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Chapter 1244 - Full-scale war! (Fourth shift)

This scene, let the Weiyangzi here, the heart for the first time appeared a trace of wavering, their own in order to layout the completion, let Wang Baole grow up, whether ...... do wrong.

"No harm ...... is also all just nourishment after all." But soon, Weiyangzi shook his head slightly, no longer concerned, continued to close his eyes, waiting for the final scene of his layout to play out.

At the same time, in the battlefield of the Weiyang tribe, as Kija's backwards, its face is extremely ugly, staring at Wang Baole, countless thoughts emerge in the bottom of his heart, his right hand is raised, flying between the chakra, seems to have other divine abilities are unfolding.

But Wang Bao Le's speed is even faster, almost at the moment when this Kija divine Emperor's new divine ability is about to unfold, Wang Bao Le has already stepped forward and directly fought with Kija again.

The roar echoed, the two of them in the starry sky, staggering figures, you and I, in a short time, thousands of collisions, everywhere, the starry sky cracks spread, many places directly collapse.

The degree of intensity is amazingly incomparable, and the more the speed to the back, the faster, so that the spectator unless the cultivation to a certain level, or simply can not see the way the battle, can only see the starry sky shattered, as if the end has come.

Even in this exchange of hands, there are the way of time emerged, that is the two stepped into time at the same time, in the past to fight, this matter on the influence of the Weiyang tribe is very great, good in the cultivation of a part of the recovery of the emperor mountain and light appeared, full suppression, only to resolve the aftermath of their battle.

"How did he become so strong!!!" Light mind trembling, looking at the starry sky, eyes reveal appalled, aside of the emperor mountain, silent, he felt more strongly, just half a year, it seems that Wang Bao Le there, battle power than before, more overpowering.

Until an incense burner later, the starry sky, Wang Baole and Kija figure once again emerged, and this time ...... both have injuries, Wang Baole eyes reveal hostile intent, body light in an instant shine, the law of the waning night ...... in his body, a direct outbreak.

Instantly the starry sky into pitch black, even Kija there, seems to be also fused with the darkness, as Wang Baole body light more and more intense, formed the first sun, in the moment of leaping up, the light to tear-like momentum, sweeping across the eight directions, dispel the darkness.

This method, the starry sky shakes, Kija there is also a change of face, but there is a ruthless eyes shining, waving his hand actually appeared in the hands of a mirror.

This mirror is ancient and simple, the breath of endless years, in the moment of being taken out, in front of the Kija directly become larger, will be its body enveloped in the back at the same time, the mirror surface light flash, actually Wang Bao Le formed the first sun, reflected in the mirror surface.

This mirror obviously has a great origin, and the mirror is the most precious, otherwise, it is impossible to reflect the remnants of the night, although ...... in the process of reflection, the mirror trembled, the mirror appeared cracks, but ultimately ...... still reflected in it, the explosion!

In this outbreak, the starry sky appeared two rounds of the first sun, as if two suns competing for glory, so that all the darkness of the starry sky, instantly dispersed completely, and then ...... the two rounds of the first sun's light, also began to devour each other!

This kind of confrontation method, Wang Baole or the first time encountered, the face instantly ugly, especially he has found, from the mirror refraction of the first sun, the power of the same as their own display, even he saw another self in it.

And what makes his heart shake even more is the feeling of being wounded by the light at this moment, both from himself and from the ...... mirror, that is to say, this mirror refraction, not only the initial sun, but also the wound!

The injury he inflicted on the mirror will be refracted on himself, and the mirror inflicts the same injury on him, which creates a cycle, causing Wang Baole's brow to furrow, and after noticing the continued severity of his injury, he saw the cracks on this mirror, which actually showed signs of healing, and waved his right hand violently, dissipating the unfolding method of the waning night.

"This mirror bizarre, but not the residual night can not, is my cultivation can not support, otherwise, all the way strong push down, can certainly make this mirror itself first collapse!"

Almost in Wang Baole residual night put away at the same time, Kija also flew this mirror away, face as pale, apparently support this mirror even for him, are also consumed greatly, at this moment complex look at Wang Baole, he understood, want to kill each other, basically is impossible.

This, Wang Bao Le feel the same, this Kija's strong, slightly beyond his expectations, this person's dao seems to be a lot, and whether the previous gold dao or rest dao, are not bad, especially the latter, more bizarre.

But in comparison, that mirror's strangeness, is the focus.

"This object ...... is some kind of treasure, I wonder if it can become my dao-carrying object!"

Wang Baole eyes narrowed, after burying this idea in the bottom of his heart, looking around, his own arrival, if only to do this, seems to be not much help to the dusty Qingzi, so his eyes in the ghostly aura flash, in the left dao sacred domain in the federal sun within the body, at this moment opened his eyes, the dao rhyme spread out, enveloping the entire domain of the left dao.

"The Weiyang clan blocked the return of my Left Dao followers, the Left Dao clans ...... conquered the Weiyang clan!"

The moment this decree came out, the entire Left Dao immediately stirred, if it was before, even as the first sect of the Left Dao, Kyushu Dao, issued this decree, there would be resistance as well as delay, but now with Wang Baole's identity and momentum, the moment the decree fell, the sects within the solar system federation, the first to move out.

As for the other sects, there was no hesitation, and the strongest people went out to form a large army, and flew closer to the central domain of the Universe.

For the cosmic realm, the dao rhyme can be dispersed over a large area, and the great changes in the starry sky, even if they are separated from the starry realm, can be detected in the aura, so almost the moment Wang Bao Le's decree was issued, the left dao sacred domain stirred to march, Kija immediately noticed.

Not waiting for him to react here, there is another change of qi, within the central domain of the Unseen, exploded.

The place where this eruption occurred was the River Styx!

The River Styx rolled, the three universe realm of the Underworld Sect, at the same time rushed out, there are a large number of Underworld Sect cultivators as well as Underworld River spirits, followed by the number of this time out, is already ...... full force!

Kija face gloomy, suddenly opened his mouth.

"Fellow Daoist Xie, please also make a move!"

"Daoist friend Kija, I have an appointment with your clan's ancestor, not yet the time to fight, and moreover ...... this battle Xie mou also do not want to participate." Responding to him, but from the starry sky, calm voice.

"You!!!" Kija look changed, just about to speak, but the next instant ...... let his heart and soul a big change of scene, appeared!

Paramount Sacred Domain, the Seven Spirits Dao sect within the door, the Seven Spirits old ancestor at this moment fiercely stood up, eyes reveal intense light, he waited for the time has not yet arrived, but he did not want to wait, he has seen both Wang Bao Le or the Underworld, now seems to be in preparation for the strike of the dust green son.

"Since this is so ...... then let's move out, if we wait any longer, I'm tired of waiting!" The seven spirit dao old ancestor looked up to the sky and roared, his body leapt directly into the starry sky, his body instantly majestic, as if a giant, towards the Weiyang clan, stepping forward.

What's more, his decree was spread throughout the Seven Spirits Dao.

"All disciples of the Seven Spirits Dao, set out for the ...... Weiyang Clan! We ...... are revolting!!!"

The Seven Spirits Dao immediately erupted, a large number of cultivators rushed out, each with a monstrous battle intent in their eyes, following behind the Seven Spirits Dao ancestor and rushing towards the central domain of the Unseen.

Together with the rush out, there are also many other family sects of the side holy domain, this instant, the group of cultivators flying!

Light body shaking, emperor mountain face dull, Kija eyes contracted, the entire Weiyang clan, the entire clan cultivators are stirred up, this moment ...... left dao conquest, the side clan revolted, the Underworld clan out of war!

War, completely erupted!


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