy, slowly walked back.

"How about it? Did you find someone?" Gu Chen hurriedly asked.

"Well, wait a while, no need to worry about it." Zhao Feng's confident tone rekindled the crowd's hope.

On the other end, Zhang Han was cooking in the dining room, egg fried rice and clear noodles in soup were already out of the pot, and there were still choked shredded potatoes and tomatoes with sugar left.

When the two side dishes were ready and placed on the round dining table to eat with Meng Meng, Zhang Han glanced at the time, 7:05.

It seems that the time is still in time, Zhang Han also did not rush, let Mengmeng eat according to the usual speed of eating, about ten minutes later.

"Eat full, Mengmeng likes persimmons, so delicious." Mengmeng said with a small mouth.

"Then daddy will take you out for a drive, okay?" Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmeng's little brain.

"Okay, go for a ride!" When Meng Meng heard that, she was happy and her little arms were waving.

So Zhang Han directly picked up Mengmeng, at this time the restaurant was hot, there were still more than twenty people lined up at the entrance.

Zhang Han looked at Liang Mengqi and the others and said, "Which one of you has time, help me watch the restaurant for a while, I'll go out."

"There's time." Liang Mengqi nodded her head.

"I also have time, boss, just feel free to go out, we'll watch the restaurant." Sun Dongheng also spoke up.

Since his father's illness got better, Sun Dongheng's hair stood up again, this time not dyed in a more exaggerated color, but a much more understated khaki than before.

Obviously, this kid still loves to have fun, except that his parents are very free lately, and every time they come to dinner, he is not able to bring a girl over to pretend.

After Zhang Han smiled, nodded down and went out with Meng Meng in his arms, he took Meng Meng out and did not intend to take action himself, he was not interested in dealing with those people, so he got into the Panda car and drove directly to Crescent Hill.

When he arrived at the bottom of the mountain, Zhang Han let Meng Meng watch the cell phone video in the car for a while, he walked quickly to the jungle, the spiritual power running throat, called out big black.

A minute later, Big Black and Little Black ran over.

"Big Black Illusion, take you out to play a little." Zhang Han said with a smile.

"Oooooooooooo! Ha-chi ......"

Once you hear that you can go out and play, big black happy ass, pick up the illusionary body hanging around the neck bronze coin, stare at a few eyes, the body shape once again changed into a strong man twice as thick than Johnson.

"Oh yes, big black you future phantom body, do not let Meng Meng see." Zhang Han reminded.

First of all taking the little princess to cultivate immortality was something that would definitely be done in the future, but after considering it for a while, Zhang Han felt that Meng Meng's understanding was still in the midst of cognition right now, and as to whether or not to touch things about cultivating immortality right now, he felt that it was better to see what happens first and talk about it later.

"Wow!" Big Black scratched his head and responded with a response indicating that he knew.

He does not know what the reason is, but no matter what, obedience is finished, this guy can know, as long as obedience, the mountain livestock eat at will!

Then Zhang Han took Big Black towards the jungle outside, Little Black followed behind, to the edge of the jungle, it sat on the ground, its expression a little lost.

Since Big Black came, it seems to be out of favor, is it that the master also does not like himself?

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled and waved his hand at it, "You come too."

"Ow ow ow ow!"

Little Black was happy again all of a sudden, running and jumping to follow.

Big Black and Little Black got into the back seat, and when Mengmeng saw it, he said with some confusion, "Poop, this, um .... Who is this tall, big, big brother?"

"Also called big black."

"Eh?" Meng Meng heard a moment, the little guy some curious look over, stretched out a small hand waved, milk voice said.

"Hello big brother, you, you, how do you also called big black ah? My, good friend is also called big black, it is a big, very large gorilla."

At this time, the big black heard the words, the mouth pouted: "Oooooh ......"

Just barked twice, it rang the master's words, the heart jumped.

Oh no, a leak!

It's eyes turn, in a hurry, a wisdom, grin crooked big mouth, then called: "Whoo? Burp, howl ....."

The two voices, the big black feel can not be called, so the head to the side of a tilt, pretending to ignore the posture, while the eyes are staring at Meng Meng.

"Hiya, what are you talking about?" Meng Meng saw this person ignore himself, lightly hummed, dissatisfied said: "You ignore me, I still ignore you. Hmph."

Meng Meng finished, turned his head and ignored him with a small mouth.

Big Black scratched his head, a little confused expression, while Little Black waved his big tongue, eyes dripping to watch the state of affairs, but in his heart he gave praise to Big Black's acting skills.

After driving the car out for a few minutes, Zhang Han slightly froze, only to remember that he had not asked Zhao Feng's location, he took out his cell phone, calling Zhao Feng's phone and asked for the location, found that it was not far from his place, so Zhang Han drove over.

Meanwhile, under the Bay South Mountain.

Zhao Feng answered the phone, not a few minutes, old Biao glanced at his watch, sneered and said: "There are still three minutes, can the person you are looking for come? I tell you, whether they come or not, at 7:30, the fight will start on time! The opportunity has been given to you, you do not cherish it, then no one can blame."

"Oh, there's no need to rush." Zhao Feng smiled lightly and said, "The one who comes the latest is the real heavyweight."

"Is that so? Then I'm waiting for you for these last three minutes!" Old Biao's eyes narrowed, clapped his palms and said loudly, "Come, come, let's give them an open space first!"

After saying that, people on Old Biao's side took a few steps backward, leaving Li Ao Tian, Leng Yu brothers and other ten people on the front side.

At this time, Li Ao Tian moved down his stance, and a burst of sound rang out from the bones of his body.

He looked at Zhao Feng and said disdainfully, "You boys don't need to wait for anyone, anyone who comes is dead, crippling a five million, so that's what will happen to you."

"We, want four." One of the Leng Yu brothers said coldly.

"I want five." Li Aotian leaked out a wild and arrogant expression.

"Four, five? Then how many of us share one?" Another heavyweight opened his mouth, he frowned and said, "Two people on your side and three on your side, that's already enough, let's all raise our heads and not see each other, don't go too far, ten of them, one for each of us."

A few conversations, it seems to have regarded Zhao Feng and others as a plate of food, even the crowd behind Zhao Feng in fear and at the same time some anger, this is a ** naked ignorance.

"You guys just don't brag about it, the people I called, one hand sweeping ten of you!" Zhao Feng swept his gaze at the ten people in front of him and laughed lightly.

"What did you say?" Li Ao Tian's eyes glared, vaguely having the intention to make a move.

"Time is up, get ready to start!" Old Biao stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, and said with a fierce smile, "Zhao Feng ah Zhao Feng, I thought you could really find someone, but it turned out to be just empty-headed big words, hehe, enjoy yourself next."

"Who said it didn't come? This is not already here?" Zhao Feng's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked to the end of the side street.

At this time, everyone's eyes looked over, when they saw a small and cute panda car slowly driving by.

Ye Han, Dong Tianpeng, and Xia Shanhao's faces changed for a moment!