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Chapter 80: Charmei vs Ghost Martial Lie

"Previously lost to Wang Chong Zhao Yilong, frankly speaking, the top ten warriors in the most featureless is he, the title of the king of the overlord all based on a trapped dragon gun, borrowing the weapon to get beyond the limits of the cast soul power, but then strong is only external power. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.com更新最快没有属于自我的灵魂战技, really than the strength and difficult to deal with, he is even worse than the same loss to Wang Chong's Ediga and Gordon."

"Not to mention Wang Chong, I feel that this is an alternative challenge to the Mo family to the strong king of the mouth, in fact, the strong king of the mouth may have reached the extreme of ordinary people, but there is a gap from people such a hall ......"

It can be said that the Mo family a battle to interpret the new height of the chf, but also attracted the attention of some families, because the opponent is not as weak as imagined, the golden mammoth bloodline can force out Napper's trick itself is also worthy of praise, although at the same time cast soul period, but this line of difference is a world of difference.

The morning game stood the sky is cracking, but the arena has been prepared, before the afternoon match was replaced with a new slate, the afternoon match is also eye-catching, Haunted House God Emperor versus the flame team, the key is the flame team's double core can create a miracle.

The main arena of 100,000 people was filled to capacity early, and all the big teams entered the arena early, attracting all kinds of attention. The afternoon was obviously a bit more lively than the morning one, and compared to Tianji's steady style, Ghost House God Emperor would obviously be a bit more aggressive, plus a lot of people were interested in Hellfire, which was much more attractive than the big guys, and more importantly, Ball King Charmei.

When Wang Chong and the others entered the arena, the crowd was also enthusiastic, many spectators stood up and looked at them, and there were screams from teenage girls, obviously fans of Glei, and now Barron has been much more frank.

On the commentary stand, Ruo Zhi and Xiao Fei Er had also just connected to the Sky News live feed, and waved to the live audience and those who were guarding the Sky News live platform.

"All the big teams are here to watch the battle, oh, the camera is now giving two beautiful warriors, Caroline and Tivelan, and there is a lot of cheering, the two of them are very close friends, well, the camera is now seeing the Thunder Emperor battle team, it seems that everyone is a bit optimistic that the flame battle team can cause trouble to the Ghost Warrior God Emperor." Wakizashi laughed, the morning match did not have this lineup, think about it, although the giants are powerful, but lack of change, not deliberately create a miracle team.

"Yes, but they are not the main characters this afternoon." Little Fish laughed, "I'm a fan of Captain Charmei."

"Ah, then you can learn well from Charmei." Said, Ruo Zhi very oil glance at Chen fisher's chest, this guy's commentary is just can be up or down, at once the sky news on another burst of smallpox flirtation, in driving the atmosphere of the fire, Ruo Zhi is really top, have to say, at once let more people to pay attention to Chen fisher, commentary can not eat alone.

As a commentator, Chen Yier is not so easily scared off by a little flirtation, but also know that this is Ruo Zhi to hold her comedy, "My characteristics are also very distinct, just only my boyfriend can know."

Instantly sky news on ** a piece, Ruo Zhi also laughed, "so our sister fisher is also an old driver ah!"

Chen Yier shook his head, "No, I am a car ......"

Instant explosion, countless flowers scattered out, Chen Yu'er obviously belongs to the type of clean-cut, and never had any scandals, and do not rely on this hype, today suddenly just a hand, a fire, I have to say, today's front page is certainly not less this paragraph.

If Ji secretly gave a thumbs up, this is the match, pretending to be shy is also possible, but definitely not this comes to have an effect.

"Ahem, the fish sister mighty, back to the point, the morning match, we all watched very enjoyable, the Tianji battle team's powerful, and Mengma battle team never give in to the fighting spirit, I believe that left a deep impression on everyone, and this next summit showdown, will not let everyone down Ghost Wu Shen Huang battle team against the flame battle team."

"Both teams are very powerful teams, especially the Flame Battle Team, their last match was very shocking."

Ruo Ji smiled, "S-rank, A-rank, by the top sixteen, it actually no longer applies, now who dares to say that the Flame Battle Team does not have the strength of S-rank? Wrong, it's s+, double core to protect the group battle, once into the group battle rhythm, Charmei with Mario's terrifying output, any team encountered, will have a headache."

"However, the advantage of the Ghost Warrior God Emperor team is also very obvious, with three ink list players, facing the double-core Flame Warriors, an extra core of the Ghost Warrior God Emperor can choose a very diverse tactics."

"The first match, officially begins."

With the referee in place, everything seemed to calm down fiercely as the Ghost Warrior God Emperor Battle Team and the Flame Battle Team prepared for the vanguard battle in their respective preparation areas.

The biggest feature of the vanguard war is the two-way blind selection, both sides do not know who the other side will send to play the vanguard, and this is where the two teams fight for wisdom and courage.

Targeting and counter-targeting, the result of the vanguard war will most likely determine how the final ending will be.

"Pioneer war is very important, it is related to the momentum of the two teams, as well as the next tactical direction, small fish, if you were to decide the pioneer of the flame team, who would you let go first?"

"The blind selection of the vanguard battle, of course, is on Big Black Magician Mario." Little Fish said rightfully.

"Oh? And the reason?"

"I believe that in these days, everyone has seen the analysis of Mario on the Sky News network, can defeat the Sky Dome Mask, Mario's strength, in fact, has reached the Hall of Fame level, the final outbreak of the big move, is in the soul casting period can be said to be invincible battle skills, Mario first on the field, can make the Ghost Warrior God Emperor into tactical passivity, on one of the three major ink list is not very suitable, and send other players, first lost a point, for the momentum of such an S + level battle team of Ghost Warrior God Emperor, is a serious weakening."

Little Fish has done his homework, and at this point spoke eloquently. Everyone also agrees with this point, because Mario's presence is indeed one of the most uncomfortable points for the Ghost Warrior God Emperor battle team, the game is like this, how is to make the opponent feel uncomfortable, that is certainly what we have to do the most.

"I agree with the fish, I have to say, Mario's existence, so the flame team in the vanguard of the blind selection phase, has a great tactical advantage, his existence, so the ghost martial god emperor battle team first game, should be on one of the three major ink list, because send others, certainly can not beat Mario, but in this way, will have to face the flame team on the replacement to cash in on the three major ink list One of the situation, that is, forcing the three cores of the ghost Wu Shen Huang battle team dragged into the same double core as the flame battle team, Mario is the bug, just the presence, can resist two ink list." Wakizashi also strength analysis a wave, that Mario really is the flame war team's super bug.

At this time, the referee came on the stage and announced that the pioneers of both sides came on the stage.

"Well, it's time to reveal the mystery of the sky, the pioneers of both sides make their appearance, and now the camera is given to the Ghost Warrior God Emperor Battle Team, and they send out our number one assassin of the young generation of the Federation, Ghost Warrior!!! And his opponent is ...... my goodness, it's actually Charme!!!" When Ruo Ji saw Charmei, he felt his face was swollen, strength analysis, strength was hit in the face.

However, this time, the audience was on his side, an uproar.

How could it be the ball king as a pioneer on the field? The previous analysis of Ruo Zhi and small fish is really spot on, the flame war team at this time would not count Mario should also send a substitute on the field to cash in ah!

"The flame team is trying to gamble, betting that the first vanguard of the oniwu god emperor will be a common player, because the flame team is likely to send a substitute on the first game, or Mario, either eating a substitute, or using a common player to cash out Mario's dismounted horse to mount tactics, the oniwu god emperor is greatly advantageous. But the Onimusha emperor sent out Onimusha Lie, Charmei is in danger." Little Fish explained.

"I do not see it this way, Charmei is also ink list, ink list remote to ink list assassin, in fact, the gap is not not very big, and, this is the arena, in theory, there is no assassin can restrain the remote elements of the complex environment, the bright and open arena matchup, for Charmei, instead of advantageous matchup." Wakey shook his head, although the face swollen, but the commentary must continue, and, to put it another way, at least the top sixteen, the flame team will not make such a low-level tactical error! Instead, they zoom in.

"I don't know if you've noticed, Charmei as an ink list expert, her performance has been very ordinary, powerful as powerful, but no special place. This battle, I'm sure Charmei will have an outburst. I'm afraid the one to be careful of is Ghost Martial Lie."

Charmei looked at the ghost Wu Lie, very calm, indeed, the flame warriors actually can be on the replacement, but, this battle, the significance of her is very significant.

Ghost family is very strong, very strong, so strong that it is unimaginable! There are some things that are not ordinary commentary, ordinary viewers understand, only within the family, only with some details, fragmented news stitching, so that the tube to see a spot.

In fact, the last game, facing the rocket team, they were ready to go home, but never thought that Mario this guy brought a shock to everyone.

Now, encountering the more powerful Ghost Martial God Emperor, Charmei's fighting spirit was high instead. She wanted to try out what the Ghost Family, which was rumored to be as invincible as a legend, was really like, and what was different between her, who was also a member of the Ink List, and the Ink List of the Top Ten Families.

The victory or defeat of the match was already in the second place.

Wang Chong looked at the Charmei in the arena and smiled slightly, no desire, Charmei is not without a chance, moreover, she has an aura, this battle, she is likely to break through.

"This Charmei really can't be underestimated, a bit of backbone."

Tivelan said with Caroline with a little sigh, also standing at a certain watershed, she is very sensitive to detect something, perhaps stimulated by Mario, Charmei now gives the impression that the supernatural power is in an unstable overactive state, this instability, usually two situations, one, is the decline, the other, is a breakthrough, the openness of mind and dare to face, are praiseworthy.

"Crossing from elite to hall of fame is not easy, it seems she has some credentials." Caroline smiled faintly, "Only the ghost family is not so much to be burnt."

Not far away, Wang Chong was still talking and laughing, not paying the slightest attention to her, Caroline's eyes wavered and her expression returned.

Both sides confronted each other, and the match officially began!


Charmei lifted the runic artillery is a spurt of fire, at the same time the body faintly lit up with flame light, while attacking, the flame acceleration of itself.

"Human-type self-propelled artillery!"

Charmei's fans shouted out loudly, excited.

Mirami also grabbed Madonn's arm, Charmei's artillery was different from hers in the control of rhythm and precise suppression, moreover, the fire was more fierce, and with the ability of flame acceleration, Charmei's fire burst was not cast in place, but spurted in the midst of high-speed movement!

Ghost martial Lie fierce side dodge, slide step, circuitous gait, each action is very sharp and clean, without a trace of redundancy, almost all pressed Charmei's fire output instantly, unlike everyone imagined, under such fire control, Ghost martial Lie still maintains absolute calm.

"Ghost Martial Lie's assassin stance is perfect, cold with calmness, however, a long guard is bound to lose, Charmei's soul power is majestic, moreover, her fire suppression is a bit, the rhythm is perfectly controlled, there is absolutely no problem with consumption."

Small fishes flew to explain, did not expect, once up, the ghost Wu Lie was suppressed.

Ruo Zhi smiled, "I just said, the restraint of the assassin to the long-range is the need for environmental elements, the arena space, the assassin has ninety percent of the strength is difficult to play out."

"Yes, Ghost Martial Lie must break the game now, or there will definitely be a problem."

However, the discussion inside the sky news exploded, break the game? Ghost Martial Lie opened the game with a tactical failure!

The rule of survival for assassins in the arena, is speed! Quick battle, is the only way for assassins to survive in this environment in the arena, in the opening moments of the zero point one second to react, and then in the opponent's nerve reaction to complete the sudden movement, close, assassination, everything must be flowing, can not hesitate, can not drag, there is death, there is no life, this is the assassin! Wind Dashing, Yi Shui Han, but Ghost Wu Lie was delayed, allowing Charmei to hit the first attack!

And Charmei's flame acceleration, offset the ghost Wu Lie as an assassin's agility and speed, want to close the distance with her, the difficulty has increased more than double, more terrible is, Charmei as one of the top five long-range ink list, her long-range output control and rhythm, simply will not give the ghost Wu Lie any chance to burst in again.

"This is called, one bad step, one bad step, one wrong move, the whole set is lost."

Charmei's Rune Fire Cannon constantly vibrated, locking up every movement of Ghost Martial Lie.

Wang Chong smiled slightly, Charmei obviously more mature, at this time, she did not use all the firepower on the outbreak, three rhythm, three control, three precision, did not press to death, but control the ghost Wu Lie's actions, the top five long-range status, Charmei absolutely deserved.

(Recently some mental debilitation, extremely poor sleep, accompanied by dizziness, previously just a headache, take some painkillers on the good, but dizziness in no way, occasionally can sleep well, it feels like the whole person is alive, consulted a doctor, the best in this case do not use drugs, you must overcome yourself, exercise, sleep early, in fact ...... really good hard (......)(Unfinished.)