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Chapter 15: Rent a Restaurant

At three o'clock the next morning, Zhang Han was awakened by a knock on the door. Top X 23 U S

"What the hell?"

Zhang Han opened his eyes in a daze, frowned slightly, got up and opened the door, and standing in front of the door was Manager Ma who came in the first wave yesterday.

With two dark circles under his eyes, he said in an apologetic tone, "Mr. Zhang, I'm really sorry to disturb your rest, may I, may I ask you to go out to the sauna and have a chat by the way?"

"No go." Zhang Han hadn't slept well yet and intended to close the door and go back to sleep.

A trace of anxiety flashed across Manager Ma's face and he said, "Mr. Zhang, give it a second chance, I've been at your doorstep all night, now if you go to sleep, others will come to disturb you later, why don't you come out with me, I guarantee you'll get the best rest."

Zhang Han smiled and raised his eyebrows.

It is said that the early bird has the worm to eat, this kid is more of a bird that has been waiting for a night.

"You wait for me for a while."

Zhang Han touched a handful of face, also did not close the door, directly changed clothes to go, Ma manager saw the situation slightly relieved.

Five minutes later, Zhang Han went downstairs with him to a nearby high-end bathing sauna to rest.

They left just before, not more than twenty minutes later, another manager arrived, only the later was destined to pounce.

After waking up, Manager Ma treated him to breakfast and then took Zhang Han to the head office, where the regional manager led him to the exchange to sign the contract.

At 12:00 noon, all the formalities were done properly.

Zhang Han's bank card also had 18 million more, so he called Liu Mang directly, asked for his bank card number, and remitted 2 million to him.

After finishing these time also came to the afternoon.

Now there are 17.6 million left in the bank card, after 10 million to rent the mountain costs there are still 7.6 million left.

Seven million six hundred thousand, seems to be a lot, but can do not do much.

At one o'clock, Zhang Han drove the Jeep Wrangler and made a few turns around the Crescent Mountain area.

The matter of renting the mountain is in sight, then the next thing to do is to find a temporary place to settle down.

Although there is a pool of spiritual water in the New Moon Mountain, the function of the spiritual water is only to turn the land of the New Moon Mountain into spiritual soil, and it cannot all evolve into pure Yang. Water, much less provide energy to allow all the items can be transformed.

So the transformation of the new moon mountain or according to the original plan, first get the back of the mountain area, the residential area and the front of the mountain area can only slowly improve.

"And rent a house."

Zhang Han pondered and directly took out his cell phone and dialed the cell phone of the manager of the agency Ma.

Hearing that Zhang Han wanted to rent a house, Manager Ma was very enthusiastic, he had gotten a million reward for this house deal, so it was reasonable to be enthusiastic.

He asked Zhang Han to come to the company to take a look at the photos of the house first, and promised that he would not charge an agency fee if Zhang Han rented the house, indirectly expressing his gratitude.

Zhang Han didn't say anything and drove directly to his company, a small backstreet store with a total of twelve or thirteen employees inside.

Manager Ma was standing at the door, and when he saw Zhang Han arrive, he warmly greeted him.

"Welcome Mr. Zhang, come, please come inside."

Walking into the house and sitting on the sofa, Manager Ma took out a box of 20 yuan mint flavored Zhongnanhai from his bag, handed one to Zhang Han and lit it for him, and after lighting a cigarette himself, he smiled and asked.

"I wonder what kind of house Mr. Zhang wants to rent?"

"A house in Crescent Bay, something better." Zhang Han replied.

"A better one?" Manager Ma pondered and said, "The better ones in Crescent Bay are villas, about four million or so a year, and then there are the view building rentals, those over one hundred square feet cost more than one and a half million a year, as for the other small houses as well as apartments I don't think Mr. Zhang can see them."

"Well, is there a photo?" Zhang Han asked.

"Yes, Mr. Zhang come with me."

Manager Ma got up at the word and led Zhang Han to his computer desk, Manager Ma searched the listings of Crescent Bay on the agency's system.

He looked at everything from villa rooms to various family rooms.

The decoration was even more varied, some were European and American style, some were modern style, but only a few could be looked at by Zhang Han.

"Where is the location of this villa?" Zhang Han said, pointing to a message.

This villa was the only one Zhang Han could look at, decorated without pompous luxury, the house was interspersed with white and blue and grass green, with a sense of freshness close to nature.

However, the price of this rental is also a bit expensive, with an annual rent of four and a half million.

"This villa is on Yongxing Road, which is in the middle of the Crescent Bay and Zhukeng district." Manager Ma nodded and said.

"It's a little far away. ......" Zhang Han raised an eyebrow.

The ideal location in mind is close to the Crescent Mountain, so that he can also go up to the mountain at any time to take care of, if it is far, it is also more trouble to go back and forth.

"Far?" Manager Ma was slightly stunned and asked, "Which area of the house does Mr. Zhang want to rent?"

"Something close to Crescent Moon Mountain." Zhang Han replied.

"Over at Crescent Hill ......" Manager Ma pondered up and searched several streets in the system, yet there were no suitable houses either.

"Is Mr. Zhang living by himself?" There was no housing, Manager Ma sat a bit waxed, thinking of ways while talking with Zhang Han.

"Living with my daughter temporarily, mainly just to make some delicious meals for her." Meng Meng's cute little figure floated through Zhang Han's mind, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but hang a smile.

"Cooking?" Manager Ma brightened up and said, "I think there is a way feasible, Mr. Zhang with your unique (picky) eye for decoration, I think you can rent a small market house, decorate it yourself and so on expiration can also be out, residential houses are not good to move the decoration."

"Market house?" Zhang Han's eyes narrowed.

Open a restaurant?

But also can, Meng Meng is only three years old, eat less, every meal made out of excess rice can also be sold, more importantly, the decoration is not satisfied with the transformation can be arbitrary.

This point Zhang Han is still more concerned, the pursuit of quality of life, Zhang Han has never let himself be aggrieved, let alone now have Meng Meng, that is more can not be aggrieved little princess ah!

So Zhang Han nodded and said.

"It's okay, is there a photo to look at?"

"Yes." Manager Ma laughed twice and searched for door-to-door rooms near Crescent Hill.

At first the search was for small market houses of 60 to 70 square meters, which in Manager Ma's opinion was enough for the two of them, him and his daughter.

But Zhang Han kept shaking his head: "It's too small, look at the bigger ones."

Manager Ma searched for larger ones again, and finally, after looking at two dozen, he finally saw the house Zhang Han nodded to.

"This set of houses is one with two market houses, the first floor is a breakfast store, the second floor is a household, is a pair of elderly couple opened, the location is closest to the Crescent Hill, I have been there twice the other day, business is not bad, if not for the old couple has a grandson who needs their care, then they will not be traded."

Manager Ma introduced while clicking on the picture and said.

"The first floor is relatively simple, one hundred and thirty square meters, only the breakfast counter and some tables and chairs, the second floor is a family-style main house, the decoration is not bad, two rooms and one hall layout, south-facing house, lighting is also good, comprehensive speaking is the transformation of the space is large, I think it is quite suitable for you."

Zhang Han looked at a photo, finally nodded in satisfaction and said.

"This one is okay."

"Is Mr. Zhang satisfied with the price of this suite? It costs four million, including one year and three months' rent, I think we can still negotiate with them." Manager Ma said with a smile.

"No need to bargain." Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

"Okay, then I'll take you over to see for yourself."

Manager Ma smiled, got up and led Zhang Han outward, he was driving a black Honda Accord.

Here in Xiangjiang, there are private cars are generally good life, the car is not expensive, compared with the mainland to be much cheaper, after all, less tax money, but car maintenance is relatively much more expensive, fuel costs nearly two dollars, plus parking fees and other nonsense, remember a professional calculations, car maintenance a month at least are small five thousand, count it, 60,000 a year, is also a not low cost.

Led by Manager Ma, the two came to the restaurant they were ready to see on Dawn Road.

On the way to the manager has contacted, so after entering the house a couple in their early fifties is sitting in the living room talking.

When they saw the visitor, the two couples said hello and took Zhang Han to look at all parts of the house. The layout of the upstairs was also good, there was not much furniture, it was all packed away, the whole was very clean, the dining table and other supplies on the first floor were all there, within the scope of the offer.

One hundred and thirty square meters, a hall was originally very large, but with two pieces of board wall to get a kitchen, it does not look so big.

The layout was good, and there was plenty of room for renovation, so Zhang Han immediately slapped the board, and Manager Ma signed a transfer contract for both sides, so the restaurant would belong to Zhang Han for more than a year from now.

After the old couple left, Manager Ma and Zhang Han sat on the chairs in the hall.

"I'll transfer the agency fee to you as well."

Zhang Han opened his mouth and said, but Manager Ma shook his head and refused.

"Mr. Zhang, I'm grateful that you chose me to deal with your house, so don't mention the brokerage fee."

Zhang Han smiled lightly at his words, shook his head and asked, "Do you know any decoration companies?"

"Yes, I will contact them for you now?" Manager Ma replied.


Manager Ma contacted a decoration company by phone in person, and within half an hour, two men in suits knocked on the door and walked in.

One was a middle-aged man with a Chinese face, and the other was a young man of twenty-four or twenty-five wearing glasses.

"Hello Mr. Zhang, I'm Zhao Kai, the manager of Blue Road Decoration Company." The middle-aged man greeted with a smile.

After looking around the house, he felt that the renovation should not be for a few years, and it was all still well maintained. He felt in his heart that maybe Zhang Han wanted to renovate or make small changes, so Zhao Kai opened his mouth and asked.

"How does Mr. Zhang want to renovate? Is it a renovation on the original basis or do you want to change it in a location you don't like?"

However, Zhang Han's answer left him a little confused.

"Tear down and reinstall."


Except for Manager Ma, Zhao Kai and the young man froze.

"The second floor is all torn down and redecorated, and the second floor is decorated in the original layout." Zhang Han added.

A big deal!

Zhao Kai's eyes lit up and hurriedly asked.

"Does Mr. Zhang want all-inclusive or half-inclusive?"

All-inclusive is the decoration of the package, the price is relatively high, half package is the package of light work and auxiliary materials, the main floor tiles, wall tiles, boards and other main materials are Zhang Han is responsible for.