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Chapter 532 - The Ancient Sacred Tower Again

"Here, this is three thousand one hundred dollars, just five of them will be fine." Green Wan's senior brother took out the money directly and handed it to the waiter.

"Okay, this time it's on you, and when I come down from the mountain, it's on you too." Xia Tian said in a serious manner.


I can only use shameless to describe Summer.

He actually wants to go down the mountain to invite the Green Bay senior brother to eat boxed meals, in the mountain a meal five hundred, a bottle of water two hundred, in the mountain a meal ten dollars, a bottle of water two dollars, this is how big the gap ah.

"Forget it, it's too expensive, you break the bank more." Green Wan's senior brother really did not know what to say.

"It's okay." Summer as if she did not hear the meaning of Green Wan her senior brother's words.

"Hee hee, you're such an interesting person, my senior brother treats you to such an expensive box lunch, you can't treat us to some big meal after you come down from the mountain, you actually have to treat us to a box lunch." Green Wan smiled faintly, it was the first time she saw someone like Summer.

After the waiter handed over the boxed meals, he went to other places, this is a large auction, most of the people who came here are very rich, although these boxed meals and water are very expensive, but they do not care about this.

If a Xuan-level expert says he has no money, it will certainly be laughed at, of course, Shaolin Temple is another story, to Zhao Shanhe such a person, if you let him take out 500 yuan to buy a box of rice, he would rather starve to death.

Many people who came this time know that they may not be able to shoot back something, but they still come here from thousands of miles because they want to open their eyes.

In the things that appear here, that is absolutely all treasures.

In the future, when they see such treasures outside they can recognize, this is also a very dignified thing.

So most of the people still have this mentality to see the fun.

After they had eaten, there was a special waiter to clean up, this place is very clean, so no one is allowed to destroy the hygiene here, summer they each have a table in front of them, there are paper towels on the table.

"It's a nice environment here, trying to build an auction venue like this in such a big mountain, it's definitely a miracle." Xia Tian said as he looked around at all these things and everything in the auction.

Just now he was too hungry and only cared about eating, now he finally had the mood to appreciate this auction.

"I've always wondered too, how exactly was this place built? The state must not know about the existence of this place, otherwise it would have been explored by those scientists as a kind of incredible." Green Wan nodded and said.

Many of those who entered the auction were first timers, and they were all attracted by the aura of this auction.

Some people also began to talk formally, especially those who are next to each other, are reporting themselves to each other, and then make friends, so that in the future they go to each other's city is also considered to have a look.

These people gradually treat this place as a place to make friends.

Summer's penetrating eyes scanned the scene twice and found that the three guys were actually sitting together.

"Holy shit, so unrighteous, I thought they were sitting separately." Xia Tian muttered as he looked at the backs of the three, those three people not only sat together, but also sat in the first few rows.

You know that ordinary people do not dare to sit in the first few rows.

Because the first few rows are all experts, if you do not have the strength to sit down, it will cause dissatisfaction from everyone around.

Although those experts do not dare to make a move in the auction, but after going out, some of those experts inside may make a move, because they feel that it is disrespectful to them.

Ma Yuanyi master is sitting in the first row, Qing Yang old man also sat in the first row, summer and green Wan and other people sitting in the tenth row or so, that is, not in front and not behind.

There are some people who saw Green Wan her brother just a great look, so deliberately give way to his side of the position, so it led to, Green Wan her brother next to more than ten seats a person did not.

Those people would rather sit in the back than sit next to her brother.

Everyone can see that this thin and weak person is not easy to mess with, so no one dares to come over and befriend him.

After almost everyone had sat down, the auction rang three bells.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Hearing the three bells ringing, everyone was looking at the stage, because they knew that the auction was about to start.

At this time the stage is covered by a black cloth, summer has tried, his penetrating eye can not see through the black cloth, just like the clothes of Yun Miao and her sister, simply can not see through.

Black cloth slowly rise.

When the black cloth rose, summer saw a familiar image.

It was three words.

"Ancient Saint Tower."

These three words, summer is familiar can not be more familiar, because his refining technique is related to this ancient saint tower, and the stone engraved with the refining technique, although he does not know exactly what the name of the stone, but that stone has become his most precious treasure.

"Oh my goodness, it's actually such a coincidence." Xia Tian did not expect that he would actually see the Ancient Sacred Pagoda in such a place again, and that this auction was actually held by the Ancient Sacred Pagoda.

He later studied the situation at that time, that woman must have wanted to trap him, using those ordinary stones and injecting spiritual energy into them in some way, but he didn't expect that she was stealing the chicken and losing the rice.

The alchemy of this treasure, as ordinary stones sold to their own.

"I'm really looking forward to it, the Ancient Saint Tower should all be filled with treasures inside, I hope I can still find some treasures this time." Xia Tian said inwardly with excitement.

He was very much looking forward to this auction.

He might not have felt much about this auction before, but when he saw the words Ancient Saint Tower, his interest immediately rose, a refinement technique made his spiritual power soar and he also learned to control flames.

If he could get any more treasures away from here, then he would be making a lot of money.

The time for the opening of the Outer Cave of Heaven was already getting short, and he knew that if he didn't have the ability to save his life, then he would definitely die there.

The people of the Quicksand and Huashan Sects had teamed up together against him and Yin Nie.

This was no easy task.

It was all elite, and there was Jiang Tianshu, the prince of the Hidden Sect, Tong Lao, Wen Ya, and so on.

A man who looked to be in his forties stood on the stage with the auction table in front of him, and he was the host of today's auction.

"Good evening everyone, I am the host of this Shennongjia auction, you can call me Wu Lao, you are not at a disadvantage, I am more than one hundred and eighty years old this year." The host opened his mouth and said.

Hearing his words, those people above who came to participate in the pan buy back all sucked in a breath of cold air.

One hundred and eighty years old, this is simply an old monster.