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Chapter 176 - Loophole in the rules?

"Come on, let's go see how upscale this restaurant with a million dollar membership card really is! Heh. Top X 23 U S" Wang Jiawen skimmed his mouth and gave a faint laugh, and there was a faint disdain outside the words.

The first thing is that the company's members are not only the best, but also the best. When others injustice? And also let his father bought three membership cards! Bullying people old and easy to fool?

So that Wang Jiawen's heart, Zhang Han's restaurant is a great dissatisfaction.

"Well, Dad, they are happy, Dad so many years, or the first time to spend this money, maybe this restaurant is really special." Su Yu, of course, understands her husband, look at his expression to know his mind, so she opened her mouth to advise a

"That's not the same, if you are fooled, then this restaurant is a fraud." Wang Jiawen shook his head slightly, opened the door of the restaurant and walked in.

At once a smell of meat came to his nose.

"Hiss ...... This smell is very fragrant well!" Su Yu sniffed his nose, and there was a touch of awe in his gaze.

"There are indeed some doorways." Wang Jiawen's gaze also changed, that touch of disdain was blown away by this wafting fragrance, he swept a glance at the restaurant's environment, nodded secretly, also saw his parents at the inner table, also saw his girl was gnawing on the pig's feet with great interest.

"This should be our sitting place, sit down first." Su Yu pointed to the white dining table on one side.

"Hmm." Wang Jiawen nodded his head and sat down.

He was just about to open his mouth to call out to the waiter when Wang Qiang on the other side said with a light hum, "Don't sit down so fast first, the rice is at the kitchen counter, go and serve it yourself."

"Oh." Wang Jiawen's face paused and got up somewhat helplessly to go over.

When passing by the round dining table, Wang Yihan also looked up because of grandpa's words, and after seeing her mom and dad, she stretched out her meaty palm and waved, saying.

"Daddy, mommy, you're here too."

"Well, we are also here to eat with you guys." Wang Jiawen said with a light smile.

At the same time, his heart has a strange feeling, his parents in the back side of the meal, his own girl in others table to eat, himself and his wife are still standing here, parents pressed no invitation to sit down, daughter is also the same, although the rules are a membership card a person with, but polite also a meaning ah!

"Eh?" Meng Meng slightly froze, she hurriedly looked up at the two people next to the table, since they are the parents of their good friends, Meng Meng also drew out a small hand, smiling and greeting: "Hello uncle, hello aunt, I am Meng Meng, I am the new friend of Yihan."

"Mmmmmm, hello, Mengmeng is so pretty and cute." Su Yu's eyes lit up after seeing Meng Meng's delicate little face, it was the first time she had seen such a beautiful little child, with delicate cheeks like a princess in a fairy tale.

Only ...... She still thinks her baby is the best looking, of course, spelling face is not as good as Meng Meng, but their own girl is more lovely ah, look, chubby look, so cute it.

"Well hello hello."

On the other hand, Wang Jiawen, the answer is somewhat perfunctory, because his eyes are about to fall into the dishes on the table, the proximity of the meat smell more intense, which makes him a successful business man, have been secretly gulping saliva.

"Mengmeng, you are eating a pig's feet ah, this pig's feet is really delicious it." Wang Yihan ignored it even after greeting, and after seeing that the pig's feet in Mengmeng's hand were almost chewed, she grabbed a pig's foot and handed it to Mengmeng herself.

"Mm-hmm, Yihan, you eat it too, this is for you." Meng Meng giggled as she grabbed the last pig's foot from her plate and delivered it to Wang Yihan's plate.

"Hey hey hey, Meng Meng you are so nice." Wang Yihan said so happily.

The two little ones started eating again.

"Er ......" Seeing that his own girl also ignored himself, the corner of Wang Jiawen's mouth trembled and pulled Su Yu and said, "Then let's go serve rice and eat."

Walking to the kitchen counter, after seeing that there was only a little fried rice with eggs, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu both froze a little.

Their eyes scanned the restaurant again and finally found a cruel fact - not members only have fried rice!

So the two people helplessly each served an egg fried rice, sat back in their chairs, both a bit sullen.

They are at least worthy people, when did they come out to eat only egg fried rice?

But when the two tasted the first bite of egg fried rice, just like those people once, they were shocked, confused, and finally turned into enjoyment.

Halfway through the meal, the two men's eyes drifted to the round table again, looking at the top of a dish that was simply an unimaginable temptation.

At the same time the more the two people eat, the more depressed, so easy to come out to eat with the family, the results ...... The two of them are the most miserable, in addition to egg fried rice, nothing to eat.

Finally, when Wang Yihan finished eating the second pig's feet, she realized that her parents only had egg fried rice to eat.

"Awwww ......"

Wang Yihan pouted and pondered, her heart still hurt for her parents, so she looked at Meng Meng and said in consultation; "Meng Meng, are we good friends?"

"Well... Yes."

"Then, then... I want to what, I want to serve a little bit of food to my dad and mommy, okay?" Wang Yihan hesitantly said what was in her mind, and her gaze was a little nervous after she finished.

"Well ......" Meng Meng just wanted to agree, and then remembered that members can't eat, so she looked at Zhang Han with a beeping little mouth.

Before the little one could say anything, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head, and said to Wang Yihan very casually, "Sheng dish, it's okay, clip some of the same."

"Thank you uncle, then, then I will use my plate to serve the dishes, okay?" Wang Yihan pointed to her larger plate with some apprehension.


"Hehehehehe ......" Wang Yihan smiled happily as she picked up her chopsticks and tried to clip the dish, however, she could only reach the nearest potted pork, no way, who let the little one's arms were too short.

Zhang Li saw the situation and could not help but purse her lips and smile, she took a disposable chopsticks, except for the egg and tomato soup, each kind of dish clip some.

"Thank you, auntie." Wang Yihan said a thank you, then climbed off the chair, carrying the dinner plate step by step to run to Wang Jiawen.

"Dad, mommy, the dishes here are so delicious, I've served some for you guys too, so you guys eat quickly." Wang Yihan said as she placed the dinner plate on the table.

Seeing this scene, Wang Jiawen's tears almost fell down, this dish they have been craving for half a day, or daughter loves herself!

"Thank you baby." Su Yu said with great relief.

Delivered the dish, Wang Yihan completed the task, said a: I go back to eat pig's feet la, finished and ran back to the round table.

"Hahahaha..." Wang Jiawen laughed happily a few times, he picked up a piece of pork ribs and sent it to Su Yu's plate, saying, "You love braised pork ribs the most, try it."

"You eat too." Su Yu also gave him a piece.

After the two people put the ribs into their mouths, their gazes changed completely.

The heart of 10,000 pop-ups drifted by quickly.

On the contrary, the diners who were eating on the back side of the two, seeing this scene, were stunned.

Nani? Not a member can also eat the restaurant's dishes!


What is the situation?

"This ...... Oh my god!" One of the balding men said with wide eyes, "I seem to have found a loophole in this restaurant's rules!"

"Yes, yes! I pieced together, I finally found out that it's still possible to do this, to give the boss's daughter a good slip and you can taste the member's dishes without being a member!" The man on the opposite side said in a shocked voice.

"Great, it's as if I see a ray of hope, this is really great news, no, I have to talk to my friends." The balding man took out his cell phone with gusto.

At this time, the opposite side of the companion unmercifully blow: "What's the use of saying? Can a bunch of you old bachelors get kids?"

"Ah ......" The bald man's hand paused, he put down his phone, his expression was incomparably stiff, and sighed, "You're right."

As he spoke, he suddenly saw his companion's smug look, so he said with no good grace, "What are you proud of? Speak as if you have children!"

"Hahahaha, I indeed do not have ......" The companion smiled with a bitchy expression and said a factual pause for several seconds, and the next words almost made the balding man spurt blood:.

"But my old sister has ah! Ha, did not expect it, right? My old sister's child is also three years old, hum, wait until my next visit before I go to borrow children, then you will watch me eat vegetables, I am not at all possible to give you to eat, a little vegetable soup is not given, greedy you."

"Shit, you're shameless!" The balding man said with a scowl, "But if you can eat the food here, nothing else is a matter."

"That is natural, can eat a million, oh no, ten million members can only eat the dishes, I can go back and a few friends to blow a month of bullshit!" The companion said with a big smile.

"Oh, can borrow a child so smug, you do not need to blow, you can borrow, we can also borrow." The balding man's eyes narrowed.

"How can you guys borrow? You don't have relatives with children in Xiangjiang either."

"Who says it has to be relatives?" The bald man smiled meaningfully and said, "I have a good relationship with the parents of a few kids in my neighborhood, oh, there's nothing wrong with bringing their kids out to enjoy the food, right?"

"Holy shit, you're even more shameless ......"

When they saw this scene, they were already thinking about borrowing a kid to come over and please Meng Meng and then taste the member's dish.

Just ...... just don't know if they can borrow it.

Today's dinner, for those who ate the whole pig feast, seemed to be a magical experience.

When Wang Jiawen's family was leaving, Wang Yihan reluctantly said goodbye to Mengmeng.

Even Wang Jiawen changed his attitude and shook Zhang Han's hand very affectionately, saying repeatedly.

"Brother Jen's meal is the best I've ever eaten, there is no one, one million membership is indeed worth every penny, hey, only now the price has increased, ten million a piece I still can't afford ah, why don't you boss one million a piece, I directly set five how?"

For this statement, Zhang Han only slightly shook his head.

This also let Wang Jiawen leave with a light sigh, just now he did have that idea, a million a piece, he really wanted to buy a few, 10 million words, his value is not high enough to that extent.

After they left, Zhang Li and two girlfriends also left one after another, while Zhao Feng remained in the restaurant after cleaning up.

After seeing this, Zhang Han directly waved his hand and said, "You don't have to stay in the restaurant all the time, just do the same as before, I'll call you if there's usually something."

"Okay boss, then I'll go back first, tomorrow find a house to rent in the vicinity, right boss, my cell phone number is still the same as before, if there is anything to call my apprentice directly." Zhao Feng said and walked out.

After leaving the door, he pondered and picked up his cell phone and dialed Tiger's number.

"Call all the brothers, tonight, let's get together."

He hung up the phone directly after saying that, sighing lightly, tonight's party, it is also considered a farewell banquet.