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Chapter 1 Rebirth




On a platform, hundreds of people gathered around screaming and cheering, the crowd was surrounded by dozens of cars, most of which were supercars. Top X 23 U S

The most attention-grabbing place is the two cars that are about to run.

One is the most expensive red Ferrari 488, worth more than four million, it is next to the cheapest Ford Mustang, worth half a million, two cars together to form a stark contrast.

This is the duel between Liu Feng, the newest young man in Shangjing, and Zhang Han, one of the former four young men.

In the Ford Mustang side, Zhang Han silently leaned on the car door, his clothes are sloppy, his hair is very long, when the head down bangs Haier will cover his eyes, people can not see his tightly closed eyes, from the lower part of his leaked knife carved cheeks, can still vaguely see the unique handsome young Zhang back then, but now the temperament has become full of decadence.

As for Liu Feng, in the crowd on the right, like the stars holding the moon, his expression as if to say that the world is under his feet.

"Let's go see the once high and mighty young Zhang."

Liu Feng waved his hand, the corners of his mouth hung a cold smile led the way.

"Zhang Da Shao?"

When he got close, Liu Feng saw that Zhang Han did not respond, so he said in a gloomy voice: "What's wrong? Did you fall asleep? The formerly unbeatable Zhang Da Shao is now in such a despondent state, tsk, before the start of the competition, still pretending what cold ah my Zhang Da Shao!"

As soon as he opened his mouth, the followers around him who wanted to show off echoed one after another, saying.

"He looks like a poor beggar to me now!"

"No, I think he's even worse than a beggar, maybe he's living on pig food."


The side of the Ford Mustang, stood a roll fat glasses child man, his legs side of a three or four-year-old little girl.

The little girl long pink carved, wearing a white dress, delicate little face like a cute princess in a fairy tale, except that the hair is a little messy other perfect, but at this time the little girl's big clear eyes contain tears of aggression, listening to the crowd on Zhang Han's count, she seems to be on the verge of tears.

If placed in the usual way, it is estimated that the little girl's lovely appearance will attract a lot of attention, but now, this is Liu Feng's time to perform alone.

A burst of mocking abuse finally made Zhang Han have a reaction.

When Zhang Han opened his eyes for a moment, there was bewilderment in his eyes, and seeing the behavior of the people in front of him his gaze was fixed, and his eyes were filled with a sense of contempt for the world.

"You and other ants also dare to bark in front of this daddy?"

Zhang Han's mouth suddenly burst out such an inexplicable sentence.

The whole room was silent, but the next moment, a cacophony of laughter with sarcasm rang out.

"Zhang Han, I think you're fucking crazy, right?"

"I'm afraid I'm not turning into a fool."


The crowd once again mocked up, but Zhang Han froze when he saw the picture in front of him.

"Isn't this when I was racing with Liu Feng in Wolfbound Mountain in '09?"

"Why am I here?"

"Wasn't I crossing the heavenly tribulation?"

"Could it be that ..... I'm back?"

"I was reborn by the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder of the Heavenly Tribulation?"

A tremor flashed across Zhang Han's eyes.

Zhang Han's memory, five years ago, the Zhang family was one of the eight families in Shangjing, Zhang Han's father was the head of the family at that time, so Zhang Han was not afraid of the sky and the earth, but once when his family was traveling by plane, they were hit by a plane crash halfway, and his parents and sister were killed, and his second uncle Zhang Ming served as the head of the family, but he was not able to stop the Zhang family's despondency.

Zhang Han was devastated at the time and believed that his family was victimized and began to privately investigate Zhang Ming, who had always hated his father, but was discovered by him, plus Zhang Han had offended many people before and was eventually expelled from the Zhang family.

By now it has been five years, Zhang Han refused to leave, has always wanted to investigate things clearly, the days are very bitter but also always insisted, until this time the wolf line mountain incident.

Remember when in this wolf line mountain racing, he was seriously injured in an accident, lost both arms, crippled for five years eventually jumped off a cliff to die, did not expect to accidentally enter the world of cultivation.

Beginning to contact the immortal cultivation, Zhang Han then awakened the natural divine ability - smell treasure nose, his nose can smell the scent of treasures within a certain range.

With this talent, five hundred years, Zhang Han hard to use a variety of treasures to build up the cultivation to the extreme, to reach the stage of the tribulation, fame shocked the world, become one of the hot characters to cross the heavenly tribulation ascension to the immortal world.

But who would have thought that the time to cross the heavenly tribulation, but again due to the essence of the unstable foundation and unbearable.

"Why not five years ago ah?"

Zhang Han's expression raised a trace of despondency.

Not doing filial piety has always been the biggest regret in Zhang Han's heart, before his relatives left, he was young and naive, and caused a lot of trouble for his father, and even said a lot of words that made his mother sad, all of which could not be undone no matter how much he regretted.

All good filial piety is the first, Zhang Han at the time, although rebellious, but the heart of love for parents is not less than others.

Even in the subsequent five hundred years of cultivation, Zhang Han's heart will always float through a sentence.

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, the son wants to raise but his parents do not wait.

"Zhang Han!"

A cold voice interrupted Zhang Han's contemplation, looking up, only to see Liu Feng's gaze coldly looking at himself.

"Five years ago you drove me out of Shangjing City! Today, five years later, I, Liu Feng, the King of Los Angeles Cars, have returned strongly, while you, Zhang Han, are living like a pig or a dog! Remember, today I, Liu Feng, will make you, Zhang Han, leave Shangjing City horizontally!"

"Oh, so powerful?" Zhang Han refused with a surprised cry, "Then I won't compete."

Liu Feng was stunned, facial muscles trembled, felt like a punch in the air, thief uncomfortable.

"Zhang Han! I'm adding some color to you in this race." Liu Feng shook the keys of the Ferrari in his hand and said, "As long as you win me, this car is yours."

"Then I'll be too generous." Zhang Han said with a smile on his face.


Liu Feng sneered, raised his hand and ordered his men: "Set up the screen!"

With these words, the people behind him set up several TV screens, and at the same time, remote-controlled planes were also raised at various places on Wolf Mountain, and the screens were turned on, and the footage from each remote-controlled plane was transmitted back, reflecting the entire track of Wolf Mountain.

"Get ready to start!"

Liu Feng nodded darkly to the fat man with glasses on the back side of the Ford Mustang and sat in the Ferrari.

But when Zhang Han was about to enter the Ford Mustang, behind him came a timid, milky soft cry of.

"Daddy, e on,? beat the bad guys (beat the bad guys)"

Zhang Han froze, turned his head and saw the little princess standing at the fat man's feet.

"Pretty cute little girl how randomly call people dad?"

Zhang Han shook his head in amusement.

"Brother Han, you can definitely win!" The fatty shook his fist at Zhang Han and made an encouraging look.

"With your good advice, your car will bring me luck." Zhang Han gave him a faint look and sat sideways in the Mustang.

A tall beauty in a bikini walked up to the two cars, held two small flags in both hands and raised them high:.


The engines of the two cars roared with anger at the same time.

Inside the Ferrari, the corner of Liu Feng's mouth hung a smug smile.

The fat man on the back side leaked a meaningful smile.

The lovely princess at his feet is full of fear and worry, her eyes are filled with tears, and she's a pity.

And Zhang Han in the Mustang, the corners of his mouth hung a cold smile.

"Colluding to try to harm me?"

"Unfortunately, I am not the same person I was back then."

"Even if I don't have any cultivation now, how can you and other ants provoke?"