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Chapter 204 - The Wind Rises

Su Yu saw the situation hurriedly coaxed up, good talk, coaxed for more than ten minutes, only to let Wang Yihan fondly and Meng Meng goodbye. www.shuyaya.cc

"Mengmeng, I'm leaving, wait for the next time to come back to play with you."

"Mmm-hmm, next time I will take you to play with big black black and small black black them together, my poop built me a paradise." Mengmeng said with a smile and giggle.

"Is that so? Then I'll definitely come early tomorrow." Wang Yihan's eyes lit up.

Saying a word, he was picked up and left by Wang Jiawen who was laughing and shaking his head.

He had a full work schedule tomorrow, how could he have time to bring the little one over to play!

After they left, Meng Meng was also tired of playing and stood on the sofa and extended his little arm to Zhang Han.

"Poopie, want to sleep."

"Here you go." Zhang Han smiled and stretched out his arms, took Mengmeng in his arms, went upstairs to the bedroom, changed Mengmeng into comfortable pajamas, and the little princess climbed directly into the nest, muttering, "Come on, come on, tell Mengmeng a story."

Zhang Han took off his clothes, wearing only his four corner pants, and got into bed, and Mengmeng's little body moved and squeezed into Zhang Han's arms.

Ever since he met with his poop, the little one felt how comfortable it was to sleep under his father's strong arms, much better than sleeping alone on a crib.

"Where was the story? Yes, about the dwarf king, said that the dwarf king, very fond of gold and silver jewelry, once ......"

Zhang Han began to tell those Meng Meng did not hear the story, the little princess listened to a few minutes, then beeped little mouth to fall asleep, Zhang Han saw, lowered his head, in Meng Meng's little face a light kiss, then lie back and close your eyes.

If adults love to turn over in their sleep, legs like to press the quilt, then it is not suitable for children to sleep beside, but Zhang Han does not have this trouble, he can maintain a posture until dawn, think when the practice, that a sitting is several years ah!

At night in Hong Kong, there is a different flavor, the city lights like a dragon.

The area of Hong Kong is 1,000 square kilometers, the population of more than seven million, the population density is the world's top three, the fast pace of life, ordinary people live a very stressful day of work, physical and mental fatigue, only at night, they will get a little time to relax.

At eleven o'clock at night, the city is still very lively.

But at this time, in the southern district of the southern island, a series of things were happening.

South Liu Nan Road, located in the villa area of Mad Seven residence, there are dozens of people standing in the mansion, and they are all ready for a big fight tonight.

Mad Seven is also a ruthless man, never look at old Biao and the others, also feel that they are not united against themselves? Well then! Let's go straight to it! I'm ready, if you dare to come, I dare to do it, just see if you dare to make a big deal out of it!

Dare you?

The aftermath of the Tang War has not yet passed, and he thinks that if you give Old Bill a few guts, they will not dare to make a large-scale incident like the Tang War mansion out!

However, after waiting for a few hours, there was no movement there, and Mad Seven thought Old Bill had given up.

But the time just came to eleven o'clock.

Buzzing well buzzing well.

The door suddenly sounded a few sirens, which scared people, you know, this villa, but a lot of contraband hidden ah!

In the courtyard of the people's eyes, the number of police cars down a dozen people, they stride in, aggressive.

One of the leaders is a slim, cold-faced man.

Because their aura is very strong, let the people inside a little fear, after all, mice are naturally afraid of cats, but there are a few pricks are not afraid, frowning at the number of people walking.

"What are you doing? Gathering a crowd to cause trouble?" The cold-faced man in the lead questioned loudly.

"What do you mean by gathering a crowd to cause trouble?" A man in his thirties walked up to the front of the crowd and sneered, "We're having a party here, so what? Can't we? What's the matter with you guys?"

"Well, you better be having a party!

"Move what?" The man's eyes glared and said, "What do you want to do? Just say it, my big brother is in a meeting inside, no time!"

At these words, the cold-faced man's gaze was cold, and his right hand instantly took out a pitch-black gun from his back waist and pointed it at the man's head without saying a word.

"Do you dare to shoot?" The man was a bit stern.

But the next moment! Pop!

The cold-faced man smashed the man directly in the head as he said in a cold voice, "Don't make me say any more nonsense!"

After saying that, he directly led the way inside, and everywhere he passed, people took two steps backward to make way for this official who dared to do something.

Directly opened the door and went into the hall, there were seven or eight other people inside, Mad Seven was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette, seeing several police officers come in, his brow furrowed.

"Huh." Mad Seven sneered, stood up, took a few steps forward, and said, "What are you doing here? Who let you in? This is trespassing understand? Do you have a search warrant?"

"Oh." The cold-faced man grinned and raised his right hand!

Bang Bang!

Two shots hit Mad Seven's legs, and he sneered, "Sorry, this, is a search positive!"

After saying that, he swept his eyes coldly at the crowd and shouted, "Take all these suspects away for me!"

The words fell, others have stepped forward, escorting several people, in full view of the public to leave the mansion.

After getting into the police car, the painful Mad Seven saw these people in front of him take off their police uniforms, his heart jumped, and after seeing these people drive for a while, escorting them to change a few gold cup cars, his heart completely cooled down.

"You guys ...... Not the police, are you not afraid of being found out by doing this?" Mad Seven said in a trembling voice.

He also did not expect that Old Biao and the others would dare to make this play to steal the beam, with the current monitoring facilities, I'm afraid it will be discovered in a few minutes!

However, the cold-faced man sneered and said back with a slight tone of disdain.

"Of course I'm afraid, just ...... Now the monitoring facilities of this section of the road, seems to be broken ah!"

A word that made Mad Seven's face ashen!

On the other hand, An Xing District, Yue Di disguised, alone, sneaked out of the back door of the district, into a long-prepared inconspicuous black Volkswagen, into the car, he quickly drove towards the Xiangjiang International Airport, however, just reached the suburbs, the back side suddenly sounded a buzz, a line of a dozen super sports cars will Yue Di this car cut off.

"Yue Di, come with us!" One of the long-faced men who got out of the car sneered.

Yue Di's face changed greatly: "Aren't you ...... Not Ye Han's people?"

Once Tang War's two subordinates who were in charge of great power were easily taken down.

The last target, Gu Chen's territory, at one o'clock in the morning.

Many of Gu Chen's bars had a large-scale brawl, although it did not result in human lives, but the bars were smashed in a mess, and many of Gu Chen's subordinates were sent to the hospital.

Compared to the other two, he was the main battleground for this difficult bone.

The battle went on for two hours, Gu Chen's safe zone was getting smaller and smaller, and both he and Xu Yong together were in a crushed position.

"Brother Chen, what do we do now? I just got the news that Old Biao and his men have led a large number of people to come over." In Gu Chen's mansion, Xu Yong said worriedly.

He had pressed all his treasures on Gu Chen and willingly became a subordinate, but he didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to stop Old Biao's group.

"Ai ......" Gu Chen sighed deeply, he said somewhat helplessly, "Things have come to this, we can only take the last move."

"What?" Xu Yong said in confusion.

"Go to New Moon Bay!" Gu Chen said in a deep voice, "Meet up with Tiger and the others, maybe there is still a chance."

"That's all we can do." Xu Yong sighed.

They went straight out and took the men to Crescent Moon Bay to meet up with Tiger and the others at the Windy Bright Nightclub.

Ah Hu and others also did not sleep, all know that tonight is a very serious time, Gu Chen they can not stop, the next target is definitely Crescent Bay Ah Hu and them.

However, after their rendezvous, in the first floor hall of the Windy Night Club, the forest is as many as hundreds of people, which also makes the hearts of many people a peace of mind.

Time passed slowly, the sky is dawn, early morning at five o'clock, the door ushered in more than twenty gold cup cars.

Here they come!

The hearts of the people in the hall were shaken! In their eyes, Old Biao, Meng Wu and seven others got out of the car and just walked in like no one else!

What do they want?

People's hearts were a little surprised, can't they think that a few people can take down the nearly 100 people in the hall?

However, the way Old Biao and the others acted, they had the guts to do so. After they walked into the hall, people gave way to allow Old Biao and the other seven people to walk unhindered to Gu Chen and the others.

"Gu Chen, is this your last resort? I thought you would have some wonderful backhand, but the result ...... Inevitably, I was a little disappointed." Old Biao said with a snort.

"Disappointed?" Gu Chen sneered and said, "Then you try to do it directly?"

"No, no, no." Meng Wu shook his head repeatedly and said, "We are not stupid, a brawl of several hundred people is afraid that it will be difficult for anyone, now, I give you two ways, one, submit! If you submit ......"

"Say the next one directly!" Gu Chen frowned and interrupted.

No need to consider it at all, always hostile people, submit to them is just delaying their strike.

At this time, old Biao clapped his hands, laughed and said, "Then I'll say the second one, the second way, the ten-man battle! Now five o'clock, give you two hours, seven o'clock, the Bay South Mountain ten people battle, you win, this new moon Bay I do not set foot, you lose, then all roll up and get out!"

"Good!" Gu Chen pupils shrink, said: "Seven o'clock, we are on time!"

"Haha, painful, then I'll wait for you guys, I hope you can give some effort, don't find some crippled soldiers." Old Biao laughed disdainfully and turned to lead the way out.

After they left, Ah Hu, Xu Yong and other people look a little ugly, said: "Brother Chen, ten people war, we ...... also do not have those experts ah!"