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Chapter 477 - Poor man?!!!

Only to see Xiao Bai's hind foot on Quan Yan Zi's chest, red with a slightly barbed tongue, intimately licking Zhao Yan Zi's delicate neck.

And dare to molest girls! Hao Ren really can't look past it, ruthlessly grabbed the little white neck and threw it to the beach.

Little white shaking his head, not the slightest intention to repent. It is also very smart, early through the sea swimming, crawl to the yacht deck behind the lifebuoy, quietly hiding, has been hidden until they arrived at the island, it popped ether out again, in a vain attempt to create an established fact, so that Hao Ren can not send it back to more "go, first go to the hotel to put things down." Zhao Hongyu said easily.

Wearing a swimsuit Zhao Hongyu, looking a few years younger than before, Yue Yang suddenly felt that Hao Zhonghua did not come, is also right "like Zhao Hongyu such a mature beauty, for men in their 30s and 40s, too lethal.

Little white pouting buttocks, excitedly run to the front.

Near the beach is a 20-story five-star hotel, the shape of the building, not the traditional four-square shape, but like a conch, with a rotating curve.

This design allows most of the rooms to view the sea view from different angles, which is very clever. And this design also makes this building a scenery on the island, with the natural scenery of this island, blended into one.

Hao Ren walked behind, looking at Zhao Hongyu's confident pace, he knew that all the buildings blamed on this island must have been designed by Zhao Hongyu himself.

He followed Zhao Hongyu for a period of time to learn the design, the more he learned, the more he felt Zhao Hongyu's design concept, profound and mysterious. Even if she is not the wife of the East Sea Dragon King, she will definitely become a top figure in this world.

"Behind this hotel, there are some small single-story villas, a total of mouth blocks. These small villas can be rented, but not sold. The construction is not finished yet" so today we will stay in the hotel. In the future, this will become a vacation mecca." Zhao Hongyu said while walking.

Yue Yang nodded his head and admired Zhao Hongyu even more in his heart. Zhao Hongyu is a gentle and career-minded woman, how would Yue Yang know that this kind of elegance, is cultivated for hundreds of years to come out of a actually Zhao Hongyu admire Yue Yang even more.

The decoration of the five-star hotel, opulent, Zhao Hongyu prepared the room on the top floor, the room with the best view.

"The girls live with us" Ah Ren you'll live in a separate set." Stepping on the soft red carpet, Zhao Hongyu walked to a presidential suite, then pointed to a small suite next to the Makuhari suite.

"Good ......," Hao Ren drawled and nodded.

Tragic ah ...... isolated by them ......

"Xiao Bai lives with me!" Zhao Yan Zi shouted.

"I know!" Zhao Hongyu lovingly stroked Zhao Yanzhi's head.

Hao Ren's status, it seemed, was not as good as Little White's. So, Hao Ren looked at Little White with even more killing intent.

And Little White, wagging his tail, with big watery eyes, slightly smug back at Hao Ren.

Zhao Hongyu and the girls brought their carry-on luggage into the presidential suite, and Hao Ren got the door card from Zhao Hongyu and entered his suite.

This suite is next to the presidential suite, and the various facilities are excellent, but the area and rooms are much less. This, should be the suite that accompanies the bodyguards or entourage of the big shots who live in the presidential suite.

Looking out from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, the endless sea is rippling. The small island is like a round green jewel, set on this silk of the turquoise blue sea" and those small villas that are nearing completion, looking down from above, are like a white shell, distributed in a very beautiful way.

The gradually drying swim trunks, strangled Hao Ren's waist a bit painful "while they have not come out of the presidential suite, Hao Ren took the elevator, came to the bottom floor of the store, to pick a new pair of swim trunks.

"Oh, isn't this Hao student?"

A somewhat familiar voice" came from the hotel lobby behind Hao Ren.

Hao Ren turned around and looked out from the glass door of the store and found Huang Xujie, who was wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt, standing in the doorway outside the store.

Seeing him also appear here, Hao Ren was slightly surprised, but then thinking about the cruise ship over at the pier, Hao Ren knew that this island was already open to the public, only that it was still in the trial operation stage and not widely advertised.

Since Huang Xujie is the son of the vice mayor in charge of the economy of East China Sea City, of course, he can get tickets to visit Coral Island, and it's not surprising to see him here.

"What to buy, I'll pay for it." Huang Xujie walked in and said with a sincere expression.

Hao Ren did not pay attention to him, looked up on the shelf for a moment, "Just the black one."

"Okay." The young salesman took out a new pair of swim trunks and put them in front of Hao Ren.

Hao Ren touched his body and suddenly realized he was wearing swim trunks and didn't have a leather wallet.

"How much is it, I'll do it." Huang Xujie pulled out his wallet from his fancy shirt and said readily.

If Hao Ren did not know Huang Xujie's nature, he would really think that Huang Xujie is not a bad person.

But he now knows that Huang Xujie is doing this to please him. In school, Huang Xujie can not pull face, but here, there are no other students, Huang Xujie is desperately close to Hao Ren, want to repair their relationship with Hao Ren a who let Hao Ren is the son of Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang, these two characters, just pull out one, can shock a piece of the city leaders of Donghai City.

"No need!" Hao Ren asked the salesman, "Can you toad the account?"

The salesman happened to answer no, and suddenly saw the golden room card tied with rubber bands on Hao Ren's wrist, and hurriedly changed his tone, "Yes, sir, you can use your room card and finally check out."

"Okay!" Hao Ren picked up the swim trunks and handed the room card to the salesman for record.

"Huang Xujie! Who are you talking to!"

A shrill voice rang out in the lobby outside immediately after.

Hao Ren turned his head over and saw that Lin lì from the third class, wearing a bikini swimsuit, walking towards the entrance of the store.

This Lin lì saw Hao Ren behind Huang Xujie, froze for a moment, then some dissatisfaction also with some withdrawing petty tone, said, "What nagging you have with such poor people! The room is done, let's go up!"

Lin Lì's father is in the East China Sea City clothing business, it is said that the business is not small, with the city government inside some relations "she got the coral island tour ticket, is also through her father's relationship to get" and then take advantage of the summer vacation, about to Huang Xujie with her to come here to play, heartily.

At this moment she saw Hao Ren here, surprised, immediately felt that Hao Ren is here to work.

Hao Ren is famous in school this time, but after all, it is still a child of an ordinary family one is said to be a certain relative abroad is richer, drive a good car to pick him up several times, but also lend him the Ferrari However, the money of the relative's family is the relative's family, Hao Ren will also sit in a good car over the addiction, his own family is certainly still very ordinary.

"I want this bikini's! Bust is 85!"

Just when this Lin lì walked to Huang Xujie's side "blocking Hao Ren's line of sight, a crisp voice, in the other corner of the abandoned store sounded.

Hao Ren's gaze, through the gap between Huang Xujie and Lin Lì's shoulders, saw Zhao Yan Zi, wearing a one-piece swimsuit, standing on tiptoe in the women's swimsuit section, pointing to the top set of turquoise three-point bikini.

She was a proud school girl, and many boys in the school, especially in the Mechanical and Electrical College, had a crush on her. How can you just let this kind of boys see?

In fact, Hao Ren's gaze, not at all in her body stay, he just secretly funny "Zhao Yan Zi is afraid of their own swimsuit lost to Xie Yujia three of them, actually go downstairs in advance, to buy new three-point swimsuit here.

"What are you laughing at ......" Lin lì saw the corners of Hao Ren's mouth smiling a bit weirdly "withdrew two steps more and looked at Hao Ren the idiot with annoyance "must have seen my body and was thinking some crooked stuff!

"Huang Xujie, how can you not react at all!" Lin Lì is more annoyed with Huang Xujie's sluggishness, the end of the final exams, she finally let Huang Xujie agreed to be his boyfriend, but also finally dragged him to the official opening of the coral island to play, who knows this Huang Xujie, for other men to peek at her body, no reaction!

And at this time, Huang Xujie, it is with Hao Ren's gaze, turned to look at the little girl who is buying a swimsuit.

For this today's young girl, he did not have too deep impression, but this girl who looks several years younger, green body, but shows a vigorous vitality, every move is permeated with cute and youthful!

Zhao Yanzhi, who was standing on tiptoe, anxiously waiting for the salesman to bring out her swimsuit, suddenly felt someone looking at her and turned around violently.

She saw Hao Ren's gaze, and then Huang Xujie's gaze, at once, her face first flushed, then glared round and shouted, "What's so pretty!"

"Here! Here's your money!" Zhao Yan Zi towards the counter, throwing out a few hundred dollar bills, then picking up the swimsuit the salesman gave her, she ran out of the store and rushed towards the women's bathroom at the side of the hall.

Huang Xujie looked at her back, actually looked a little dumbfounded. For a little girl of this age, as a rule, he is not interested, but this girl with a flushed face, is very cute and very beautiful!

"Hao Ren, so you're here, I said how no response in your room."

Outside the transparent glass store, Xie Yujia, who was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, walked over while saying.

Huang Xujie and Lin lì heard Xie Yujia's voice and turned their heads.

Xie Yujia, who was walking towards the store, saw the two of them and paused in her steps.

The black swimsuit Xie Yujia, the figure that is absolutely perfect, standing beside Lin lì Huang Xujie, can not care about his own demeanor, all of a sudden the eyes are a little straight.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The self-respecting school girl Lin lì, compared to her, is simply a difference of clouds and mud!

"Bought a pair of swim trunks, let's go." Hao Ren took the initiative to walk out, took Xie Yujia's thin hand and walked towards the hotel's revolving door.

He was mindful that Xie Yujia was being stared at by other men!

And that Lin lì, froze on the spot this poor guy, actually really like the rumors said, soaked Xie Yujia such a beautiful woman?! ......!


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