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Chapter 1245 - Arrival!

At this moment, the Left Dao conquered, the side sects moved out, and the Underworld Sect descended.

For the Weiyang clan, this is a catastrophe that has never been seen before, even if the Weiyang clan itself is deep, and is at the level of the overlord, but in the face of the three parties, it is impossible to be unharmed.

In particular,...... the united states ancestor has not appeared, so that, at the level of the god emperor, the united states will be at an absolute disadvantage, after all, Xuanhua can not fight, emperor mountain is also weak, only the light and Kija ...... and their opponents, not only Wang Bao Le Such a great power, there are also the old ancestors of the Seven Spirits Road, as well as the three universe realm of the Underworld Sect.

With two against five, how can they win!

Not to mention the battle at the star realm level, the Weiyang clan as well as at a disadvantage, all this, immediately let Kija here face strongly changed, unlike Weiyangzi, he has extremely deep emotions for the Weiyang clan, at this moment the blood in his eyes spread.

"The body!!!" At the crisis juncture, Kija raised his head fiercely, hissed towards the starry sky, but no response came, which made Kija laugh miserably, eyes also revealed madness, the whole body under the sound of bang, directly into a cloud of mist, kill Wang Bao Le.

What's more, the two, Bright and Di Shan, at this moment also know that this is the key to the survival of the Weiyang clan, as well as kill out.

"Zhen Wang Baole first!" This is the common mind of the three at this moment, after all, the arrival of the side sect and the Underworld Sect, still need some time, and not all universe realm, have such as Wang Baole, can use the water and wood way, ignoring the Weiyang clan formation protection, can directly cross the ability to come.

So, at this moment in front of the three of them, there is only one way to suppress Wang Baole!

And once you can Wang Bao Le in the Underworld and the side door before the arrival of strong, suppressed or seriously injured, then the crisis of the Weiyang clan today, it is not impossible to resolve.

After all, ...... old ancestor did not come, but its deterrence is still there.

After all these thoughts surfaced in the minds of three people in Kija, their three cultivation fully erupted into three long rainbows, straight to Wang Bao Le, and at this moment Wang Bao Le, also naturally analyzed everything, eyes narrowed at the same time, his body instantly backwards, not to go head-on battle with these three divine emperors.

Because there is no need!

What he needed to do was just to stall for time, so immediately, Wang Bao Le backwards, the water and moon method suddenly unfolded, step backwards, feet stepped out of the ripples, swept up the dao rhythm of the years, directly into the long river of the years.

And Kija and the light, and also the emperor mountain, also fly to chase, cultivation spread out between the same step into the long river of years, rapid pursuit.

Booming sound, immediately in the starry sky of the united nation erupted, spread in all directions at the same time, Wang Baole and Kija and other people's figures, also disappeared in the eyes of those who pay attention, but the entire united nation, but there are invisible fluctuations spread from time to time, the sound from the eight directions, and even a collapse, also emerged in the starry sky.

This end of the world scene, making many of the uncircumcised tribe, are body trembling, the heart and soul strongly tumbled, and snow on the scene, also soon appeared, outside the uncircumcised tribe, at this moment came strong sound.

That is someone outside, is bombarding the big formation!

The bombardment of a total of four, in different directions, it is the Seven Spirit Dao ancestors and the three universe realm of the Underworld Sect, the four of them arrived very quickly, but the formation is difficult to break open a short time, is now at full strength, so that the protection of the great array around the Weiyang clan, immediately appeared distorted.

Seeing this distortion more and more intense, time has also passed an incense, suddenly, in the starry sky within the Weiyang clan formation, a vortex out of thin air, Di Shan's divine soul from within directly out, its divine soul dull, even broken extremely, miserable wretched incomparable, but also in the flight out, the right arm of its divine soul directly exploded.

More in the instant he flew out, the vortex in which it is located, also all collapsed with a bang, Wang Bao Le's figure rushed out from within it, also looks a little wretched, and behind him, killing Kija, suddenly out, although they also have injuries, but crazy chase.

As for after that, there is also bright flying out of the vortex, just in the moment of flying out, he spurted out blood, flesh almost to collapse, apparently within the long river of years, the three of them teamed up to fight Wang Baole, he and Di Shan, were heavily injured, but also in exchange for the opportunity of Kija to strike, finally let Wang Baole there, are also injured.

"Wang Baole!" Kija eyes killing machine erupted, speed once again surge, Wang Baole eyes narrowed, his battle power and Kija equivalent, if the two alone fighting okay, but with the addition of the light and emperor mountain, the balance naturally tilted.

But ...... delayed, he still has a grasp, at this moment backwards between, Wang Bao Le right hand suddenly raised, towards the front of a wave, the mouth out of the voice.


In an instant, the entire clan within the Weiyang clan, but all those who practice watercourse, all body tremble, as if the dao intent was drawn out of thin air, converging towards the source.

The source, naturally, was Wang Baole, who recovered from his injuries in a flash, clenched his fist and blasted at the pursuing Kija, and after confronting him, he spoke again.

"Wooden path!"

The same scene, again, this time the wood power converged, the starry sky seemed to turn into the earth, and countless grass and trees grew, so that Wang Bao Le recovered a lot from his injuries, and his figure swayed, once again disappearing.

And around the Weiyang clan's protective array, at the moment distorted strongly, and even a place, have become very weak, where ...... exactly the seven spirit dao old ancestors and the three divine emperors of the Underworld clan, after choosing to join forces to attack the place.

"The body!!!" Seeing this, Kija was anxious to the extreme and could not help but roar again to summon, and this time, on a star in a distant land, the Weiyangzi, who was meditating on his knees, finally opened his eyes.

He gazed at everything in the battlefield, saw the seven spirit dao old ancestors and others who were bombarding the formation, and even saw Wang Bao Le who kept stalling for time, he knew very well that he only had to strike at this moment, targeting Wang Bao Le there, killing him may take time, but let him be seriously injured, or easily.

And if you do so, I'm afraid that Dusty Qingzi will also immediately reveal himself and come to a battle with himself.

Although he is looking forward to this battle, but ...... what he wants, is the dusty Qingzi since he thinks infallible situation choose to strike, not this forced counterattack.

These two ...... meanings are completely different.

"In order to make Dusty Qingzi more certain, in order to play this scene better ...... here the Weiyang clan, do not want to stop." Weiyangzi eyes cold, without the slightest emotion, re-closed his eyes.

And his closed eyes, did not choose to respond, making Kija there has been desperate, miserable laugh in the whole body light shining, this light is more and more intense, while its body, but visible to the naked eye withered at a rapid pace.

It was as if he had unfolded some kind of divine ability of great overdraft, to the weakness of vitality, in exchange for powerful techniques, a sense of crisis, also in the heart of Wang Baole surfaced, so he did not hesitate, once again stepped into the long river of years.

But in the instant he stepped into, Kija right hand raised, its entire right hand directly burst open, flesh and blood scattered, but converged into a halberd made of flesh and blood, towards Wang Baole ...... direct charge!

The speed of the speed, breaking through the years, blasted into the river, in the burst of loud sound spread across the starry sky, the small section of the long river of years directly collapsed, Wang Bao Le's figure also from its illusion backwards, spraying a mouthful of blood.

Kija's eyes erupted with murderous intent, and with a shake, was about to chase after him.

Seeing the crisis, but at this moment ...... a stronger roar, from the distance, the Weiyang clan's protective array ...... in the seven spirit dao old ancestors of the four strikes, that weak point, collapsed.