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Episode 26 Chapter 32 - Changpo Cave Master

The originally prosperous Changpo Star was now plunged into darkness and despair, the tens of thousands of cultivators who gathered in Changpo Star were mostly the strongest in their respective worlds and had a keen sense of danger, from the appearance of that huge ship of the Black Devil Hall out of thin air and the appearance of a large number of members of the Black Devil Hall's Robber Realm and Emperor, they all realized that a great crisis had descended.

"Not good."


"The Changpo Cave Master has betrayed us."

"Hurry and flee."

The entire Changpo Star was in chaos as tens of thousands of cultivators used their own means, some trying to flee out of the Changpo Star and some fleeing to the Eternal House branch.

However, now the great formation of the Changpo Cave Master controlling the entire star hindered these cultivators from fleeing for their lives.

"Formation." On the side of the Black Devil Hall, a small team led by the Robbery Realm quickly formed a formation, using the formation to want to carry out widespread slaughter, and even the most powerful three 'Five Robbery Realms' took the initiative to chase down the Robbery Realms and Emperors on the Changpo Star.


The gray-robed leader of the Black Devil Hall instantly trapped a three-knock realm, capturing it alive and sealing it into the cave, spreading the poisonous gas that naturally affected a large area, although the practitioners were quick to escape, but there were still hundreds of practitioners who were affected by the poisonous mist and instantly turned into poisonous water. But there are cultivators with light flowing on their bodies to resist the poisonous fog, there are cultivators turned into poisonous water and then revived ...... but hundreds of cultivators, can survive from the poisonous fog but less than 10%, this fluke survived are also immediately frantic to escape.

"Can you escape?" In the distance, a lofty black stone giant grabbed a palm towards a four-death realm great power who tried his best to flee, before holding it, that four-death realm great power but self-annihilated this extra-terrestrial true body, and even let out an incomparable angry roar: "Changpo Cave Master!" The black stone giant grabbed but fished empty, and could not help but be a little annoyed.

"Changpo Cave Master."

"You have betrayed us."



Angry roars came from many places within the city, while at this moment on top of a mountain outside the city, the Changpo Cave Master listened from afar, his wrinkled old face still calm as he softly said, "A weak struggle."

Back then, the Black Dragon Star was also spied on by the Black Devil Hall, although there was no Sixth Tribulation Realm great power to stop it, but the Black Dragon Elder himself was strong enough to make every effort to shelter the weak and let them escape as far as possible, and many practitioners escaped with their lives at that time, Meng Chuan was one of them.

However, this time, the Changpo Cave Master and the Black Devil Hall cooperated with each other, making the hope of tens of thousands of cultivators in Changpo Star to live slim.


The Changpo Cave Master's face changed slightly as he glanced over the Changpo Star, not far from the large ship, and a black-robed, white-haired man surrounded by purple light appeared.

At this moment!

All the cultivators on Changpo Star noticed this black-robed, white-haired man.

It was because Meng Chuan's aura was so terrifying that it was like a sun appearing out of nowhere in the dark night, and all the cultivators couldn't help but look at Meng Chuan. Just like mortals look at the sun, their eyes are greatly stimulated, these practitioners see Meng Chuan at the same time, the impact of Meng Chuan's six-victory realm life form is even more terrifying, almost all practitioners' minds are blank.

Only the five robbery realm majors and a small number of robbery realm can still maintain thinking.

"White Bird Pavilion, East Ning City Lord?" The gray-robed chief's heart went cold, "It's over."

"The Six Robbery Realm has appeared?" The other two members of the Five Robbery Realm also had a cold heart, as members of the Black Devil Hall, they naturally knew this East Ning City Lord, after all, not long ago, the East Ning City Lord had just exterminated a detachment of the Black Devil Hall, and now it was their turn again.

Following the three of them consciousness began to fall into darkness.


Inside a medium lifeworld.

The gray-robed chief stood at the top of the Great Snow Mountain, feeling the attack that descended through karma.

"This is a big loss this time." The gray-robed chief whispered, "An extra-terrestrial true body, the secret treasure weapon warships I carry ...... these are worth 13,000 parties." To conquer and slaughter abroad, to play a strong enough strength, naturally carry the treasures can not be poor.

The loss of thirteen thousand square, to him such as the members of the Black Devil Hall is not much, they slaughter and plunder earn more.

"The biggest loss is the large number of robbery realm followers, and a large number of emperor servants." The gray-robed chief was quite distressed, "This team of mine, almost died out."

The three chiefs, because they all had the shelter of their home worlds, were naturally all still alive.

But the robbery realm followers, except for the nine four robbery realms and three three robbery realms, all the other robbery realm followers were completely dead as their true bodies were extinguished in parts.

As for the emperors? Originally captured emperor servants, each was exterminated outside the realm of the true body, naturally will not go back to serve the Black Devil Hall.

The gray-robed leader's team, the middle and lower levels are gone.

For a long time his deterrent power of this detachment was greatly weakened.


The members of the Black Devil Temple were defenseless in front of Meng Chuan.

They formed a formation to form a group that can be identified at a glance, and from each other's cause and effect, Meng Chuan can also easily distinguish the members of the Black Devil Temple.

Once a time, as in the case of the Myriad Dharma Star, he showed no mercy to the robbery realm, and only exterminated the Black Devil Hall's emperor servants, leaving a line in the sand. Although these emperor servants were forced, they could have chosen to destroy their extra-territorial true bodies and not become minions, since they could not give up their treasures and chose to become minions, they had to pay the price.


Meng Chuan waved his hand, then he put away all the treasures left behind by the members of the Black Devil Hall, including the flesh of the robbery realm masters, he was also to accumulate more for his hometown.


Meng Chuan casually grabbed across the air, and an old man with a wrinkled face was grabbed in front of him.

This old man looked up at Meng Chuan and also bowed slightly: "Lord Dongning City has a heart for the weak and is willing to offend the Black Devil Hall for them, long berth admiration."

Meng Chuan looked at the old man in front of him.

This old man, was the Changpo Cave Master.

He was originally the master of Changpo Star, guarding this place for tens of thousands of years, and also benefiting a river system for tens of thousands of years, allowing generations of cultivators to have a safe place to trade for tens of thousands of years. But it was he who betrayed all the cultivators of the entire Changpo Star.

Although Meng Chuan had come as fast as he could, thousands of cultivators still died.

"Guarding this place for tens of thousands of years, but then betraying it?" Meng Chuan looked at him.

"The venerable ones only live for two thousand years, and the emperors only live for ten thousand years." The Long Po Cave Master said, "I established the Long Po Star to benefit many generations of cultivators, and now that I'm old, it can't be too much to take back some treasures, right?"

"You are not asking for treasures, you are trying to slaughter their lives. If it was you who massacred ...... fearing that an Eternal House Sixth Tribulation Realm great power would have stepped in long ago, so you let the Black Devil Hall step in." Meng Chuan said, "Obviously do not want to have any accidents."

"But there are still accidents, things often develop unexpectedly." Changpo Cave Master said, "Fortunately, I was prepared, and the treasures that could be obtained normally were long ago obtained and sent back to my home world."

Changpo Cave Master looked down: "But the real wealth of Changpo Star is in the tens of thousands of cultivators, which must be killed to plunder. Slaughter and plunder, I did when I was weak, and never did it again after I became a venerable person. But after my death, my home world will fall into decay, and also need enough treasures for the base. For the survival of the home world's reproduction, I can only be ruthless."

Changpo Cave Master looked at Meng Chuan: "The reason I stayed to see the East Ning City Lord is because I admire him. In the whole of the Long River of Time and Space, there are too few great powers like the Dongning City Lord after all."

Said the Changpo Cave Master as his skin began to emerge black.

"My villainous heart was afraid that the Dongning City Lord would capture me alive and make me suffer. So the moment the city lord descended, I took the poison." Changpo Cave Master smiled.

Meng Chuan had seen it long ago.

From the microscopic level, he found that the other party had been deeply poisoned and that his body was beginning to disintegrate, making it difficult to reverse it himself.

"Before this operation, all my treasures were sent back home." Changpo Cave Master looked at Meng Chuan, his body was disintegrating, "I still have a life span of three hundred years, and will not take another step out of my home world. On my last day in the extra-terrestrial void, it is Changpo's honor to see the East Ning City Lord."

After saying that, he had his body annihilated into nothingness.