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Chapter 79 - The Insoluble Soul Battle Skill


Viktor, who was already very tall, instantly exploded in stature!

Three meters, four meters, five meters!

"Surprisingly, it's still growing! Oh my god!"

After releasing his bloodline, the gigantic Viktor was close to six meters tall! This was already the limit of an ordinary Ying-Soul level warrior of Giant Elephant City after transforming! And the layer of gold-like light covering the surface of its body was even more blinding and eye-catching under the sunlight!


The giant Viktor enhanced not only the size, just a swing of the arm, seemingly not fast, but the air currents swept almost half of the arena!

Nappermo easily avoided his opponent's fist, but not the almost overwhelming airflow, the fierce airflow wind pressure scraped him almost can not stand!

But followed by another fist from high in the air directly down!

The violent airflow just blew Nappermo unstable, let alone dodge!


Just heard a loud sound, the place where Nappy Mo originally stood was destroyed to ashes under the blast of that huge fist! The hard floor is no different from tofu in front of this terrifying fist, and is instantly shattered like powder!

Where is Nappermo? Was he flattened by a fist?

Everyone was surprised to find on the field. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.com更新最快

"There it is!" Someone pointed overhead.

Without waiting for all the spectators to look up, the giant's palm had already blasted up!

Than dexterity, than agility, the giantized Viktor obviously can't compare with a top assassin like Nappilmo, but if compared to the speed of scurrying up ......

In almost an instant, the two bath tub-sized palms have formed a closed circle again!

"Roar roar roar!" Awakened bloodline of Viktor eyes are flashing a trace of madness, the Golden Mongolian bloodline is indeed very strong, but the consumption of the will is also large, it is easy to enter a particularly excited state.

Nothing else! Crush you to death!

The huge palm of the closed circle simply does not leave any room for Nappilmo to dodge, not to mention that being in mid-air, he also has nowhere to borrow to dodge.


The huge force of the combination, directly burst the mid-air Nappy Mo! But Viktor's face is more than a point of anger!

I saw that in his open palm, but is full of wood splinters!

Nappermo, who had disappeared in mid-air, suddenly appeared like a ghost, and instantly appeared directly in front of Viktor's face! Two cold daggers aimed at the big bell eyes and stabbed straight!

Viktor closed his eyes fiercely.

Bang Bang!

Two more crunching sounds, the two daggers were actually burst off!

This scene seems to be similar, last time it was Gale against Zhao Tianlong, this time it was Viktor against Nappy Mo! But before the tournament was hailed as the strongest defense of the indestructible body, and this time Viktor's golden mammoth bloodline defense is not even a little bit to see! Nappy Mo just attacked the fierce, straight stabbing airflow even space is almost pulled apart, but still did not hurt his eyelids, but was broken dagger!

"What a strong defense! My God, it's too perverted!"

"Nappermo's replacement technique is also strong! Every time he was caught, with a bang, he turned into wood!"

"How did that wood turn out? It's about the same size as a real person!"

"Dark age black technology, dear, you do not understand!"

"Viktor! The golden mammoth is invincible!"

"Hello clown! The Joker rises!"

The audience on the scene and on the sky news are boiling, all around a boiling, two people's offensive and defensive transitions are too fast, and this Golden Giant invincibility and lost body double art, which is not like a student level chf, even those masters of the empire look at it to shock it! This is the kind of game to enjoy!

Viktor is furious, although the eyelids to prevent the attack, but that is after all the eyelids, eyes by that impulse to rise painful, and, the other party's speed is too fast, and almost shameless substitution! Consciousness can sense the direction of the other party's soul power to disappear, but the body double technique is too fast to switch, as if shifting, several times is almost caught, but just a little bit, can never touch the other party's real body!

This is not good! Although the opponent's attack power is like scratching an itch for himself, he has been invincible, but if he can not knock down the opponent, let him keep on so infinite consumption, the battle more than six hours, but will be forced to determine a draw.

Then the mammoth battle team is really finished!

Viktor's eyes flashed with a brilliant aura, ignoring Nappy Mo who was close at hand, and his hands fiercely closed!

"Turn the sand!" The huge figure crouched down, the golden light flashed in the closed palms, fiercely slapped to the ground: "Invert the sea!"

Rumble rumble rumble ......

Terrifying sound of vibration instantly from the ground, the entire ring of thousands of square meters of ground, but in this instant all tossed and wriggled! It was as if there was a fierce beast turning over under the ground, stirring up all the earth's crust!

All the spectators on the sidelines could feel the ground shaking incessantly, and even the entire arena shook together as if it were an earthquake, and the big screen hanging from the beam overhead was creaking!

"Oh my God! What is this doing?"

"So scary, is this the legendary artificial earthquake?"

"Nappermo is in the sky, what use is this move of his on the ground?"

"It's a bit like the last time Baron of Tianjing used that move! No, it's much more powerful than that move!"

Next to him, Barun, who followed Wang Chong over, also had an instant flash of essence in his eyes.

It was the same move that he had an epiphany with last time! Using the terrifying soul power transmission to shake the ground, causing a shocking paralyzing effect on all creatures that come into contact with the ground! Only, Viktor used this move with much more power than himself, not how much higher his soul power than his full-grade soul power, but the control of the move to the extreme! The real soul power in the sensing range is only limited to the ring, unlike yourself is spread to the entire arena, in order to achieve such a ring ground as if all the terrifying effect of the plow!

As for Napier in the sky? He is not Mo Ling, he has to land after all! And, this time is now!

The air Napper ink has fallen down, such an indiscriminate attack covering the entire ring, as long as the toe touches the ground, the instant stiffness paralysis is almost inevitable. And facing a terrifying opponent like Viktor, a moment of stiffness is enough for him to kill Nappy Mo 10,000 times!

The only way is to finish the opponent before he hits the ground!

Glei also looked at it with a slight frown.

But, how could that be done? Even the eyelids can withstand the attack of Nappy Mo's dagger, which is an invincible defense! And such an indiscriminate attack move! This guy is simply stronger than Zhao Tianlong by more than a notch! Even if he met, I'm afraid that at this time is also a little helpless, right?

At this moment, the mid-air Nappermo laughed, cheeky as always, and even made a face at all the spectators in the stands.

Is this, give up?


The next instant, the smile and cheeky on Nappy Mo's face had disappeared, he also did not expect his opponent to be so difficult, no wonder the captain let him on the field.

Only to see his falling body fiercely a slight tremor, split in two, two identical clowns appeared in mid-air.

Unlike the illusion-like splitting techniques of ordinary assassins, the two Nappilmo actually have the same entity, although one real and one fake, although there is no longer a dagger in his hand, but surprisingly at the same time to attack and kill Viktor!

The two Nephilim falling at high speed were both equally fast, equally powerful, and their strikes were even identical, with excellent texture and the air pressure of power created by their attacks!

This is not an illusion!

But what's the use of that? Even the dagger can not break each other's defense, your palm can? Do you really think you're Gloria, you can use a thousand hands and a hundred stacks of palms?

Even if you do, Viktor is not afraid!

Viktor just a cold laugh, he is not Zhao Tianlong kind of external training horizontal gong, the power of the bloodline through the whole body, inside and outside as one! Even the five organs and six abdominal, are as hard as the outer skin invincible! This is simply not any warrior in the chf can use the power to break the armament!

So, is it to confuse your own eyesight?

Not waiting for Viktor to think more, the attack has arrived in front of him!

There was no imaginary earth-shattering outburst, nor was there an imaginary Mojia internal fist like the Hundred Fold Power, there were just two light pops, and one Nappermo's body was paralyzed by the 'electricity'-like vibrations!

However, the other Nappermo was not paralyzed, it was his split dummy body, and when the violent transmission shock was transmitted to that dummy body, Viktor's face instantly changed.


The false body exploded!

A gorgeous seven-colored light spilled out from the exploded false body, instantly shining the entire arena, as if countless colorful rain petals were falling from the air, so beautiful that it was intoxicating!

Everyone's mind can't help but be attracted by the fascinating colors in this instant, the whole scene is silent!

The only one who remained awake was probably Wang Chong, whose eyes flashed with both shock and curiosity, and also, surprise!

Surprisingly, it was a soul battle technique!

An attack that directly targets the soul, targets the consciousness! A bit similar to the 'Heart Sword' that I had seen at Caroline's, but the presentation was completely different. This kind of battle technique may not be effective for an extreme exceptional soul powerhouse like yourself, but for other Soul Casting stage or even Young Soul stage warriors, it's insurmountable!

Viktor's huge body actually collapsed to the ground without resistance, the just unparalleled, brave super warrior had fallen at the feet of the clown, life and death unknown.

The audience is silent, at this moment, people really understand, what is called s +!

For a full minute or two, the audience slowly came back to their senses, and the whole audience resounded with a stunning cheer, which was for the performance of this game, and also for the Mo family, a legendary family, which is the family glory.

The third match, Tianji Academy, Napeer Mo win!

The winning Nappier did not mock his opponent, or recklessly perform, but instead came closer to Vicky more, soul power constantly pouring in, half a sound before retracting, soul battle techniques kill extremely powerful, he himself is not very good control, but he did not want to hurt his opponent, fortunately, this golden Mongolian mammoth bloodline is indeed terrifying, although no ability to move, but has been able to open his eyes, this is also the first time Nappier saw such a Mongolian, even Soul power is so strong.

The Tianji Academy did not delay again, the fourth game directly Mo asked to play, the Mongolian battle is shouldering the glory of the team and the last hope of the main shield war, can be giant shield war, can think of its defensive power is really how strong. The first thing you can do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

Unfortunately, just the moment the bell rang, Mengma's main shield battle even before the giantization technique is ready, Mo Wen has appeared in front of him, a finger on his forehead, like a ripple of soul power spread, instantly fainted and fell to the ground.

The first top eight battle team was born, Tianji Academy.

As the loser, Mengma also harvested countless applause, this is also the first time since the beginning of the chf, the S+ level battle team all the main strength, and in the first two games, Mengma even had once seen the dawn of victory.

Frankly speaking, no one was disappointed, including the fans of Mengma. Facing an absolute powerhouse like Tianji Academy, it was only natural to lose, to get this far was already a bottleneck and a limit, to face Tianji, to have the chance to force out the other team's full main force, to show their strength and style was already quite good.

However, the limits of the civilians were finally manifested in this battle.

Especially the third Napeermo victory, showing the soul technique, also let more and more people see what really represents the top level in the chf actually is.

The basic three circumferences like attack, speed and defense? Powerful and unique personal battle techniques? An endless sea of souls?

None of them.

The real most scary, really enough to go to the top of the soul casting, but also has to count the soul skills.

Ordinary spectators or civilians are unable to tell the difference between soul battle skills and ordinary battle skills.

Unlike the kind of battle skill degree that ordinary people can master, beyond soul power and psychic ability, is a deeper level of understanding, in layman's terms, this is equivalent to the hall standard, or a transcendent standard, this potential is truly terrifying, just Napper can do, Mo asked?

It was then that people felt the unfathomable nature of s+, and that it could not be surpassed by some techniques. In the first game of the Top 8, the Wuji team taught a lesson for everyone.

That is, the two words that many professionals often hang on to: insurmountable.

"The battle for the top eight, known as the clash between the family and the civilians before the game, was expected by many viewers, and from the results of the first game now, it seems that the family is better after all, not only from the basic strength of the suppression, but also from some special battle techniques that are called insurmountable. This is a distance that is difficult for civilian teams to overcome, and is also the absolute advantage of the family."

"Like Nappermo's doppelganger, the same entity, even the mind's eye can't see through, and in the face of an approaching attack, do you counterattack or not? If you don't counterattack, you keep getting beaten, counterattack? What awaits you is an explosion!"

"Yes, just like Gordon's invisibility and unresolved green poison, just like Edgar's sound soul attack, theoretically there is a possibility of breaking, but that possibility is actually extremely low. Timing, location, and people, the lack of one, when the mouth strong king used the cross wheel, but only by using Hyman's psychic ability to crack Gordon." (Unfinished business.)