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Chapter 103 - The evaluation of the food secret agent (8th shift)

Although the blond man's words were not malicious, but it always sounded like he was praising Michelin, and the questioning in his tone as if he was saying that this place was no better than others, which made Liang Mengqi's heart upset up, so he directly opened his mouth to dislike it. www.shuyaya.cc

"This... Okay then."

The blond man smiled bitterly, took a glass of milk and walked back to the table, took out his phone as he sat down, and recorded on his notepad.

Moe's casual restaurant.

Restaurant food: 100

Dining environment: 60

Service: 30

Wine pairing: 0

This is the evaluation for this restaurant, 100 is a full score, 60 is a passing score line, from here you can see that this person is a food evaluator.

He is the Michelin food spy!

Michelin restaurant, is the Michelin Red Book of food and restaurants around the inclusion of the restaurant, but also a very authoritative restaurant in the world today, has a high honor, countless restaurants want to get this honor.

Because with a star, it represents both fame and fortune.

Michelin restaurants are judged by at least one pair of knife and fork marks representing Michelin. This mark is the basic tasting standard of Michelin guide for restaurants, ranging from the highest five pairs of knives and forks to one pair, this is to indicate the comfort level of the restaurant.

Five fork spoons represent luxury and traditional style, four fork spoons represent supreme comfort, three fork spoons represent very comfortable, two fork spoons represent comfort, and one fork spoon represents basic comfort.

Michelin stars are judged by a select group of "culinary spies" called "inspectors".

Whenever they visit a restaurant or hotel, the inspectors need to conceal their identities and sneak in to stay and taste. They need to refer to the rating items include the restaurant's food (60%), dining environment (20%), service (10%) and wine pairing (10%).

Originally, the blond man was going to someone else's house, but seeing the hotness of Zhang Han's restaurant, he couldn't help but come over, intending to try and see if the restaurant had the taste of a starred restaurant.

For the Michelin star restaurant rating also has a difficult, by a number of food secret agent tasting plus twelve times a year visit, after the Michelin headquarters review to finalize, because of the complex serious, so authoritative.

There are a total of three levels of star restaurants, with one star representing a good restaurant that is worth stopping to try.

Two stars represent top-notch cooking, offering excellent food and wine pairings that are worth the detour, but not the expense.

Three stars, the highest, represents perfection and culinary excellence, and is worth the trip for the superb cuisine, the excellent wine selection, the flawless service and the elegant dining environment, but it costs a fortune.

Michelin restaurants, in China, are only available in Xiangjiang and Aomen, and there are no Michelin-starred restaurants in the mainland.

Perhaps it is also because the food is too diverse and complex, so that those food spies have no way to start.

The blond man as a food secret agent, work is also a kind of travel and enjoyment, just after recording the news, he picked up the milk and took a sip.

Goudou ...... Gobble Gobble Gobble ....

The first sip went down and couldn't stop, and the blond man was a little confused after he finished drinking.

So he picked up his phone again and felt that the comment he had just made was a bit unrealistic and there was no note, so he rewrote it.

Restaurant food: 1000, note: super delicious, unimaginable taste, the supreme enjoyment of the taste buds, more delicious than the vast majority of three-star restaurants.

Dining environment: 50, note: the facade is very small, the location of diners crowded, and strangers at the same table, the experience of comfort is not qualified.

Service: 20: The boss has a poor service attitude, making diners serve themselves and pay for themselves, the restaurant takes a membership system, non-members can eat very little food, the first ten membership cards million, the next ten million.

Wine pairing: 0, note: no alcohol is provided.

This experience was special for the blond man, and the meal was super tasty.

So good that he gave a score ten times higher than the full score, and in the eyes of the usual people seem to be a family-friendly restaurant environment, in his eyes failed, only gave fifty points, twenty points for service, or a friendly score, if not this food is really good, he would like to give zero points.

The food is good, the service has bad, which makes the blond man's heart a little hard to bear, obviously want to praise and praise this restaurant, but he can not say falsehoods, otherwise that other agents over the time will not look at his joke?

And as a food agent, he is also very professional ethics, it is impossible to leak his identity as a Michelin food secret agent to the restaurant personnel.

Of course, this person feels, looking at the attitude of this boss and diners, it seems that even if the identity will be said, people do not bring gripe you.

'When did Michelin actually stop eating?'

The blond man's heart some doubts, to know as a world-class authority restaurant rating, that if the next restaurant, can make the restaurant's turnover soaring, can be said to be the fame and fortune.

But it seems that the owner of this restaurant, not much idea ah? Does he not have big ambitions? Even the payment is to let the diners themselves to put the money randomly at the bar, and not to ask the diners whether to swipe the card, whether the cash and so on, this service, simply bad!

If not for the extremely delicious food, the blond man must have jumped up and left two words of disdain and drifted away, but now he is a bit reluctant to leave.

"Unfortunately, if this place has the environment and service of any three-star restaurant, then this restaurant must be one of the best star restaurants in the world."

The blond man sighed lightly and wanted to sit and rest for a while when a diner who had just entered in front of him coughed lightly and reminded.

"Brother, you've been sitting here frozen for half a day, still eating or not? There are many people queuing outside, please don't waste other people's time, don't you know the rules of this restaurant? The rest time after the meal for non-members should not exceed five minutes, please respect everyone's feelings, thank you."

The blond man faintly froze, and then his face turned red with a swish.

What the hell?

Just after the meal, he was being whisked away?

For a while he had extremely complicated emotions in his heart, shock, anger, depression, and confusion.

At the same time there was also a kind of shame that he really delayed others, his expression stiffened, his lips wriggled a few times, and finally nothing came out, he stood up blankly, walked to the computer counter, looked at Zhang Han and asked.

"Just now the Qing sugar noodles stomp slightly thousand (how much is the clear soup noodles)?"

However the boss, in his gaze, walked straight up the stairs to the second floor.


Ignore? What an attitude! What do you mean?

The blond man's heart was instantly on fire, standing here with his eyes staring, staying or leaving, completely dumbfounded.

It's not that Zhang Han didn't pay attention to him, because he didn't notice him, so many people talking in the restaurant, without first calling the word 'boss', that Zhang Han how to know is talking to him.

"Clear soup noodles three hundred, eat your own meal to calculate how much money to put there on the line."

The good thing is that Liang Mengqi has some understanding of the restaurant's prices, since the clear soup noodles are open for sale to the public, it must be the same price as the egg fried rice.

The blond man pursed his lips after hearing the words, half a sound did not speak, took out his wallet and counted a dozen directly on the bar, turned around and left cleanly.

"Bad! Bad! Simply bad! What kind of service attitude is this?"

"The customer is God, how to his restaurant, but he looks like God?"

"This is unbelievable!"

"I will never come back next time! With this attitude, the food is not even good!"

After leaving the restaurant, the blond man was angry and muttered for a while, and returned to his place with a twisted heart, which usually has the habit of napping, he did not sleep all afternoon, when he closed his eyes is the restaurant scene.

More interesting is to the evening, this guy was going to go to another restaurant 'work', but once out, he said with some hesitation.

"Huh? What's the taste of that egg fried rice and noodles again?"

"It seems like I tasted it a little fast at noon and forgot about it, what should I do?"

"No, I have to taste it at."


So then, the goods at six o'clock in the evening, honestly went over to the dinner line, the mouth said no, but the body is very honest it.

Of course, this is an afterthought.

The line of sight returned to the restaurant.

When the blond man left, the back of the people also know that the restaurant has a new product, so almost everyone asked for a clear soup noodles, even those who did not like the clear soup noodles, in that rise and fall 'bared' sound, but also involuntarily added to their own meals, this eat, it is clear why people do not care to eat.

The taste is also too fragrant, not only fragrant, but also very fresh, the smoothness of the noodles. Moist, tenderness, taste, all no longer enrich the enjoyment of people's taste buds.

Restaurant second floor.

"Aigoo, eat up, where is this still noodles ah, this is simply, simply indescribable, brother-in-law, my admiration for you is a torrent of river water continuous, too fierce also!" Zhou Fei finished eating, body limp on the sofa, eaten too much only feel weak, but her gaze is incomparable admiration looking at the side of Zhang Han, the tone of voice some lazy said.

"Phew... I also did not control, so full so full." Zhang Li fell next to Zhou Fei with a happy taste on her face.

"So delicious, this is still the most delicious pasta I've eaten since I was a kid, hum, good intention, just want to conquer us by food." Zi Yan's beautiful eyes looked at Zhang Han in a different light.

She also ate two bowls of noodles in clear soup, ate with pleasure, her mood was even more pleasant, her body leaned on the sofa ready to rest for a moment, not wanting to move at all yet.

"Aiyaaaaaa." Mengmeng fell on his head on Ziyan's slender legs, she patted her little belly and said with a beep: "It's over, it's over, poop, huh, it's your fault, Mengmeng's belly is getting bigger, what should I do? It's going to be ugly, Boing! I don't want to."

Mengmeng patted her stomach twice and felt as if it was bulging out a little, so she was startled for a moment.

The little princess is very smelly.

"It's okay." When Zhang Han saw Meng Meng's appearance, he couldn't help but smile and said, "The food in New Moon Mountain is all easily digestible, so Meng Meng doesn't have to worry about growing fat, but of course, don't sleep after eating like a little pig."